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4 Curvz Model of the Month Nilsa Pozo

8 Fashion N Fitness By: Vicky Jackson

10 Cover Model Essie Golden

18Raven Nest By: Dawnice

21 Get Your Style On By:Jchell

22 Pintsizediva Terrell wardlaw Tropical Divas

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4 Curvz October/2012

Curvz Model of the Month

Nilsa Pozo

Nationality: Boricua, Baby Where do you rep: Dallas, TX Measurements: 44-40-59 Height: 5'4 Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown Sign: Gemini

6 Curvz October/2012

October/2012 Curvz 7

Fashion N Fitness By: Vick Jackson


he summer is a terrific time to get outside and put your plans of staying fit into action. During the warmer months we tend to do more socializing outdoors. We attend barbeques, picnics and go to the beach. We often meet new and exciting people or get reacquainted with old friends at these events. To avoid getting distracted from our health and fitness goals, by the excitement of these summer events, we must set clear eating boundaries before we leave the house.

light arms, legs and back stretches to get your muscles ready to work. Your first lap around the track is your warm-up which is a fast paced power walk. While you are walking remember to breathe easy. After you’ve completed your first lap begin jogging. Jog half way around the track then turn around and jog backwards. Now this can be very tricky so be careful and look behind you! Push yourself by completing two or three laps around the track. If you are advanced you can add wrist weights and keep those arms moving. These exercises can be done with friends or by yourself, but Being active and making wise choices about the food if no one is available to go with you just tap into the leader inside you and consistently go. Remember small we consume are two small changes that yield big results. My motto for the summer is “Eat Light but Eat changes yield big results. Right”. Turkey franks and burgers taste great grilled. Garden or fruit salad, corn on the cob, and baked beans are low calorie foods that pack great nutritional value for your body. While at the beach or park with friends you could suggest that everyone take a 10 to 15 minute power walk before you eat, this way your body is burning calories. If you are at the beach or a park with a pool go swimming. It is a full body workout. Volleyball and Frisbee are fun and your body is in constant motion which is necessary for toning and endurance. It is my belief that fitness can be easy. Many public schools will allow the use of their outdoor track. This is a great place to get your heart rate up and work off that extra body fat. Before you start your work out do

8 Curvz October/2012

Cover Model

Essie Golden Nationality: African American Where do you rep: Orlando, FL Measurements: 40-34-48 Height: 5'8 1/2 Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Dark Brown Sign: Leo Photos By: Colin Lawton

12 Curvz October/2012

Curvz Mag: How long have you been modeling? Essie: Off and on for two years but I started to take it seriously these past couple of months. Curvz Mag: What inspired you to become a model and how did you get your start? Essie: After seeing Mia Amber in a clothing advertisement, I wanted to be her. I had never seen a woman my size look so beautiful. I started off modeling by doing free shoots and test shoots Curvz Mag: Have you been featured in any magazines or websites so far? Essie: Yes, I have been featured on curvyspot.com, rue107.com, nakimuli.com, everythingcurvyandchic.com, oseuhseh.com, and afatgirlsblues.com. My pictures have been featured multiple plus positive tumblers, Facebook pages, and Instagrams. Curvz Mag: What do you enjoy most about modeling? Essie: I enjoy “playing dress up”. I love the beautiful CurvzMag: Who are some of your favorite photograclothes, hair and make-up. The free clothes, money, phers that you had worked with? and discounts on some of my favorite clothes are a Essie: I would say all of them are amazing photograbig plus. Curvz Mag: What are some of the most challenging things being a plus size model?

phers, true artist and they have a way of bringing out the best in me. Curvz Mag: What are some of your goals as a plus size model?

Essie: The biggest challenges is actually getting started, finding your way into the industry and meeting the Essie: My dream is to do campaigns for Monif C., JIBRI, right people. Also, maintaing your weight and measure- Forever 21+, Ashley Tipton, Cult of California and Gap. ments. (I hate it) lol. I would love to get signed to an agency and do commercial and high fashion work. Also, I hope to inspire womCurvz Mag: If you could change one thing about the en of all sizes to love their bodies just the way they are plus size industry what would it be? and to follow whatever passion God puts on their heart. Essie: I would change the industry so that there would be more opportunities for African American plus size women. I am happy that plus size women are starting to get the recognition and jobs we deserve. It does hurt to hear industry insiders say there are not a request for us to model products advertisers want us to buy.

Curvz Mag: What are some of your interests outside of modeling? Essie: Anything that has to do with fashion and music. I’m in the process of creating a graphic t-shirt line and next fall I’ll be attending school for music production.

October/2012 Curvz 13

14 Curvz October/2012

Curvz Mag: Who are some of your favorite plus size models?

professional because everyone knows everyone, your reputation is everything. And also, be on time...

Essie: Mia Amber, DeniseBidot, Fluvia Lacerda, Rosie Mercado, Velvet, Toccara Jones, Jeannie Ferguson, Liris Crosse, and Tara Lynn.

Curvz Mag: One word that describes your body type?

Curvz Mag: What do you do to prepare for a photo shoot or a runway show?

Curvz Mag: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you or any shout outs?

Essie: I always pray, take a energy shot or red bull and I turn up my favorite songs to get me in the zone to shoot.

Essie::Thank you to my friends and family, I appreciate every encouraging comment, prayer and well wish. I love you! I am humble and gratefulfor every single opportunity that has been given to me and I don’t take it for granted. I want to give a shout out to Tenille McMillian, Marie-Jean Baptise, Chante Bryant and Ose Ogbemudia for giving me a chance to live my dream. I also want to give a shout out to The Curvyspot, Fatshioninsider, Styles4curves, Stylish Curves, A Fat Girls Blues, Curvy Fashionista, Out of the Corner Boutique and Masque Magazine, for doing blog write ups about me or the brands I have modeled for. Mom and Cachet, I love you more than words can ever express! Most importantly, I want to say thank you to Curvz Magazine for giving me the opportunity to grace their magazine as a cover model. It is truly a blessing and I thank you for helping a dream of mines come true.

Curvz Mag: What was your most memorable modeling moment? Essie: I would say when Plus Model Magazine shared a collage of photos of me modeling Rue 107 on their Instagram and Facebook. It is a dream of mine to be featured in their magazine. Curvz Mag: What are some of your favorite stores to shop at for clothes and shoes? Essie: This could take all day but I will narrow it down. I love all of the brands I have modeled for such as Rue 107, Nakimuli, Everything curvy and chic and Ose-Use. I also love brands like ASOS, Forever 21, Go Jane, Karensclosetny, Karmaloop, Old Navy, Solestuck, andDSW. Curvz Mag: So what is next for you? Essie: I have a few projects coming up and I will continue to model for the amazing brands that I’ve modeled for in the past. The sky is the limit for me! Curvz Mag: What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the modeling industry? Essie: Have a thick skin and don’t let no’s stop you. Everyone is not going to love your look but don’t let other people’s opinions stop you from pursing your dreams. Curvz Mag: What was the best piece of advice you’ve was given as a model? Essie: Do your homework, always be polite and

Essie: Hourglass (lol)

Facebook: Essie Golden Instagram: goldenlady25 Cover and Contents photos MUA and Photographer by Neef Fresh Photography neeffreshphotographyllc@gmail.com http://facebook.com/neeffreshphotography http://modelmayhem.com/neeffresh Inside photos Photogragher by Colin Lawton MUA by Glam CEO Stylist by Genese Bristol

Ravens Nest


ELLO EVERYONE, WELCOME BACK TO RAVENS NEST WERE MAMA BIRD IS ALWAYS READY TO FEED YOU SOME GOOD INFORMATION, SO BRAKE OUT THE SNACKS, GAME COLORS AND CHEERS GAME TIME IS FINALLY HERE. Well since its early in the season, we are just getting to see how our teams are performing with their rookies players, seeing who’s living up to hype or who’s cracking under the pressure of the big man sport THE NFL and let’s not forget the new players from other teams that’s been traded off how will they fit in with their new teams. One person the spotlight has been on is Peyton Manning the former Colts QB is now the QB for the Denver Broncos and even though it’s going to take some getting use to, I think he will do alright there he still looks good and is moving the ball well, along with being able to take hits he seem alright so far, so we shall see what brother will head to the top of the pack early, will lil brother Eli take a time out sit in the corner and pout while big brother makes his great return or will lil brother tell big brother to call it a day cause there is a new sheriff Manning in town and his name is Eli Lol. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see meanwhile......

18 Curvz October/2012

I really hope everyone enjoys their team and back them all the way no matter what, without the fans where would they be, they would be playing for a bunch of empty seats and that can’t be fun, and talking about something that’s was not fun and was getting more serious as each game went on was those freaking REPLACEMENT REFEREES. But thank God the referees lock out is finally over. Oh yeah. After Monday night joke call of a game giving the Seahawks the win over Green Bay. That was the last straw for fans and players everyone and their mother could see that the replacement footlocker workers made the wrong call lol. After such a public blooper, I’m sure the NFL had no other choice but to settle thing quickly cause this was just a total lack of respect for the game if you ask me. So what should the NFL learn from this experience. 1. Keep your professional happy 2. Start to train replacement ref ’s now just incase this should happen again. 3. Teach the replacements a code, just incase they don’t remember a call they can signal and get some help from a higher calling lol. 4. Want to be’s has no place on the NFL field. So just because someone can oversee high school and college games doesn’t make them NFL certified, as we have seen these guys have called the wrong calls, spotting the ball in the wrong places, not making calls, throwing yellow flags like it confetti, calling the teams other names players getting injured because of lack of control, I know our professional don’t always get it right but I will take 95 percent out of 100 any day. You know it’s bad when you have men getting hurt and you just stand there like what happen, really NFL you can do better than this, some folks money you just don’t play with and someone who help keeps a game on track and help maintain control of a game that you know can get way out of order you feel like a replacement person can do their job as well as the professional, well I’m here to tell you its didn’t work, I’m sure

there are replacement people who do the job better than some of the people they are replacing but not in this case, if you’re not trained with the NFL and how thing roll and work around there then it’s like being a fish out of water, come on one ref got kicked off a game because his face book page rep his favorite football team lol. Now common since would have told you to take that down for the time being, but it’s like they are fans like us and it’s a dream come true for them to be on the field with the big wigs, well hear me now it may had been a dream for you but it was a nightmare from hell for the rest of us. Thank goodness the pros are back, before some off brand team made it to the Super Bowl because the replacement refs sent them there. Thanks for sending the Foot Locker workers back to their stores and bring back the OG’s referee’s You can cut corners in something but never when safety and a score that determine the out come of something like making it to the Super Bowl is involved. Its mean too much to the fans to see a low budget, bad calls game, we pay too much money for tickets and game gear for that. I bet you if we would had stop watching and no one showed up for the games they would have gotten the original refs back in a heartbeat... but we kept going to the games and watching this nightmare unfold before our eyes so they kept dragging the ball on making things right. Until that is Monday night Green Bay Seahawks game. The NFL had to throw in the towel then. So the ref ’s won the battle, I guess they feel if the players can get theirs why can’t we, you see what’s happening and how important we are. I’m just glad it over with and we can go back to normal cause it was something else watching those want to be games. I would fuss all day long about the replacement zebra and the zoo like attraction going on during a game, but I still had to see what happens and support my team cause I love the game of football that much.. I know when you’re a diehard fan you have to take the good with the bad. I am so happy this nightmare is over. I was getting worried cause while I was under that type of stress, the couch I used for my sexy halftime shows would still have me laying down on it but instead of my man scoring a touchdown on me wearing his team jersey which turns me on.. he just might be dressed up like a therapist wearing a pair of black

framed glasses sitting beside me in a chair with a pen and pad leg crossed taking notes on Dawnice aka Raven frustration of the game, but come to think of it, I may have gotten so fired up, I may have had to take my anger out on someone like the good old doctor I would have knock the pen and pan out his hands then jump in his lap, look into his eyes, took off his glasses put them on, while he’s asking what am I doing and that this is inappropriate, I would have lean in whisper in his ear shut the hell up and enter my end zone. Since we don’t have time for a hail mary you’re going to have to make it a blitz lol. Like I always say ladies it’s like having the best of both worlds having a good mate and football season. Make halftime the best time, two rushes flowing at the same time all I can say is OOOOBOYYY....Touchdown. Spice it up enjoy life have fun and lets show love one to another. Football Football I just love it, it brings out the best in fans to be able to cheer for your favorite team to share good time with family and friends having one thing in common the love for the game of football, this is the language that bonds us together from all over the great United States of America. Let’s give it up to the fans who support their team no matter what it’s just a real joy to rock it out with your team come what may and having no doubt your Super Bowl bound every year lol. Well I found come crazy cool Ravens Ladies like myself to share the love for our team with I found “ THE PURPLE LADIES “ this is one of the best groups I have ever been in and you know Raven will tell you the truth lol. If you’re a female Ravens fan then this is the group for you look no further they make you feel like family and keep you informed on everything you need to know. Everything a fan could dream of wanting this group offers, see for yourself. ABOUT THE GROUP: Are you a female fan of the Baltimore Ravens? Well if you are you need to check out Purple Ladies on Facebook. Leighanne Gibble and Sandy Dysard are two friends who decided the female fans needed a place to go and unite to share their love for the men in Black & Purple. They came up with the name Purple Ladies. Their small idea grew quicker than they could have imagined and within 8 months they are at 8000 female Raven fans. Purple Ladies Leighanne and Sandy decided they needed help to keep up with all their new fans so they recruited their friend Missy Mallow to help out. These 3 ladies work hard to maintain their ever growing page and they try to respond to each and every

October/2012 Curvz 19

fan. Purple Ladies offer free giveaways, player bios and photos along with some hot eye candy for everyone to look at. Each week they randomly choose one lucky lady to be the Purple Ladies fan of the Week. They work closely with local animal shelters by highlighting a Pet of the week as well. Sandy, Leighanne and Missy encourage their fans to get involved with community events and to show their purple pride. Check out Purple Ladies on Facebook and join the nearly 10,000 other females who love the Baltimore Ravens

www.facebook.com/pages/Purple-Ladies/156099037821965 purpleladiesrock@yahoo.com Alright football lovers be good have fun we will have much more to talk about next issue, we’ll see what teams are making a statement and which ones are making a question mark. God bless luv Raven

20 Curvz October/2012

Get Your Style on BY: JCHELL



adies, have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself, “Wow, this outfit makes me look fat!” I know most of us ladies reading this have. It’s not a good feeling looking in that mirror after putting on this fabulous dress and all you see are lumps and humps. Many of us ladies feel self-conscious about the way we look in our clothes. You first have to learn what your best assets are and down play your imperfections. With a few fashion tricks you might take off “going to the plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck” off your to-do-list.

will show every flaw and add more pounds to your body. Something I know many of us are trying to avoid. When buying clothes stay far away from the baggy styles that will do the same thing as buying clothes too tight, it adds weight! Also avoid spandex material that will cling to your body and show those rolls you are trying to camouflage. Purchasing clothes that fit your body will flatter you and you just might get more compliments than stares.

Ladies, you have heard this before that black is slimming, well it’s true. Black looks nice on every article of clothing. My only suggestion is not to overdo it because too much black can create a depressing look. Try pairing black with Just like building a house you have to start off with a good foundation. What I mean by building a good colors. I love black; it’s one of my favorite colors in my foundation is, wear undergarments that fit. Definitely closet, but even I had to incorporate color into my wardrobe. Didn’t want people to think I was related to Elvira. when choosing a bra you have to have the right fit. Once you put on the correct bra size you will instantly have a waist. No more looking like your breast and I love wearing dark wash denim; this color looks great on stomach are attached. Ladies, try body-slimming jeans or skirts. Most dark colors have a slimming effect just like wearing black. I would advise purchasing dark undergarments like Spanx, Sweet Nothings from Wal-Mart, or Assets from Target. Body-shapers will wash denim; you will definitely see a difference how this color will make you slimmer. Also ladies, try to work keep everything in place so you won’t be jiggling around too much. I also like wearing boy shorts be- on your posture. Being a plus size model I was taught to cause this style undergarment covers more and gives stand up straight, pull your stomach in, and keep your you a smoother appearance than bikini bottoms and shoulders back. Having good posture will help keep you thongs. Buying these items would be a great investlooking slim and tall, but not having good posture will make you look frumpy and bigger. I hope these few tips ment towards looking slimmer. will help you and the next time you look in the mirror This is very important ladies, so listen up! Buy the you will see a BIG difference, no pun intended (smile)! right size clothes. Picking clothes that are too tight

October/2012 Curvz 21

PintSize Diva Terrell Wardlaw Tropical Divas

Ms. Terrell Wardlaw is a fierce plus model from Richmond Virginia breaking the doors down and making her own destiny. First being crowned the face of true divas then newly signed to the brock agency there is nothing this “true diva” can’t do. Getting to know her at the tropical divas fashion show on and off the runway and you will learn real quickly that she says it like she means it. One thing about Ms. Wardlaw that I discovered is that she can take some bomb photos. From rocking runways to just being an overall great person you will agree that Terrell has what it takes to represent tropical divas and her new agency extremely well. Pictures by Victorya Poole Makeup by: Monica Graham Wardrobe Stylist is: Lashika Hester of IAmShik. Represented by: The Brock Agency For booking: Contact Beverly Brock at the Brock Agency, Inc. beverly@thebrookagency.com Office line: 828-322-8553 22 Curvz October/2012

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24 Curvz October/2012

October/2012 Curvz 25

26 Curvz October/2012

CURVZ Magazine

Profile for Curvz Magazine

Curvz Magazine October 2012 issue  

Curvz Magazine October 2012 issue featuring Essie Golden and Nilsa Pozo.

Curvz Magazine October 2012 issue  

Curvz Magazine October 2012 issue featuring Essie Golden and Nilsa Pozo.