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April Shari Photography By: Ivory Jackson

8 Curvz January 2014

January 2014 Curvz 9

Model: April Shari Black Body Suit Designer: Vintage Doll by Gabriella King Accessories: House of Sir Charles MUA: Victoria Dada for Photographer: Ivory Jackson 12 Curvz January 2014

January 2014 Curvz 13

Author Zion

14 Curvz December 2013


ion is a Theatre Arts major at Hampton University with a very unique story. In 2011, a professor told her that she should write a book and since she had just broken up with her boyfriend, she had a lot to say. Pen met paper and a story was birthed. In the process of writing her first manuscript, the student discovered that she was with child. Which motivated her even more to write her story and get it published. Once the manuscript was done, and the search for a publisher began, the young author was rushed to the hospital. Seven days later, she gave birth to her daughter and named her Zion. Two hours later, the baby died. The loss changed the author forever but, in the midst of all the change, she decided that whenever she was achieving greatness, she would go buy the name Zion.

Recently Zion was picked up by Twenty First Street Backroom Publishing who agreed to publish all three of her books in the trilogy she has written; Interviews of My Sex Life: Finding Me, Interviews of My Sex Life: Consequences, and Interviews of My Sex Life: Byron’s Recall. The first of the trilogy is available on paperback at www.21streeturbanediting. com/book_orders and the eBook is on amazon. Be on the look out for Consequences around May and Byron’s Recall around October 2014. ZionYL22

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Kendra Pipkin

Photography By: Simply Beautiful Photography

18 Curvz January 2014

20 Curvz January 2014

January 2014 Curvz 21

Model: Kendra Pipkin Photographer: Simply Beautiful Photography


Model: April Shari Red dress Designer: Vintage Doll by Gabriella King MUA: April Shari Photographer: Ivory Jackson 26 Curvz January 2014

January 2014 Curvz 27

28 Curvz January 2014



Curvz January 2014  

Curvz Magazine January 2014 issue with Cover Model April Shari and featuring Kendra and Author Zion