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Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 1

2 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Model: Tisha Photog: Brian Gardner of Kustom Vision Photography

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 3

Model: Tamara Dennyse, Publisher Photog: Barry Gatlin, Mystro Photography Makeup: Tamara Dennyse Hair: Tamara Dennyse Lingerie: Fredricks of Hollywood

4 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

» A Message from the Publisher Putting together this issue was exciting! All of the lovely ladies that put forth effort into our “Boudoir” theme allowed us to showcase some hidden jewels. Women from all over submitted very nice photos, but only a few could be chosen. I would like to congratulate all of the beautiful models and thank you for making this issue a success! Bringing in the New Year with your best foot forward are words to live by and believe in! Being a model takes time and effort; it also takes passion and commitment. Remember you must put in work if you want your modeling career to blossom. In this issue we are showing you how to enhance your inner and outer beauty by “Feeling Better Naked.” Take note on how you can make bae happy in “The Master Suite” all while reading tips “From the POV Male” and enjoying “Sips and Nibbles.” So sit back, relax and enjoy this sexy edition of Curvy Connect Mag!

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6 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::



Editor’s Pick: The Master Suite Sips & Nibbles What TRUE Curves Looks for in a Model Feeling Better Naked 8 Fiber Mascaras For Longer Lashes Pure Romance: 6 Tips & 9 Products to Light Up Your Valentine’s Day Hips and Curves From the Male POV: Breathtaking Boudoir

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Tamara Dennyse Editor-in-Chief/Staff Writer

Jennifer Amoako Creative Director Contributing Editor/Photographer

Daniel Wilson Contributing Writers

Robert Skuja Kymberly Nichole


Jen Stormo

Model: Sheila Lopez MUA: Karen Armadillo Stylist: Shellie Lynne Photog: Solight Photography, LLC


Dale Noelle, Founder of TRUE Model Management

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Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 7

Jennifer Amoako, Editor-in-Chief Graphic Tee: Feminie Funk

8 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

» A Message from the Editor

Welcome to our first issue of 2016! Is it just me, or is this year already flying by?! We’re looking ahead to a great year with more fashion, traveling, curvy events, and surprises! One of our first surprises is our cover model for this edition. Typically, we have our cover model chosen in advance. This time Tamara and I went back and forth for quite a while discussing potential models. As submissions poured in and we began the selection process, we were both drawn to Sheila Lopez’s photo that you see on the cover. It was different from all of the other photos we had received and she really stood out in all red on a clean background. It was simple, yet alluring at the same time. We agreed that with her quality photos and commitment to her modeling career, she deserved to be on the cover of the “Boudoir” edition. Be sure to follow and congratulate her on her accomplishment! Sheila being unexpectedly selected for the cover is a great example of why following directions and taking your modeling career seriously is so important. I can’t count how many women eliminate themselves from being considered because they submit photos that are not within the guidelines. Logos, watermarks, heavy filters and being excessively retouched are all no-no’s! So are photos that are not the correct size and resolution. If you submit photos that are not professional, do not fit the theme, or generally look amateurish, you’re not ready. We understand that many aspiring models are still learning, but we can also see who is putting forth effort. It makes a difference and you never know who may see your photos. We have some basic guidelines listed on under the “SUBMISSIONS” tab, but if you don’t believe us, we got insider tips from our friends at TRUE Model Management in this issue! Take notes. Wondering what else you’ll see in this edition of Curvy Connect Magazine? Lots of C.U.R.V.Y! ladies, more expert advice, and of course, fashion! Now let’s retire to the boudoir…


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Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 9

Model: Vanessa Mays MUA: Iesha Nicole Lingerie: Rebdolls Photog: Bruna Lacerda

10 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::



The Depth & Influence of the Written Word Writing words is easy. Writing great, convincing and memorable words takes insight and experience. Don’t trust your most important projects to chance. Sloppy writing doesn’t draw people to you - it turns them away in droves. With 25 years experience as a professional writer, editor and journalist, Daniel Wilson can be trusted to pen your bio, write your ad or tell your story in a way that makes people believe. As Contributing Editor and Photographer for Curvy Connect Magazine and mystery game designer for One More Story Games, words are his driving force. Services Offered • Ad copy • Personal bios • Ghost writing • General Interest articles of any length, on any topic • Blog posts • Narrative prose Competitive rates Quick turn around times

Daniel Wilson can be contacted through FB at or by email at Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 11

EDITOR’S The Master Suite By: Jennifer Amoako

We often put a lot of effort into our home décor, selecting the perfect living room furniture and just the right dishes. But I believe that we should put the most thought into our bedroom. This is our sacred space… the place where we can get away from it all to enjoy serenity, slumber, and seduction.

Serenity & Slumber The master bedroom should be quiet and calming. Ideally it is free from outside noises and distractions, including cell phones and gadgets. This is where we go to rest and rejuvenate so invest in quality linens, a comfortable mattress, and don’t forget to find the perfect pillows. Take advantage of natural lighting during the day and consider “black out” curtains to darken the room at night. I sleep best when the room is cool and my bed is cozy. Keep your bedroom tidy, clutter-free, and make your bed every day. Soft lighting and aromatherapy can help induce relaxation at the end of a long day. An airpurifier keeps the room fresh and reduces allergens so you can rest easy. A live plant can help keep the air clean too. Always add a few personal touches to make it your own.

Seduction Other than rest and relaxation, the master bedroom is for connecting with your partner and making love. It is important that your bedroom is private and reserved for just the two of you. You both should feel safe and free to express yourselves sexually. Set the mood with music, flameless candles, massage oils, lingerie, erotic toys, and sexy games. Foreplay can be ongoing with flirty texts throughout the day, a naughty whisper, or a lingering touch. Having fun and sharing romantic moments OUTSIDE of the bedroom keeps the fire blazing INSIDE the bedroom! Go on dates, flirt with one another, get dressed up, and make new memories. Communicate openly with your partner and be willing to try something new. You just might like it! I suggest reading “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. It’s a game-changer! When you learn how your partner feels loved, you know how to give it. You may be buying gifts when all they want is your time. Then head over to one of my favorite websites www. and take the “Sexy Survey.” You’ll definitely learn a thing or two about your partner’s desires.

12 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

S Sexy Tip! Gather a few of your favorite “play things” and necessities to keep within arm’s reach of your bed. Dedicate a nightstand drawer or small basket next to the bed for your goodies. You can add things such as mints, moist towlettes for freshening up, a small bottle of lubricant or arousal gel, sexy dice, and your favorite erotic toy. You’ll have what you need when the mood strikes!

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 13

Model: Sha Divine MUA: Maria MUA Lingerie: Citi Trends, Ashley Stewart Accessories: Forever XXI Photog: Kendra at Simply Beautiful Photography

14 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Model: Yazmina La Flor MUA: Beat By Fae Lingerie: Kendra Pitkin Photog: Simply Beautiful Photography Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 15


Blissini serves 6

Ingredients 1 1/2 cups Prosecco, chilled 1 1/2 cups orange juice, chilled 1 1/2 cups pomegranate juice, chilled Mint leaves, for garnish Directions Combine the Prosecco, orange juice, and pomegranate juice and pour into 4 Champagne glasses. Garnish with mint leaves and serve. Recipe courtesy of Giada De Laurentiis Read more at: giada-de-laurentiis/blissini-recipe.html?oc=linkback

Figs with Ricotta, Pistachio, and Honey serves 4

Ingredients 1/4 cup shelled, unsalted pistachios 8 dried figs 1/4 cup part-skim ricotta cheese 1 tablespoon honey Directions Toast the pistachios in a dry skillet over a medium-high heat until fragrant, about 2 minutes. Set aside to cool. Chop coarsely. Cut each fig in half crosswise and place the fig pieces on a serving dish, cut side up. Make a small indentation into the cut side of each fig half with a small spoon or your finger. Put 1/2 teaspoon of the ricotta cheese onto each piece of fig and top with a pistachio. Drizzle with honey and serve. 2006, Ellie Krieger, All Rights Reserved Read more at: html?oc=linkback

16 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Model: Pokey MUA: Isis Hill Lingerie & Accessories: Torrid Photog: Kendra with Simply Beautiful Photography

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 17

Model: Tanisha Frazier Lingerie: Wacoal MUA & Photog: Latifah Abdur

18 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 19



What Curves Looks for in a Model

There are many factors that TRUE looks for in a model before offering a contract. Physically, the talent should have clear skin, be proportionate, and in great shape– regardless of size. Psychologically, the talent needs to understand that she is her own “small business” and that she should conduct herself accordingly. Professionalism, integrity, and commitment are essential. Emotionally, the model must be personable, optimistic, resilient, and passionate to succeed, as the industry is extremely competitive. In short, we are looking for the whole package.

20 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

{FEATURE} The Kind of Work TRUE Books for Curves Models:

Curves models most often secure assignments in digital and print catalogs, campaigns, showrooms, production fittings, and/or magazine editorials.

Physical & Lifestyle Characteristics of a Great Curves Model To be a great Curves Model, the following criteria should be met: 4 Height between 5’8” and 6’ tall 4 Dress Size 12-18 for print and 16-22 for production fittings

4 Healthy hair, skin, teeth, and nails 4 A proportionate figure, because samples

worn on shoots are generally the same size top and bottom

4 No or minimal tattoos and piercings are preferred 4 Time availability and a life conducive to attending castings and networking, which means living in close proximity to a major market or having the willingness to move

4 Professional, cheerful, honest, and hard-working

Understanding That Modeling Is a Business:

Modeling is a business. You will need to invest in marketing so that you can be represented professionally and secure jobs with reputable, paying clients. Especially when launching a modeling career, it is best to live in close proximity to the major markets, such as New York or Los Angeles, so that you can attend castings and be available for development. One of the biggest marketing investments is testing, so that you can create an impressive portfolio. Testing is when a model hires a reputable photographer to shoot photos for her portfolio. Your

manager or agent will guide you to photographers they have vetted and have proven track records. You may also need to hire a professional makeup artist, hair stylist, and fashion stylist for your shoot. One of the biggest rookie mistakes is trying to cut corners with less experienced photographers, resulting in images that cannot be used for your portfolio. Additionally, you will need to set up your life so it is conducive to creating the career of your dreams. Development, castings, and networking require time, so initially you may need to find an additional day-job that offers income and flexibility. How to Submit to Model Managers or Agencies: Many model managers and agencies have websites with online applications for submitting information and images. If you do not find an online application, call or email the company to request an in-person appointment. You should not need professional images to be considered for a modeling contract. TRUE always suggests including images in which you are wearing well-fitted, full length, black leggings and a tank top to show your figure. Wear simple, natural make-up.

If You Are Invited to Meet a Model Manager or Agent for an Interview:

Research the person and/or company prior to your meeting and arrive prepared and on time for your appointment. Wear natural make-up and a curveconscious outfit that flatters your shape. Always bring heels that you can walk well in, so you can confidently show them your runway walk, if requested. Some managers or agents prefer to take photos and measurements of potential models in black leggings and a tank top, so bring them with you, as well as your portfolio, if you have one. Be prepared to share your story and your dreams. Managers and agents want to connect with and assess models who they are considering devoting their time and energy into developing. 

I Am Finally Signed

Remember that getting signed by a manager or agent is a collaboration and just the beginning of your journey. You should do your homework, follow professional guidance, and continually hone your skills. Your career will only be as good as YOU make it. 

Good luck!

TRUE Model Management Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 21

Model: MsNickee Mack MUA: Alicia Bartley of T&T Beauty Stylist: Marco Mays Lingerie: Livi Rae Lingerie Photog: 1SO Studios

22 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Model: Rosemary Law MUA: Amanda Marisa Photog: Sean Allen of 12/7 Photography

24 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 25


Model: Sheila Lopez MUA: Karen Armadillo Stylist: Shellie Lynne Photog: Solight Photography, LLC

26 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::


Follow Sheila!

Instagram @curvytrend Twitter @curvytrend

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 27


Feeling Better

Naked By Kymberly Nichole

We’ve all experienced it…getting ready to spend time with that special someone, looking in the mirror, and not feeling great about the reflection. Since it’s not humanly possible to lose 50lbs in 2 hours, here are some tips for a confident and enjoyable experience in the boudoir.

28 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::


Move your body It’s not necessarily focusing on weight loss, but on moving your body in ways that make you feel confident and strong. We all feel good when we accomplish something that we didn’t think we could do. Getting into that yoga pose, running a mile, strapping on those heels for a sexy pole dancing class or lifting weights are all ways to feel confident about your body. You also want to take care of your body especially after being active. A massage, facial, or a mani/pedi combo are great ways to pamper and care for yourself. You only have one body; it deserves love and care.

Eat clean I know it’s great to have that piece of cake or have just one more beer, but if we continuously put junk in our body we will feel like junk. Add more fruits, veggies and whole foods to your diet. Foods that are high in nutrients, filling and as an added benefit an aphrodisiac! Check out these goodies: Avocados are rich in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fat, making them good for your heart and your arteries. Getting that blood flowing to those vital areas! Yaaasssss!

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 29

Model: The Kurvy Diva MUA: Lady Lingerie: Cacique by Lane Bryant Photog: Lisa Fleet

30 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

{FEATURE} Model: Phoenix Rise Lingerie: Lane Bryant Photog: Love Pic

Almonds have been said to increase passion, act as a sexual stimulant, and aid with fertility. They are rich in several minerals that are important for sexual health and reproduction, such as zinc, selenium, and vitamin E. Strawberries are my favorite! The color alone is super sexy. Strawberries are also known as an excellent source of folic acid. Arugula and other dark, leafy greens are essential for our sexual health because they contain lots of minerals and antioxidants. Make sure you put plenty of arugula on the next salad! Figs make an excellent aphrodisiac because they are packed with both soluble and insoluble fiber, which is important for heart health. And again, we want to get that blood flowing.

Invest in good lingerie

Quality lingerie that fits your body properly is a wonderful self-esteem booster when it’s time to get naked! And they go great with a sexy pair of stilettos! If you can’t find pieces in a store near you, researching and finding an indie designer that can customize a piece for you is a great option.

Stop the self-hate

Sometimes we feel so self-conscious that we start

criticizing ourselves. Not accepting a compliment or making jokes about our bodies in front of our partners is a no-no. We’re likely highlighting things that our partner doesn’t even notice. So STOP it! When you are confident you walk taller, your face is bright, and your body language is welcoming.

Remember what’s important

If you catch yourself going too deep into your own head about your body, remember that being intimate with another person is about being present in the moment and your partner deserves your attention. You should focus on how good you feel! Bottom line ladies, we need to stop being so critical of our bodies. Our partners don’t even notice the majority of what we think is wrong. In the moment he/she is not thinking about your “muffin top” or an arm that may jiggle a bit. They’re more than likely thinking, “Hell yeah, get NAKED!” I hope these suggestions help you feel better about your naked body and you enjoy your next intimate experience! Follow this health-conscious curvy girl, Kymberly Nichole on Facebook at Well Fit Curves and on Twitter @ kym_nichole. Until next time…Live well!

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 31

Model: Terr Cacilia Bustier: Domino Dollhouse Leggings: Forever21 Lace Robe: Target Jewelry: NY2You Photog: Alex M. Liguori

32 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

by Robert Skuja

basking in the glow of dawn’s first light beautifully wrapped in sheets of pure white I gaze at the most beautiful sight of my angel, laying there my heart skips a beat, in awe I sigh the nape of the back, the line of a thigh the softness of the kiss and the glint in the eye of my angel, laying there in her boudoir my fingers trace the curves of her body until they meet lace my breathing gets deeper, my heart starts to race for my angel, laying there Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 33

Models: Left to Right (Puerto Rico) Jamie Maldonado Jeamy Rever贸n Jessica Marie Deborah Rivera Jessica Crespo Lis Torres Photog: Rafael Rivera Cab谩n

34 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 35

Model: Maria Photog: Brian Gardner of Kustom Vision Photography

36 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::


Women are always on the hunt for longer, fuller lashes. Whether it’s lengthening mascara, falsies or full on extensions, nothing draws attention to your eyes like long lashes. If you’re short on time (and lashes), fiber mascara can help you go the extra mile so to speak…without the time it takes to apply false lashes, or the lengthy commitment of extensions. Check out these 8 fiber mascara and primer picks below…

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara (black & brown)

Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara

L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Black Lacquer Mascara

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Stila Lash Stunner Extreme Lash Primer

Dior Diorshow Extase Mascara

Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Mascara

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara









Get these and more beauty tips at Source:

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 37

38 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Model: Jazzy Lingerie: Photog: Kendra Pipkin

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 39

By: Jen Stormo, Pure Romance Independent Consultant

This is the time of year that many people start thinking about love, romance, and all the passionate encounters that come with it! We all know that when Valentine’s Day rolls around, dreams of roses, chocolates, candlelight, romantic dinners, and intimate fantasies start

dancing through our heads. But how can you make your romantic rendezvous even more exciting? Are you looking for something new to try? Even if you aren’t right now, you will be after you finish reading this! Read on if you dare …

Turn Me On. Our bodies naturally produce pheromones. These fabulous little sex signals help let your partner know that you are ready for some fun! Our unisex pheromone perfume, Basic Instinct, mixes with your body’s chemistry and triggers sexual interest and excitement. Ladies, apply a little to your wrist and rub together, and add just a dab behind your ears. Men can apply a little near their collarbone or behind their ears as well. This sexual attractant fragrance is great for everyday use or a truly arousing date night. Put this on in the morning to start building the mood all day long.

Massage Me. Tease Me. Love Me. We all love a massage, right? There’s just something about getting a full-body rubdown that relaxes you and prepares you for anything! Now, you can bring home this pure pleasure for you and your partner with a full body-to-body massage using the exquisite Aura Massage Oil. Warm the fragrant oil in your hands before using long, sensual strokes to apply it all over your partner’s body. Don’t limit your rubdown to the back and shoulders— try the chest, belly, thighs, and anywhere else your imagination leads you!

40 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Feel Sexy, Be Sexy. Lingerie is a sexy, sensual item that can add variety and excitement to every bedroom encounter. Not only will your partner’s internal temperature (among other things) shoot up when you start rocking a mouthwatering closet of lingerie, putting on something exciting and sexy can make you feel good too! For a can’t-go-wrong article that looks great on everyone, give Twilight a try. This babydoll and robe combo is just asking for you to put on a show!

Have an Adult-Style Dessert Tasting. The best intimate moments engage all the senses. Add flavor to foreplay with kissable products that give a new meaning to the phrase “good taste!” Start by blindfolding your partner and placing flavored product somewhere on your body. Then, let them use their mouth to hunt for the spot! The possibilities are endless with multiple kissable Pure Romance products to enjoy. Bring a little heat and a little flavor with Sensations, or enjoy the unique creamy texture of Whipped. Finally, add even more excitement with Bosom Buddy, designed to tingle on lips and nipples in the best possible way!

Game Play Is Totally Okay. Games for couples take the fumble out of foreplay and turn the heat up from the feet up. Can you roll with it? With Spicy Dice, you take whatever sexy suggestions the dice give you. One die gives you the erogenous zone and the other offers the action, so for example, you may be commanded to “tickle” your lover “anywhere.”

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 41

Tickle Me. Spank Me. Restrain Me. Explore your naughty side with a little light bondage, an erotic pleasure you both can enjoy. Blindfold your partner to heighten your other senses. Then securely (but lightly) restrain them with the under-bed restraint system, Bed, Bondage, & Beyond. Begin tickling up and down your partner’s body with the feathered end of Tickle & Whip before teasingly spanking them with the sensuous whip. Choose a safe word and get ready to let loose!

About Pure Romance Pure Romance is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing woman-to-woman direct seller of relationship-enhancement products. In the 23 years since Patty Brisben first opened the doors, the company has helped over 150,000 women launch their own Pure Romance businesses. Throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, a professional network of specially trained or certified sales Consultants lead in-home parties to market the Pure Romance premier line of products, ranging from bedroom accessories to beauty products to lingerie.

About me: I have been a Consultant for a year and a half, located in the Houston, Texas area. Over this time I have met hundreds of wonderful women, ignited numerous relationships, and helped many ladies become more secure in their sexuality. The fact that I can help women and earn money at the same time has been a blessing to my family and me.

42 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Contact Information: Facebook Email Website Phone 509-868-6148 All items are available for purchase at Orders are confidential and delivery is discreet.

Model: Saucye West Stylist/Photog: Eva Ochoa of Glamourpuss Photography Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 43

Model: Shanetta Herod MUA: Kiara Shaw Lingerie: It’s Fashion Photog: Kendra at Simply Beautiful Photography

44 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 45


46 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::


Lingerie for a “Red” Haute Romance

If you’re looking to heat up the night on Valentine’s Day, these “red” haute styles can help. From corsets to robes and babydolls to bras, here are some styles that are sweeter than a box of chocolates.

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 47


Play Things for Post Dinner Pleasures

If your partner planned a perfect romantic dinner, you can return the favor with fun and fantasy for Valentine’s night. Here are some accessories and toys for naughty girls and boys. Enjoy!

48 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::


Perfect Pajamas for In-Home Pampering

Whether you’re doing a quiet night at home with the girls, your lover or yourself, Valentine’s is all about being pampered. What better way to relax and treat yourself to a calm evening than with super soft pajamas. If you want something comfy to cuddle up in, here are a few fabulous choices.

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 49

50 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Model: Beverly Byrd MUA: Boo-Boo Keita Hair: B Fabulous Stylist: Catera & Tia Photog: Simply Beautiful

Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 51

Model: Alisa Lingerie & Accessories: Torrid Photog: Kendra at Simply Beautiful

52 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Model: Vintage Rose Lingerie: Torrid Bra: Lane Bryant Shoes: Jessica Simpson Photog: Kendra at Simply Beautiful Photography Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir :: 53

From the

Male POV

Breathtaking By Daniel Wilson

That special something. You know what it is, that look, that expression. That feeling when you see a model in a really gorgeous, boudoir shot that amazes you. You wonder if you could ever achieve that level of passion on film. The good news is that even if you’re brand new to the industry you can and we’re going to talk about how.

And for the record, I feel that curvy girls have an advantage over their less well-endowed counterparts - boudoir is all about being plush and seductive, accentuating curves and softness and smooth lines. For the most part, plus size models look amazing in boudoir style images.

Seductive shooting at home Most of the time I concentrate primarily on those interested in modelling as a career in this column. But boudoir photography for private uses has become so popular it’s worth touching on. Valentine’s Day, a wedding presentation from a bride to her hubby, anniversaries are all great occasions for this type of gift. It’s something that may only happen several times in a lifetime, so it matters to get it right. If this is your interest there are a few things you can do to make the shots come out the way you want. First up, choose your photographer well! Meet with several and ask for samples from previous shoots. In this situation, you are the consumer. Get a feel for who they are, how they work, what they can offer and ultimately buy from someone you have confidence in. Decide what you want to achieve. Pick a ‘theme’ or flavor for the photo set and design around your personal tastes. Do you want playful and flirty or serious and erotic? Vintage or modern, dress up or dress down? Do you collect shoes or have a favorite settee? Was the last romantic movie you watched ‘Cinderella’ or ’50 Shades of Grey’? Have you picked out a special piece of lingerie (or two) for your wedding night? A good photographer can take these ideas, expand on them and create a shoot for you that is totally personal and specific to you. Talking with your photographer this way also helps build a rapport and make you feel comfort-

54 Curvy Connect Mag :: February 2016 Boudoir Edition ::

Photo Credit: Marilyn Monroe from the film “Some Like it Hot”

able. Plan on at least 2 - 3 different wardrobe selections. Once you’ve mapped it out, chosen a flavor for the shoot and picked a location (your own home is definitely preferable if picture worthy, if not consult your photographer) the hardest part is over. What you need to do once picture day comes is relax - deep breaths, let the tenseness out of your shoulders and have fun with it.

The Passionate Lens Even for more experienced models, being featured in a boudoir or lingerie shoot can be embarrassing, intimidating and about the UN-sexiest thing imaginable. With the complex lighting involved, these sessions are invariably shot indoors with a ton of gadgetry, props and a handful of assistants beside the photographer on hand. So to have all these people milling about, different unfamiliar situations happening and then attempting to look alluring - it’s a pretty big challenge! Thankfully there are things you can do to help yourself. Be aware of what level of costume or outfit you’ll be wearing, is there part, whole or implied nudity, etc. Knowing what you’re going into will help the jitters. Get familiar with boudoir poses, they are different from glamor and fashion. The old school of thought always was poses where the knees are together (seated, standing, lying, whatever) are considered ‘boudoir’, showing innocence and sensuality. Poses where knees are apart begin to drift into men’s magazine territory. Not a hard and fast rule, just something to think about. Remember your hair, show it off especially if it is long and flowy. Think about stretches, poses that lengthen your neck. Point your toes to add shape to your calves and always have a little bend at the knees. Showing is always better than telling. A draped chemise in the right place can be magic - without it the same picture loses its charm. A hint - move with slow elegance when changing poses, gliding from one position to another. It will put your mind in a relaxed state. I always come back to every curvy model’s idol when talking about sensuality because she so totally embraced it. Marilyn Monroe was so much sexier draped over a piano in a cocktail dress than any actress (no matter how perfect) would be nude doing the same shot. Why? Lots of reasons, but one big one is she left something to the imagination. Implied is always better than stated.

The Highwayman I once worked with a model

named Kelly on a boudoir styled photo shoot advertising the ‘honeymoon suite’ for an upscale hotel in Hamilton. By most standards, what they wanted was pretty tame a sultry pose in white lingerie and silk stockings against the backdrop of their lovely room. The surroundings photographed wonderfully so I was looking forward to great results. Kelly however, wasn’t feeling it. It was my first time working with her and she’d never done this type of shoot. The hotel staff kept wandering in unannounced and she seemed very shy despite the comforting words of my female assistant. She was frustrated, intimidated and not really sure what to do. I was trying for ‘tantalizing temptress’ but all I was getting was ‘deer in headlights’. After about 40 minutes with little success I told her to take a breather. During the break, I made small talk, trying to put her at ease. During our chat she mentioned that she enjoyed historical romance books. It was a tidbit that I thought might help. When we reconvened I sat her at the vanity and suggested the pose I wanted. She still looked uncomfortable, so I began to tell her a story. “I want you to close your eyes for a minute and use your imagination. You are not Kelly the model, here and now - we have travelled back in time to 1870’s England and you are Kelly the daughter of an English Baron. Your boyfriend is a notorious highwayman - a handsome, dashing outlaw who rides the trails at night, rapier on his belt, holding up wealthy noblemen at pistol point. Your father’s men have imprisoned you in this luxurious room to keep him away from you. But you know your bandit will come for you. See the face of your outlaw hero. Imagine his bravery, imagine the look on his face as he strides through the door to rescue you against all odds.” Her eyes were closed and I could see her picturing what I was saying. “Now slowly open your eyes. The camera is your highwayman. The lens is your lover, admiring you, talking to you, taking you into his world. Show your outlaw lover the Kelly he’d like to see.” And from there, we continued. Kelly was visualizing the scenario of the Highwayman (tip of the hat to Alfred Noyes for the inspiration) and she got totally into it, moving her body, showing emotion with her eyes and producing some of the best model shots I’ve ever taken, boudoir or otherwise.

Marilyn Monroe was so much sexier draped over a piano in a cocktail dress than any actress (no matter how perfect) would be nude doing the same shot. Why? Lots of reasons, but one big one is she left something to the imagination. Implied is always better than stated.

The point of the story is, when you are going in to a shoot like this, use your imagination. Use visualization to get yourself to the point where you see that camera not as an object of metal and glass, but as the conduit through which you can express your sensuality. Everyone admiring your photos will sit up and take notice.

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CCM February 2016 Boudoir Edition  
CCM February 2016 Boudoir Edition