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Folding Sack Trucks Ask for specifications and detailed descriptions of a sack truck which you may have liked such as its weight, capacity, capabilities, material, construction, lifting, wheel, sizes etc. All folding sack trucks will have detailed specifications for health and safety use. Simply search these names on a search engine and launch on their website. Read all the reviews by customers and compare its prices on various shopping sites before you are completely convinced with the product.

Draper Folding Sack Truck Sack Truck or more popularly known as hand truck is essentially a manual L shaped device that is used to transport heavy weight boxes , bags or sacks around factories , warehouses , business premises and at home or garage. If you are considering going out shopping for Sack truck, Draper folding sack truck is what you may be interested In. Draper folding sack truck is a L shaped device same as the traditional sack trucks with a base plate bottom end lying flat on the ground and mounted on two wheels and a retractable long handle at the top end. The Base plate is used to scoop or mount the weight on to the sack truck.

Folding Sack Truck  
Folding Sack Truck  

The Mowerland Folding Sack Truck weighs 12 kg and comes with a handy folding toe plate, and a height which can be adjusted. It comes at a pr...