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300 pp | August 2016 |

ALBANESE; TELLING IT STRAIGHT Karen Middleton The moving personal story behind the very public political face of Labor's Anthony Albanese. Publisher: Penguin Random House|Paperback Rights available: Audio, Film/TV Agent: Fiona Inglis Contact: ( Description: This is the story of Anthony Albanese and the remarkable mother, Maryanne, who raised him. Anthony learned his political craft among the tough men and women of NSW Labor, inheriting his mother's devotion to social justice, the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the party his family had served for three generations. Maryanne adored her only child and Anthony his only parent. Until his teens, he believed she had been widowed before his birth. Then one evening, she sat him down and told him the truth. Journalist Karen Middleton is Chief Political Correspondent for The Saturday Paper. Her first book, An Unwinnable War - Australia in Afghanistan was published in 2011. Previously Chief Political Correspondent for SBS Television, Karen has worked in the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery since 1989 and served as its president for four years. She is a freelance contributor to ABC radio, Monocle24 Radio UK and Radio New Zealand and is based in Canberra.

Curtis Brown (Aust) Rights Catalogue June/July 2016  
Curtis Brown (Aust) Rights Catalogue June/July 2016