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CRY BLUE MURDER by Kim Kane and Marion Roberts (UQP, May 2013) YA Fiction / Thriller ‘Thomas Harris meets John Marsden…’ Books + Publishing 5-star review SHORTLISTED – 2013 Inside A Dog Inky Awards Will anyone hear you cry? Celia and Alice share everything – their secrets, hopes and the increasing horror that a killer is on the loose and abducting schoolgirls just like them. Three bodies have been found, each shrouded in hand-woven fabric. From within the depths of a police investigation, clues are starting to emerge. But as Alice and Celia discover the truth, danger is closer than anyone knows. Who can you trust at a time like this? A haunting and poignant psychological thriller that pushes the boundaries of trust and betrayal, life and death, from two exciting new voices in Australian young adult fiction. ‘…enough to make you think twice about who you open the door to in future.’ Books + Publishing Rights available: World excl ANZ, film & TV, audio Page extent: 224pp

SONG IN THE DARK by Christine Howe (Penguin Australia, March 2013) YA fiction Where do you end up when you have nowhere to go, and no one to turn to? Paul isn’t thinking clearly. He knows his life is falling apart, but he doesn’t know what to do about it. After destroying a series of relationships – with his friends, his flatmates, his mum – he finally hurts the one person he cares about most of all. And then he runs away. An extraordinary and heartrending story of love, betrayal, addiction, loss and hope that will have you on tenterhooks until the very last page. ‘This is a tough book, and so it should be. Howe will challenge young readers as she explores the spiral of addiction, the complexity of betrayal and the fragility of hope. This is a raw and beautiful book, a stunning literary debut’ ALPHAreader, Goodreads Rights available: World excl ANZ, film/tv, audio Page extent: 216pp

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