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THE SECRET WAR TRILOGY Jack Heath Publisher: TBC Genre: YA fiction Pub Date: TBC Format: PB Word count: 40,000 words approx each Rights available: World

A heart-stopping, provocative thrill-ride from the author of Money Run and Replica

THE SECRET WAR # 1: Mia opened her eyes, but there was no light to see by. 'Hello?' she called out. No-one replied. Mia thought she could hear someone breathing. Mia is attacked on her way to yet another foster home. She wakes in a bizarre prison, surrounded by other misfits. No-one can tell her where they are, or why they've been taken. Mia isn't much of a leader. But she's running out of time to help the other captives escape a terrible fate. Because there's something trapped in here with them – something not quite human... THE SECRET WAR #2: Mia is on the run. Every federal law enforcement agency is chasing her, with instructions to shoot to kill. Because she can't be allowed to tell anyone what she knows. About the alien abductions. The experiments. The secret war. The authorities are closing in, but that's the least of Mia’s worries. Because abduction was only phase one of the alien plan... THE SECRET WAR #3: Mia can't trust anyone. She's surrounded by things that look and sound human, but aren't. Every day they grow in number. Humanity's only hope is a piece of alien weaponry. Something so dangerous that even the invaders never dared to use it. Mia doesn't know exactly how it works, but she knows where to it is – in a crashed spacecraft, at the bottom of the ocean. Retrieving it seems like an impossible task. But Mia has to try, and soon. If she waits too much longer, there might be no-one left to save... About the Author: Jack Heath is the award-winning author of six action-packed books for young adults, which are popular in nine countries. He started writing The Lab when he was 13 and had a publishing contract for it at 18. The book has since been adapted into a screenplay. In the course of his research, Jack has gone scuba diving with sharks, travelled through Texas, Russia, and Cambodia, trained with firearms, toured prisons and interviewed guards, examined body parts at the morgue, read only books by women for a year, been a stunt driver, played bass in a rock band, been a street magician and listed every book he’s ever read. Jack lives in the ACT with his wife, Venetia Major, and their dog, Caesar.

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