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A Woman with a Mission… Brandee Ponder Ms. Wheelchair NC 08’



$1.50 Domestic Bottles, $5.75 Red BullClosed Breezed w/ vodka & cranberry

$9 Pitchers, $3 Pints, $3 Kamikazes Closed

WineClosed Bar Open 4pm-10pm

Wine Closed Bar Open 4pm-10pm

Mon. Night Madness w/ Brandi & Tracy, Open for breakfast, Free Pool All night, lunch and dinner DJ Position at 10pm, $1 PBR, $3 Lemon Drop $5 $5 Jager JagerBombsBombsGrape, Cherry or Grape, $2 Cherry Orange, Jelloor Orange, Jello Shots & Test$2Tubes, ShotsMic & Test Tubes, Open & Jam Mic & Jam BikeOpen Night-all riders get Bike in free Night, Night-all riders get in free

Tipsy Tues., w/ Hannah or Shorty, Open for breakfast, Strip Tease Lessons, and DJlunch Position at dinner 10pm, $2 Miller Lite, $4 Jager Shot $5Jager JagerBombsBombs$5 Grape,Cherry Cherry Grape, oror Orange,$2$2Jello Jello Orange, Shots & Test Tubes, Shots & Test w/ Tubes, Karaoke DJ KaraokeBike w/ DJ Stumpy NightStumpy, Bike Nightall riders get in free all riders get in free

Night$3.50 $3.50 $14 Pitchers $14 Pitchers(72oz), (72oz), Bourbon Bourbon Night Beam Black,$4.50 $4.50 $3$3 Pints, Pints,$4 $4SchooSchooBeam Black, Maker’s, $1PBR PBR ners, Jager,$6 ners, $4 $4 Jager, Maker’s, $1 $6 Jager Bombs, Jager Bombs,Service Service Industry Industry - 25% Night - Night 25% off off people for people in the for in the industry industry Free pool 11am-2pm, Free 9 Ball pool League11am& Dart 2pm, 9 Ball League League, $6 Washington & Dart League, $6 Apples, $5 Kamikazes, Bombs, $6Islands Waterfalls, $5.50 Long Bombs, $6 Waterfalls, $5 Jager

Freepool pool 11am-2pm, Free 11am8 Ball League, $6 2pm, 8 Ball League, Washington Apples, $5 $4Kamikazes, House Drinks $6 Jager

Long Islands, $5 House Margaritas, Buckets of Beer ($10 Domestic, $13 Import)$1.50 PBR/ Closed, out riding, Miller Lite/Bud Light/ Busch Light Cans takin’ care of the

dogs or doing “Honey-do’s” available for private parties

Closed Closed… (available for private parties)

Closed Beer & Balls w/ free pool, for (available $2 Domestic private parties) Beers

$5 Long Islands, $5 House Margaritas, Buckets of Beer ($10 Domestic, $13 Import), $1.50 PBR/ Miller Lite/Bud Light/ $3 Import Bottles, Busch LightMusic Cans Live Swing

Dancing, Karaoke on Demand available for private parties

$3 ImportonBottles, Eleven Grove $2 - 16oz Draft Karaoke, Open Mic Beer

Eleven on Grove $3 Gin & & Tonic, Swing Tango 80’s Night Dancing @7pm11pm, Swing lessons @ 5:30pm, Tango lessons @ 6:30pm

28 30 38

Bill Press Stephanie Miller Randi Rhodes Thom Hartmann Ed Schultz w w


October Edition  

Keller Williams, Halloween, Nightlife, Entertainment, Dining, music, Asheville, North Carolina, Radio, John Boy and Billy

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