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E. Curtissa R Cofield 920 Broad St Hartford, Conn. 06106 June 26, 2012 Dr. Wilfredo Nieves Capital Community College 950 Main St Hartford, Conn 06103 Dear Dr. Nieves: I introduced myself to you at the “ANALEH� event for Ana Alfaro. I have known Ana for a very long time and also Yvette Melendez. I have no doubt that both of them will vouch for my credibility. I have been working in the community for a very long time. My career began as an Assistant Corporation Counsel and moved on to Asst. States Atty for Hartford and finally to my current position of Judge of the Superior Court.My concentration has mostly been in the criminal arena but for the last three years I have been assigned to delinquency and child abuse and neglect in Hartford. In this arena I see how criminals are created. Its very sad. Yet against all odds some young people struggle to achieve their goal of going to college and improving their lot in life. I admire these kids and I am in their corner cheering them on and helping them to stay focused. I am at a point in my career where I would like to give more to struggling kids than being a Judge allows. I would like to teach. Teaching would give me the opportunity to help an ambitious but academically unprepared population face the challenge of catching so that they can master college level work and actually graduate. I am willing to work with students in all aspects of their lives including court involvement , family dysfunction or negative lifestyle choices. I sincerely hope that you can find a place for me at Capital. I would like to teach an evening class or work with a life enrichment program. I can be reached at 860-244-7956 which is my number at the Hartford juvenile court. I hope to hear from you soon. I had been previously offered a position at Capital teaching criminal justice but was unable to follow through because of a lack of funding for the class. A criminal justice course would be a good one for me. I think that based on my experience I can put a spin on it that that would really get the students attention. Thank you for your time Sincerely, E. Curtissa R. Cofield

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