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May/June 2011 IN THIS ISSUE: Healthy Summer Travel Secrets: Stay Healthy on Vacation Improve Memory and Increase Brain Power

Healthy Summer Travel Secrets: Stay Healthy On Vacation When you're leaving for vacation, one of the last things on your mind is your health—you’re too busy packing, wrapping up stuff at work, and making arrangements for the neighbor to feed Fluffy while you’re away. But after investing so much time and money in your getaway, you don’t want it ruined by throwing out your back schlepping luggage or sniffling through a newly acquired cold. Not to worry. These tips to travel healthy will tell you how to eat well, avoid stress, stay safe, and travel comfortably, no matter where you're headed. 1. Scatter long weekends through the year. It goes without saying that vacations zap stress and make us happy, but it turns out that simply looking forward to your next trip may bring the biggest smile to your face. It may be the anticipation of upcoming travel that accounts for its mood lift, which means that taking a few short weekend excursions throughout the year could make you just as content as a pricier 2week jaunt. 2. Fill up on yogurt

before you leave.

Take the right probiotics—healthy bacteria found in foods like yogurt or kefir, or in supplements— which may help reduce gas, bloating, and diarrhea. These annoying issues can crop up on vacation because many of us consume less fiber and exercise less on holiday than we do at home. 3. Bring a natural jet-lag fighter. Crossing a few time zones on your vacay? Melatonin supplements may help your body adjust. Your body produces this circadian rhythm–setting hormone naturally (it’s what helps you feel sleepy at night and awake in the morning), but traveling can throw your internal clock off.

4. Don’t haul a back-breaking suitcase. Instead of one jumbo bag, distribute your wares into a couple of smaller ones, and check as many as your airline permits. Distributing luggage into smaller suitcases instead of one mega one helps you balance the weight better, so they’re less likely to strain your back and shoulders. When stowing your carry-on luggage, stand straight and away from the overhead compartment, suggests the American Chiropractic Association. Whenever possible, place heavier bags under the seat in front of you to avoid lifting them over your head. 5. Splurge on an inflatable pillow. Got back pain? Position a pillow in the gap between the small of your back and your airplane seat. This will counteract the tendency to slump and decrease the risk of in-flight back pain. Once you’ve taken off, perch your feet on your carry-on bag on the floor. This will bring your knees above your hips, which takes pressure off your lower back. 6. Stretch out every 2 hours. It may annoy your fellow fliers if you don’t have an aisle seat, but getting up to stretch your legs regularly is good for your circulation. 7. Brown bag your food. You never know what greasy airport or roadside rest stop options await you, so prepare for the worst with your own DIY meal. For the plane, pack a whole-wheat sandwich, a bag of trail mix, easily portable fruits like apples and bananas, etc.

For car trips, tote a small ice chest filled with similarly nutritious fare. If you do hit up a roadside stop, stay away from fried items and fatty condiments such as mayo and oily dressings. Grilled chicken sandwiches are okay if you hold the mayo. Ordering a salad? Get the dressing on the side, and dunk each bite in it to shave empty calories off your meal. 8. Pack your car the night before. If you're leaving in the morning, pack up your car at night. Fluids pool in your spinal disks while you sleep, making your lower back taut and sensitive to irritation when you first wake up. Before getting into the car, take a short walk to loosen your leg muscles, and be sure to stretch, advises the ACA. Don’t worry about making good time at the expense of taking frequent breaks, either. Prevent that drowsy driving feeling by stopping every 2 to 3 hours to stretch and walk around; both will give your energy levels a much-needed bump. 9. Put exercise on your itinerary. Trust us: You’ll be happier and feel healthier if you squeeze in some activity while you’re away—and exploring a new city on foot definitely counts. If you’re in more of a resort-type setting, take advantage of the hotel gym or swimming pool (even most small hotels have fitness centers now). If you don't want to spend precious vacation time in your hotel gym, get out and try something new. Depending on where you're staying, you might want to try inline skating or kayaking, or you can just rent a bike or go hiking. Even 20 minutes a day will help boost your energy levels (essential for all-day sightseeing) and take away some of the guilt from those indulgent dinners.

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Improve Memory and Increase Brain Power There are a number of things you can use to unlock the full potential of your brain. Many of these things you may already do… if so, keep them up and start adding some more. If not, try some of the following. You may be surprised! Exercise: Obesity can cause serious harm to you brain, and without regular exercise plaque starts to build up in your arteries reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that your blood carries to your brain. Eliminate stress: Anything that causes you major stress can damage the parts of your brain responsible for memory. Amongst the most braindamaging stressors is depression. Get a good night’s sleep: During sleep, your brain firms up memories of recently acquired information. Write it down: Writing things down literally exercises the part of your brain responsible for memory.

Listen to music: Research shows that music can serve as cues for pulling up particular memories. Feed your brain: About 60 percent of your brain’s overall weight is pure fat. Eating foods that contain a healthy mix of fats is vital for long-term memory. Visual concepts: It helps many people if they visualize the information they are studying. Teach someone else: Teaching concepts to others helps to enhance understanding and recall. Do crossword puzzles, read, or play cards: These keep your brain active and delay memory loss. Eat eggs: Eggs contain B vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3 fats, all of which help keep your nervous system in tip-top shape.

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