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Getting Made to Measure Curtains When it comes to curtains, there are so many different styles and curtain fabrics on offer that choosing something as simple as your drapes can be difficult. It is important for you to take time out and understand the look of your home to help you make a good choice for curtains. Especially since these curtains are going to make a world of difference to how your home looks. Here is how you can work with made to measure curtains. There are a few pointers you will need to keep in mind. The first thing is to assess the purpose they are serving. Will it have any other functionality besides being aesthetically pleasing? When you set out to choose your curtain think about which room they are for. Consider the fact that they may be needed for the privacy aspect of your home. An example would be using heavy curtains in the bedroom since you want to keep sunlight away and your room private. But if you are looking at the playroom or the kitchen even, curtains without a lining are more sturdy and durable than thicker curtains. Your choice in material and styling will largely depend on where in the house you plan to use them. The next is actually measuring the dimensions of the curtain you will need. You could choose to do it yourself with the help of online tutorials that are pretty much self-explanatory or you could opt to let the professionals come over and do the job for you. If you are looking at harnessing the beauty of natural sunlight, then it would be a good idea to add a few centimeters to your curtain pole; around 35-40cms. If you are looking at making your windows look bigger and wider, the when you pull back the blinds on a window of this height. If you have a cottage styled room then sill length curtains would be a good bet, especially for recessed windows. You could even choose to add to the length of your curtain by raising the rod a bitter higher and buying a longer length of curtain. In the same way you could even choose to have your curtains bunching together on the floor to give an added sense of height. The headings are another spot where you can customize the look of your curtains. It is entirely an individual preference to change the look of your headings. You will find several options online.

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