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This Annual Report contains information about the activities of Chapin School during 2011-2012 school year, highlighting donations to the school, information about the school’s finances and reports on some of the many activities undertaken by the Chapin community. Included in this report are contributions received between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. Chapin thrives because of volunteers, nowhere more than in the area of development. Without the efforts of volunteers from every part of the school, fundraising would not be successful. In this report, the members of the staff of Chapin School have tried to recognize all those who made gifts to the school in the past year. We apologize if we have inadvertently omitted or misspelled any names. Please advise the Development Office of any errors so they may be corrected. Thanks to all of those who contribute to Chapin School this year and every year.

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Chapin’s Mission

Chapin’s Philosophy

Chapin School is dedicated to the

At Chapin, we believe that students

belief that lifelong habits of the

learn best in a supportive, encourag-

mind and heart are formed in the

ing and diverse community. Chapin

elementary and middle school years.

shares a commitment to each child’s

Chapin provides a richly textured

academic, emotional, ethical, creative,

education that inspires academic

physical, and social development.

achievement and builds strength of

In small classes that promote active

character. Within a diverse, caring and

learning, dedicated faculty create

supportive community, we prepare

environments where critical thinking,

our students to meet the future with

effective communication, creativity,

skill, confidence, determination and

and curiosity flourish. Encountering

generosity of spirit.

challenges that lead to success, students develop a positive sense of self. A strong commitment to Chapin’s five virtues (Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Kindness, and Perseverance) fosters an environment for character development that complements our academic programs.


board of trustees report On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to extend a community wide “thank you” for an outstanding 2011-2012 Chapin school year. Built on a solid foundation of academic excellence, financial health, experienced administrative leadership and “generosity of spirit,” the school continues to thrive. This Annual Report details the financial position of the school. Thanks to your generosity to the the 2011-2012 Annual Fund Campaign, a total $376,309 was raised and a new record in parent participation achieved. The faculty and trustees continue to support the campaign at a 100% participation level. The community also shows its support through the tremendous volunteer efforts on behalf of the school. From class activities to Parents’ Association events, parents, faculty, staff and trustees are all integral contributors in making Chapin a special place. This solid foundation should not imply that the school is static as, importantly, processes are in place for continued review and improvement. The recent NJAIS reaccreditation and self-evaluation process, the school’s rigorous curriculum review process, the Board’s Policy Review Committee, the Parent Survey, and the Strategic Plan are all tools for ongoing renewal. The Board of Trustees worked throughout the year in support of strategic goals, adopting a new five-year Strategic Plan which will guide the Board’s efforts. The Strategic Plan is complemented by the Capital Campaign and ongoing facility planning efforts, while also focusing on key areas including excellence in teaching and long-term financial planning. The Strategic Plan also supports a school Sustainability Committee to comprehensively promote environmental responsibility from operations and facilities, to behavior and education. A sincere thank you to our Headmaster, Mr. Dick Johnson, and the entire Board of Trustees for their exceptional leadership and commitment to the school. It is truly an honor to work this group of talented, dedicated individuals in support of the children and the school’s Mission. Jane Curry P’13,’16 President, Chapin School Board of Trustees

year in review 2

headmaster’s report I have said it many times in may forums, no first-rate school can ever be content with the status quo, with continuing to do what it has always done. For to stand still is to move backwards. The 2011-2012 school year was testament to the school’s abiding passion to move forward, to build upon its strengths, to look to improve every aspect of its operation. Here are some of the year’s most satisfying accomplishments: Strategic Plan: The Board approved a new, five-year Strategic Plan which focuses on issues of financial stability, facilities, diversity and sustainability. Admissions: We expanded our efforts to tell the Chapin story with Admission Coffees, a social media presence and enhanced communications with prospective parents. As a result of these efforts, we began the year with 312 students, the highest opening enrollment in the last 10 years. Capital Campaign: The “quiet phase” of our Capital Campaign continues to move along exceedingly well with outstanding support from our trustees and leadership donors. We expect to go public this spring with great excitement and fanfare as we look to Chapin’s future. Expansion of Chapin’s Facilities: Concurrent with our Capital Campaign, we have continued to work extensively with our architects on the design of expansive new facilities. We are thrilled by the ways that new facilities will enable us to enhance our academic and extracurricular programs. Curricular Improvements: This year we introduced new spelling and writing programs in the Lower School, providing a greater depth of instruction and greater consistency of teaching strategies. We began reviews of our art, music, drama and technology curricula. Faculty Raises: The Board of Trustees continued to give high priority to faculty salaries in order to assure that we can offer competitive compensation to our faculty. Business Office Move: In July our business, development and communications staff moved into beautifully renovated space in an adjacent home that the school purchased nine years ago. The new Business Office provides expanded and vastly improved working spaces. The former Business Office, McDaniel House, will be demolished, thereby eliminating an old, inefficient and environmentally unsustainable building. New Garden: With generous support from our Parents’ Association and the assistance of faculty, students and parents, Chapin created a school garden with first plantings last spring. New Scoreboard: Thanks to the generosity of the parents of the class of 2011, a beautiful new scoreboard was proudly installed last spring. Of course, it’s Chapin red and it looks terrific. It has been an exciting, busy and productive year. The school has affirmed its strongly held belief that “the only stability possible is stability in motion.” Our forward motion this year is the direct result of the time, effort and generosity of the school family. To all of those who contributed to our forward motion, I give you genuine and heartfelt thanks. Richard D. Johnson Headmaster

year in review 3

admission report

Secondary School Placement

Secondary School Placement Last Seven Years

Opening Day Enrollment School Year

2012-2013 2011-2012 2010-2011 2009-2010 2008-2009 2007-2008 2006-2007


312 308 310 303 310 303 311

The Chapin School Class of 2012 continued the tradition of attaining excellent placement in secondary schools. As has been the case for many years, Chapin graduates continued to be sought by secondary schools due to their academic work and ability to work with others. Members of the Class of 2012 are attending the following schools: Pennington School 8 The Lawrenceville School 5 Peddie School 5 Hopewell Valley Central High 3 The Hun School 3 Princeton Day School 3 West Windsor-Plainsboro North 2 George School 1 Lawrence High School 1 Montgomery High School 1 Notre Dame High School 1 West Windsor-Plainsboro South 1

Since 2006, Chapin graduates have attended the following secondary schools: Peddie School 42 The Hun School of Princeton 35 The Lawrenceville School 29 Princeton Day School 24 George School 22 Pennington School 19 Princeton High School 9 Notre Dame High School 8 Hopewell Valley Central High 6 West Windsor-Plainsboro North 5 Lawrence High School 3 Montgomery High School 3 Pennsbury High School 3 Phillips Exeter Academy 2 Stuart Country Day School 2 West Windsor-Plainsboro South 2 One student attended each of the following: Middlesex School, Nottingham High School, Pomfret School, St. Andrew’s School (FL), Yew Chung International School Barbara Pasteris Director of Admission

year in review 4

financial report Chapin’s financial picture remains stable and projects enduring, sustainable support of its mission. The school’s operating budget for the 2011-12 academic year was approximately $7.0 million. Income is derived from tuition, reserves and endowment funds, Annual Fund donations and auxiliary services. Expenses are concentrated in the vital areas of instruction and instructional support; 62% of 2011-12 spending was aimed at these purposes which compares favorably to the average for independent elementary schools. The school ended the year with a small operating deficit while continuing to invest in key areas. n Net tuition revenue increased 6% while other revenue sources remained steady. n 75% of the operating budget increase went to teacher compensation, supporting the strategic objective of attracting and retaining the highest quality teaching staff. n Endowment reserves were used to fund increased investment in plant. Chapin’s diversified investment portfolio, under the management of the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees and its advisor Massey Quick, ended the year at $7.4 million. Returns were slightly below the portfolio’s benchmark, reflecting a more conservative asset allocation in an inconsistent market. The portfolio is designed to achieve long-term returns, with minimum risk, that will enable the endowment to support the school in perpetuity as a source for both capital spending and ongoing operations. Long-term debt, currently $2.4 million, was refinanced in 2008 at a very favorable fixed rate, affording the school continuing financial stability. Net assets are $17.2 million. The annual independent auditor’s report again received a clean opinion, with the school cited for its sound financial controls and stewardship. Gordon Neeld Director of Finance

ENDOWMENT AND RESERVES Faculty Salaries 20% Facilities 5% Other 5% Scholarships 20% Reserves & Unrestricted 50%


Net Tuition & Fees 85% Other 1% Interest & Endowment 4% Annual Fund 5% Auxiliary Services 5%


Instructional 51% Mortgage 2% Auxiliary Services 5% Development 1% Maintenance 14%

General & Administrative 16% Instructional Support 11%

year in review 5

development report The entire Chapin community helped generously during 2011-2012, supporting the activities of the school with financial contributions and gifts of time. Parents led the way to a successful Annual Fund year, with 72% of current families contributing to the fund, the highest participation percentage in at least 10 years. A total of just over $376,000 was raised for the Annual Fund, slightly more than the year before. While the Annual Fund remains the most important fundraising goal each year, the community joined to support many additional funding needs, including financial aid endowment, the Margaret Wilby Memorial Fund, the Student Support Fund, academic programs and faculty professional development. In addition, the school began the “quiet phase” of a Capital Campaign, garnering significant early support. Volunteers are the key to these successes. Starting with an active and generous Board of Trustees, members of every part of the school community joined together to plan events, assemble mailings, solicit gifts and support all that Chapin does. For the fourth year in a row, eighth grade families joined together to contribute to a gift to the school. Every family in the Class of 2012 donated funds to create an outdoor gathering area for future Chapin eighth graders. Every member of the faculty and staff contributed to the Annual Fund—the third year in a row and fourth of five. A lot of exciting work has gone into the discussion of a Capital Campaign, with the expectation of an announcement about the official plan taking place during the Spring of 2013. You’ll hear a lot about this over the next several years! A sincere thank you to all who made it another successful year. Bob Cotter Director of Development

year in review 6

parents’ association report The Chapin Parents’ Association is a welcoming organization charged with recruiting and organizing members in support of Chapin School. Part of Chapin School’s mission is to provide a “diverse, caring and supportive community,” in which to “prepare Chapin students to meet the future with skill, confidence, determination and generosity of spirit.” The Chapin mission—while clearly crafted to steer the school in educating children—is alive and well at the heart of the Parents’ Association as well. The generosity of spirit in the Chapin parent community is what fuels the efforts of the Parents’ Association. The work of the Parents’ Association is accomplished under the leadership of PA Board Members, Class Parents, Event Chairs and, most importantly, numerous parent volunteers who donate their time, energy and money to support our efforts. The Parents’ Association focuses on activities that bring value to the Chapin experience for the children and their families—activities that connect us as a community and make Chapin a fun place for us all. This year, the Parents’ Association proudly and enthusiastically provided the school with many gifts and services, some of which are detailed below. However, it is the intangible gift of a cohesive community that is our greatest success! Gifts and sponsorships included: • Outreach to New Families via New Parent Liaison and “Buddy Families” • Welcome Back Coffee • Back-to-School Family BBQ • Back-to-School Night Receptions • Coffee “Tailgate” in partnership with the Development Committee • Class Parent Socials and Backto-School Parties • Classroom Holiday Parties

• Halloween Happening • Book Fair • Ice Cream Bingo • Dinner Auction in conjunction with Development Office • Monthly “Tasty Tuesday Teacher Treats” Faculty/Staff Luncheon • Membership in CommonGround Lecture Series • Loaves & Fishes Community Service Program

• $2,000 in continuing support to the sustainable school garden • $1,000 for the purchase of new athletic uniforms • Donation to the Margaret Ann Young Library • PA Annual Scholarship • PA Annual Community Service Award • Year-End Faculty/Staff Monetary Gifts • Year-End Faculty/Staff Luncheon

It has been an honor to serve as the Chapin Parents’ Association President. Time is the greatest gift you can ever give—so thank you for taking the time to get connected and stay involved. You made a difference! Yakenya Moise PA President 2011-2012

year in review 7

Dinner Auction

The stars came out in March for the annual Chapin School Dinner Auction. “A Night at the Movies” was the theme and more than 200 guests had a wonderful night, raising over $55,000 to support the Parents’ Association and the Annual Fund. Auction chairs Jackie Giuliano and Sharon Gomberg worked tirelessly to make the night happen, and what a night it was with dinner, movie trivia, drawings and raffles and more. There were both live and silent auctions, with auctioneers Mary Jo Thompson and Yakenya Moise leading the fun. Proceeds from the auction fund the Parents’ Association activities. Prior to the addition of the yearly auction, there were many small fundraising events which helped support the PA and now these efforts can be concentrated. The auction benefits go beyond the PA to touch every part of the school, as profits from the event result in a substantial contribution to the Annual Fund, which in turn supports the school’s operating budget, and has a direct impact on each student every day. Thanks to all of the volunteers who made it a special night!


Auction Volunteers Chairs: Jackie Giuliano and Sharon Gomberg Acquisitions: Yakenya Moise Addendum: Ruth Currie Catering: Lisa Coe Checkout: Minnie Deshpande, Patty Holmes, Pam Hughes Decorating: Salome Rao, Brie Salerno Design: Guita and Jon Martorana and Oxford Communications In-House Solicitations: Theresa Vogler Program: Oxford Communications, Theresa Vogler, Michael Ruger Promotions: Elizabeth Hall Raffles: Heather Hoffman, Sukhjit Hothi-Sangha Volunteers: Martin Barbour, Mary Bencardino, Laurel Cecila, Alisa Cotter, Beth Covin, Rekha Dagalur, Karen DiNovi, Candice Frederick, Sabina Ghesani, Hope Hillegas, Meredith Maggiacomo, Kristin McLaughlin, Judy Paragamian, Beverly Sporn, Julia Steinberg, Lisa Tindall

Auction Donors (Business) ADP Land Design Autobody Enterprises, Inc. B & B Color Studio Banzai Restaurant Best of Both Worlds Entertainment Bliss Travel Bodhi Designs Body and Sport Performance Bywater Consulting Group Camillo’s Café CBS Outdoor Colonial Bowling Lanes Comcast Spotlight Delaware Valley OBGY & Infertility Group, PC The Drum and Dance Learning Studio The Elms of Cranbury ESF GPN Greater Philadelphia Newspapers Greenacres Country Club Health Happy, LLC Hopewell Valley Vineyards Kids Towne USA La Chele Medical Aesthetics Main Street Bistro & Bar McCarter Theater Metro Traffic NY and Philadelphia Merrick’s Too MNI Nassau Racquet & Tennis Club New Jersey Motorsports Park Nicole Miller Philadelphia Nassau Tennis Club Northeast Academy of Martial Arts Olympian Personal Training Oxford Communications, Inc. P.T.S. Peddie School Princeton Dance and Theater Studio Princeton Fitness & Wellness Red Green Blue Rockville Climbing Center

Romy Yoga Smart Stitch LLC Sydney Albert Salon Spa 3 Monkeys Mustard Trenton Country Club Tutoring Talents, Inc. Vidalia Restaurant Vineyard 7 & 8 WAXQ-FM Clear Channel WBEF-FM Weingarten Associates WKXW-FM, New Jersey 101.5 Town Square Media WOGL-FM

Wendy Erdmann Julie Felsher Sonia Fusco Frances Good Pam Hall Curt Hillegas Linda Howarth Wendy Jaeger Aisha Kahn Kristen Kemp Carol Kinney Natasja Lessiohadi Annie Lillard Lisa Long Pam Mancini Anne Mavis Dave Mazzella Kerry and John McQuarrie Laura McQuigg Yakenya and Jimmy Moise Kerrie Nelson Lee Nestor Yu Oen Barbara Pasteris Elise Pavicic Pelaez Family

Auction Donors (individuals) Nahla Azmy Ben Bickford Susie Brennan Dina and Paul Brewer Kate and Tim Bricker David Bywater Isabelle Caforio Laurel Cecila Lisa and Jeff Coe Andrea and Charles Corpening Bob and Alisa Cotter Leah Cutler Jim DeBlois Mary Dougherty


Debbie Pontoriero Amy and Schaefer Price Liana and Henry Reynolds Jean Riley Sheila Robertson Rodriguez Family Corrine Roese Shelly Rogener Carla Roman Brie and Nick Salerno Julia and Jeff Steinberg Lori Sweeney Mary Jo Thompson Romy Toussaint Ann Vienneau Trina and Ken Weingarten Bridget Wilson Gerrard Zolezi (Chef G)

Development Committee

James Griswold, Chair Dina Brewer Peter Callaway Bob Cotter, Director of Development Beth Covin Jane Curry, President, Board of Trustees Christiana Foglio Claire Halliday ’03 Richard Johnson, Headmaster Yakenya Moise, PA President Michelle Richter Timothy Starkey ’92 Lisa Winick Marjorie Young

Auction Sponsors 2012 These generous contributors sponsored faculty and staff attendance at the 2012 Auction. Producer ($1,000) Dina and Paul Brewer Carly Minor Julia and Jeff Steinberg Peter Wilby Writer ($500) Christiana and Douglas Palmer Schaefer and Amy Price Cinematagrapher ($250) Bob and Alisa Cotter Mr. and Mrs. David R. Covin Jeff and Ruth Currie Catherine and Glenn Davis Mr. and Mrs. Michael DiNovi The Felsher Family Joe and Jackie Giuliano Joanna L. Gordon Sriram and Seema Iyer Barbara and Raymond Pasteris Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Piasecki Salome and Phiroze Rao Bill Rudnik and Michelle Quinn

Development Volunteers

Donghong Sun Dr. Enrico and Mrs. Antonella Veltri Mrs. Deborah Walson Patricia and Daniel Zinsser

Dina Brewer Beth Covin Jane Curry Jamie Griswold Meredith Maggiacomo April McCarthy Kristin McLaughlin Yakenya Moise Michelle Richter Brie Salerno Jeff Steinberg Julia Steinberg Errol Taylor Lisa Tindall Roxane Yonan Marjorie Young

Other Sponsors Dr. and Mrs. Henry Davison, Jr. and Family Mr. Anthony DeLauro and Ms. Allison Adams Donna and Charles Drucker Christiana and Douglas Palmer Bill Freitas Patty and Jonathan Holmes Dick and Bobbie Johnson Dennis and Diane Kooker Stephen Melchior and Lisa Tindall Nicole Miller/Mareik, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Strassberg Mary Jo Thompson

Bequests are Valuable to Chapin Over the past several years, bequests have had a significant positive impact on Chapin. There are a number of ways to leave a lasting legacy to Chapin School through your estate plans. One of the simplest—and most common—is to include a gift in your will. You may leave an outright bequest of a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate to Chapin. Planned gifts enrich the lives of students and will continue to do so for many years to come. If you or your legal advisor have questions about including Chapin School in your estate plans, please contact Bob Cotter in the Development Office at 609-924-9251. 21

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 78 Princeton, NJ

4101 Princeton Pike Princeton, NJ 08540

Save the Date! March 9, 2013 Dinner Auction

Solid Foundation. Strong Character. Limitless Futures. 22

Chapin School Annual Report (edited)  
Chapin School Annual Report (edited)