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Performing Arts Center dance students dance to “3-6-9”.

Photo courtesy of Debby Brust


Community pulls together for final dance recital Editor’s note: This story first was reported June 16. We have re-reported it here to correct vagueness of some of the elements. By Andrea Zeek Current in Carmel

Uniting for students’ final recital

So, Brust, who had run the dance program at the Performing Arts Center for 14 years prior to when Williamson took it over last year, came out of retirement

Moving forward

For now, Brust said she is enjoying the summer in Colorado and is glad to be the landlord of a beautiful building in Carmel. “Everything has moved on since she [Williamson] walked away from the business,” Brust said. “The shows were fun, her Zumba classes have been taken over and make-up classes honored by other teachers.” Brust said she is looking to lease the dance studio’s former space to another tenant. The Performing Arts Center’s current businesses include: Starting Line Pre School, CWI Gymnastics, Blair Clark Vocal Performance, jazzercise and community theater. “I’m going to just see what happens,” she said. “I’m going to rent out the building and just be a landlord and not have to actively run a business in it.”

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Indy Latin Dance, LLC owner Claudia Williamson told Current in Carmel she was “kicked out” of the Performing Arts Center of Carmel, where she was renting space for her dance studio, after her business went under. Theresa Brust, the building’s owner, said she disagreed. “I was hurt by her misinformation,” she said. Brust said Williamson was behind on Indy Latin Dance’s payments, including rent and utilities, and notified Brust that she had been advised to walk away from the business. “Instead of working with people to try and make it all work out or to get through it, she (Williamson) just kind of cut everyone off and left everyone high and dry,” Brust said. Williamson told Brust she would no longer be doing business in the Performing Arts Center, but was never locked out of the building, Brust said. “Her choice left the teachers without jobs and students without classes and everyone without an end-of-the-year show that parents already had made a financial commitment to participate [in],” she said.

to help the dancers, parents and teachers finish their final recital. Brust said the recital, which was June 13, was a success. “It was great because everyone pulled together,” she said. “It was wonderful to get calls from other dance teachers and businesses offering costumes, trophies and whatever was needed for the show.” Williamson said she is sorry and feels bad that the parents and children did not get the costumes they originally ordered for the recital, but Indy Latin Dance had no money left to pay for them. “I’m not trying to look either good or bad,” Williamson said. “I can put my head on the pillow and sleep every night. I worked like a mule in that place.”

June 30, 2009  

Current in Carmel