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OUR TAKES In lieu of the recent deaths of two Hamilton County teenage girls, it is our position that it is again time to remind young drivers of the need to wear seat belts. In a matter of hours recently, our community suffered an unbearable loss. Parents’ hopes and dreams were shattered. The rules of the road were written for a reason - to save lives. Not only are seat belts required by Indiana law, wearing them increases the chance of surviving a crash by a minimum of 60 percent, often at slow speeds. Along with many wonderful qualities, youth carries with it an overly optimistic

view of its own mortality. With age comes the wisdom that the future is far from certain and little can be taken for granted. We are lucky… to have what we have… to know what and who we know… and to be alive. When such horrific events remind us of our own fallibility, it is time to take inventory. Let us all remind drivers, new and experienced, to fasten their seat belts and put away the cell phones. Ask who and how many are traveling with and watch the speed. In memory of these two, maybe our reminders will help save the lives of others.

COMMIT TO STATE OF FITNESS It is our opinion that our community has to step-up its efforts to get our youth involved in activities that don’t include hours in front of video games or other handheld devices. Certainly, we parents should take initiative this summer to motivate our offspring into taking advantage of the sunshine through being active in sport or simply exploring the outdoors. Americans – especially Hoosiers – it seems - continue to get fatter and less healthy. For years and for an array of often compelling reasons, kids have been reducing active participation in sport in favor of characters of video games – as if the exer-

cise of thumbs burned more calories! Clearly, television, the Internet, and video games needn’t be unilaterally forbidden. Who doesn’t like to unwind and relax with a good movie or a game? And let’s face it, while the kids are occupied, parents are free to enjoy the priceless concept known as “quiet time.” But, reversing a cultural trend away from exercise takes effort. Put daily or weekly limitations on TV or computer time, and, more important, create accountability. They may not thank you now, but their bodies will thank you later. The parks are open. The trails are open. Find a way to take advantage.


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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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June 30, 2009  

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