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Rick Jewett (480) 862-0288



LOCAL RESTAURANTS One of the most exciting developments in Queen Creek is the exploding culinary scene. Queen Creek is gaining a respected “foodie” destination that locals & visitors are flocking to.



LOCAL SHOPPING In Queen Creek, there is a healthy mix of familiar brand name shopping, specialty boutiques and local retailers.

COFFEE SHOPS No matter what type of coffee you enjoy, you will be sure to find a new favorite at one of our local cafes.



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PARKS Discover all Queen Creek has to offer at the many parks, playgounds, splash pads and hiking trails.




LOCAL EVENTS Festivals, music, art, parades, dances and more to celebrate the Queen Creek hometown feel.

DISCLAIMER: Any articles included in this publication and/or opinions expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the views of N2 Publishing but remain solely those of the author(s). The paid advertisements contained within the BeLocal magazine are not endorsed or recommended by N2 Publishing or the publisher. Therefore, neither N2 Publishing nor the publisher may be held liable or responsible for business practices of these companies.


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TOWN OF QUEEN CREEK NUMBERS Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office: Emergency: 9-1-1 Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office: Non-Emergency: (602) 876-1011 Fire Department: (480) 644-2211 Town Hall: (480) 358-3000 Parks and Recreation: (480) 358-3700

UTILITIES SRP (Electric): (602) 236-8888 Southwest Gas: (877) 860-6020 Water/Sewer: (480) 358-3450 Trash/Recycling: (480) 358-3450 Cox Communications and Century Link (Cable/Internet): (623) 594-1000

HOSPITAL AND AREA URGENT CARE FACILITIES Banner Ironwood 37000 N. Gantzel Rd. Queen Creek, AZ 85140 480-394-4000

Alliance Urgent Care 21582 S. Ellsworth Loop Rd. #100 Queen Creek, AZ 85142 480-339-5599

Dignity Health Urgent Care 7205 S. Power Rd., Ste. 101 Queen Creek, AZ 85142 480-728-6000

My Dr. Now Urgent Care Family Practice 287 E. Hunt Hwy. #105 Queen Creek, AZ 85143 480-677-8282

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FUN FACT Did you know? The average age in the Town is only 33.3 years of age. This makes Queen Creek one of the youngest towns in Arizona!



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We’ve put the area’s top attractions, impressive eateries, and visit-worthy shops on the map – literally.

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ap a sn

You’ve read where the locals hang. Now it’s time to join them!






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For new patients without insurance and in the absence of periodontal disease.


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Getting Bigger! Queen Creek has been listed as the fastest-growing town in Arizona for 2020.

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QUEEK CREEK Whether you’ve moved from the next town over or from overseas, settling into a new area can be both exciting and overwhelming. Within the first few months, you will likely be establishing new routines, getting to know local hotspots, looking into local professionals and influencers, and exploring your new community’s vast resources. With so many nuances and so much on your plate from this new change in your life, it can be daunting to think about everything you need to do to get used to your new surroundings. Enter BeLocal Queen Creek. In your hands, you hold the best of the best of everything Queen Creek. From dining and shopping to family outings and attractions, this is your locals’ guide to what you need to know, and what you want to know about this area you now call home; and with so much to offer, you’re going to need a guide to truly understand the communities vast resources, from current residents’ points of view. Before the scattered farm community was called Queen Creek, it had a different name. The area was known as Rittenhouse because of the railroad spur located near Rittenhouse and Ellsworth roads. People used to flag down the train to get a ride into Phoenix. As the community grew, and the use of the railroad stop diminished, the community changed its name and took on the name Queen Creek.

ly, natural recreational riches and a relaxed, rural lifestyle combine to fulfill the dreams and visions of those who relocate to one of America’s best small towns. Today Queen Creek is preparing for new additions to its rich cultural diversity. The rapid expansion experienced by nearby cities in the 1980s continues today. The Town of approximately 50,340 citizens faces inevitable growth. It incorporated in 1989 to preserve the benefits of rural life while providing an avenue for managed change. Residents seek to preserve the Town’s friendly, small town spirit while providing economic and recreational opportunities and a high quality of life. BeLocal Queen Creek gives you the best of the best in the area, written by residents who are experts at their crafts and influencers in their fields. Learn about the hidden gems and insiders’ tips, indulge in the best parks and dining experiences, discover trips to take with the kids or places to get away from it all, and become versed in top shopping excursions and important community information. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Queen Creek life! RICK JEWETT Publisher and Sales Director (480) 862-0288

Queen Creek is one of the best-kept secrets in Arizona. Exceptional climate with 330 days of sunshine annual-


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Queen Creek is growing! Our first hotel is currently being built. Scheduled to be completed later in 2020, the Hampton Inn Queen Creek will be the first hotel ever in town!


Welcome to the Town of Queen Creek! I have had the privilege of

serving as the mayor of this fantastic community since 2010. Prior to that, I served on the Town Council since 2002 and the Planning and Zoning Commission since 1998. I am also a graduate of the Queen Creek Citizen Leadership Institute.

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As a new resident, I encourage you to get involved in the community. That is how my journey started back in 1998. As a local farmer, I was interested in transportation plans around the family farm, and more than 20 years later here I am.

also served as one of Queen Creek’s mayors and owns Sossaman Farms, another one of our outstanding agritainment destinations. Paul Gardner previously served on the Town Council, and now works daily to ensure we continue to have safe and quality water.

The reason I chose to run for mayor is also what makes our community so great – the people. The people in Queen Creek take the time to get to know each other and really look out for one another. As mayor, I have had the opportunity to meet new people and be reminded why it is so important to make strategic decisions for our residents today and into the future.

We are a very active community! I encourage you to meet your neighbors, visit one of our award-winning parks, and enjoy our trail system along the Queen Creek and Sonoqui washes. To stay connected with your local government, follow us on social media or sign up for email notifications. The success of our community is thanks to the involvement of our residents.

Queen Creek is a young community, incorporated in just 1989. I’ve had the honor of growing up with many of the people who have shaped this wonderful community. In fact, three of our founding fathers are still actively involved today – Mark Schnepf served as our first mayor and owns Schnepf Farms, one of our unique Agritainment destinations! Steve Sossaman


Mayor Gail Barney



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CEL E BR AT I NG YOU R TOWN Information courtesy of San Tan Historical Society

Since its incorporation on Sept. 5, 1989, the Town of Queen Creek has fulfilled residents’ dreams for the community. The Town has adopted several award-winning plans designed to guide future growth, planning and land use, as well as provide amenities. The Town has grown from rich rural roots to what is one of the most innovatively planned familyfriendly hometowns in Arizona. Let’s take a look at some of the rich history! ORIGIN OF STREET NAMES How often have we driven down a street and wondered the origin of its name? For many of our local roads, we can thank the families that settled in the shadows of the San Tan Mountains. Their stamina, tolerance for inconvenience, and passion for success has been the foundation for these communities. In 1914, everyone but John and Mathilda Germann knew that it was impossible to farm on the desert of Arizona. The Germanns purchased a relinquishment of 480 acres from a discouraged homesteader, and established their home and pumping plant. In 1917, J.O. Power moved to the Queen Creek area with a brother, Bernard (Buck). Their homestead consisted of 320 acres and was located a half mile east of what is now Power Road on Ocotillo. 

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Jasper Sossaman, his mother, and his brother, Lee, moved to the homestead in 1919 after his father died. It consisted of 320 acres on what is now the S.W. corner of Sossaman and Ocotillo roads. Jasper (Jap) began working for Charlie Rittenhouse, operating and maintaining the diesel engines that powered the pumps used to irrigate Queen Creek Farms.



Johnny Crismon moved to Queen Creek with his wife Margaret in 1946. They partnered with several other farmers in growing lettuce and carrots. Queen Creek’s first school, an old muleskinner cook shack was located half mile north of Queen Creek Road on the west side of what is now Crismon Road. Ernest E. Hawes started farming in Queen Creek in the 1930s. The original homestead was on the south side of Chandler Heights Road, north of the Sonoqui Wash, just west of what is now Hawes Road.  Charles Rittenhouse was well established by 1924 with the Queen Creek Farms Company. The wells typically pumped 2,150 gallons of water per minute and were 400 feet deep. The availability of water made his 1,000 acres of farmland very productive.  In 1928, the Rittenhouse property was sold to Leo Ellsworth. He and his brothers formed The Ellsworth Brothers Farms, an operation that soon consisted of cotton, large acreages of farm produce, cattle, sheep, and a dairy herd. Leo is credited with bringing in the first phone line to Queen Creek.

DESERT WELL STAGE STOP According to USGS maps dated 1904, a historic road passed by a well on Andrada’s Ranch. The homesteaders called the site Desert Wells, and according to folklore, it was a stage stop for the Arizona Stage Company operating from 1868 to approximately 1916. Freight and stage companies often had arrangements, honored on a handshake with ranchers, for use of local wells and outbuildings.

FUN FACT Queen Creek is young! Queen Creek is only 30 years old. Well, the town has been around much longer than that, but it was incorporated in 1989 to form The Town of Queen Creek.

The Desert Wells Stage Stop was described by the early settlers as a simple one-room building about 10-foot square, constructed of rock and mud, with a thatched roof and awning – a style very similar to Pima Indian dwellings of that time. There was a trough running around three of the sides, which was used for watering the horses and mules. The awning shaded the short walk to the well on the south side. According to the homesteaders that have passed along stories about this site, it had one 4-foot door and small gun ports instead of windows. Anecdotal tales of discovered bodies and gunfights with Indians continue to nourish the imaginations of many in the area who visit this site three quarters of a mile south of Ocotillo Road, on the east side of Sossaman Road. Even though this was a small spur stop, it holds a significant role in history and folklore of the area and is treasured by communities in the shadows of San Tan Mountain.


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FUN FACT Mansel Carter Oasis Park Lake This lake is one-of-a-kind in the desert! The lake will be regularly stocked as part of the Arizona Game and Fish Community Fishing Program. The lake is open daily during regular park hours. The lake is 13 feet deep at its deepest point with circulators and aeration systems to keep the water moving.

WHO WAS MANSEL CARTER? Some stories are so special that we never get tired of sharing them. And the story of the Man of the Mountain is one of those. Mansel Carter (1902-1987) made his home on Goldmine Mountain, where he had filed mining claims for 40 years.

16 BeLocal

Growing up in Ohio, he worked for a while as a mechanic and then left home for Indiana where, among other things, he flew a shuttle service with his airplane. He traveled West during the Depression and worked on the Zuni Indian Reservation as a logger before going to Idaho, leaving there in 1941 to settle in Gilbert. While managing a photography business, he became friends with the man who delivered ice: a Cherokee Indian from Oklahoma named Marion Kennedy. The town soon became too crowded for them, so they moved to the San Tan Mountains in 1948 to try their hand at mining. They worked their claims for silver and copper until Marion died in 1960.

out, ‘Come on.’ A woodpecker poked its head around a pole, landed on Carter’s fingers, and snatched the piece of food.”

Mansel then started making his “cactus curios,” small carvings from cactus and wood. Over the years, he became a genuine celebrity; welcoming visitors from all over the world. He had a way with small birds and animals; a respect and understanding that can only come from the heart. A reporter once wrote, “Carter, who wears thick eyeglasses and has a long white beard, placed a bit of food on his fingertips and called

His guest book, cactus curios, and many of his personal items are on display at the San Tan Historical Society’s museum. And the gravesites of Mansel and Marion reside in San Tan Regional Park. To view the graves, drive South of Empire Road/Hunt Hwy on Wagon Wheel Road, and continue on Skyline Drive to the trail head parking lot. It’s approximately a quarter mile hike from there.



One time when Frances was about 5, she was allowed to drive the mules alone to the cotton gin. The mules had made the trip so often; they knew exactly what to do. They pulled onto the scales, and after the wagon was weighed, the ginner gave a command to “getty-up.” The mules proceeded to the gin’s suction pipe where the wagon was emptied. Another “getty-up” was given and they were on their way back to the cotton field. This is a memory she’ll always treasure! FRANCES BRANDON PICKETT  Ever since one cold November night in 1927, Frances Brandon Pickett has been a contributing influence to the Queen Creek area. She was born at home to Charles and Lalier Brandon, in a building that had been once been an old mule skinner’s cook shack. Frances grew up loving the outdoors. She remembers constructing toys from whatever she could find; the desert was her playground. Sometimes small cans would be buried to collect insects that crawled at night. And then in the morning, the makeshift traps were checked for bugs. Frances and her brothers liked to pretend that the bugs were cattle, and they were taking part in a round-up.  But it wasn’t all fun and games. Frances and her brothers were expected to help with chores and the farming.

But when Frances entered school, she felt that the fun times had ended. She hated school, for it robbed her of the freedoms she’d cherished. Frances lived for recess and the noon hour, even though she had to walk a half mile home for lunch. She didn’t mind, for it offered an excellent opportunity to be tardy or to skip her afternoon classes. Sometimes she’d find a nice, shady greasewood bush to take a nap and delay her trip back to school, trying to time her waking with the end of classes. When she was caught at this trick, a new one was tried, like pretending she couldn’t see the words in her reader. After being fitted with glasses, yet another scheme was quickly created. Frances soon discovered the excuse of having a bad headache worked the best, for they never really knew when she was telling the truth. But over time she discovered that, with the right teacher, school could be fun and rewarding. Years later, Frances became a teacher at the Rittenhouse Elementary School – the same school that she avoided as a youngster and the same school that is now the home and museum for the San Tan Historical Society.

SAN TAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM The Old Rittenhouse Elementary School, located on the S.E. corner of Ellsworth and Queen Creek roads was built in 1925. Used as a school through 1982, this building is now on the National Registry for Historic Places. The museum is open to the public every Saturday morning. Take some time to view the exhibits, and ask questions.


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“When in Queen Creek, check out the Olive Mill. Just off Riggs/Combs and Rittenhouse. With Meridian soon to connect

a ect o al L

with Combs, the Olive Mill can only grow from here!” – Iestyn D.


The Queen Creek Food Scene

BeLocal has you covered with the most useful and

comprehensive guide for Queen Creek residents, and we

are glad to participate in it. Here we put together a list of some of the best eateries around the area. Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner with a sunset view, outdoor dining and drinks with friends, or looking for that family-friendly place for a casual meal with the kids, you will find it here. So, give them a try, and enjoy all they have to offer. And to check on any additions or updates, follow us on Facebook, @QueenCreekBeLocal, or Instagram: @BeLocalQueenCreek. 18 BeLocal




This American eatery is known for firing up cookouts in its outdoor seating area, plus live country tunes. It promises all the fun of camping ... without having to sleep on the ground. There is plenty of space if you have a large group or if it is just the two of you. Be prepared that on the weekends, they typically have live music, so it fills up pretty quickly outside. Their outside stage area and tables are super nice, and they have a ton of fireplaces to keep people warm on cooler nights. Fun for the whole family!


“Sushi Creek has all day Happy Hour on Sundays! Large comfortable booths and super fresh fish too.” – Leah and Tony G.

When you’re in the mood for good times and great cuisine, be sure to check out Sushi Creek. The restaurant is located in one of the area’s most pleasant settings, and is known for its delightful staff and superb cuisine. The menu at Sushi Creek features a wide array of great selections, made from only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, with something sure to please every member of your group. Sushi Creek has established itself as one of the area’s favorite culinary destinations and is sure to offer you a pleasant and unique dining experience every time you visit.

OLD ELLSWORTH BREWING COMPANY Old Ellsworth Brewing may be one of the newer breweries in the valley, but man are they awesome! This is a nice brewpub with some very nice microbrews. Twelve craft beers on tap, and a great pub menu with some regional and international offerings. The staff is super friendly, and service is really great!

KNEADERS BAKERY AND CAFÉ Their hearth bread is made from scratch and baked in Italian hearthstone ovens. Their menu has grown to include sandwiches, hearty soups, refreshing salads, and dozens of handmade pastries, and, like their hearth breads, their menu items are made with honest, whole ingredients. They are open daily to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are closed on Sundays. They offer a cute gift shop area inside the bakery with seasonal home décor and pantry items. Come and enjoy their casual and comfortable atmosphere while enjoying a wonderful meal!


BeLocal 19


BUDDYZ: A CHICAGO PIZZARIA If deep-dish pizza and Italian food are what you are craving, then this place is for you! Buddyz Chicago Pizzerias specialize in thin crust, butter crust pan and the customer favorite Chicago-style deep dish. Other menus favorites include Italian beefs, homemade meatballs, Italian sausage, pastas, fresh salads and so much more. The food is delicious, and the atmosphere will have you feeling like you are back in the city of Chicago! So, whether you’re bringing the whole family for dinner, or out on a first date, they’ll treat every meal like it’s a big deal.  

UNCLE BEAR’S GRILL AND TAP “Come, sit, and stay for a doggone good time.” Well, Uncle Bear’s is that place. They have created an upbeat, fun atmosphere where friends, family, and co-workers can come to enjoy a variety of delicious menu selections and their own locally brewed craft beer. Check out the dog pictures and license plates on the wall! These are all from their family of regulars. They promise you will be treated to a “doggone good time” compliments of their attentive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff.

LOCAL TIP “Bar Vinedo is a fun, locally owned spot in Queen Creek! Serving up yummy food, including brunch on the weekends, along with a full bar and plenty of wine selections. Check out the calendar on their website for upcoming entertainment and events at” – Heather S.

20 BeLocal

NANDO’S MEXICAN CAFÉ Locally owned and operated, Nando’s wants to be the restaurant your family visits to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and the like. From their craft beer selection, tortillas, meats, and produce to fundraising and volunteering, they are always looking for more ways to support the local community! Nando’s commitment to quality food and superior service in a comfortable atmosphere is their ultimate goal. Highly recommend for that Mexican food fix, or just fun cocktails with friends!

ORIGINAL CHOPSHOP Eating well on a consistent basis can be challenging. Lost in the shuffle is time to prepare meals that make you happy about how you fuel your bodies. That is what inspired the owners to create Original ChopShop, a neighborhood eatery crafting food from whole ingredients. Since the first shop opened in 2013, the goal has been to provide a warm, welcoming place full of energetic people where you can Fuel your well-being. They believe that eating well leads to happiness. Thus, their team is eager to serve good-tasting, nutritious food made for Every/Body. From protein bowls, super-fruit parfaits, to sandwiches and fresh juices, you will never go hungry! 2020



Bar Viñedo is the East Valley’s newest and most anticipated culinary addition to Queen Creek. Bar Viñedo offers American-style fare with international influences to pair with their regional wines. Lunch and dinner menus are accompanied by over 80 wine choices, craft beers, and premium spirits. In their retail shop, they offer complimentary wine tastings, wine and beer to go at 10 percent off and unique gift options. Live music from 7:00-10:00pm on Fridays and Saturday. Breakfast served Saturdays and Sundays starting at 7am. Daily happy hour is also available from 3:00-6:00pm.


“One of our favorite places to go in Queen Creek is the Olive Mill. They have great events like live music,

The Queen Creek Olive Mill offers an exciting breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, which encompasses antipasti, bruschetta, salads, soups, sandwiches, pizza and additional entrées! They offer local beer and wine as well. Take an opportunity to dine in their café, or enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather year-round and picnic outside in the grove.

CREEKSIDE TACO SHACK An oasis in this blacktop desert! Put on your flip flops, grab an ice-cold margarita, and relax at the Shack! They have misters over the sand and patio, corn hole, sand toys, fire pits and more! You will feel like you are on vacation in the middle of Queen Creek! Cause they make the best tacos in town, that’s why!

wine tasting and tours, along with great food. This is one of the places we are constantly drawn to over and over again.” – Merrill and Marcy W.


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HOMER’S SMOKEHOUSE BBQ “If you’re looking for breakfast, Schmear is fantastic (schmear. com). Depalma’s Karate is amazing. The staff are knowledgeable and caring.” –Minon Maier

By far the best BBQ place in Queen Creek! The pork melts in your mouth. The grits are delicious. The BBQ sauce is perfect. You will find friendly and helpful service at this family-owned restaurant. They make almost everything from scratch with love and take great pride in making the food. Do not pass up the delicious cinnamon rolls to round out your meal. You can eat indoors or at the picnic tables on the patio.


SCHMEAR: BAGELRY AND CAFE Schmear was created with one goal in mind: to bring something truly amazing and unique to Queen Creek. They make their bagels using traditional methods and the freshest ingredients. They are proud to have developed their bagel recipe from scratch! Their East-coast style bagels are always hand-rolled, boiled and baked fresh daily. Bagels are their labor of love. They are excited to provide you with a bagel experience you will not soon forget.

22 BeLocal

Family-owned restaurant offering breakfast and lunch daily. Friday nights they offer themed specials and are open for dinner. Menu options range from breakfast burritos, biscuits and gravy to salads, sandwiches and soups. Enjoy delicious meals in a relaxed environment on their eclectic table clothes and drink out of their fun mismatched ceramic cups. Delight in a mimosa, glass of wine or dessert on their outdoor patio overlooking their fresh vegetable and herb garden. A great local gem to eat and create new memories.



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Jorgensons MEET THE

LIFE AS A LOCAL FAMILY LIVING IN QUEEN CREEK Photo credit: Kendyl Hawkins on Instagram: @KendylHawkins_portraits

It’s always helpful to get a local’s point of view! We asked Suzanne Jorgenson and her family some questions on what it’s like to live here. Tell us about your family. Believe it or not, I’m a native of Arizona. I grew up in the Phoenix/ Scottsdale area, and Tristan is from Ogden, UT. We met when he was selling pest control in Phoenix. Our lives have been a whirlwind since we married and had children. Our girls’ names are Olivia (8) and Charlotte (5). We also have two dogs. A Goldendoodle named Toby and a small chihuahua named Penny. They are a rambunctious crew and keep us on our toes! How long have you lived in the area? Where do you live? We spent two years in Utah near Tristen’s family; when we found out we were pregnant, I said I need to go home. So eight years ago, we moved the family to Queen Creek. We found the house values to be reasonable and a great small community that we could feel good about. We live in Remington Heights – that’s on Rittenhouse and Hawes. I love being really close to Target; that was a huge selling point. We love it here and never want to leave! We love the people and really like the location. We like living in an area that is slower paced and still has some country charm. It is especially excellent if you have children.   What is your favorite part about living in your neighborhood? The people! we especially love our street because of all the kids! My kids are outside all day playing with the neighbor kids, making memories and being active! What do you like to do as a family on the weekend? We really like going to the movies! Our girls love the movie theater, and we get ice cream from Menchies on the weekends. That’s our number-one weekend activity. We also like to go to Mansell Carter

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FUN FACT Learning in Queen Creek The Communiversity at Queen Creek is a higher education center organized by Rio Salado College, in partnership with several other colleges and universities. The combined efforts of all participating institutions allow students to pursue educational pathways in one convenient location.


BeLocal 25


“I mean we really have a stunning sunset every night.”

Oasis park; okay, we really love that, and it’s right down the street from our house, so we can ride our bikes there. They have a great splash pad that the girls run through the water spouts and get dumped water on them from the hanging buckets that fill up. They also like to run up the hill and play on the large playground area. There is a large, man-made pond that is stocked with fish. Sometimes in the summer we will play there for hours, fish, and then I’ll go pick up Chick-fil-A, and we will eat at the picnic tables under the ramadas and make it a full day of fun! Are your girls involved in any type of sports or activities? Our girls love softball; they play in the Queen Creek Heat League, and they absolutely love it! Tristan has been their coach the past couple years, and it’s really become a family activity! What type of activities or hobbies do you enjoy? Tristan loves CrossFit and goes to CrossFit Incite. I love house projects like doing ship lap, putting up wallpaper and anything I can use a power tool on. We all love going to the movies, getting ice cream, and hanging out as a family. It’s a rainy day (or 122-degree) day! What do you do as a family around town? We have just discovered Elevate Queen Creek! Elevate is a great indoor kid/adult friendly trampoline place with all kinds of fun activities. My girls love the OdySea Aquarium and Butterfly Wonderland in Scottdale. I recently took my kids to the Lego Discovery Center in

26 BeLocal

Tempe, and they really had a great time. There’s also a new Crayola Experience in the Chandler mall and that one is top-notch. Has there ever been a moment or time when you didn’t want to live in Arizona? I feel that way at least once a summer, when the temperatures hit 115 degrees, and then winter comes, and I realize that this is the perfect place to live! Where is the best place to watch the sunrise or sunset in your opinion? I will have to say just in Queen Creek because we still have a lot of open fields. I just walk outside my door and have the most magical view. I mean we really have a stunning sunset every night. They’re so beautiful; you don’t have to go far.



Where is the best place to go where you feel most like a “local”? I feel like the activities and events that Queen Creek hosts throughout the year is a great way to get involved with the community and see what is happening in the town. On Friday nights, the local food trucks gather near the library. You can meet friends and hang out, listening to music and trying some great food! If you had a recommendation of a little-known “locals” spot to go to, what would it be? We’ve got really cool little things like a Mexican market called Super Carniceria El Torito on the corner of Power Road and San Tan Boulevard. I think it’s really authentic stuff. I like to buy my vanilla there, and it’s kind of a hidden treasure.


FAVORITES RESTAURANTS: For Mexican food, we Love Deans Hermanos; the people are so nice, and it’s a family place for sure! We are also excited for Barrio Queen to open. We enjoy Oreganos, and Sauce, and you can’t go wrong with some DoughLicious Desserts to end the night! VACATION DESTINATION: We recently took a trip to Mission Beach, San Diego, and we fell in love with it! We can’t wait to take the kids back there! Tristan and I really want to go on another Caribbean cruise! We go to Disneyland a few times a year as well! SPORTS TEAMS: Tristan loves The Utah Jazz, and Alabama Crimson Tide. TV SHOW/MOVIE: There are so many shows and movies I love, but I love Outlander and Poldark; I really love time pieces! We love anything Disney.

BeLocal 27

Let’s Get

D I GITA G ITA L You’ve read where the locals hang. Now it’s time to join them!

Visit and find your local page to see:

A map of top, local attractions

28 BeLocal

A list of trustworthy businesses in your area

Who’s behind this BeLocal magazine




THE SECURE ACT The SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act) went into effect January 1, 2020. This is the most impactful legislation affecting retirement benefits in decades and passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support.

By Becky Cholewka, Esq.

The main changes include: The required beginning date to take your required minimum distribution (RMD) increased from 70 and a half to 72. If you have not yet reached 70 and a half, you don’t have to take an RMD until you reach 72 years of age. It repealed the maximum age for contribution to traditional IRA’s. If you are in your 70s and are still working, you can still make contributions to your traditional IRA. It allows penalty-free withdrawals from your IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) of $5,000 by each parent in the year of birth or adoption of a child. It expanded what 529 funds can be used for including a one-time $10,000 repayment for a qualified loan or certain approved apprenticeships. It allows certain part-time employees to contribute to an employee 401(k) plan. Employees must have worked 500 hours in three consecutive years. It allows businesses to band together to allow Multiple Employer Plans. These group plans will help small businesses offer retirement benefits to employees. 2020

It allows certain plans to increase the cap on payroll contributions from 10 percent to 15 percent to promote additional retirement savings. The most drastic change of the SECURE Act is it has effectively eliminated the “stretch-option” for non-spouse beneficiaries inheriting an IRA, 401(k) and 403(b). With a few exceptions, these assets must be fully distributed to a beneficiary within 10 years after the death of the plan participant.

the result of these forms meet your current goals. 3. Talk to your financial planner about converting your traditional IRA into a ROTH IRA for income tax planning. 4. Discuss purchasing additional life insurance

to pay for any accelerated income taxes your beneficiaries may have to pay.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to review your plan, contact Cholewka Law at 480-497-3770, or visit

The latter may frustrate your current estate plan regarding income tax planning and asset protection for your loved ones. Here are some immediate steps to take. 1. Make an appointment with your estate planning attorney to discuss your current goals and review your documents. (Note: Most trusts will need an amendment to address some technical legal changes to the IRS code.) 2. Review retirement plan beneficiary forms with your estate attorney to ensure

BeLocal 29






“We love living in Queen Creek because the town offers many family activities year-round. Queen Creek has shopping centers, local restaurants, fun parks, splash pads, and the small-town feeling we were looking for. We enjoy outdoor activities, and this town offers a wide variety of hiking trails. This is the best place to raise a family!” – Monica M.

30 BeLocal



In Queen Creek, we’ve got our bases covered with chain retailers like Target, Walmart, Ulta, Old Navy, Home Goods, Kohls and many more. You can “shop local” all across town at the multiple retail locations from the Queen Creek Marketplace, the QC District, the Queen Creek Village Center to Cornerstone at Queen Creek. Don’t forget about our wonderful small business owners scattered around the town. They offer unique, specialized and one-of-a-kind items. No matter where you plan to go, happy shopping! If you’re looking for some retail therapy, here are some shops we just can’t get enough of... Queen Creek Running Company The QCRC is committed to our town, our state, our great country, and to you. They will always work to bring you a wide range of local, innovative, and industry leading products and technologies to ensure that your investment in then is always worth your while. Their honest staff and ownership will put forth every effort to ensure you are 100-percent satisfied with every interaction here at QCRC. The Cottage Flowers and Gifts The Cottage Flowers and Gifts has a variety of items to help show your love and appreciation to your friends, family, co-workers, or clients. Whether you’re looking for a corsage, bouquet, plant, gourmet soap basket, or decadent chocolates and candies, we are sure that you will find the ideal flowers and gifts for your loved ones in Queen Creek, AZ.


Baxter’s Game Store Baxter’s is a themed game store and community hangout in Queen Creek, AZ! But unlike a normal game shop, Baxter’s is one of the first to show E-Sports live! Come and compete with your favorite Trading Card Game, or watch the pros play live in your favorite competitive video game! The Bike Shop Welcome to The Bike Shop! They are a full-service independent bicycle dealer specializing in providing the absolute best customer experience … ever. They love cycling, riding, racing, cruising … going fast, going slow … riding in groups and riding alone. At The Bike Shop, everyone is treated with the same level of respect and customer service. Period. They are there to share the love of riding to as many as they can, and make sure those who already love it … keep on riding!

RePurposed RePurposed is a resale boutique that gives second chances to first choices. One step inside and you feel the ambiance of a high-end Scottsdale boutique. Clothing, jewelry and household items are rotated regularly to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience for all. Jaxn Blvd. Like any great story, theirs started with the simplest of beginnings. A few words on wood as a Christmas present turned into a thriving endeavor to share positivity through art. At Jaxn Blvd., they aim to create happy and fun pieces and hope their positive vibe is infectious. Their products are stylish and ready to adorn the walls of your space. Stay a while, and find what speaks to you.

BeLocal 31



“We love going to Lola’s Empanadas. Lola’s family is so welcoming.” – Nancy P.




our favo y d r

It’s no secret that we live on the face of the sun in Queen Creek! Hot coffee may be last on your list of go-to items during the summer months, but there are some diehards out there. Luckily, there’s nothing better than a cup of iced coffee on a sweltering day. Queen Creek has plenty of personality-filled coffee shops to choose from. Whether you are looking for a quick cup, a place to connect or conduct business, or a place to find some peace and quiet, there’s a coffee shop in town for everyone. Try them out, and you’ll be a regular in no time. Of course, if you are looking for something familiar, there are also Starbucks, Dunkin, Black Rock, Dutch Bros and Panera franchises here too!

PALETTE COFFEE Palette Coffee is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also pleasing to the tongue. That is, the coffee is superb. It’s also grouped in the same building as a lot of artisanal shops, which is super cool to explore. You can enjoy a great drink while you wait for your service or every day as your regular cup of joe. A great spot to meet your friends or quiet space to work. Palette Coffee offers all the great regular options and some unique ones as well.

32 BeLocal



QC JUNCTION CAFÉ The QC Junction is a café with a cause, serving great coffee, lattes, frappuccinos, smoothies and food prepared by the culinary students of Canyon State Academy. Food selections include breakfast burritos, sandwiches, soups, salads, pastries, and local ice cream. Don’t forget to try the Righteous Rolls, a Junction specialty and café favorite!

SUPERSTITION COFFEE Located inside the Queen Creek Olive Mill, you will find the daily fresh roasting of the Superstition Coffee beans! Step up to the coffee counter, and be greeted by their friendly baristas and possibly even meet one of the owners. Grab yourself a one-of-a-kind Frozen Coffee Granitas, or cold brew flavored drink during the hot summer months to cool your taste buds, or a hot cappuccino, latte or regular coffee in the winter. Purchase your own take-home bag of coffee and enjoy it every day!

THIRD PLACE CUP Welcome to the oldest independent coffee shop in Queen Creek and the San Tan Valley. Taste their carefully chosen (cupped) coffee, freshly roasted to their specifications, and imbued with the love and care of their baristas. They are happy serving up coffee, community, local arts and music, and, most of all, love.

QUEEN CREEK CAFÉ The Queen Creek Cafe has been a local favorite since 1995 and the owners Larry and Debbie Hoel boast over 40 years experience in the restaurant and Café/ lounge industry. So, if you are in the mood for thick Columbian Coffee, or freshly brewed iced tea then QC Café is for you. They also serve a full menu if you get hungry. Come and visit if you are ready to relax and enjoy a real home-style meal, drinks or just a good cup of coffee without the high prices, in a clean and friendly environment, the Q.C. is your place to be.


SAN TAN CAFÉ Enjoy country cooking, home-like feel and the best coffee around! Stay a while. Rain or shine, they provide the comfy feel of being home. Where family and friends can meet and catch up or kids can be kids. Although they offer a wide variety of hot and iced drinks, they also provide savory and sweet food options. So, whether you’re stopping for your morning coffee, lunch, or an afternoon snack, they’ve got you covered! BeLocal 33





FUN FACT Trail system - Did you know that Queen Creek has its own trail system? Most of the trails are built and ready to use. Plans are in place to connect the trails to create a loop. Once completed, the trail loop will be 11 miles long. Plenty of room for a great walk or run!

DESERT MOUNTAIN PARK 22201 S. Hawes Rd. Queen Creek, AZ 85142 This award-winning park features the following amenities: Two lighted multi-purpose fields, four lighted Little League fields, two playgrounds (one designed for 2- to 5-year-olds, one designed for 5- to 12-yearolds), one interpretive playground, two sand volleyball courts, two lighted basketball courts, eight picnic ramadas, one amphitheater, demonstration garden, equestrian staging area, wash trail access, ADA access, ample parking.  Hours: 7am-10pm FOUNDERS’ PARK 22407 S. Ellsworth Rd. Queen Creek, AZ 85142 Founders’ Park is an 11-acre park located across the street from Town Hall in the heart of Queen Creek. This neighborhood park is a community gathering place and host to many special events including Founders’ Day and more! This award-winning park features the following amenities: One lighted softball field, one lighted multi-purpose field, two lighted basketball courts, lighted skate park, splash pad, playground, four picnic ramadas, horseshoe pits, Boys and Girls Club of Queen Creek. Hours: 7am-10pm  Skate Park Hours: 7am-9:30pm 

34 BeLocal



MANSEL CARTER OASIS PARK 19535 E. Appleby Rd. Queen Creek, AZ  85142 Queen Creek’s newest park features the following amenities: Two lighted multi-purpose fields, four lighted baseball fields, a playground centrally located in the ball field complex, one inclusive playground, two sand volleyball courts, two lighted basketball courts, 5-acre fishing lake, peninsula with rock waterfall, eight picnic ramadas, wheel-friendly skate plaza, sand discovery dig zone, shipwreck-themed splash pad, three fitness pods, equestrian hitch post, wash trail access, three restroom facilities, ADA access, and ample parking. The Lake at Mansel Park is part of Arizona Game and Fish Department’s community fishing program and requires a license for anyone 10 years old and over.   Hours: 7am-10pm POCKET PARK FOR PUPS 22526 S. Ellsworth Rd. Queen Creek, AZ 85142 Come spend some time with your furry friends at the Town’s one-acre, lighted dog park! The park is located south of Town Hall on Ellsworth Road. The off-leash park consists of two separate grass-play areas, with interim amenities, enclosed fencing, and a drinking fountain. Hours: 7am-10pm all days except Tuesdays Noon-10pm on Tuesdays

LOCAL TIP “Dueling pianos at Bar Vinedo. All day happy-hour food and drink every Sunday at Sushi Creek. Queen Creek Wash Bike

SPLASH PADS SPLASH PAD AT FOUNDERS’ PARK 22407 S. Ellsworth Rd. Queen Creek, AZ 85142 Over 4,000 square foot, the splash pad is located at Founders Park, across the street from Town Hall featuring various above ground water features. Hours of Operation: March-April – 10 am-6pm May-August – 9am-7pm September-October – 10am-6pm November-February – Closed SPLASH PAD AT MANSEL CARTER OASIS PARK 19535 E. Appleby Rd.  Queen Creek, AZ  85142 Shipwreck-themed splash pad featuring various above ground water features.    Hours of Operation: 7am-9:30pm  Open from March to October 31

Trail and Sonoqi Bike Trail accessed off new Riggs road extension.” – Robb G.


BeLocal 35


LOCAL TIP “Our family enjoys hiking at San Tan Regional Park and then heading over to The Bistro Queen Creek for a refreshing vodka lavender lemonade and good eats.” – Wendall and Elisabeth H.

SAN TAN MOUNTAIN REGIONAL PARK 6533 W. Phillips Rd. Queen Creek, AZ 85142 Neighboring Queen Creek to the South, San Tan Mountain Regional Park is 10,000-plus acres of Sonoran Desert beauty ranging in elevation from about 1,400 feet to over 2,500 feet. Goldmine Mountain rises in the northern portion of the park. Along the trails, vegetation will change from creosote flats to dense saguaro forest. Various types of wildlife may be seen, including reptiles, birds, and mammals. Stop by the Nature Center to pick up educational tidbits, purchase souvenir items, visit with park staff and rangers, view the wildlife exhibits and tortoise habitat. Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 6am-8pm Friday-Saturday: 6am-10pm 365 days a year!

36 BeLocal

HORSESHOE PARK AND EQUESTRIAN CENTRE 20464 E. Riggs Rd. Queen Creek, AZ 85142 This majestic, 38-acre facility, located in the Phoenix metropolitan area, provides ample opportunity for events of both the English and Western equestrian persuasion, as well as home shows, RV and car shows, concerts and weddings. Featuring spectacular weather throughout the year, beautiful scenery and outstanding customer service, your event will find a home at Queen Creek’s Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre!



BeLocal 37


treats! SWEET

Nothing like enjoying a sweet treat with family or friends after watching a movie, exploring the city, hiking in the park, or any time! Dough Licious Desserts 20784 E. Victoria Ln.

Brain Freeze Cafe 40900 N. Ironwood Rd. #110

Crumbl Cookies 21172 S. Ellsworth Loop #102

Baskin-Robbins 21151 E. Rittenhouse Rd. #105

Sodalicious 20850 Heritage Loop Rd.


Bahama Buck’s 21137 E. Rittenhouse Rd. Cold Stone Creamery 7507 S. Power Rd. #104 Yogurt Jungle 21202 S. Ellsworth Loop Rd. #108 Dairy Queen 20911 E. Rittenhouse Rd. #101

38 BeLocal

“Great date night is a movie at Harkins Theater then dinner at Pei Wei!” – Jaden K.



meet ... YOUR LOCAL BALLERINA Hey, kids! We hope you are excited to be moving into Queen Creek, as there are so many new friends to meet and activities to join! You may be wondering what those things are, so we asked one of our young residents for you: Delaney is 14 years old, lives in Queen Creek Ranchettes III, and loves dancing. Read on to find out why and what it takes to be a dancer! How long have you been dancing? I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. Where do you normally practice? I dance at NuEvolution dance studio and participate in Arizona Youth Ballet. Are you on a team? I am on senior company at Nuevolution Dance Studio, and I’m a soloist with Arizona Youth Ballet.

What awards or honors have you won? I’ve won TOP stars award for talent on parade dance competition, a scholarship to the TOP solo competition hosted by talent on parade in Kansas, and an elite award at Act 1 talent competition. Along with many overall top 10, 5, and 3 awards a dance competitions. I was also placed in a prodigy level at a summer intensive. What do you like the most about the dancing? What I like most about dance is the ability to perform on stage and tell a story while also showing off the skills I’ve worked so hard on for years. One tip for someone looking to get into dancing: If you’re looking to get in to dance, remember that it’s never too late to start. Not everything you do in dance is going to be perfect (and it doesn’t have to be).

Have you met any famous dancers? I’ve taken classes from New York City Ballet Principal Ashley Bouder, Marcia del weary (former CPYB artistic director), Darla Hoover (current CPYB artistic director), Samantha Galler (Miami city ballet soloist), Ted Kivit (former ABT principal), and many more. What events have you participated in? I’ve participated in many different dance competitions, performances in The Nutcracker, Giselle, Snow White, Cinderella, and much more, along with two years at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet summer intensive. 2020

BeLocal 39



HIDDEN GEMS. Places that locals know about but are sometimes hard to uncover for new residents. One of our favorite places off the beaten path to go explore is hidden within the Grand Canyon.

40 BeLocal




FUN FACT Olympic Dreams Queen Creek, the home of Olympic Bronze Medalist Alex Naddour. He also runs the newest gymnastics facilities in town. If you happen to see him around, be sure to say hello!

Havasu Falls is an amazing paradise in the western Grand Canyon, and there is truly no place like it on earth. Turquoise waterfalls spill into travertine pools, creating this stunning oasis Story by Erica Snyder, Contributing Writer

in the desert. The Havasupai Indians are known for being the only continuous inhabitants of the Grand Canyon, and they have lived here for over 800 years. The word Havasupai means “people of the blue-green water,” and it is this breathtaking color that attracts visitors from around the world. To be rewarded with these awe-inspiring waterfalls requires a journey into the earth and seemingly back in time. It’s a 10-mile hike to reach the campground, and there are several options for getting down and back out. If you are reasonably fit, hiking in and out should not be a problem. Spring and fall are the ideal times to go, but a hike in the heat of the summer is definitely doable. Besides, this is the time of year when the cool waters of the falls will be the most rewarding. When timed correctly, you can hike mostly in the shade and take frequent breaks. Going down in the winter means enchanting frozen waterfalls, and that you have the place all to yourself.


An interview with Erica Snyder from her recent journey to Havasupai Falls... How and why did you decide to visit Havasupai Falls? I have several friends that have been several times, it wasn’t hard to decide that I needed to go at some point! What did you have to do to prepare for your trip? How did you carry all your equipment to the campsite? The six of us that went together have all been hiking, and for the most part had basic experience, but we did sign up for an informational class at Just Roughin’ It ( in Scottsdale. This was very helpful as it outlined exactly what we would need and what we didn’t need. When getting the permits online, there is an option for mules; we selected this option. They carry one bag per person (there are weight limits). The mules carry your bags all the way to the entrance of the campground area. You then just have to backpack your stuff to whichever site you pick to set up camp. My entire group had hiking/camping backpacks.

CONTINUED > BeLocal 41


What was your first impression when you arrived at the start of the hike? Beautiful, and, wow, we have a long way to go. The hike to the village is easy; there is nothing hard about it at all. My suggestion is, depending on the time of year, get to the trailhead as early as possible. We arrived at 6:30am and started our hike at 7am. We went June 29-July 2 so we were able to avoid intense heat on the hike in.

DO NOT OVERPACK. I only can give advice based on the time of year that I went, but all I wore the entire time was a bikini, hiking sandals and a small daypack backpack!

Once you reach the village, there is about 2 more miles to hike before you get to the camping area. Again, not a hard hike, but the trail is all sand, so I suggest switching into your hiking sandals. I wore these the entire time at Havasupai – literally the entire time – climbing rocks, water, etc. How did you feel after the hike and you reached your campsite? The hike in is long; you will be ready to sit, but once you rest, jump in the water (I suggest finding a campsite near the water – it’s beautiful) you will feel great! During your four-day trip/hike, how many waterfalls did you see, and which one was your favorite and why? We saw, Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, Beaver Falls and Navajo Falls. Mooney Falls was my favorite. It was by far the most challenging part of the entire trip. Almost a vertical climb all the way down on man ladders makes for a great adrenaline rush. Once at the bottom of the falls, it’s absolutely breathtaking. Do not miss out on this photo opportunity!

42 BeLocal

Tell us about the terrain and your personal goal during the hike. The terrain is all very basic; there are some tricky areas when navigating through, but as long as you just take your time, anyone can easily do it. Everywhere you look, even if it’s not by a waterfall, is beautiful, so no need to rush anywhere. My goal was to see all the falls and to do as much exploring as possible. Mooney falls was certainly an accomplishment for me. Was it more difficult hiking into the canyon or out, and why? The hike out, simply because we had just spent the last four days hiking, and by that time your legs are just exhausted! The worst part of the hike out is the hike from the campground to the trailhead – approximately 2 miles of uphill hiking in sand.   What was the best part of the trip and why? Being able to experience the blue water and scenery the entire time. It was like being on a tropical vacation. Would you do it again? Yes, I will be doing it again, but I think our tickets are for early November this time, which will be a completely different experience!



Where Pest Control Is Personal Residential and Commercial General Pest Control, Termites, Gophers, Mosquito Control, and Bed Bugs

Queen Creek Special - First month free with 1 year service agreement Must mention Be Local QC ad 480-907-7913 • affordablepestaz



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Rock Point Church 24759 S. Power Rd. Non-Denominational Photo Credit: Shelley Marie Photography

Central Christian Church – Queen Creek Campus 22149 E. Ocotillo Rd. Other Christian

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church 20615 E. Ocotillo Rd. Catholic Sun Valley Community Church 20271 E Rittenhouse Rd. Other Christian

Calvary Chapel of Queen Creek 19248 E. San Tan Blvd. Non-Denominational Heart Cry Church 9339 Hunt Hwy. Southern Baptist Christ Church – Queen Creek Campus 24937 S. Sossaman Rd. Non-Denominational 44 BeLocal

Song of Life United Methodist Church 20164 S. Sossaman Rd. United Methodist

Amadeo Church 21805 S. Ellsworth Rd., Suite A102-2 Non-Denominational



Family of Faith Fellowship 20913 E. Ocotillo Rd. Southern Baptist Mountain View Family Church 4815 W. Hunt Hwy. Non-Denominational Gateway Church of Christ 22709 S. Ellsworth Rd. F101 Non-Denominational

Cornerstone San Tan Skyline Elementary School 1084 W. San Tan Hills Dr. Baptist General Conference

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 22035 E. Ocotillo Rd. Other Christian

San Tan Christian Center 7377 W. Hunt Hwy. Assemblies of God Queen Creek Family Christian Church 26319 S. Power Rd. Non-Denominational

She didn't want a funeral.

She wanted to be celebrated with a night of friends playing Bunco. Leave people talking for a long time. Preplanning your funeral is not only smart, it gives your family the peace of mind that they deserve. San Tan Mountainview Funeral Home 21809 S. Ellsworth Rd., Queen Creek, AZ 85142

(480) 888-2682 2020

BeLocal 45






LOCAL TIP “San Tan Mountain Goldmine trail is one of my favorite places to hike with my friends and family. It is rigorous enough to get your heart rate up but manageable even for my dogs.” – Danielle and Kenny R.

PLANET FITNESS A lot of people fear going to the gym because they worry about what other people think, but this gym is a total judgement-free zone. Planet Fitness has created a space for all of their members to go at their own pace and not worry about anything else except their workout. This gym is very affordable as well; you can get in shape for $10 a month. MOUNTAINSIDE FITNESS The Queen Creek Mountainside Fitness Center offers more than 80 group fitness classes each week free as part of your membership. Choose from Yoga, Spin, Mat Pilates, Barre, Tabata, Zumba and more. You can receive a free seven-day trial membership when you go to their website.

46 BeLocal

LAB FITNESS LAB Fitness is your 24-hour gym and fitness club in Queen Creek. We offer cardio, strength, and functional equipment along with world-class group fitness programs. We also offer indoor cycling with Peloton bikes and video classes.


LOCAL > WORKOUT FACILITIES SNAP FITNESS * 24/7 24/7 Member Access: Members have 24/7 access to their gym location, allowing them to work out on their schedule, keeping their work out options convenient! Daily High-Intensity Workouts: High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is one of the latest workout trends involving intense bursts of cardio or strength training. Personal Training Options: Personal training provides your members with a custom fitness and nutrition plan to help them to see results faster. Heart-Rate Technology Powered By Myzone: Monitoring your heart rate with wearable Myzone technology allows members to track their progress in real time and hit their peak zones to maximize productivity in their workout. It also creates a sense of community among your members!

FIT BODY BOOT CAMP QUEEN CREEK We’re not satisfied with providing “just another workout” – you deserve to finally achieve the results you’re after. At Fit Body Boot Camp, we set you up for success! If you follow our program, we guarantee you’ll get results or a full refund. No other gym in your area does that! We take safety in fitness seriously. Our certified coaches are experts and passionate about what they do. They are there to make sure you are executing perfect form and will modify any exercise to fit your current fitness level – regardless of size, age, or injuries.

CROSSFIT SOLID GOLD We keep it simple by using full-body functional movements as the foundation of our programming. We change it up by incorporating different movements, equipment, and weight loads in our workouts. We make it tough by pushing the intensity of each workout whether by weight, distance or speed. We value your time – CFSG is open to its members six days a week. We have the tools; all you gotta do is show up. We are family, and your family is our family.

ORANGETHEORY FITNESS Orangetheory is a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workout designed to produce results from the inside out. The hardest part of our workouts is showing up – we make it simple for you to push yourself, be your personal best, and give you more. More results. More confidence. More life. More than a gym. Because you shouldn’t live to exercise. You should exercise to live.  MOTTO YOGA Motto Yoga was built to be a sanctuary for yoga and fitness lovers. Whether you’re new to yoga, an experienced yogi, or looking to supplement another fitness passion, Motto Yoga can help you progress in the 1,000-plus-yearold practice of yoga to improve body and mind. Improve balance, posture, flexibility, strength, digestion, mental focus, as well as lower blood pressure, inflammation, and stress levels with a consistent yoga practice! 


BeLocal 47

Welcome to Queen Creek Neighbors! 36359 N Gantzel Rd #102 Queen Creek, AZ 85140

Is your new home protected properly? Find out with a free review!

At Ocotillo Trails Family Dentistry, our priority is to deliver quality care to informed patients in a comfortable and convenient setting.

General Family Dentistry • Dental Implants • Cosmetic Dentistry Same Day Crowns • Veneers • Whitening (480) 457-1977 40815 n ironwood rd a102 san tan valley, az 85140

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GOLF COURSES GOLF COURSES IN QUEEN CREEK Apache Sun Golf Club 919 E. Pima Rd., Queen Creek Open to Public October to May, 9 holes, Pro Shop

Few would dispute that Arizona is one of the world’s premier golf destinations. Arizona’s golf courses are as spectacular and diverse as its landscape. This golf course guide to Arizona has been designed to provide you with information that is pertinent to the golfer that wants to stay close to home...

The Golf Club at Johnson Ranch 30761 N. Golf Club Dr., Queen Creek Open to Public Year Round, 18 holes, Terrace Restaurant Las Colinas Golf Club 21515 N. Village Loop Dr., Queen Creek Open to Public Year Round, 18 holes, Driving Range The Links Golf Club At Queen Creek 445 E Ocotillo Rd., Queen Creek Open to Public Year Round, 18 holes, Ironwood Grille, Pro Shop GOLF COURSE NEAR QUEEN CREEK Trilogy Golf Club At Power Ranch 4415 E. Village Pkwy., Gilbert Open to Public Year Round, 18 holes, Driving Range, Practice Facility, Slate Bistro, Pro Shop Greenfield Lakes Golf Course 2484 E. Warner Rd., Gilbert Open to Public Year Round, 18 holes, Lighted Driving Range, Pro Shop Western Skies Golf Club 1245 E. Warner Rd., Gilbert Open to Public Year Round, 18 holes, Practice Facility, Mulligans Bar and Grill 2020

BeLocal 49




events Roots ‘N’ Boots When: March 12-15, 2020 | Times vary Where: Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre 20464 E. Riggs Rd. | Queen Creek, AZ 85142 More Info: Description: Celebrate our equestrian heritage at this annual event always held the second weekend in March. This three-day rodeo, carnival, vendor showcase and more offers something for everyone and is one of Queen Creek’s signature events.

Spring Into QC When: March 28, 2020 | 9am-1pm Where: Mansel Carter Oasis Park 19535 E. Appleby Rd. | Queen Creek, AZ 85142 More Info: Description: Get ready for a hoppin’ good time at this free signature event celebrating Queen Creek’s families. With live entertainment and the always popular egg hunt, spring into QC will be fun for everyone!

50 BeLocal

Queen Creek Performing Arts Center Family Theatre Series: Disney’s 101 Dalmatians When: April 17, 2020 – 7-9pm April 18, 2020 – 2-4pm April 20, 2020 – 7-9pm Where: The Queen Creek Performing Arts Center 22149 E. Ocotillo Rd. | Queen Creek, 85142 More Info: Description: Disney’s 101 Dalmatians is a fur-raising adventure featuring Cruella De Vil, Disney’s most outrageous villain, and 101 of the most adorable heroes to set their paws onstage. With a high-spirited music and lovable characters, this musical is certain to charm and delight all audiences. Contact QCPAC for more information at 480-987-SHOW(7469).




Hometown Fourth When: July 4, 2020 Where: Schnepf Farms 24610 S. Rittenhouse Rd. | Queen Creek, 85142 More Info: Description: Celebrate America at Schnepf Farms as they provide food trucks, entertainment, fun, and a fireworks show to remember.   Splash Pad  Party When: July 11, 2020 – 6-8pm Where: : Mansel Carter Oasis Park 19535 E. Appleby Rd. | Queen Creek, AZ 85142 More Info: Description: In celebration of national Park and Recreation Month, the community is invited to celebrate with us at the splash pad. In the past, this event featured hula dancers, food vendors, a live DJ, and fun activities. All ages welcomed, and splash pad rules still apply. 


Ice Cream Social   When: July 18, 2020 – 10am-noon Where: Town of Queen Creek Parks and Recreation 21802 S. Ellsworth Rd. | Queen Creek. 85142 More Info: town-hall/community-outreach/ community-town-hall Description: Residents are invited to “get the scoop” on what’s going on in Queen Creek. Taking place at the Recreation Annex, this free, fun, and casual community outreach program provides residents opportunities to have their opinions heard and encourages them to learn about projects affecting Queen Creek. Town representatives are on hand to answer questions and display upcoming projects. 


BeLocal 51



Founders’ Day When: September 19, 2020 – 5-9pm Where: Founders’ Park 22407 S. Ellsworth Rd. | Queen Creek, 85142 More Info: Description: Come celebrate Queen Creek’s heritage at this family-friendly community event in Founders’ Park. Take part in competitions, enjoy great food, music and entertainment, and experience a Battle of the Badge competition. Olive Mill Garlic Festival  When: September 26 and 27, 2020 Where: Queen Creek Olive Mill 25062 S. Meridian Rd. | Queen Creek, 85142 More Info: Description: The sixth annual Garlic Festival is here! Get your garlic fill at this huge two-day event at the Olive Mill. Organically grown garlic from the garden will be sold – while supplies last! Enjoy live music, cooking demonstrations, games, and more. Blankets and chairs welcome; please no outside food or beverage. Free admission!  Pan De Vida Cultural Festival When: October 10, 2020 – 9am-2pm Where: Queen Creek Library 21802 S. Ellsworth Rd. | Queen Creek,  85142 More Info: Description: Pan de Vida is proud to present their 11th

52 BeLocal

annual Cultural Festival at the Queen Creek Library. Participants will enjoy live performances, games, and activities, free health and wellness screenings, and much more. Trunk or Treat When: October 17, 2020 | 5-9pm Where: Ellsworth Road (between Ocotillo and Rittenhouse.) More Info: Description: Trunk or Treat provides a safe environment for families to enjoy an inexpensive evening of Halloween fun in a festival atmosphere! Children trick-or-treat by going from car trunk to car trunk on “Trunk or Treat Street” to get their bag filled with goodies. Pancake Breakfast and Touch A Truck When: November 14, 2020 – 9-11am Where: Historic Town Hall Courtyard 22350 S. Ellsworth Rd. | Queen Creek, 85142 More Info: pancake-breakfast Description: Residents are invited to “wake up to what’s cooking in Town” from 9-11am in the Town Hall Courtyard outside of Town Hall. This free, fun, and casual community outreach program provides residents opportunities to have their opinions heard and encourages them to learn about projects affecting Queen Creek. Town representatives are on hand to answer questions and display upcoming projects.  




QC Kids’ Christmas Car Show and Toy Drive When: December 12, 2020 – 9am-1pm  Where: Desert Mountain Park 22201 S. Hawes Rd. | Queen Creek, 85142 More Info:  Description: Celebrate the holiday season at this classic car show and toy drive to benefit less fortunate children with toys for Christmas.

Holiday and Festival Parade   When: December 5, 2020 – Noon-8pm Where: Ellsworth Road Town Center 21802 S. Ellsworth Rd. | Queen Creek, 85142 More Info: Description: Come join the festivities including tree lighting ceremony, rides, attractions, food and craft vendors, as well as an appearance by Santa Claus himself! Hosted by Kiwanis Club and Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce.

LOCAL TIP “I love living in Queen Creek

Love Bug Dance When: February 2020, TBD Where: Queen Creek Recreation Annex 21802 S. Ellsworth Rd. | Queen Creek, 85142 More Info: parks-recreation/special-events/ valentine-s-day-love-bug-dance Description: Come dressed in your best, and dance the night away with your little Love Bug at this fun community event filled with music, games, crafts, and lots of dancing! Space is limited, and pre-registration is required with a fee.  

because it still has that small-town feel with many special events from Trunk or Treat to the awesome Christmas parade and celebration.” – Lynne B.


BeLocal 53

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36283 N. Gantzel Rd., Ste 101 San Tan Valley, Arizona 85140 In the Pinal Professional Village 54 BeLocal

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Welcome to Dr. Kevin Wolff’s Office! When you and your family members visit our office, your smile is our top priority. You will get the best of two worlds when you receive state-of-the-art treatment using the latest dental equipment and receive the down-to-earth, small-town care that makes our office feel more like a second home than a dental practice

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