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C u r r a n academic portfolio | spring 2009 wentworth institute of technology

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aperture project

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IDEO office building beatty hall facade

aperture project In this Project we were asked to create an aperture, an opening that allowed natural light to penetrate and artificial light to escape. This opening is meant to have a visual, emotional and physical experience. My design was based on an artist studio space, in which I wanted to allow as much light as possible, without distracting direct sunlight. Since the room was relatively small, I wanted the window to bow outwards to make it feel more spacious, as well as give it a more dramatic effect from street level. I went with a curve based off of a fan, that swooped in and out, both in elevation and in plan.

threshold project For the threshold project, we had to connect two gallery spaces. Each space held a Mark Rothko painting. My goal in this project was to link the spaces together, using the similarities in the pieces, but also show difference, as seen in the moods of the pieces. I chose to create a screen like feeling based of the shapes of the two paintings. While you could see through the walls, you had to go around them, and up a level through a passageway, which helps accentuate the contrast in the two spaces. Natural light comes down light tubes above the passage, leading you from room to room.

vertical movement For Project four, we were asked to explore an artist of our choice, I chose a clay sculptor because of their free form designs. The assignment was to create a way of movement between the two floors of the artist’s space. The space was to be the artist’s gallery, workshop and living. I wanted to shape an environment that the artist could be most creative in. From this I started with the curving elevation of the stairs. From there, I took a desk, which formed into the stairs and swooped out, creating the second level. The second floor then created a threshold between the artist’s gallery, and his workshop. The second level does not appear to connect to the walls, creating a feeling of it being apart of the stairs, and not a traditional floor.

bonsai pavilion | arnold arboretum | For the Bonsai Pavilion project, we were working with a space located in the Arnold arboretum. Our goal was to create a new pavilion to display and also store the large collection of bonsai trees. Using a tree like form I was able to have views reaching out over the over area and a more private and intimate feeling with the collection of bonsai trees.

Art has always been a part of me, through the years I saw that I wanted art to play a role in my career choice. My love of art, combined with my mathematical and science skills led me too Wentworth to pursue architecture. Through these past three semesters I feel that I have indirectly and directly tapped into my art skills that I learned in high school. On this page are some of my favorite works throughout my years before college.

quilt project | l o g c a b i n | For the quilt project each student was given a gees bend quilt, and were to create form from it. In my design I started thinking hierarchy. But later noticed that to me, it really represented sound. Therefore I used a block feeling at different elevations to represent the sound that I felt each piece would make better. The gold top right half in my mind was a piece stitched over a normal square quilt below, therefore in my model I raised the piece that represented the load gold off of the rest. The jagged edges to me represent vibrations, making it louder and showed a slope feeling.

public market | b o s t o n | For this project we were to create a market, located in Boston, to hold up to eight vendors, a general selling area and a cafe. My design started with inspiration of boxes stacking off of another’s corners that created a curve path. The curved path that it created then became my main concept that created space and circulation.

IDEO office space | b o s t o n | In our last prject of our first semester second year, we were given a client, and space to deisign their office. The client given was the industrial design company IDEO, known for there creative and fun work atomosphere. For our site we hav a 25x160 ft site located in an area similar to newbury st. The program included a prototyping space, presentation cubes, focus areas, and of course lounges. From the start I was thinking about the use of staggering spaces and ways to get natural light to enter the building. Using a type of light shaft down the center, and a combination of frosted glass and sun blockers I was able to get natural light into almost all spaces in the building.

second level

fifth level

beatty hall facade | w e n t w o r t h i n s t i t u t e o f t e c h n o l o g y | Beatty hall is located in the heart of the Wentworth campus, making it a great location for a campus center. Unfortunately at the moment Beatty does not represent the feel of a campus center or a community. To create more of a community feel I wanted to create a facade that connected the building together, and make it feel more as a whole. Using staggered spaces and floating floor planes I was able to create a open, warm and productive feel. I was able to connect the main two lobbies on the first and second floor by using floating planes that staggered at different heights, taking away the feeling of basic floor planes. I also wanted to allow more views both in and out of the building, allowing beatty to connect more with the rest of campus. By allowing more light to enter the building, using the structure to bounce light it in and around the floating cubes, I was able to create a warmer feeling in beatty.


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