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How to Properly Care for Your Curls When Wearing Protective Braid Styles Braids can make or break your natural curls based on the way you care for them. Remember to monitor the tension, hydrate daily, and perform a proper takedown for healthy hair. Summer time typically includes vacations, breaks, trips to the beach, laying in the hot sun, or simply spending more time outdoors. This change in one’s lifestyle could overexpose your curls to harmful UV rays, dryness, frizz, or other harmful elements. This is why many women with textured hair wear their hair in twists or braids, with or without extension. These make a wonderful choice of protective style, especially for curly hair. There are a few things to consider in your naturally curly hair care routine, when wearing braids. Monitor Tension Assess your scalp for tenderness before braiding. Take note if there are certain areas that require gentle treatment. Next, assess the strength of your natural hair and determine whether your hair is in a strong or weak state. Communicate with your hair braider about the health of your hair and scalp beforehand and choose a style that will minimize the pulling and tugging. If you choose to do individual or micro braids with extension, be sure they are not too small or too big, but somewhere in between. These braids should also be worn no more than 8-10 weeks at a time. Around the 4 -6 week mark, be sure to take down the braids around your edges and redo them, to prevent “hanging braids” which cause breakage around your perimeter.


Hydrate Daily One major benefit to wearing braids is the ability to hydrate and strengthen daily without disrupting your style. To moisturize, find a good quality curly hair care product line that carries a leave in conditioner like Cashmere Curls by CURLS. This spray is rich in moisture and strength, penetrating three layers of the hair. This Leave-in Spray should be sprayed on your natural hair (within the braid) every night before applying your satin cap. Perform a Proper Takedown Your hair has been growing and strengthening while in the braided protective style. Remember to take down your hair in the recommended time, as a build up of dust, could form around the base of the braid and within. Therefore take down each braid and comb the hair and debri gently before proceeding on to the next braid. Shampoo with a good cleansing curly hair care product and deep condition before styling. Wearing braids can be a great way to give your curls a break. Follow these instructions to maximize the benefits of wearing braids and afterwards, you can enjoy the fun of strong, healthy curly hair.

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How to properly care for your curls when wearing protective braid styles  

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