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If you have naturally curly hair then the best shampoo for curly hair is based on the tightness of your curls. Curly hair can be extremely difficult to maintain. People who do not have curly hair may not always understand how much work is required. If your curly hair is not properly maintained then it ends up looking like a mop of poorly defined ringlets. How you care for curly hair is based on the texture you have.

For all curly hair types the most important thing is conditioning. Curly hair does not get the same natural oils from the scalp that wavy and straight hair gets. The texture of the curls inhibits constant brushing which is required in order to move natural scalp oils throughout the hair. If you have curly hair you need to ensure that it is conditioned regularly. In fact just shampooing regularly will dehydrate curly hair because the warm water will open the hair cuticle which lets the cleansers flow inside and rinse out any of the nutrients you had. The same thing happens when you wash your hands—they feel dry after. This is why it is imperative that you condition your hair regularly if you have curly hair.

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