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Athlete Information Pack Great Britain Men’s and Women’s Curling Teams 2011 World University Games Erzurum, Turkey 26

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January – 6th February 2011

Produced September 2010

Selection Process for Great Britain Men’s and Women’s Curling Teams– 2011 World University Games Introduction This pack outlines important information for athletes who wish to be selected for the Great Britain Men’s and Women’s Curling Teams for the 2011 World University Games, Erzurum, Turkey. Selection for the GB World University Teams should be considered a great honour - competition for places will be fierce and selection will only be open to highly competitive performers able to commit to a thorough preparation programme. The British University Sports Association (BUCS) require all national governing bodies, in this case British Curling Ltd. (BC), to select only teams that are clearly capable of a creditable performance, resulting in at least a placing in the top 50% of the field in the relevant World University Games (WUG) event, which is 5th or above for curling. Given Great Britain has had success at previous World University Games therefore the aim of selection is to develop and prepare two teams capable of being in the ‘medal zone’. If you wish to be considered for selection, please read through this pack carefully and submit the attached ‘BC Registration of Interest Form’ by Wednesday 13th October, 2011.

Background The selection process described below will be used to identify the World University Men’s and Women’s Curling Teams to represent Great Britain in the 2011 World University Games in Erzurum, Turkey. The basis of the process will continue to be a policy of selecting World University Teams, made up of the most talented individual athletes. Selection and De-selection from either team can be made at any time by the Head Coach. There have been significant reviews of the selection policy, and the decision to go with selection method has been taken following extensive consultation, including: • A review of the processes leading to previous team selections • Coach feedback • Support staff feedback • Athlete feedback • British Curling Ltd feedback and all it’s member associations and in conjunction with sportscotland Institute of Sport and sportscotland • BUCS input

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1. The Selection Process General Criteria 1.1 Nation Qualification - The World University Curling Competition will consist of a men’s and women’s event with 10 teams in each. The ability of BC to select teams for the World University Games, 2011, is dependent upon Great Britain as a nation qualifying both team places through International competition/ World Curling Federation World University qualifying criteria. Qualification for these World University events can only be determined by GB ranking at previous Winter Universiade and at the World Curling Championships (WCC), and World Junior Championships (WJCC) 2009 and 2010. The Men have qualified in 5th position and the Women have qualified in 4th position.

Qualification Points for the 2011 Universiade – Erzurum, Turkey Curling Competition will be in Erzurum,Turkey … 27th January- 6th February 2011 2009 2009 2009 2010 2010 Current MEN Universiade WJCC WMCC WJCC WMCC Total

1. Norway 24 6 10 6 12 58 2. Canada 10 12 12 10 14 58 3. Switzerland 12 5 9 14 7 47 4. Sweden 28 8 X 5 5 46 5. Great Britain 8 2 14 12 10 46 6. China 20 3 4 8 2 37 7. U.S.A. 6 10 8 2 9 35 8. Denmark X 14 6 3 8 31 9. Korea 16 X X X X 16 10. Germany X 1 7 X 6 14 11. Finland 4 X 1 4 X 9 12. France X X 5 X 4 9 13. Japan 2 X 3 X 1 6 14. Russia X 4 X 1 X 5 15. Italy X X X X 3 3 16. Czech Rep. X X 2 X X 2 * - The top nine (9) ranked above + the host (1) qualify = 10 teams

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Qualification Points for the 2011 Universiade – Erzurum, Turkey Curling Competition will be in Erzurum,Turkey … 27th January- 6th February 2011 2009 2009 2009 2010 2010 Current WOMEN Universiade WJCC WWCC WJCC WWCC Total

1. Canada 24 12 9 12 10 67 2. China 28 X 14 4 6 52 3. Sweden 10 5 12 14 9 50 4. Great Britain 16 14 5 1 12 48 5. Russia 20 8 6 6 5 45 6. U.S.A. 4 6 4 10 8 32 7. Switzerland X 10 8 8 3 29 8. Germany X X 7 2 14 23 9. Denmark X 3 10 X 7 20 10. Czech Rep. 12 4 X 3 X 19 11. Korea 8 X 3 X X 11 12. Japan 6 1 X X 2 9 13. France X 2 X 5 X 7 14. Norway X X 2 X 4 6 15. Poland 2 X X X X 2 16. Italy X X 1 X X 1 17. Latvia X X X X 1 1 * - The top nine (9) ranked above + the host (1) qualify = 10 teams

1.2 Eligibility – Eligibility to represent Great Britain in any World University sport is governed by BUCS rules. Any curler with a British passport/or who is deemed British by the BUCS will be eligible for selection - they do not have to live within Great Britain. All athletes must be members of their National Governing Body.

2. Stages of Selection The selection process runs from Oct 2010 through to the World University Games in February 2011. The period from September 2010 to departure to Erzurum in February 2011 will provide a preparation phase during which, athletes can be selected to and deselected from either team by the Head Coach at anytime.

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2.1 Selection Panel All selection matters will be the responsibility of BC Selection Panel. The make-up and roles of the panel are as follows: For Selection: • World University Head Coach, Nancy Murdoch - Selector & Panel Chair. Role: to lead the selection decision-making process; to provide technical input and assessment of athlete performance for men and women; to ensure appropriate recording of all selection information. • Performance Director, Derek Brown – Selector. To contribute any relevant information to the selection process. • BC Board Representative, Hew Chalmers. Role: to oversee the proper conduct and due process of the selection process in an observational capacity only. All athletes wishing to be considered for selection to the Team GB for the 2011 Winter University Games agree that the selection decision is to be taken by the Selection Panel who will exercise their judgement as to which of the eligible athletes have the greatest medal zone potential for the 2011 Games. The selection process is an exercise of judgement and is guided by, but not determined by, results in competitions and statistical data. The selection decision has a necessary subjective element to it and is an exercise of expert opinion. As such, selection decisions are not subject to the legal process of an “appeal”. 2.2 World University Team Selection 2.2.1 Selection criteria. Primary consideration will be given to the following: • •

track record at major international representative championships (Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, World Junior Championships and World University Games) team and individual performance statistics at major international representative championships (as above)

Secondary consideration will be given to individuals who have excelled at the following: •

EYOF, WCT, CCT and National Championships

Athletes will be selected for World University Teams based on the following measures: Objective criteria • Notational Analysis (competition and training) • Fitness Testing • Curling Statistics • Competition Results • Strategy Awareness • Skill progression • Current Form • Ability to raise game

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• • • •

Compatibility Attitude Team chemistry/cohesion Communication

2.2.2 In order to gather an appropriate level of current information prior to selection athletes maybe asked to make themselves available for individual testing both on and off ice. 2.2.3 The World University Selection Panel will meet in October 2010 to select the initial athletes. The final outcome of this process will be communicated to the successful athletes within 7 days. 2.3.4. The selection recommendations of the BC Selection Panel will then be made to the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) for final approval and will be announced no later than 27th October 2011. Team Selections will be communicated to all World University athletes by telephone and/or email within 24 hours of ratification by the BUCS, and publicised by the BUSA and BC as soon as possible thereafter. 2.2.5 The Head Coach will identify the support team which will potentially include two team coaches and a physiotherapist for the Games event, this will be approved by the selection panel. 2.2.6 The Men’s and Women’s World University Teams will consist of 5 men and 5 women respectively; each team comprising 4 playing members and an alternate. Once selected, the World University athletes will work as a unit, as much as possible from October 2010 through to departure to Erzurum, 2011. Athletes will be required to agree a comprehensive preparation programme for this period in consultation with the World University Head Coach and World University Team Coaches, which will include on and off ice training sessions and potentially a period of international competition on the Champions Curling Tour (CCT). This competition period will be utilised to enter teams (men’s and women’s) in selected events where appropriate, allowing a rotation of athletes to be tested in different combinations (if required) under pressure situations. 2.2.7 Having discussed and agreed their individual and team commitments, athletes will be asked to sign an Athletes’ Agreement. It should be noted that breach of the athlete’s agreement could lead to de-selection from the GB World University Teams. 2.2.8 The BC Selection Panel reserve the right to select and deselect from the team until the World University Games in February, 2011. In exceptional circumstances such as injury, illness or outstanding performance during international representation the Panel may select additional athlete(s). 2.3.9 If a selected Team member is unable to compete for any reason, substitute selections will be at the discretion of the BC Selection Panel and with ratification of the BUSA. 2.2.10 There will be no appeal opportunity on selection.

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2.3 General Criteria which apply throughout the selection process Athletes may be required to undergo physiological and/or medical assessments at any time during the selection process. This will be to confirm fitness following injury, illness or a period of marked under-performance. Additionally, in accordance with UK Sport’s Doping Control strategy, their Doping Control Directorate will be provided with dates and venues of all World University training and competition schedules to assist with the national anti-doping programme. All athletes selected must consent to random, out of competition drugs testing.

2.4 Selection Disputes

Athletes will have no right of appeal on any selection matters.

We certify that the above information is correct and have read the regulations regarding eligibility. Signed: (Nominee)

Signed: (AU President / Sports Officer)

Name (print):




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Appendix 1

Eligibility for World University Competition 2010/11 FISU Criteria (General) FISU Regulations 5.2.1 Only the following may participate as competitors in a FISU Sporting Event: i) Students who are currently officially registered as proceeding towards a degree or diploma at the university or similar institute whose status is recognised by the appropriate national academic authority of their country (e.g. the Department of Education in the UK). ii) Former students of the institutions mentioned in (i) who have obtained their academic degree/diploma in the year preceding the event. i.e. students graduating in 2009/10 are eligible to compete. b) FISU Regulations 5.2.3 All competitors must satisfy the following conditions. i) be a national of the country they represent (therefore hold a full 10 year UK passport) ii) be at least 17 and less than 28 years of age on January 1st in the year of the event (born between 1 January 1983 and 31 December 1993) c) Students studying abroad are eligible for selection provided they satisfy FISU regulations 5.2.1 and 5.2.3 d) Students attending courses franchised out from an institution [complying with FISU Regulations 5.2.1 (i)] are eligible for selection providing they also satisfy FISU Regulation 5.2.3. BUCS Criteria (Academic) The minimum level of study has been set at (the equivalent of) Level 4 of the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland or equivalent. Level 4 is equivalent to Higher National Certificates (HNC) and Certificates of Higher Education (CertHE). Exemptions to permit the selection of student athletes studying below Level 4 can be considered where: 1. There is no direct financial implication to BUCS 2. It can be demonstrated that this inclusion encourages additional benefit to Level 4 students The inclusion of students studying below Level 4 should not be at the expense of a student studying at Level 4 or above. National Governing Body Criteria (Performance) To be established for each sport/ event.

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World University Curling Games - Info Pack 2011  

World Curling University Games Information pack

World University Curling Games - Info Pack 2011  

World Curling University Games Information pack