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Welcome to the summer! Well, I would like to say that but it seems that the English summer is in its traditional state of being English? Damp, cold and windy. That is to say the majority of days seem to be like this but of course we have had those wonderful days that make it worthwhile.

We have news on the doping scene from Alison, news on a new curling venue - YES a new venue although they have not started any leagues yet. Club news is strong and the competitions’ convenor has been busy organising our Championships. Don’t forget to get your entry in - see inside We are in the middle of the off for details. season and you would assume that it was the quiet season but Add to all this the regulars of you are far from correct. There Fun, reports and upcoming has been a wealth of activity events and you have another and this 25th edition of the great edition of the newsletter. newsletter is going to bring it all to you. The Editor



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Letter from the new President Once again, the summer is almost over before it seems to have started. The curling calendar has been organised, teams put together and we are ready for another exciting season. Now is the time that every curler should be setting their season's goals. Your particular goal may be to win a championship, to meet new friends or to complete five shots in each game "as the skip asked"! Make sure your goals are realistic. It does not matter whether you aspire to play in a European or World Championship or to purely enjoy the camaraderie of our wonderful spot, we should all set at least one season goal. That way, we will remind ourselves of what we


want to get out of our leisure time on the ice. We will have a sense of purpose and be able to assess, during and at the end of the season, how well we have done. Start this season by setting your season goals and when you feel you are ready, you can then start setting goals for each game. After all, if you don't know where you want to be, how will you know when you have got there? Have a fun and successful, goal achieving season! Stephen Hinds President ECA

September South of England Curling Club


2009/10 Season Preview During the off-season, the South of England CC has been working hard in preparation for next season, now just two months away. We have listened to what our members would like us to offer and have begun to put together a programme of events that we hope will be enjoyed by all. A major activity that our members say they would like to see more of is coaching, not just for absolute beginners but right the way through the club with our intermediate players wanting to improve their delivery slides and our experienced players wanting to develop more advanced skills and tactical awareness. Ian Baxter is taking the lead in developing a series of coaching clinics and plans are already underway to hold one such event near the start of the season, at Fenton's Rink, to be led by a world-class curling coach. Watch this space. Most of our members have signed up to play in the leagues that are being run by F e n t o n ' s R i n k o n Tu e s d a y a n d Wednesday evenings with a monthly weekend league too. They will make up the majority of the league players and will join others from London CC and non-affiliated players in what promise to be exciting competitions. The Club are also planning to hold a number of weekend competitions to complement the weekly curling offered by the Rink Leagues. These are likely to include favourites like the Great Gordino and the John Brown Jubilee Novice minispiels but we are also looking into holding an open bonspiel during the season that we hope will entice our friends from the Northern clubs and beyond to come down and play. Again, details will follow.


One final area that our members have said they would like us to do more of is organising curling trips to competitions in Scotland and possibly further afield so that we can enjoy the experience of playing on unfamiliar ice whilst meeting new players. Many of our members have only ever played at one rink so for them this would be a particularly valuable way of developing their game and we are impressed, as ever, with our members’ enthusiasm for improving as curlers. For our first tour, we will be entering a squad to play in the English Interclub in October. For the first time, South of England CC players will compete for a trophy against London CC, the Hugh Brown Quaich. We also hope to be sending teams to the I'Anson in November and maybe so other competitions later in the season. We hope all this has whetted your appetite for the new season and look forward to seeing you back on the ice soon. The South of England CC Committee.


September PRESTON CURLING CLUB be available for the next issue.

Preston News We have had our ice allocation from Lockerbie and will be making the rink selection by telephone in the near future. We will aim to complete this before the annual Chinese Banquet in Blackpool on 8th August. We need a few days to recover after the event – well at least those who attend do. It is a veritable feast of the best of Chinese food and wine (other nations are responsible for this) The first match is on 1st October when we compete for the Herman Trophy. The same four skips will be fighting for the spoils – Phil Atherton, Frank Kershaw, Jim Aitken (our new President) and Phil Barton. We have a solid squad of 17 regular players, which allows us to have full rinks. On some matches we invite other clubs, and are reduced to three Preston rinks. That suits, as from time to time one of the skips is unavailable. Jim has an annual trip to Oz to see family – currently in sun soaked Broom in WA. Our second game is the Gray Trophy on 22nd Oct The Welsh ladies are joining us on 5th


November to challenge for the Fraser trophy. Three guest clubs will join us on 10th Dec – if you are interested get in touch with Phil Barton asap – there is still one berth. In the New Year we have matches on 7th Jan, 11th Feb, 4th Mar and 18th Mar. We all need to remember the Club Championship on 17th and 18th October and the Four Nations on 23rd – 24th January 2009. Finally do not forget to get a entry into the I’Anson event on weekend of 20th – 22nd Nov – a wonderful curling occasion. E ur ope a n S e nior s – Invitation Greenacres 3rd – 7th November Alastair MacNish is stepping in for John Brown, who is unavailable, to lead the English Seniors team in this event – the second running at Greenacres. We hope to build on earlier experiences and give a few more rinks a test. More details should

Club Championship We need to have a good show to ensure that this event can maintain place on the ECA calendar. Last year was disappointing. The event has been booked in Kelso for 17th/ 18th October. Of course there could be a ‘flood’ of interest and you will all be getting psyched up for this event. The top club can represent the ECA at the RCCC Province Championship at Greenacres on 14th – 15th November. This is a fantastic opportunity to play against other clubs from across Scotland. ECA Seniors Deadline for entries 31st August 2009 Playdowns booked for 14th- 15th November in Kent. Rinks need to be able to commit to represent ECA at Chelyabinsk in April 2010

Phil Barton

Hot News ALL SECC AND LONDON MEMBERS Dear Members, We hope you are all having a great summer and are not missing the ice too much. If you are then you'll be pleased to hear that the season begins soon. As you may be aware, one of the first events on the curling calendar is the English Interclub Championships, which take place on the weekend of 17th and 18th October and the Borders Ice Rink in Kelso. The competition sees 2 teams from each of the 4 active English clubs play 3 games each. This means that between the 2 South area clubs we need to find 16 players. It makes practical sense for our clubs to plan jointly. The standard of curling, although competitive, is not quite at the same level as the National Championships so it's a great opportunity for those of you who are fairly new to curling yet would like to improve to play on unfamiliar ice with players who you may not have met before; you'd be very welcome to take part as would our more experienced players. Hopefully those of you who have expressed an interest in playing in events in Scotland will put yourselves forward. If you would like to play then the only stipulation is that you have to be a Full or Junior Member of the SECC or London CC.


Following a very successful ECA AGM at Sheffield where the If you're interested then please let us attendees took part in a game of know ASAP. The deadline is 31st curling, iceSheffield have started a August. new initiative called curlSheffield. They state on their website: Please tell us, Want to try something new, 1) What club(s) you will be eligible to exciting and very unique? Then play for (and your preference, if any). curling is definitely for you. iceSheffield is giving you the 2) What position(s) you could play. opportunity to try the regions’ latest sport. With a range of 3) How you are likely you travel curling packages to suit all, we there (drive, car passenger, train, guarantee that you will have a plane). blast. 4 ) If you are driving, how many Curling is a sport that everyone passengers you can take. can not only play but enjoy, with a brief lesson required to set you on 5) Whether you will stay in a hotel or your way to competing against with friends (we'll help you find a your friends and colleagues hotel). testing out your newly acquired skills in a curling competition this Even if you've already made plans, truly is the most unique sport that please let us know so we can you will find. coordinate things properly.

For further details contact Simon Butterworth on 0114 2233904 or Email:

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Such powers can be established through forging links with the relevant law enforcement agencies to allow for appropriate information sharing networks to be formed. The sensitivities involved in sharing of such information necessitate the need for a standalone anti-doping organisation.


Furthermore, the establishment of UKAD will allow for a more centralised approach to the management of doping cases, taking away this responsibility from the National Governing Bodies of sport and ensuring a consistent approach to the application of the World Anti-Doping Code.

David Kenworthy has been appointed the first Chair of United Kingdom Anti-Doping (UKAD). Mr Kenworthy retired as Chief Constable for North Yorkshire Police in 2002 after 35 years experience of working in law enforcement. He is also a member of HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT the National Anti-Doping Organisation project board THE CHANGES TO UK SPORT? that has helped shape plans for UKAD. As chair he UK SPORT will play a key role in finalising the structure of the In December 2007, UK Sport’s Board recommended new organisation alongside the yet to be appointed to Government the need for the creation of a new, Chief Executive and DCMS. stand-alone National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) as part of an approach to modernise the Gerry Sutcliffe said: “We want UKAD to be a worldway the UK tackles doping in sport. class organisation that will lead the way in antidoping in the run up to the Olympic and Paralympic These recommendations were welcomed by the Games and beyond. As chair, David will play a Sp ort s Mini ster, Gerry Sutcliffe, and work crucial role in making that happen. His vast police commenced between UK Sport and the Department experience will help us with information sharing for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to turn the across law enforcement agencies and sport bodies, vision into reality. This work is overseen by a Project intensifying the fight against drug cheats who have Board Chaired by Phil Carling (UK Sport Board no place in sport.” Member and Chair of the Sports Council of Wales). David Kenworthy said: “I am delighted to have been In February 2009, Sutcliffe confirmed that the new appointed Chair of United Kingdom Anti-Doping. My organisation – provisionally called UK Anti-Doping first priority will be to ensure that we have a body (UKAD) – would be open for business by the end of that is ready to take over the anti-doping function 2009. currently delivered by UK Sport. I am looking forward to working closely with sports bodies, law He also confirmed that through UKAD, £7.2 million enforcement and government to ensure that the UK will be invested in anti-doping in the UK in 2010/11 is best placed to tackle doping in sport.” – a 60% increase in the current budget.

Alison Arthur, Doping Convenor

WHY THE NEED FOR UKAD? The global fight against doping in sport has shifted. Whilst an effective testing programme is still the core tool in terms of deterrence and detection, it is simply the case that testing alone is no longer enough. To highlight this, under the World Anti-Doping Code there are eight types of ‘Violations’, only three of which (Presence, Refusal and Whereabouts) can be established through testing. The others (Use, Tampering, Possession, Trafficking, Administration) require the need for investigative powers.



From the Competition Convenor Club Championship "Another reminder about the Inter Club Championship at Kelso on 17th and 18th October - we want two teams per club so that we can have a good meaty competition and there may still be spare ice for other fun games. So come on Glendale, Preston, SECC and London - let us make the first ECA Championships of the year a great fun weekend." Mixed Doubles "These will now be held at Murrayfield Ice Rink in Edinburgh from the 23rd to 25th October - alongside the Scottish MD Championships which are being played there at the same time. So we are guaranteed good Mixed Doubles ice - swingy with lots of draw to the centre to make sure that the full tactics of this unique version of the sport come into play. Winners will get to play in World Mixed Doubles in Russia in April. Entries are required by the 20th September and entry forms are available from Phil Barton -" Seniors "By the time you read this we shall know how many entries we have for the Seniors - if necessary the Championships will be at Fentons on 14th and 15th November" I’Anson Some new entries from ECA members – a brilliant response to date. Still looking at filling final spaces at the North West Castle Hotel, Stranraer, Fri 20th Nov to Sun 22nd Nov 2009 Phil Barton. And news from the RCCC The AGM in June passed the one member one vote rule, achieving the 75% majority by 0.28% - pretty close. So they have followed in the footsteps of the ECA. Good to be one step ahead of the RCCC in something. Having said that is reminder that we were victorious over our northern neighbours in the Four Nations last season. We will be looking for strong teams again to retain the Connie Miler and Ballantyne trophies. More in later issues.


Upcoming Competitions e vinc o r b hP glis ling Clu n E t r Firs ton Cu n r s titio Stranrae Pre e p Comle Hotel, v 2009 n o s st nd No I’An West Ca y. 2 n2 untr h o t u r c S o the eN to are h of harges the at th th Nov t r o c n 0 the nk. Ice paid to n i s Fri 2 t i e r even 40 per n charg r a l is £ atio opu ry p ance fee commod el. wn e v ur o ase A o y hot e ac entr e k

West Swedish Curling Bonspiel 28-30th Aug 2009 Questions and Entry to: Alexander Nordgren - President, West Swedish Curling Association +46 739540756

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A SHORT HISTORY OF CURLING IN LONDON, PART 1 1951-1980 INTRODUCTION The following is the first part of a potted history of the London Curling Club in all its manifestations since its formation in 1951. It draws upon a history written by Bob Glasgow and based on the old minute books. This part takes the story up to 1980 and the closure of curling at Richmond after 30 years. Part 2 will look at the much more unsettled history since that time which has seen the club play at 6 different ice rinks in 27 years and which is the period when I have been involved in curling in London. Obviously this is a very short version of the history. I have grand plans to expand on Bob Glasgow’s work and perhaps even publish it at some time. There is so much more in the minute books which could be of interest, including the design of the London Curling Club badge which had a depiction of Richmond Bridge above a Scottish saltire with a rose in the middle of it. I have never seen a pin badge of this and maybe none were produced, but if anybody has one then we would be glad to hear from you. I would also like to transpose the minutes to electronic format and this may yet be done.

In January 1957 the first overseas curlers, from Prince Edward Island in Canada were entertained at Richmond. An official programme was produced and the home team won by 67 shots to 50 over 5 games of 13 ends!! During 1959, it was agreed that the Membership limit should be increased to 80. Attendances had suffered during 1959 owing to fog!! At an Extraordinary general Meeting on the 20th October 1959, the decision was made to disband The London Curling Club and form the Province of London. This would consist of 6 different clubs – called City of London, London Northerners, Surrey and Sussex, Thames, Mogador and Hampstead. 1962 saw a tour of Scotland by two rinks, 1963 saw the addition of London Watsonians as a 7th club and for the first time, the England v Scotland International was held at Richmond while 1964 saw the Constitution of The Province adopted (5 years after formation!!). It was decided to purchase six sets of matched stones at £23.00 per stone.

1951-1980 In 1951 a group of Anglo-Scots decided to form a club for the people who played curling at the Richmond Ice Rink in London. A preliminary meeting took place after play on the 21st May 1951. Following an experiment with curling the management of the rink had decided that future curling would be on Tuesday evenings in the winter between 6.00pm & 8.30pm. Five rinks were to be available to 40 curlers for 33 weeks. An inaugural meeting of the club took place on the 10th July 1951 with Mr A.V.Hopkins General Manager & Director of Sports Drome Ltd. in the chair. It was decided that the subscription per season should be £2.2s0d (£2.10) with an ice charge of 7s.6d (37.5p). for each player and 10s.0d (50p). for each visitor. The opening date for the season would be Tuesday 18th September and the Royal Caledonian Curling Club was informed of the formation of the Club. The first Committee meeting on 31st August 1951 reported that there were 36 paid up members. At the first AGM on the 22nd April 1952, it was decided that stones, originally borrowed from Crossmyloof Ice Rink in Glasgow, were to be returned and that more stones were to be purchased. However at a Committee Meeting on the 30th July 1954 it was reported that Crossmyloof had agreed to the sale of their stones which were at Richmond. The sale raised the sum of £26.00!

The most important development during 1968 was the suggestion by Connie Miller that a Ladies Club should be formed. The matter was referred to The Committee. But Richmond Ladies was not formed as the eighth club in the Province until 1973!! And then came the announcement on the 11th December 1979 that curling facilities would no longer be available after the current season. The reasons were purely financial – more money could be made out of skating than curling. So after 30 years it was necessary for the Province to find a new home.

REFLECTION Reading through the minutes it is fascinating to see that the problems which the committee had to contend with in those days were similar to those that still exercise our minds these days – attracting new members, the need to raise subscriptions, coaching new and junior members. What is fascinating is that a cap was placed on the membership numbers at various times throughout that period. These days we try and get as many members as possible. It is also noticeable that throughout the 1950s and early 1960s the bad weather (principally fog / smog) affected attendances. Report by J Brown

In 1956, the President (Mr Fleming) revealed details of the Sir Alexander Fleming Memorial Trophy on which would be depicted the hill on which his famous cousin was born. This Trophy is still the premium Trophy awarded by the London Club.


A Beginners view Over the course of my 45 years I have been privileged to be able to try out many sports. When first joining a club, you are usually the young upstart who people either dump into a junior learning programme or an adult beginner and accordingly get to play with only other adult beginners until your competence is known / proven. Perhaps Curling is unique or maybe it’s just unique in the range of sports I have played in that from the off I was made to feel an immediate part of the team and as a new member an important part of the future success of the club and the sport. It all started last October when I went along to Fenton’s rink to give my kids an experience they wouldn’t get back in Guernsey. I had no real idea of what to expect nor of the way the curling bug would bite. When I first arrived, part of my tuition extolled: “Curling is a challenging sport based around a very simple idea. Slide a stone down a sheet of ice and have it stop as near the centre of a set of rings, called the house”. In reality the explanation was the easiest thing about it. If you got the line right, weight was wrong, if you got the weight right the line was wrong. It was very clear I would have to pay a lot of attention to watching the “experts” on the adjacent rinks. What did I think- Watching? Within weeks I was thrown in at the deep end and being used as a regular sub for anyone who needed me. Now here in my opinion is the uniqueness I mentioned earlier. Even as a beginner you are a vital part of the team. There is nowhere to hide, no way you can be carried because all 8 stones are vital. Leading is as important as any

other position. I guess I was lucky that in the beginning I managed to get my weight fairly accurate so most of my stones were in play. When I got it wrong it was usually horribly wrong but never once did any of my team members criticise in fact quite the reverse, they encouraged more and proffered advice whenever it seemed required and all eagerly taken on board.

North / South divide. It is apparent that there are strong feelings throughout the club, throughout the whole of the ECA. Some obviously chose to ignore this, some chose to pass comment where they feel they can, some have given up because they can’t stand fighting any longer and believe opinion is so entrenched, nothing can shift it. This has been my perception and I mean no offense by remarking The opportunity to watch at close upon it. quarters the experienced club p l a y e r s a n d t h e v a s t l y For my part I believe that an experienced international players English Association should be and to have the opportunity to looking to support English Curling play with them and to interact and that means while England with them provides a unique only has one purpose built rink, e x p e r i e n c e w i t h i n a c l u b we should be looking to support environment. Being able to sit it in every way possible. This after the game and to pick over view I know is both strongly the bones of shots and to be able supported and strongly opposed to take on board constructive in equal measure. All I can say is criticism and advice and to have that I have been privileged to be that advice handed over with welcomed into curling, it is a such great enthusiasm for the further privilege to have gotten sport is something I will always to know so many curlers, new remember. and experienced, of varying ages and abilities, to have been the As for the Rink, I have called recipient of so much sound Ernest a visionary, for that is advice. It’s now up to me what I what I believe him to be. He has do with that advice!! What I invested heavily, taken on the would say to anybody interested planning council and won and in taking up curling is to give it a with luck kick started the grass go, set yourself a personal goal roots of Curling in England. I and work towards that goal. I have listened w i t h have one of my own but its disappointment to conversations personal to me, there are interim from both sides that in my steps I hope to achieve, some I opinion threaten to destabilize have reached, some still seem the sport in England. I have seen some way off, but with the help politics creep into many sports as of all of you I believe I can n e w i d e a s t h r e a t e n t h e achieve. Above all play with a established order of things. smile on your face and listen to Whether people want to admit it the advice of people you respect. or not, there is an undercurrent of politics which threatens to I look forward to playing with and slow the growth of English against you during the coming Curling. Whether it splits and season(s). divides curling remains to be seen but I hope not. While I have only been in the sport for a short Report by Gary Tapp time I feel there is a robust


Summer Curling The Peak, Forthbank, Stirling, Scotland Skins Tournament 24 – 26 July 2009

Curlers sunbathing in bikinis mid tournament!! Yes, it was that hot on the Saturday!! But it was swiftly followed by heavy rain the next day. It is Scotland after all – what did you expect? The Peak is a new sports facility and this event was part of the promotional effort being put in, all organised by the local area curling development officer, Logan Gray. The ice was pretty much perfect very fast and 4 to 5 feet of true swings on both hands, a real tribute to the ice staff. 21 teams started with some top quality names appearing, including current world junior mens champions Rasmus Stjerne and Harry Troels from Denmark, World ladies bronze medallist from Denmark Madeleine Dupont, 3 members of the Scottish junior lady world champions, Sarah McIntyre, Anna Sloan and Kay Adams, Scottish junior mens champion Graeme Black and a host of former champions north of the border. All in all some top quality curlers. England, Wales and Ireland were also well represented. From South of the border Kirsty Balfour, Suzie Law and Nicola Woodward appeared from our ladies champions team, supported by Kirsty’s brother Ross. John Sharp and Jane Clark teamed up with Adrian Meikle from Wales.

Not familiar with the skins format? If you have last stone you have to score 2 to win the skin, without last stone you have to steal 1 to win the skin. If neither of these happen the skin value gets carried forward, added on to the next skin value, and the last stone changes to the other side. Oh yes, each skin has an increasing value attached to it, so the pressure build up to win a skin as the game progresses. It’s not the number of ends you win, it’s the value which counts. All of this leads to some very aggressive curling with lots of stones in play every end. Each section game was worth £42. Quarters, semis and final were worth more.

End no. Skin value (£)

1 2 3 4 5 6 3 5 6 7 9 12

You can win the first 4 ends with a skins value of £21 but lose the last 2 which are also worth £21, as we found out to our cost in the first game against Sarah Reid’s team. How did we all get on? Kirsty’s team struggled in a tough section against Dupont, Alasdair Guthrie and Keith MacLennan (both former Scottish Junior champions) winning very few skins, ending at the bottom of their section.


Adrian Meikle’s team shared the spoils in the first game winning 4 skins as above, won 4 skins in the second game but had a poor third game winning only 2 low value skins which saw us drop into third place in the section. A fourth game was played to help determine quarter finalists which also saw us score 4 skins, but the poor third game prevented us from progressing. The top 2 teams in each section (by value of skins won) went on to quarter finals. Eventual winners were Gillian Howard, Kelly Wood, Claire Sloan and Brad Hay. A report on the latter stages and pictures can be found on Bob Cowan’s blog, . All in all this was a good fun event with some competitive curling and an excellent facility. Do go if you get the chance. Holiday Inn Express is a 5 minute walk away. If your curling is no good there’s always the pool, the gym, the climbing wall……….oh, and the Mexican restaurant in town, Smiling Jack’s, is superb. In mid summer, you might even get a chance to sunbathe!!! Report by John Sharp

he T m o r f s w Ne

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Change of name?

Where do forum members come from? The English Curling Forum is made up of many types of players from many countries. Members are beginners and Experts, from Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Scotland, France, Italy and yes England. Join in now and meet curlers from all over the globe.

Well, well, well, who’d have thought it? previously, all the excitement and fun you After a traumatic, eventful fun-packed two expect of the forum. years the English Curling Forum has changed its name. In future to access the forum you will need to look at; Why? I can hear the cries of woe from here. Why change it now? What is the reason? you will then have access to the wealth of The change of name is a small change in information available to you on English that it is no longer a .com site name, which Curling. is a commercial company name but now a fabulous .net name. So now the English Should you accidently log into the English Curling Forum is a .net Curling Forum at its old address you may get an erroneous message, please This is the only change to the site, all other disregard it and come along to the features exist exactly as they were new .net site.

Remember the AGM? For those of you that attended the ECA AGM, and, in fact for those of you that did not, there was a game of curling at the event and the following video address points the way. Take a look and see who you can recognise and also turn up the sound and listen to the loud ones. Type this address into your web browser and enjoy;

More Videos Here are some more videos to enjoy (if you can be bothered to type them into a web browser :) During a recent trip over to LA for some US shows, a band ‘The Answering Machine’ filmed a video for their latest single 'Obviously Cold'.

They thought that they were the first band to use curling in a music video as its main theme, but there was of course the previous video by Swedish heavy metal band, Hammerfall.


FUN CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE 1930's 1940's, 50's, 60's and early 70's ! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us and lived in houses made of asbestos. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese, raw egg products, loads of bacon and processed meat, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes or cervical cancer. Then after that trauma, our baby cots were covered with bright coloured lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets or shoes, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. Take away food was limited to fish and chips, no pizza shops, McDonalds, KFC, Subway or Nandos. Even though all the shops closed at 6.00pm and didn't open on the weekends, somehow we didn't starve to death! We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this. We could collect old drink bottles and cash them in at the corner store and buy Toffees, Gobstoppers, Bubble Gum and some bangers to blow up frogs with. We ate cupcakes, white bread and real butter and drank soft drinks with sugar in it, but we weren't overweight because...... WE WERE ALWAYS OUTSIDE PLAYING!! We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back when the streetlights came on. No one was able to reach us all day. And we were O.K. We would spend hours building our go-carts out of old prams and then ride down the hill, only to

find out we forgot the brakes. We built tree houses and dens and played in river beds with matchbox cars. We did not have Play stations, Nintendo Wii , Xboxes, no video games at all, no 999 channels on SKY , no video/DVD films, no mobile phones, no personal computers, no Internet or Internet chat rooms..........WE HAD FRIENDS and we went outside and found them! We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth and there were no Lawsuits from these accidents. Only girls had pierced ears! We ate worms and mud pies made from dirt, and the worms did not live in us forever. You could only buy Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns at Easter time... We were given air guns and catapults for our 10th birthdays, We rode bikes or walked to a friend's house and knocked on the door or rang the bell, or just yelled for them! Mum didn't have to go to work to help dad make ends meet! RUGBY and CRICKET had tryouts and not everyone made the team. Those who didn't had to learn to deal with disappointment. Imagine that!! Getting into the team was based on MERIT Our teachers used to hit us with canes and gym shoes and bullies always ruled the playground at school. The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of. They actually sided with the law! Our parents didn't invent stupid names for their kids like 'Kiora' and 'Blade' and 'Ridge' and 'Vanilla' We h a d f r e e d o m , f a i l u r e , s u c c e s s a n d responsibility, and we learned HOW TO DEAL WITH IT ALL ! And YOU are one of them! CONGRATULATIONS!


ECA MUSINGS The ECA is YOUR Association

100 Club The English Curling Association runs a ‘100 Club’ to raise funds for the Association. Shares in the club are open to any ECA member and cost £1 per month. An individual can hold up to 15 shares at any one time. Payment is by Standing Order and you can get details from the secretary via the Contact page on the ECA website. Each month there are three prizes - for £40, £30 and £20. In December the prize money is doubled and in the month of the AGM it is quadrupled. So there is a total of £1440 of prize money each year.

Where To Curl London & The South The only dedicated curling rink in England can be found near Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Further details can be found on the the curling rink website, Fenton’s Rink. North-East England

Curling in this area is played at the Kelso Ice Rink, just over the Scottish border. The main English based club in the area is the If you want more information then Glendale club. For further details James Dixon at visit the ECA website or Susan please email Young (0208 540 4161)

English Curling President: Stephen Hinds President elect: Competitions Convener: Philip Barton Secretary: John Brown Treasurer: Sandra Moorcroft

North-West England The main English club in this area is the Preston club who play up in Scotland at the Lockerbie Ice Rink on alternate Thursdays. Please contact the club secretary, Phil Barton on . Curling can also be played in Wales on Mondays between 1 pm and 9:30 pm at the Deeside Leisure Centre, Queensferry, just over the Welsh border to the west of Chester - check out the website of the Welsh Curling Association.

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English Curling Assoc. Newsletter Issue 25  

This is the 25th edition of the English Curling Association Newsltter.

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