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Scores from the Championships at Greenacres, Scotland

Thursday 4th saw the first round robin for the triple round robin ladies championships. In draw 1, Kirsty Balfour's team of; Lorna Rettig (S), Kirsty (3), Nichola Woodward (2) and Suzie Law(L) took on; Fiona Hawker's team of Fee (S), Anna Fowler(3), Jane Clark(2) and Madeleine Tuz(L). A tentative start for both teams with the Balfour team's experience of the 10 end format appearing to give the edge in final ends. The final score was 7-4 to Balfour. In draw 2, Balfour took on Susan Youngs team of Susan(4), Alison Hemmings(S), Debbie Hutcheon(2) & Sandra Moorcroft (L). A similar styled game to draw 1 and a similar result, with Balfour taking control in the last 4 ends to romp home 9-4. The late night draw 3 saw Hawker played Young; the latter having a revised format with Alison Hemmings now playing last rocks and Susan Young at 3rd. An unfortunate last rock in the 4th handed Hawker a steal of 4 and more or less the game. Handshakes were made after the 7th with the score standing at 12-4. After the first RR, Balfour stands at 2 wins, Hawker at 1 win and Young at 0 wins." Session 4 saw the start of the Ladies second round robin and the Mens first. On sheet A, Bruce Bowyer's team of James Dixon, Richard Hills and Mark Wilkinson, took on Alan MacDougall's team of Andrew Reed, Andrew Woolston and Tom Jaeggi. A tight fought game which looked to have Alan MacDougall in the driving seat until the last rock of the 10th end. A spectacular raise-raise-double takeout cleared the counting MacDougall stones and appeared to leave Bowyer sitting three.

A note to all novice 3rds and skips here, always call for a measure if you're not sure. The resulting measure was one of the closest I've had using the accurate micrometers now available and it favoured MacDougall, so we were into extra end territory which came down to the last stone and a hit & stick on the button. Meanwhile on sheet B, another close match was taking place between John Brown's team of John Sharp, Alastair Fyfe and Steve Amann and reigning champions Jamie Malton, Michael Opel, Henry Carter and Keith Wilson. Peeled going into the last end, it again came down to Brown's last rock, which didnt quite have enough legs and the resulting single to Malton. On sheet C was what can only be described as a game of 2 halves. The opening end was a steal of 5 and by end 6 it was 11-4 in Hawker's favour with team Young contemplating a handshake. The "just one more end" of the 7th was blanked and the 8th resulted in a 5 for Young after Hawker's last was short. Suddenly it was "gameon" and with a single to Hawker in end 9 and a cool calm head in the last resulted in a running out of stones.

Scores on the doors after Session 4. MacDougall and Malton on 1 win, Brown & Bowyer on 0. Balfour and Hawker on 2 wins, and Young on 0.

Thanks to the ever suffering Umpire James Hustler for these excellent updates, thanks James.

ECA Championships 2010 Update 1  

Update on teh English Playdown Championships in 2010

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