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COLUMBIA, NOVEMBER 10 TO 14, 2009 TEAM LAROUCHE Etchemin Curling Club, St-Romuald, Quebec

Marie-France Larouche

Nancy Bélanger

Annie Lemay

SKIP: Marie-France Larouche BORN: June 5, 1980 OCCUPATION: Teacher

SECOND: Annie Lemay BORN: May 16, 1977 OCCUPATION: Junior project officer

VICE-SKIP: Nancy Bélanger BORN: September 2, 1978 OCCUPATION: Elementary school teacher

LEAD: Joëlle Sabourin BORN: May 28, 1972 OCCUPATION: Senior business analyst

Joëlle Sabourin

TEAM MCCARVILLE Fort William Curling Club, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Krista McCarville

Tara George

Kari MacLean

SKIP: Krista McCarville BORN: November 10, 1982 OCCUPATION: Teacher

SECOND: Kari MacLean BORN: December 25, 1977 OCCUPATION: Client facilitator

VICE-SKIP: Tara George BORN: September 15, 1973 OCCUPATION: Casino shift manager

LEAD: Lorraine Lang BORN: October 8, 1956 OCCUPATION: College program co-ordinator

Lorraine Lang

TEAM MIDDAUGH Coldwater & District Curling Club, Coldwater, Ontario

Sherry Middaugh

Kirsten Wall

Kim Moore

SKIP: Sherry Middaugh BORN: October 11, 1966 OCCUPATION: Full-time mother

SECOND: Kim Moore BORN: October 20, 1967 OCCUPATION: Elementary school teacher

VICE-SKIP: Kirsten Wall BORN: November 27, 1975 OCCUPATION: Genetic technologist

LEAD: Andra Harmark BORN: November 26, 1977 OCCUPATION: Senior analyst, microbiology

Andra Harmark

TEAM RANKIN Calgary Winter Club and Calgary Curling Club, Calgary

Heather Rankin

Lisa Eyamie

Heather Jensen

SKIP: Heather Rankin BORN: April 30, 1965 OCCUPATION: Management consultant

SECOND: Heather Jensen BORN: March 8, 1985 OCCUPATION: Full-time mother

VICE-SKIP: Lisa Eyamie BORN: April 10, 1977 OCCUPATION: Project manager

LEAD: Kyla MacLachlan BORN: September 27, 1979 OCCUPATION: X-ray technologist

Kyla MacLachlan

TEAM SCOTT Kelowna Curling Club, Kelowna, British Columbia

Kelly Scott

Jeanna Schraeder

Sasha Carter

SKIP: Kelly Scott BORN: June 1, 1977 OCCUPATION: Financial officer

SECOND: Sasha Carter BORN: July 20, 1974 OCCUPATION: Business manager

VICE-SKIP: Jeanna Schraeder BORN: September 21, 1976 OCCUPATION: Data warehouse architect

LEAD: Jacquie Armstrong BORN: March 19, 1976 OCCUPATION: Software development manager

Jacquie Armstrong

TEAM WEBSTER Calgary Curling Club, Calgary

Crystal Webster

Lori Olson-Johns

Sam Preston

SKIP: Crystal Webster BORN: February 26, 1975 OCCUPATION: Mortgage specialist

SECOND: Sam Preston BORN: December 15, 1984 OCCUPATION: Marketing administrator

VICE-SKIP: Lori Olson-Johns BORN: November 24, 1976 OCCUPATION: Business owner/teacher

LEAD: Stephanie Malekoff BORN: March 31, 1984 OCCUPATION: Nurse

Stephanie Malekoff 57

Extra End Magazine - 2009/2010 Annual  

Extra End Magazine - The Official Publication of the Canadian Curling Association's Season of Champions.

Extra End Magazine - 2009/2010 Annual  

Extra End Magazine - The Official Publication of the Canadian Curling Association's Season of Champions.