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2009 JUNIOR WOMEN JUNIOR WOMEN’S FINAL Ontario (Rachel Homan) Manitoba (Kaitlyn Lawes) * Last-rock advantage

*001 001 002 0 000 010 210 3

4 7

PERCENTAGES Ontario Rachel Homan Emma Miskew Alison Kreviazuk Lynn Kreviazuk

63% 75% 76% 86%

Manitoba’s Kaitlyn Lawes, Jenna Loder, Laryssa Grenkow and Breanne Meakin shaded Alberta 7-6 in a semi-final thriller before defeating Ontario’s Rachel Homan 7-4 to capture the 2009 Canadian junior women’s title.

Team totals


opportunities,” said Lawes. “We hung in there and played our game and didn’t really let them take control. “They didn’t play as sharp as they did against us in the round robin,” which Ontario won 7-4. It was the second title for Lawes and her third, Jenna Loder, but the first for second Laryssa Grenkow and lead Breanne Meakin. “We struggled and we didn’t play our best, for sure,” said Homan, who later in the season qualified for November’s Road To The Roar pre-trials. Lawes will also be there, playing third for veteran two-time national junior champion Cathy King of Edmonton. Loder and Meakin won accolades as first-team all-stars along with skip Casey Scheidegger and second Jessie Scheidegger, both of Alberta. Skip Homan and Ontario second Alison Kreviazuk were named second-team all-stars. Ontario finished atop the round robin with a 10-2 record, while Alberta was 9-3 and Manitoba was 8-4. But Lawes defeated Scheidegger 7-6 in a gut-clenching, extra-end semi-final. “It was an unreal game,” said Lawes. “Both teams played lights out.” Alberta took one in the third after two blanks before Manitoba responded with a deuce in the fourth. Then it was

Manitoba (Kaitlyn Lawes) Alberta (Casey Scheidegger)

72% 85% 74% 91% 81%

SEMI-FINAL 000 203 010 0 1 *001 020 200 1 0

7 6

FINAL STANDINGS Playoffs Manitoba (Kaitlyn Lawes) Ontario (Rachel Homan) Alberta (Casey Scheidegger)

Wins 2 0 0

Losses 0 1 1

Round robin Ontario (Rachel Homan) Alberta (Casey Scheidegger) Manitoba (Kaitlyn Lawes) Prince Edward Island (Erin Carmody) Quebec (Kristen Richard) Northern Ontario (Vanessa Maloney) British Columbia (Kelly Shimizu) Nova Scotia (Marie Christianson) New Brunswick (Ashley Howard) Yukon (Sarah Koltun) Saskatchewan (Brooklyn Lemon) Newfoundland/Labrador (Erin Porter) N.W.T. (Katie Maksymowich)

Wins 10 9 8 7 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 4 2

Losses 2 3 4 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 8 10

ALL-STAR TEAMS First-team all-stars Skip Casey Scheidegger, Alberta Third Jenna Loder, Manitoba Second Jessie Scheidegger, Alberta Lead Breanne Meakin, Manitoba Second-team Skip Third Second Lead

The 2009 Canadian junior women’s first-team all-stars, from left, skip Casey Scheidegger of Alberta, third Jenna Loder of Manitoba, second Jessie Scheidegger of Alberta and lead Breanne Meakin of Manitoba.

Manitoba Kaitlyn Lawes Jenna Loder Laryssa Grenkow Breanne Meakin

all-stars Rachel Homan, Ontario Kalynn Park, Alberta Alison Kreviazuk, Ontario Kaitlynd Burns, Northern Ontario

All-star selections were determined by overall shooting percentages during the round robin. In the case of a tie, the player with the best plus-minus was awarded the all-star position. 29

Extra End Magazine - 2009/2010 Annual  

Extra End Magazine - The Official Publication of the Canadian Curling Association's Season of Champions.

Extra End Magazine - 2009/2010 Annual  

Extra End Magazine - The Official Publication of the Canadian Curling Association's Season of Champions.