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Dead, don’t look back


Our dead do not turn into a blink of coins like golden-age computer foes, left clinking in the clutch of Memory’s purse, leaving by some sorrowed, ‘settled’ score.

The dead do no more than any fallen stops and dropped apostrophes are wont to do: give grammar to the living stream of racing, rampant conversation, pause it only...

...directing through the funeral door, bequeathing just a list of reasons to think on: live on, learn to dance, make music, rest peacefully not excessively and on;

through the doors of life and passages of Memory they teach quietly from beyond

to those patient or respectful who still stop still now to look back smiling, through the grave to an age where time was never stopped by tombstones.

©Gerry Black 2010

Dead, don't look back  
Dead, don't look back  

The memory of loved ones lost, family passed and historical lessons left unlearned, this is a recently finished poem from 2009