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CURIOSITY November 2011

Volume 1, Issue 1

This Issue:

Fashion from the Streets: New York, New York

Secrets of The Middle East Unveiling the cultural differences behind the dress of Middle Eastern women

The London HighStreet Everything you wanted to know about one of the most famous shopping locations in the world

The Meaning of Street Fashion How it came to be and where it is going

Your Body, Your Style:

How to dress in ways which flatter your body type

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Letter from the Editor Curiosity Dear Reader, With this being our first issue of Curiosity, We are proud to present a magazine for every fashion oriented women out there, from London to Japan and everywhere in between. This magazine was created to show fashion in the streets of cities all around the world. We’ll show you the best restaurants from around the world, as well as the most talked about events in the music industry. Curiosity is bringing various different cultures together into one magazine. In This Issue History of Street Fashion—p.3 Zara: Fast Fashion From the Beginning—p.4 Where to Shop and not Break the Bank—p.5 Dressing for Your Body Type—p.6 Fast Fashion Slowly Taking Over 5th Avenue—p.7 Color Making A Comeback—p.8 The Hairstyle That’s Become A Classic—p.9 Electric Zoo- Neon, Dancing, Randall’s Island—p.10 Fashion Straight off the Streets of Manhattan—p.11-12 High Street: Shop Where Kate Middleton Shops—p.13-14 How Fashion in the Middle East is Changing—p.15 The Worlds Best Italian Restaurant —p.16

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That Thing We Call— Street Fashion Since a time before there were sidewalks, people have always used their style as a form of personal expression. We may not always think about it, but we are influenced every day by what we see around us. Style used to not only be a form of expression, but of how wealthy someone was. The same can be said today, but as it can be seen is this issue, it is more than just the name on the label. Mixing high end “Mixing high end purses with shoes from a thrift store is what makes the styles we see unique.”

New York, New York, 2011

purses with shoes from a thrift store is what makes the styles we see unique. Street style takes influences from the runway, magazines and fashion gurus and twists it into personal expression and new looks. In addition to this magazine, there are tons of blogs which are dedication to this phenomenon. There is an excitement behind going and taking ideas from someone else’s style and

making it your own. Today more than ever, rules are meant to be broken. Being a risk taker is what it’s all about. Of course we love all the classics (come on, who hasn’t wore the Little Black Dress to a cocktail party?), but step outside the box and feel confident in what you wear. Yes, we encourage you to wear white after Labor Day. Maybe someday you’ll even find yourself on one of those fashion blogs.* Jennifer

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Volume 1, Issue 1

A Retail Story: Zara The best finds do not need to be from high end retailers or looks that come straight off the runway. Zara has been successful in showing their customers that they do not need to break the bank in order to look chic. Zara is a Spanish company founded in 1975 which has taken the fast fashion industry by storm and continues to do. Compared to the 6-month industry average, Zara is able to produce merchandise and get it into their stores within two weeks. It has been described as a “Spanish Success Story”. The company has resisted what is considered the “industry-wide trend” towards transferring fast fashion production to low-cost countries such as Bangladesh and Cambodia. In addition to this rule breaker, Zara also limits its advertising in order to build and expand their stores around the world. The store offers men, women and children’s clothing. Zara has a classy, elegant feel to it and can bring together any outfit. Whether it be with a blazer, A-line dress or wide legged pants for fall, Zara has pieces for every collection. Kate and Pippa Middleton, being the style icons that they are, have a history of shopping at this retail location. It just goes to show how fast fashion plays an important role in this world we call fashion! With their color story and up to the minute trends, Zara encourages its customer to be inspired and to take risk with their fashion choices. * Jennifer

Kate Middleton in blue Zara dress $89.90

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Tweak Your Closet...Every Season!

We feel your pain. Trying to pull together the perfect outfit without spending three months’ rent, we know how it feels. Everyone knows that if they want to buy a pair of $10 jeans they can just head over to the nearest Forever 21, but we’re not looking to fit in with the masses. That’s why we decided to bring you a list of hidden gems, store front and online, where you can find deals and steals that will revive your wardrobe and help you accessorize to the fullest. Brace yourself; we’re going shopping. * Jennifer Do you dream of designer bags and shoes at half price? No, we’re not talking about Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. DailyCandy is a website dedicated to bringing its subscribers the most up to the minute fashion deals and discounts whether it be designer duds or a spa package for half off (winter is on its way...that means dry skin and limp hair!). Just simply select your city and find all the deals that are waiting just minutes away from your doorstep. Today’s deal: AmyKathryn handbags reduced from $80 down to $32.

Fly A in Soho

Fly A Located in Soho at Spring Street, don’t expect to run into any stuck up sales associates or having an uptight shopping experience. They have a variety of vintage clothing and apply “something old, something new” to the rules of fashion. Women can match up a Missoni-esque striped dress with a pair of broken in boots while men can find vintage tees and pair them with blue jeans. It is a retailer where the customer can create a timeless look of their own, at an affordable to mid-range price level.

Sample Sales If you are all about designer fashions at lower prices, you know about sample sales. They are heaven on earth! You won’t find your lab partner wearing something that you pick up from these sales. The hardest part is knowing where to find them. Here is a list of sales happening this month: Designer: Beyond Vintage “Women’s vintage-inspired dresses, tops, skirts, and jackets starting at $40.” Where: 275 W. 39th St., b/t Seventh & Eighth Aves., 2nd flr. Designer: Elie Tahari “Up to 70 percent off heels, riding boots, Merino sweaters, and winter coats for women, and jackets, button-downs, and ties for men.” Where: 501 Fifth Ave., at 42nd St., 2nd flr. Designer: Fred Perry “ Men’s and women’s fall and spring ready-to-wear, accessories, and shoes at 50 -70 percent off, plus heavy discounts on collabs with Tailor Vintage, and Rufus.” Where: 547 W. 27th St., b/t Tenth & Eleventh Aves., 3rd flr. Cash only.

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Feel Glamorous by Dressing for Your Body Type It’s unrealistic to believe that every woman will fit into a size 2 pair of pants or will be flattered by a strapless dress. Dressing for your body type is a way to make you feel—and look—your absolute best! All women are different and should embrace their bodies, not judge the way they look on model on a billboard. This segment will help clarify how to dress to impress—no matter what size or shape you are.* Jennifer


The Hourglass Figure: Fitted and semi-fitted clothes will help to define your waist. Soft, flowing fabrics and low to medium-low necklines are also very pleasing to your shape. Dresses with defined waistlines will bring attention to your sexy curves (that’s what you want, isn’t it?!) and straight and gently flared pants and shirts will help to define the waist without making the hips look way bigger than they are.

The Pear Shape: Accessories and designs with draw attention to your upper body. Short-sleeved tops with trendy shoulders will help even out your figure. This may sound very 80s advice, but shoulder pads really do work (don’t let them show and don’t make them too puffy!). Pieces that emphasize your waist will make it more defined and not look like you are more bottom heavy. Skirts and dresses that are straight or slightly flared along with low rise pants to avoid gaping at the waist will 100% boost your confidence level! Boot leg and straight pants are most flattering for your body type.

Plus Size: Trendy cuts can flatter your figure! Don’t shy away from things that you find to be fashionable! Subtle ruffles will draw attention to your midline which will flatter your body as a whole. If you have a fuller figure, make sure that you target one specific part of your body and work with it. Emphasize your waist with a belt or cute jacket.

The Apple Shape: Ear-rings, necklaces and other focal points are designed to draw an observer's eyes up towards your shoulders and face and away from your more “rounded” areas. Even though this may sound very 80s, shoulder pads really do work! Be bold and go for the more trendy shoulders; pointy and embellished. Semi-fitted and loose fitting clothing can still be fashionable if you make it work! Make sure it is a good fit and not baggy. Wearing tops and bottoms in the same color in very fashion forward right now. Everything the same color or wearing colors on the complete opposite end of the color wheel will give the same effect. Low necklines will draw the eye up and untucked tops won’t draw attention to problem areas. Tops and dresses that flow through the waistline will have a more pleasing look, as will straight flat-fronted pants and skirts in soft, flowing fabric.

Petite: It isn’t easy to dress if you’re 5’ working with garments that are made for 5’8’’ models! Wear tops where the details pull the eye down vertically; such as V-necks! Oversized jackets and tops will draw the eyes out horizontally and you don’t want that. Try to find slim pants that are close to your thighs and butt to make you look taller. If all else fails, slip on your heels! Wearing cuff less, flared pants draping over the heel will give your legs a slimming, longer look.

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Fast Fashion stores located on 5th Avenue in New York City

Fast Fashion Taking 5th Avenue by Storm Manhattan is known to be fast paced, upbeat and ever changing. It is famous for being “the city that never sleeps” and more importantly, the fashion capital of the world. When walking down 5th Avenue one can find most of the world’s high end designer shops, famous restaurants (and even some not so famous ones), popular tourist locations such as Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and more

today than ever, fast fashion. 5th Avenue has always been known to hold a majority of the world’s most upscale and luxury brands. Today, stores like Forever 21, H&M and Uniqlo have been taking the world of fast fashion, and 5th Avenue, by storm. It is a shock to many people that these stores are beginning to pop up in locations of midtown Manhattan which are known to have such ex-

traordinary reputations. The fact of the matter is these stores are what many shoppers are looking for. They carry the season’s latest trends at an affordable price and appeal to a rage of demographics. But more importantly, they are offered at an incredible fast pace. Customers are aware that if they see an item they like, it more than likely will not be on the shelves in two days! Time will only tell if the decision to give these stores a home in the heart of the city is for better, or for worse. * Jennifer

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From the Runway to the

— Color is Making a Comeback

Emerald, fuchsia, khaki, purple, red, olive. You’ve never heard such intimidating words have you? New Yorkers are infamously known for their love of incorporating (or just plain wearing) black into their every day attire. Thankfully, change is upon us fashion lovers, so it’s time to put away the gloomy colors and break out the brights!

Mixing and matching has not always been looked upon as a fashionable way of dressing. All of that is about to change. It’s not all about one color, but mixing and matching. Try grey pants with a purple top for an instant refresh. Mixing red, purples and oranges will show your confident side and bring a burst of happiness to your outfit.

It’s not all about the mixing and matching either. Wearing the same color through and through is coming into play as well. Whether it be a red dress with red shoes or a pair of jeans with a golden top and handbag, it is important to experiment with the new colors of the fall season! *Jennifer

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We Love Ombre ! The term “Ombre” comes from the French word meaning shaded or shading. Ombre is the new “to -do” in hairstyles/ It’s a hairstyle that is being seen everywhere, especially on celebrities like Ashlee Simpson. Ombre hair color is when hair is darker at the roots then gradually gets lighter towards the ends. It began as a low-maintenance style so people wouldn’t have to keep going back to re-do their roots, so instead they opted to let them grow out. Everyone in Hollywood is jumping on the ombre trend, including Rachel Bilson, Drew Barrymore and Alexa Chung. The hairstyle is a care-free look that saves you money since you don’t have to keep going to the salon to get it touched-up. It’s a perfect look for summer because it gives you a glow and a very sun-kissed look. Girls all around the world have turned ombre into a style, not only because of its low-maintenance look, but also because its so easy to do on your own. Fashionistas from California have especially picked this look up since it is more of a “surfer” look that looks as if you stayed in the ocean for too long (similar to the beachy waves we love so much). This fad could become a classic instead of an in-and-out fashion statement if it is gradually shaded, and with the looks of it the ombre hairstyle isn’t going anywhere. * Dashira

Main Stage at Electric Zoo 2011

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Electric Zoo– The Woodstock of Our Generation Sweaty, painted, people dancing around in neon colors, DJs from all over the world spinning house music; a weekend of mayhem. These are just a few out of the millions ways to describe the Electric Zoo Festival, held annually on Labor Day weekend on Randall’s Island Park. What is Electric Zoo you may ask? It is an outdoor dancemusic festival that brings together the crazed fans of house music. Festival goers dress from head-to-toe in neon colors, where they can express their happy, loving, diverse styles. There is an hippy inspired feel to many of these outfits. Headbands, floral and bright prints fill the field of Randall’s Island.

There are different tents to choose from which include four stages. The music in the tents vary from dubstep, trance, house, to DJs mixing them all together. Electric Zoo started three years ago and since then has become such a huge success that it is now extended to three days instead of two. Having the most celebrated DJs such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, and David Guetta make Electric Zoo the go-to destination on the first weekend of September, and these are just three out of the hundred DJs featured throughout the weekend. Twelve hours of music are played everyday, non-stop, with three tents that have club quality sur-

round sound systems. After sunset, the grounds have light shows and hang disco balls in trees. Not only do they have music, the festival has a collection of themed art installations. Electric Zoo Festival isn’t just a park to go and dance to house music, it is an experience that will last a lifetime. *Dashira

Curiosity Takes on the Streets of New York! Briana Shirt– Calvin Klein Vest– H&M Pants– Mandee Boots– Steve Madden

Mariahe Shirt– Forever 21 Belt– Juicy Couture Skirt– DKNY

Cassie Shirt– H&M Pants– Forever 21 Shoes & Necklace– Aldo

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Jenna Shirt– Boutique in Soho Skirt– Boutique in Soho Scarf– H&M Shoes– Necessary Clothing

Jen Sweater– H&M Pants– Forever 21 Shoes– Minnetonka

Dashira Sweater– Free People Pants– Urban Outfitters Shoes– Aldo Vest– Zara

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The Wonders of the UK High Street Oxford, London High Street

When thinking of the fashion capital of the world, one might think of New York and Paris as the best places to visit or to gather inspiration from. The London High Street is one of the major fashion districts throughout the world. In the United States and Canada, this might be equivalent to the meaning of “Main Street”. Bet you didn’t know—“High Street” is the most common name for a street in the UK. The High Street is a central point for shopping and is also a very primary street for business and banking in general. The High Street contains the main retail area for most city and towns. The United States has very wide spread fashion centers, where they all might not be in one area. Can you imagine all of your favorite shops being on one street? There is a large existence of chain stores on High Streets, which has brought a high concern that traditional department store shopping, will not be around much longer. Store founds on the High Street are different from expensive or less commonly seen stores. For example, the UK High Street claims to have, “high street fashion chains to independent designer boutiques, and from travel agents to estate agents, we have everything you would expect to find on your local high street ... and more!” ON YOUR MARK…GET SET…GRAB YOUR IPAD! Because the UK High Street even has an online WEBSITE! TheUKHighStreet site allows UK customers to search and view which one of their favorite shops is on the High Street. It was designed to make shopping as easy as possible. We all know shopping is a very serious job! You will find a wide variety of shops and services which are aimed at a UK audience or deliver to the UK. Fashion, electronics, art, food, thrift or toy stores… you name it! The High Street caters to everyone’s needs and continues to attract customers from all over the world. It is known for the trends that it displays, in the stores and through the diverse cultures that come to visit. Kate Middleton was recently named the “High Street Queen” according to Today, fast fashion retailers can be spotted up and down the High Street. Topshop, H&M and Forever 21 (as of this past summer) are just some of the fashion forward shops to be found. According to Time Out Lodon’s website, “one eye on pricing and the other on the catwalk, London's high street shops has never offered such good value-for-money fashion as they do now”. This is very different from the past. The fashions are spot-on and the prices have been said to be astonishingly dead-on at London's high-street boutiques. The stores know how to keep on top of the latest in street fashion, while also being aware of designs the moment the models step off the runway. Oxford Street, Kensington High Street, and Kings Road—the three main high streets- where you'll be equipped in high style at stores such as Jigsaw, Mark and Spencer and Miss Selfridge.* Jennifer

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The New Middle East When thinking of fashion in the Middle East, you probably think “what fashion?” After watching Sex and the City 2, we all have this image that everyone in the Middle East covers up from head to toe, but lately that hasn’t been the case. Nowadays, more and more women are stepping out of their veils and into clothes that allow them to express themselves. Although women can get kicked out of certain places for not wearing the appropriate attire (imagine that), they’re throwing their hijabs off and throwing on the latest styles instead. Slowly but surely, things in the Middle East are changing for women. Now, in several countries, these women are even allowed to vote, and that is a huge advancement for them. The changing times have also brought changes to their lifestyle in what activities they participate in, and how they dress. They’ve overcome the challenges of the traditional Muslim clothing by combining it with modern styles. Designers are experimenting more with the clothing, by making fully-clothed women look stylish. They are accessorizing their outfit with fashionable handbags right off the runway or by adding colorful pins to their headwear. The hijabs, the headwear that they must wear in public, have evolved from a black solid cloth to now colorful patterns that allow women to let their personalities show. The Middle East is not only advancing in technology and modernism, it is also giving women their own opinion by allowing small changes to their usual black, simple, head –to-toe clothing. *Dashira

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Pilu at Freshwater — Take breaking from shopping and your travels and relax as Pilu at Freshwater. This Australian favorite is known as the world's best Italian restaurant, but you’d think it would be smack in the middle of Italy, right? Wrong. The world’s best Italian restaurant is located down under, beachside in Sydney, Australia. Italian food in Sydney is becoming extremely popular and the food scene in Australia• is broadening their horizons because of it. The owner, Giovanni Pilu, who is a founding member of the Council of Italian Restaurants in Australia, was one of the first people to combine two different philosophies between regions and cuisines. He combined Sardinian techniques with the best ingredients that New South Wales had to offer. Pilu tweaked some of his ingredients in order to better suit the products and really give them the Italian kick which sometimes causes him to import it from home. People from all around the world not only come for the food but also for its cheerful, breezy environment and of course, the amazing views of the beach. Even the dishes, bring you back to Pilu•fs Sardinian roots. If you're ever in Australia, and want an exotic twist to familiar ingredients, Pilu is the place to go. *Dashira

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