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Ten Reasons to exercise

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eliminate stress and anxiety: the exercise, being a natural tranquilizer, reduces stresses Increase self- esteem: to see how to improve your body, skin and your sense of humor, and you release many hormones and toxins; you will feel better about yourself. Speed up your metabolism: Exercise not only burns, calories, it also helps you build muscle and increases metabolisms, helping you lose weight. Improve your sex life: you are full of energy, strength and flexibility. Increase your quality of life: Exercise helps you maintain good health, keep your heart strong and help prevent osteoporosis. Reduces the possibility of having diabetes: when you exercise, not only fat but also burn sugar. Therefore, when Performing a sport risk of developing diabetes decreased Your senses of humor increases: if you’re sad or depressed, try to exercise for about three weeks. You’ll feel better. Increase your mental capacity: improves concentration and the memory. Decreases risk of cancer: Women, who do not exercise, increase the risk to generate malignant tumors of the reproductive system and breast cancer. Rejuvenate: the muscles and the heart weakening over years, but when we exercise are strengthened and the aging process is delayed.

Tech Times number 01 May 5 year 2014

Magazine monthly Healthy lifestyle

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Magazine monthly Healthy lifestyle

Wordl cup 2014 brazil

May 05 Year 2014

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In this issue The FIFA world cup 2014 P.1 Tourist places in colombiap.1 Elections en colombiaP.2 Stress on final examsP2 Healthiy eating habits P3

The fifa world cup 2014

Tourist places in Brazil 1. Cristo redeemer: monument depicting Cristo, 710 located over the sea level, has a panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro.

2. Sugar bread: has a

tram that takes visitors to have an aerial view of the city and all its natural beauty.

Beaches Recife:

The Fifa world cup Brazil 2014 will be the twentieth edition of the world cup. This version of the tournament will be held in Brazil between June 12 and July 13, 2014, the second time this sporting event takes place in Brazil after the World Cup in 1950, after the president of the FIFA,Joseph Blatter, establish criteria continental rotation. It will be the first time since 1978 that the World Cup will take place in South America.

In 2004, FIFA chose South America to host the 2014 World Cup. Despite initial enthusiasm of some countries, only Brazil and Colombia presented their official nominations before the closing date on 18 December 2006. Few months later, Colombia withdrew his candidacy, leaving as the only candidate to Brazil. The October 30, 2007, FIFA officially designated Brazil as the country that will host the Football World Cup 2014 1. The winner will participate in as a world champion in 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup to be held in Russia. It is notable for the first time in a World Cup, the parties Will use technology that offers smart ball, to determine doubtful plays, whether or not the ball crossed the goal line all.

beaches wellendowed by nature H eal t h y lif es t yl e

Drink two glasses of water before breakfast The hydration is necessary for life. The water purifies, detoxifies the organism and besides can be satiating. If you drink two glasses of water before breakfast, you´ll help your organism get ready to the ingestion of food and you´ll avoid obesity.

Tips for a good healthy eating

The key is to consume at least five pieces of fruit and vegetables. This give us vitamin, fiber and minerals indispensable to increase defenses, strengthen the immunologic system and to keep stable blood pressure.

Mixing between tablet and pc.

Elections in Colombia Eat fiber Eat few quantities and in different moments at day It can be a fruit, a milk andprotein, you can bring to the work a sándwich.

Start eating fruit since early

Microsoft surface pro 3 launches

Healthy eathing

Eat slowly According to the studio make by Hospital General Laiko de Atenas slow eating secretes a hormone that helps control hungry because it increases satiety. Conversely fast eating do not release this hormone and it feels necessity to ingest more food and it takes the risk of being fatter.

Fiber feeds, balance and clean the organism is recommended about 25 g of dietary fiber and is impossible to adquire it by only eating a couple fruits and a salad at day

Milk and milk derivatives For the formation of bones and teeth as well as for the prevention Of de osteoporosis

Meat and sausages The meat provides vitamin b12, iron and zinc potassium phosphorus. Is very important to choose lean cuts of meat and withdrawing visible fat before cooking food.

Fish and seafood Are very good in polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3. These fatty acids reduce bad cholesterol.

Elections in Colombia are regulated and supervised by the National Electoral Council, an organization that provides information on elections and results thereof elected centrally (President and Congress) politicians. The president is elected for a period of 4 years. Congress has two chambers: the House of Representatives has 163 members, elected by popular vote for 4 years. The Senate has 102 members, elected by popular vote for 4 years.

Current system For the executive branch are elected the President and Vice President in a single ballot for a term of four years by direct popular vote, using a system of runoff election if the winner of the first round fails more than 50 % of the votes in his favor.

The legislative branch consists of a bicameral system. The House of Representatives has 162 members, elected for a four year period in proportion to the number of people in each department of the country. Meanwhile, the Senate has 102 members, elected for a four-year national circunscipción.

Stress on final exams

Week of exams can be a very stressful time for any college student. Tips 1. Prepare before the week of exams. 2. Limits intake of caffeine during the week of final exams.

3. be sure to get enough sleep during the week of final exams 4healthy eating during the week of final exams. 5. Single you must study for one hour at a time. heavy partying during the week of final exams. 7. be sure you exercise during week of final exams.

The social networks and cell phones can create the same addiction to drugs. After a study conducted 200 students, after a time showed the same symptoms that drugs and alcohol that is, showing signs of abstinence and anxiety.

Healthy lifestyle  

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