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The North Reconnecting with Canada

Title: Reconnecting With Canada: The North Format: HD Genre: Adventure Travel Reality Based Target: 18-65 Demographic Setting: On the Road Cast: 4 Team members 12 Episodes Director: Flora Lloyd Producer: Joe Lloyd Creator: Joe and Flora Lloyd Contact: Joe Lloyd 604.354.4515 Production Company: Curbsyde Productions Website:

This is: The North.


A crew four brave souls, two motorcycles and support, battle the elements, and their own wits, as they cross northern Canada to Tuktoyaktuk. 10,000 kilometers of winter conditions, ice roads and mind numbing adventure.

Synopsis. Reconnecting with Canada: The North. What does it take to reach Canada’s Western Arctic in winter? Merely driving there is a man versus nature struggle, but to reach Tuktoyaktuk, 200 kilometers North of the Arctic Circle by motorcycle? RWC: The North is a battle of human spirit, skill and equipment against the elements and Ice Roads that make this adventure so alluring. Set against a backdrop of eyeball searing stunning winter scenery, RWC: The North follows the Curbsyde Team of Joe & Flora Lloyd, Paul Mondor and Jesse Clark on their personal journeys to Tuktoyaktuk. From behind the visor and behind the camera, the adventure encompasses a true Northern experience, from -47°C days, snow storms, dog sledding in the iconic Yukon, snowmobiling, ice caves, the color-washed skyscape of the Aurora Borealis and an ill fated collision with a dump truck. It is a story that runs the spectrum from mind blowing scenery to days of

Title: Reconnecting with Canada: The North Formats: Webisodes: 12 x 15 MIN HD Episodes: 12 x 30 MIN HD Genre: DVD: 6 x 45 MIN Setting: Adventure Travel Reality Based Cast: On the Road Demographic: 4 Team members Number: Age group 18-65 Director: 12x15 12x30 Producer: Flora Lloyd Creator: Joe Lloyd Contact: Joe & Flora Lloyd fighting for simple survival, where every kilometer of staying upright, seems a triumph. Webisodes and Episodes of Reconnecting with Canada: The North are delivered across platforms, providing easy access to the series’ humorous and relatable presenters. These are real people, driven by the challenge of motorcycling to Tuktoyaktuk in the dead of winter, yet still stoping throughout this bold adventure to revel in all that travel has to offer, and provide their hard-earned insights into Canada and the North. Market. Reconnecting With Canada: The North caters to the 18-65 age group, as well as motorcycle enthusiast and travel enthusiasts. The show is a prefect format to combine the storytelling aspect of a reality series and the wide reach of the Internet and the universal appeal of travel, adventure and a hint of danger!

About Curbsyde Productions Curbsyde Productions specializes in motorcycle and adventure travel online HD video. With multiple successful motorcycle series, which were filmed entirely on Canon 5D MK IIs and are featured on the distribution network. Curbsyde series are filled with “obtainable” adventures created for online distribution using the latest in technology. Curbsyde is fully dedicated to online media and the future of streaming entertainment. Curbsyde is committed to providing an entire online media experience. Our projects are aimed at an online audience through numerous community based websites. We believe in being a part of a community, and to interact. Joe is the Producer at Curbsyde Productions who puts our efforts into reality with his business sense, and out going personality. From infancy to completion he covers every aspect of the production from the overall concept to finding willing sponsorship and distribution for the Curbsyde brand. When not on the road, Joe can be found behind the scenes editing up a storm. An accomplished motorcycle rider he tackles any road, and any project with a determined veracity even when the chips are down. From riding the desert roads of Australia, to the Ice-roads of Tuktoyaktuk, Joe is the driving force of this team.

Flora is the Director for Curbsyde Productions, and there isn’t a time where you won’t find her looking for that perfect angle or a way to be creative. If it involves hanging out of a helicopter, the back of a motorcycle or something racing 6 inches from her head, she’ll probably have the camera in front of her . Her hair-brain schemes some how turn into reality, like riding two motorcycles on the worlds longest ice-road or doing an epic 34,000 kms in one summer, on schedule and on budget. Most likely, you will hear some of her compositions on the Curbsyde soundtracks. Her love for travel keeps her feet itchy, and she is not afraid to drop a motorcycle or two, in the name of adventure! Among our many sponsors, a few of our most recent, and largest supporters are the following:

RWC: The North - OneSheet  

OneSheet for Curbsyde's Reconnecting With Canada: The North

RWC: The North - OneSheet  

OneSheet for Curbsyde's Reconnecting With Canada: The North