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ALWAYS EXTRAORDINARY Holidays are opportunities to share extraordinary moments. Opportunities to create magical memories. We have been creating tailor-made holidays for over 20 years. We know how to get the most out of every destination and how to surpass every expectation. | 020 7384 2332


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A1 is produced by Derek Gregory as a Private Magazine for global wealth clients. DG Private Office is a private office client consultancy operated by Derek Gregory. The website of DG Private Office is password protected for clients, and the magazine A1 is a private invitation online magazine. Please E Mail for a password to access the website, and to be added to our mailing list for the magazine. Derek Gregory, DG Private Office, Hartham Park, Corsham SN13 0RP, Wiltshire. In all correspondence please E Mail:


A true legend of the skies Paying tribute to the iconic World War 1 aircraft known as the ‘King of the Air Fighters’ – the Sopwith Camel is the inspiration for Valour’s first offering – The Sopwith Aviator®, a limited edition model of only 200 individually numbered timepieces. At the heart of the Sopwith Aviator® sits the customised Swiss made Soprod A10-2 automatic mechanical movement with a 42 hour power reserve. Not including the movement, 114 components are used in the construction of the timepiece and combine to represent the Sopwith Camel’s iconic nose cowling and early Clerget 9 cylinder rotary engine in full 3 dimensional form. With Swiss made precision and detailing, this intriguing design makes for a bold statement on the wrist while acknowledging a legend of aviation history.

Elegant options that break with convention Introducing the Sopwith Aviator® desk stand, a truly elegant way to enjoy the timepiece in addition to wearing it on the wrist. By simply removing the straps with the custom tools provided, the watch is ready to slide into its purpose made mounting. A combination of solid ash wood, stainless steel and bronze are used to achieve an eye catching aesthetic while functionally the design provides 360 degrees of rotation in two axes allowing full viewing of the watch including the exhibition case back. Bespoke hand engraving on the bronze base adds the perfect touch to what will be a fine addition to your desk.

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’ve just been reading about Mike Platt, the Billionaire founder of BlueCrest Capital making the decision to close the doors in the early part of this year, on any further investors, arguing that the industry’s fee model is no longer profitable enough to be worth the effort. The effort having already made Mr. Platt a Billionaire along the way. Having been haemorrhaging billions of dollars in assets as investors withdrew money in more recent times, and receding to around US$8bn, from upwards of US$35bn at it’s height, the business is set to become a private office - of sorts - and will now only manage Mr. Platt’s own billions. Mr. Platt commented that he feels its no longer profitable to run a multi-manager hedge fund on 2 and 20 per cent fees and that, by operating his own money, he can go from 2 and 20 to 0 and 100. The 2 and 20 system of charging clients 2 percent of their invested assets, and 20 per cent of profits has made multibillionaires of many hedge fund managers, including of course, Mr. Platt. Across the board, the hedge fund industry continues to generate vast personal fortunes for the leaders of the funds, which of course opens up a huge debate, and which leads me very nicely into the conversation on this topic I have just had, with Alan and Gina Miller, who unhappy with the way in which the whole fee system appeared to be clouded in mystery, set up SGM Private, along with the ‘True and Fair Campaign’.

To suggest that Alan and Gina Miler are not the most popular couple in the investment industry, would, certainly have been true a few years ago, but nowadays the dust they caused has settled and they are quietly going about their own business, which is to effectively change the way in which investors can have 100% transparency in regards to every facet of the way in which their money is being used. I can see how that might have made them unpopular in their chosen industry… I first met Alan and Gina two years ago, and so I felt it would be a very good time to meet with them again to discuss how things have progressed since we met, and to get their opinion on how - if indeed changes have been made - they have faired in their own business. A full interview will appear in the next edition as the first of my proposed monthly investment manager profiles, so please stay tuned! For this issue I’m pleased to welcome two new companies to our magazine. Yachtzoo, is a Monaco based full service Yacht Brokerage business, (see pages 25-27), and Cazenove & Loyd is a London based bespoke tour operator, organising tailor-made luxury vacations all over the globe. (See pages 18-21). I do hope you enjoy this issue as much as I have enjoyed putting it all together ■

Derek Gregory Derek Gregory Publisher


WRAITH And the world stood still

Introducing Wraith – the most dynamic Rolls-Royce in history. Experience the power, style and drama for yourself.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd The Drive, Westhampnett, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 0SH. +44 (0) 1243 38 4000 Š Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited 2014. The Rolls-Royce name and logo are registered trademarks.







| USA +1 954 767 1035




A SIMPLE IDEA TO CONCENTRATE ON A SMALL, BUT VERY PRECISE RANGE OF PRODUCTS. All products are made in Britain using techniques that aren’t normally associated with the fashion industry.


ow did Alice Made This start?

I started Alice Made This after my husband Ed and I got married. We struggled to find any cufflinks for our wedding that suited our style. We just wanted something clean and honest, but nobody had done anything fresh with them for a really long time. I’d wanted to start my own business for a few years and this was the ideal opportunity, a chance to concentrate on a small, precise product. What does Refining Industry mean? Everything we do starts with an industrial process. Before I’ve even started designing, I’ll go and visit our factories and learn about their engineering methods and techniques. Then I’ll come back and start sketching for the collection. We make all our products in Britain and work with techniques that aren’t normally associated with the fashion industry, manufacturers who are experts in making Aerospace or Formula One parts for example.

By ‘Refining Industry’ we are totally inspired by the materials and the details of large scale and raw industrial processes, refining them down to produce precise and wearable objects of desire. That’s what we do with all our collections. For example, we can start with a military armoury in Birmingham and create a paired back, geometric collection of gold and silver cufflinks and lapel pins. Where did your interest in factories come from? My background is in product design first and foremost. I’ve worked with the likes of Tom Dixon, Conran and Habitat and have been fortunate enough to travel the world to learn about different production methods and factory operations. I love the smell of a factory. I love walking in and seeing the machines, the base materials and talking to the experts within. Whether it was a casting process in India or woodwork in Finland, there is always inspiration to be found. ▶



Can you tell us a bit about your Aerospace process? For our Aerospace collection, our original offering of cufflinks, we work with a factory in Hertford, who specialise in CNC turning and milling, processes notably used for manufacturing aeroplane parts. I was keen to highlight the parts of an aeroplane that are normally tucked away and hidden. The bolts and joins that are crucial to operations, but remain very much behind the scenes. Using a precision turning process, we’ve created refined cufflinks in the same way that these parts are made, using the same materials.

‘inspired by architecture and geometry, with a passion and respect for British industry.’

Incorporating complex details such as diamond knurling and countersunk drilling, the cufflinks begin as a solid bar of metal, which is then turned for a clean, machined finish. Why steel, brass and copper? Our Aerospace collection is available in stainless steel, brass and copper because these are the materials that are most abundantly used in the Aerospace industry and our factory. We wanted to remain true to the process and work accordingly with the right raw materials. As our first process these materials have become our signature and are part of our permanent collection. Our other collections see us working with gold, silver, rose gold, ceramics and rope. Why solid stem cufflinks? The solid stem is driven by the nature of the process. We do prefer the solid stem as it make a cufflink easy to feed through your cuff with a single hand. This design also fits in with our clean, contemporary aesthetic. We want to offer our customers a renewed and innovative collection of accessories. We do also offer some linked cufflinks with our Military Hardware collection, using a deep draw stamping process used for making military buttons and medals. A lot of brands play on the concept of heritage and craft, what make you different? We’re genuinely inspired by architecture and geometry, with a passion and respect for British industry sitting at the core of everything we do. Whether it’s our Atelier in Oxford Circus or our Engineered ceramics plant in Crewe, we have close relationships with all our factories and design products stemming directly from their expert techniques. Our collections are driven by the human elements and processes behind industrial manufacturing, machines and materials in Britain.



Is there any process or industry that you haven’t used for cufflinks before that you’d like to? There are many! We plan go to the far reaches of Britain and see what we can find. I want to work with the Vitreous enamel company that do all of the London Underground signage in more depth. Industry groups also fascinate me, for example the cutlery industry in Sheffield and the British Automotive industry. There are plenty of interesting processes I am keen to experiment with as well as materials that include anything from concrete through to sintered titanium ■

‘We wanted to remain true to the process and work accordingly with the right raw materials.




T +41 (22) 787 08 77

EMBRAER LEGACY 600 LX-OLA 14500995 2007 3'580 EASA




18 Chemin des Papillons - P.O. Box 771 - 1215 Geneva Airport - Switzerland




LEGACY TRAVEL? cazenove+loyd’s owners, Henrietta Loyd and Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell reflect on what makes a destination special for children of all ages.


very one of us at cazenove +loyd can remember those first seeds of wanderlust. Part of the excitement which we still get from designing the perfect family trip is that we know that, every bit as much as an inspiring lesson or great teacher at school, the right holiday at the right moment can set someone on a much longer journey. ‘For me it was those huge skies and the smell of baked earth which I first experienced on safari in South Africa in Timbavati aged 20. It led to me working in Botswana in a camp in the Linyanti area…and the rest is history. I have lost count of the times I have been on safari. But the awe-inspiring wildlife I have witnessed and landscape I have seen is all linked back to that first trip.’ Henrietta Loyd. ‘For me it was aged 12 looking at photographs taken by my headmaster of a trip which he had taken to Bhutan (Given to him as a ‘thank you’ for helping with the education of the future King!). This was my teenage idea of Shangri-La and Asia became top of my teenage wish list. It is a region I love and will always try to return to…And eventually (over 30 years later), those old slides taken by my headmaster eventually led to the Kingdom of Bhutan itself. But the wait had been worth it.’ Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell. Despite having organised the ultimate family trips for their clients for over 20 years, it is only now, travelling with their own children that Henrietta and

‘The awe-inspiring wildlife I have witnessed and landscape I have seen is all linked back to that first trip.’ Henrietta Loyd. Christopher can appreciate exactly what works for children from a first hand perspective…and what works best at a particular age. As Henrietta observes, ‘My daughter Honor was 4 when she first went to Africa and has, not surprisingly, inherited my love of Africa and safari. But it was only in her early teenage years that I recognised the importance of remote areas for a girl in the 21st Century. After initial outrage, the transformation in her of enforced digital detox was palpable. In a wild part of Northern Kenya, just as I enjoyed complete escape from the office, so did she from the petty day to day of social media.’ Christopher observes, ‘India is probably my favourite country in Asia so I wanted the children to love it just as much as I do. I had to time a family trip exactly right for them to be charmed by the exotic but not overawed by the shock of the different.

Martha was 14 and Teddy was 12 when we went to Northern India. They were young enough to get right into the fun of painting a ceremonial elephant and setting off firecrackers at Diwali but were also old enough to ride in rickshaws at night through the dimly lit streets of Delhi and take day long treks in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is still their favourite holiday of all time and my daughter has just returned from a trip to Amritsar and Dharamsala with school friends…The seed is sown. Her love of India is now firmly part of her make-up.’ So, if you are done with the beach villa and want a holiday which is truly experiential and potentially life changing, what do Henrietta and Christopher believe should be on your hit list once the children are up for some adventure (and you are up for taking them). Aged 5-10 Henrietta: ‘I think that South Africa works brilliantly for younger children as you can mix a small amount of safari in a non malarial area with a private house outside Cape Town…and no jet lag. I just don’t think a long safari is worth it for anyone much under 10 years old. Oman is also a great destination as it has great beaches but a sprinkling of culture not far away. And whale watching off the coast of South Africa or looking at dolphins off the coast of Oman is a great marine angle on my beloved safari.’ ▶



Aged 10-14 Christopher: ‘I think that this is where you can really start to have fun. The Galapagos is just perfect for this age group. Truly exciting and involving but educational…and it works as a beach holiday too. I also think that this is when you can start thinking about Asia. Sri Lanka and Kerala perhaps first because they can combine with their own beaches and can also combine with my favourite


beaches in the world in the Maldives but also the right trip to Rajasthan or the Himalayas.’ Henrietta: ‘If you are prepared to give your children anti-malarial medication then I think that Northern Kenya takes some beating for younger teens. Great game-viewing but for an active family, so much to do. Riding, jumping from waterfalls into rivers, tracking animals and even taking a camel safari.’

‘The Galapagos is just perfect for this age group. Truly exciting and involving but educational too.’ Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell.


Aged 14-18 Christopher: ‘I have just done the most amazing boat trip on the Amazon in Brazil where it really felt like Fitzcaraldo and then ended up quadbiking in the dunes of Lencois Maranhenses…I was travelling solo but sorely wish we had done it as a family trip as it felt truly pioneering. I also think that Peru really comes to life in the later teens. Both because you can do proper trekking, mountain biking and rafting but you can also incorporate the archaeological sites into these activities. And, while on the subject of mountains- be it the Andes in Peru, the Himalayas in Ladakh or Nepal or the Atlas in Morocco…trekking and staying in village communities is really special at this age. Teenagers are old enough to cover a bit of ground without too much complaining but life in rural villages puts their own lives into perspective. And, not that I thought it until recently, Japan is a fantastic country for families- I long to take my daughter in particular for the art and craft.’ Henrietta: ‘I have to put somewhere like Namibia up there for slightly older teenagers… especially if they have been to a more ‘mainstream’ game-viewing destination before. Or a different sort of safari like tracking gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda. But for an all round adrenaline and safari experience Zambia or Zimbabwe probably top it as they offer the Victoria Falls for bungie jumping and rafting and the likes of the Lower Zambezi for canoeing safaris or South Luangwa or Matusadona for walking safaris…Drag me away from Africa and I would err towards South East Asia- we can do so much in Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos…and tie it in with a big Asian city like Bangkok or Hong Kong.’ Recently some American Clients of cazenove+loyd asked the company to lay out, ‘Our next 10 years of

holidays’ designed around the ages and interests of the parents and their three children- it made for some lively family debate. And even if the family only take a fraction of these trips, it will be quite an education for parents and children alike. The family called it ‘Legacy Travel’ and that is precisely what it is ■

‘Every one of us at cazenove +loyd can remember those first seeds of wanderlust.’ 21

The organizers of the famous Rallye Père-Fils™* give you another appointment in 2016 with the 1000kmGT™. This new edition will take place over four days, from Thursday 23-26 June 2016. The competition will be based on five stages, one of which will take place at night. This event does not overlook such all-important aspects as art de vivre, conviviality and the chance to meet others, and offers all the surprises and delights that make HappyFewRacing™ events so special and appreciated. Be part of the legend and join this great adventure!


MONTE-CARLO . 23-26 JUNE 2016 22


R A C I N G F E W H A P P Y Organised by







A NEW LUXE BODY WASH FROM APPLE & BEARS True style starts in the bathroom Find out more at

Credit: Chris McLennan


ISLAND HOPPING AROUND BORA BORA With Chris Richardson of Yachtzoo. Introduction: Derek Gregory. Main words & Photographs Chris Richardson.


first met Chris Richardson about four years ago in Abu Dhabi. He invited me onto a Yacht he had for sale, berthed at the Yas Marina. I was in the area on behalf of a client, who had asked me to check out a few boats on his behalf. We recently got back in contact with each other and I noticed his business, Yachtzoo had grown quite a bit since our meeting four or so years ago. We chatted on Skype from opposite sides of the world, me in London

and Chris in New Zealand and being the visionary he is, I am delighted to welcome him and his team at Yachtzoo, as the preferred choice of yacht broker for DG Private Office clients, for 2016 and of course promotion through the monthly pages of my in-house magazine, A1, which you are currently reading. Over the coming months I will be communicating with Chris and his team, to bring clients a monthly review

of everything Yachtzoo can offer. This means everything from the design and building of your own superyacht, to maybe a charter of a yacht for your holidays. Chris is a yacht man through and through and as he told me about one of his own recent adventures, I thought there would be no better way to start, than to get Chris to tell us in his own words, a little about his business, as well as highlight his own sailing adventure trip, which we â–ś were discussing.



KNOW YOUR SUBJECT. Chris Richardson, Yachtzoo.

I would find it impossible to advise potential clients in my business without a sound knowledge of the subject at hand. Knowledge may not be a pre-requisite for some of the prolific salesmen that are often my competition, but for myself, the thought of being unable to talk with a decent degree of authority on the subject at hand would prevent me from pursuing the brokerage career at all. Hence the mantra to our Yachtzoo team to “ Know your subject”. In order to broaden my own horizons, I purchased an Oyster 70 sailing yacht in Spring 2014, and together with my family we cruised various countries of the world from Greece, our starting point, across to New Zealand, our final destination. Seventeen years of working as a yacht skipper had given me significant experience of many areas along the way, but our family adventure gave us the opportunity to visit some lesser known areas, such as Cuba and Panama, as well to visit some classic cruising locations for the first time: Croatia, BVI, Tahiti and Tonga to name a few. We have five children between the ages of six and sixteen. All curious, and all energetic. So this in itself was a challenge, and particularly the challenge of home-schooling. The highlights were too numerous to mention, but suffice to say that sailing into the lagoon at Bora Bora was the culmination of decades of dreams and was a special moment. The photo tells the story. The aura and mysticism of the place are legendary, and cruising in the idyllic waters of the lagoon whilst the twin peaks cause the ever changing cloud formations to continually alter the panoramic back drop to the turquoise waters below, was a dream come true. Swimming with manta rays and scuba diving with the children as they took their dive courses was a superb experience.


‘Sailing into the lagoon at Bora Bora was the culmination of decades of dreams and was a special moment.’

As a result of being on the yacht for a year, the children were very eager to return to a more normal school life at the end of it. But the importance of the catalogue of experiences that they have lived through, whilst on board the yacht will I’m sure be a constant source of inspiration and anecdotal remedy for them as they grow older. But for now, with this particular lifeadventure complete, we have resigned ourselves to shorter and more local cruising schedules in New Zealand and the South Pacific, as we put the yacht up for sale and I have to return to my more regular day job and earn my keep. Such is life.


YACHTZOO - OUR STORY. Choosing a name for a new company where the input of four shareholders is required is a tricky process. In time we got there. Our emphasis was to concentrate on a name that people may like, or they may hate, but about which they will not be indifferent. And therefore, that they will remember. The brand was born. The colours were established. Black and white were chosen, because in our mind there should be no grey areas. And because true to type every brokerage has to have its colours ! Yachtzoo was born in 2007 from the need for four like-minded yacht brokers to break the shackles of their regimented and restricted existence at one of the corporate managed big brokerage houses, and to set their stall out in the market place, with a fresh approach and no baggage to hold them back. The emphasis was simply about going the extra mile for clients in reference to the service being offered. The culture of discretion and client confidentiality was to be redefined. (Indeed there have been deals involving Yachtzoo, about which even to this day, some years later, our involvement has remained unknown). From the outset Yachtzoo aimed to provide the ultimate service in discretion and professionalism in a business rife with jingoism and self- importance.

‘From the outset Yachtzoo aimed to provide the ultimate service in discretion and professionalism.’

Modest beginnings in a small office on the Port in Monaco were quickly transformed with an upscaling in 2008 to much larger premises overlooking the Port, as well as the opening of an office in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Such expansion at a time when all the competition were cutting costs and concentrating on belt-tightening as the downturn hit, was a risky decision. But it was necessary, and we had no choice as critical mass was needed to service the interest that had been generated in the company in the short space of time since our start up. The early years were about steady growth rather than rapid expansion. There was a concentrated effort to enlist very good people that reflected the company ethos of first class service, and this has taken time. The result is a brokerage company that has added the full complement of typical brokerage services to our armoury by the end of 2013. Encompassing sales and purchase, charter retail and charter management, and vessel management, Yachtzoo has completed its destiny to become first class one-stop shop for our discerning clientele â–



Ferrari Testarossa £202,500 (World Record)

1991 Alfa Romeo SZ £84,938 (World Record)

1991 Ferrari Mondial £59,625 (World Record)

RACE RETRO CLASSIC CAR SALE 27th/28th February 2016, Stoneleigh Park, Coventry

+44 (0)1926 691141


2010 Porsche 911 GT2 RS (997) Sold for £236,250

THE RESTORATION SHOW SALE 6th March 2016, NEC, Birmingham 29



… just outside Geneva?



rriving into a gloomy rain-sodden Geneva on a late October afternoon in itself doesn’t sound terribly appealing, but being met and transferred the 10 minute (I timed it) journey from the airport to the doors of La Réserve, with its fire lit and a smiling welcome, and suddenly I had forgotten the gloomy rain filled sky. Being shown to my room, I passed an Elephant in the corridor, or did I dream that? Anyway, I quickly unpacked before joining the


guest relations manager on a tour of the property, complete with a tour of the opulent lakeside villa, which is very private and very impressive. Likewise, dinner at Tse Fung, the hotels Chinese restaurant, was also impressive, and my choice of Peking Duck served two ways, was as epic as I was hoping it would be. Both decor and staff outstanding, and my choice of wines assisted with perfect grace and good humour by the house sommelier.

The following morning, I knew I wouldn’t be able to face breakfast after such a large evening meal, and so chose to take my time before the concierge arranged a taxi for me and I headed to the private air terminal, back at the airport, (this time in some traffic taking all of fifteen minutes), to meet with a client… …Arriving back to the hotel just after lunch with a, “Welcome back Mr. Derek”, I stopped in on the recently ▶



arrived new General Manager Mr. Laurent Branover and we shared some time discussing our favourite global hotels, two of which he has already managed, as we walked across the late autumn leaf strewn grounds towards the edge of Lake Geneva, where he showed me the ice rink which was currently under construction for the Winter season ahead. After a quick photo call of the two of us together, I changed into more suitable attire and made my way to the impressively large Spa, where I took a leisurely swim and a shower


and then had a long 80 minute destress massage. If I could only live my life in this way. The hotel decor is all down to Jacques Garcia, along with inspiration from la Réserve’s owner, Mr Michel Reybier, and an African safari lodge theme runs throughout the low rise hotel, and I should say, works much better than I was expecting it to. Low light and scented candles coupled with Lions and Elephants in Geneva? But it works and I like it. I’ve been travelling to luxury

‘I passed an elephant in the corridor, or did I dream that?’


hotels for over thirty-five years and can generally get a feel for a hotel in the first five minutes, and quite so with La Réserve, and my feeling is one of warmth and dedicated well trained staff, all willing to go the extra mile required of them in a tough job, pleasing often hard to please, five-star guests. The hotel is close to the airport as mentioned, but less so for downtown Geneva, although through summer months the hotel has it’s own beautiful shuttle boat to take guests along the

lake, and thereby enjoying a scenic boat ride and missing any road delays. In summer live music and DJs create a lively atmosphere on the terraces, while in the colder months you can head to the winter lodge to skate on its private ice rink. For me it’s actually a bonus not to be in the centre of Geneva and yet so close to the airport and any meetings one might have in town, I can factor in accordingly. Will I go back? Wild Geneva Elephants won’t keep me away…and yes I did see an Elephant in the corridor ■

‘During the winter season the hotel has it’s very own ice rink.’



Selini Jewellery © 2015

IVY WHITE DIAMOND DUO RING Delicate handcrafted vine inspired design, with rich white enamel and exceptional diamonds in rose gold.


LANCASHIRE ENQUIRIES 01704 821 356 WORKSHOP Cedar Farm, Back Lane, Mawdesley, Lancashire, L40 3SY

LONDON By appointment in London. 33 St. James’s Sq London SW1Y 4JS 35


JOIN THE ‘HAPPY FEW RACING’ EVENTS IN 2016 Where motor sport and elegance are combined.


appyFewRacing™ events are seen to stand out from other car events available on the market given their all-pervading attention to detail, rigorous selection of routes, and their desire to surprise and bring enjoyment, all in a genuinely human atmosphere. For the 2016 season, HappyFewRacing™ will give further weight to this hallmark with a programme of singular events comprising unique encounters, privileged access, first-rate surprises and the spice of competition via regularity rallies across the finest routes in the selected regions. Alongside the continuation of existing events such as the Rallye Père-Fils™ (father and son) or the 1000kmGT™, HappyFewRacing™ will launch the Raduno Padre-Figlio™, an Italian version of the “father and son” concept reserved to Ferrari owners. The finest hours in motor vehicle history undoubtedly go hand in hand with races that have since become legendary. Mechanical - and above all human - adventures, open to anyone fortunate enough to own a sports car. In 2016, they have announced the second edition of the 1000kmGT™, a race of regularity and endurance. Open to


contemporary and classic GT’s, this modern sports car classic is clearly one of a kind. As in 2015, the 1000kmGT™ will comprise six stages, one of which will take place at night, for a variety of delights and sensations. After starting out in Monaco you will take some of the most scenic routes in the area, such as legendary Col de Turini, during the day... but also at night, Col de Tende but also the renowned track of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. This event is chiefly organised as a regularity rally. The 1000kmGT™ will take place over three days, from Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 June, 2016. This great event does not overlook such all-important aspects as art de vivre, conviviality and the chance to meet others, and offers all the surprises and delights that make HappyFewRacing™ events so special. The appointment is thus scheduled on 23 June 2016, before covering some 1,000 kilometres along some highly diverse and enjoyable routes. Fifty teams will be admitted. They will be selected based on the order in which enrolment forms are received, so a word of advice: Apply now before it’s too late! ■

“Perhaps the most important development for a British watch brand for 50 years� C H R I S W AR D

Few watch brands create their own movement and of those that do, only a handful add something really original and important to the world of watchmaking. Our in-house, Calibre SH21, which powers the C9 5 Day Automatic is one such movement. The C9 is destined to be one of the most talked about watches in years.


Thorough Investment Research. BBX wine broking exchange from Berry Bros. & Rudd

Call it investment research, or call it many days spent in the company of many fine wines: we’ve done our homework. When you trade on BBX, the biggest private wine trading platform in the world, you are trading only the finest wines, all protected and managed by us, and all passing our one simple test: ‘Is it good to drink?’



SELL YOUR MODERN CLASSIC WITH SILVERSTONE AUCTIONS Following an incredible year of record breaking results, Silverstone Auctions is now inviting quality consignments into its spring sales.


ilverstone Auctions has gained an impressive reputation over the past few years, specialising in cars from the 70s, 80s, and 90s- all models that are gaining significant momentum in the classic car market.

Silverstone Auctions’ first sale of 2016 takes place at Race Retro, one of Europe’s premier historic motorsport shows, held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, on the 27th and 28th February. The 2015 Race Retro sale saw a number of world record prices achieved on behalf of Silverstone Auctions’ vendors. One of the sale’s most eye catching cars was a 1991 Alfa Romeo SZ. Subject to an intense bidding war with buyers in the room as well as online and over the phone, the rare model had just 808km on its odometer and fetched a world record price of £84,938; more than £30,000 over its lower estimate. Shortly after Race Retro, Silverstone Auctions returns to the NEC, Birmingham, to host its third sale at the Practical Classics

Restoration and Classic Car Show on 6th March. A selection of stunning modern classics helped Silverstone Auctions achieve an 84 per cent sales rate at the show in 2015. A highlight of which included a 2010 Porsche 911 GT2 RS, one of just 500 made worldwide, that sold to a buyer in the US for a premium inclusive £236,250, more than £30,000 over its lower estimate. Speaking ahead of the sales, Nick Whale, managing director, Silverstone Auctions, said: “I’m delighted that we are once again hosting auctions at these fantastic, high profile classic car events which always attract a wealth of enthusiastic and knowledgeable classic car fans looking to add to their collections. Now is the time to take advantage of an early consignment to benefit from extensive and professional marketing of your car. Over the last five years we have sold some truly magnificent classic cars, modern supercars and competition cars on behalf of our vendors and look forward to selling even more in 2016.” ■




A recent report shows private equity is outperforming other assets.


p to three quarters of single family offices report that their direct investments are outperforming their other holdings, with a further 70% stating that their private equity fund investments are outperforming.

The research, by online private equity platform iCapital Network, found 62% of single family offices invest in private equity, with 70% allocated between 10 to 20% of their portfolio. A small group (8%) allocated more than 50% to private investments. Earlier this year, The Global Family Office Report 2015 found private equity to be the best performing asset class in single family office portfolios, seeing returns of 15% in 2014. “Single family offices have the autonomy to invest in the ways that best suit the underlying family and its long-term goals,” iCapital Network senior vice president and chief marketing officer Hannah Shaw Grove said. “This can be seen in the relatively high allocations to private equity, which parallel the approach used by many large endowments to manage downside risk and increase return potential over extended periods of time.”


Nine out of 10 family offices invest in private equity through funds, while 40% are involved with direct investing, according to iCapital Network’s research. “In our view, the potential for superior investment returns is the single most influential factor in why private equity is viewed so favourably by single-family office investors these days,” said Lawrence Calcano, managing partner at iCapital Network. “And likely the potential opportunity to take more of a hands-on role in managing or supervising a direct investment also adds to the appeal – because in many cases, families can provide valuable insights and leadership drawn from their own experience as business leaders.” Of the family offices already invested, 57% plan to increase their allocation, while 30% of those not invested plan to make allocations in the next two years. The research, conducted in conjunction with R A Prince & Associates, surveyed 162 single family offices with average assets of $918 million. More than half were from the US, with the remainder spread across Europe, Asia and Latin America ■

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An ultra rare Aston Martin DB4/GT Zagato has just become the most expensive British car ever sold at auction, fetching £9.45 million.


osting just £5,470, when new in 1962, No.14 of just 19 ever built, was sold at RM/Sotheby’s Driven By Disruption event in New York on the 10th December 2015.

With only 19 DB4 GT’s graced with coachwork by Zagato, just having the opportunity to see a DB4 GT Zagato is a dream few realise. So treasured by their owners, not a single example has traded hands for the greater part of a decade. While its direct competitor from Italy would be the Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta, it would be more appropriate to compare the car to the vaunted 250 GTO, though both were produced in greater numbers. Both Aston Martin and Ferrari pushed the envelope of performance when these models were new, both boast wins on the world’s most competitive stage, and both boast handcrafted aluminium bodywork with designs worthy of inclusion in any major art museum. However, in terms of rarity, nearly half as many DB4 GT Zagatos were built compared to the 250 GTO. As Peter Read, the cars last owner remarked, “Driving a Ferrari 250 SWB is like wielding a hammer, it commands your respect through aggression and raw power. The Zagato, however, feels


more like a tailored suit. It’s agile, sophisticated, and equally responsive…it’s a truly beautiful car to drive. And it fits perfectly.” After acquiring the car, Read decided it was deserving of a complete restoration to concours standards. The process took two years from disassembly to completion, with work divided between Aston Martin specialist Richard S. Williams in England and Carrozzeria Zagato’s own facilities in Italy. Following completion in 2002, the Zagato hit the concours circuit, where it immediately accrued an enviable record of accolades. On its very first outing at the Louis Vuitton Concours at the Hurlingham Club in June 2002, the DB4GT Zagato not only won its class but was also named Best of Show. Further Best in Class honours were also earned at Villa d’este & Pebble Beach, amongst several others… As an engineering masterpiece and a design icon, the Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato has few peers, and its significance to Aston Martin, Zagato, and its genre simply cannot be overstated. The DB4GT Zagato embodies the essence of Driven by Disruption and deserves to be regarded not only as a historically significant machine but also as a groundbreaking work of art ■

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