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mid-November 2013

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mid-November 2013

Something to Remember During the Holidays

Winds of Change

A very warm welcome to you & I thank you for taking the time to peruse the new digital issue of Cur8eur ONLINE. I am so excited to bring it to you in this format. You may have noticed quite a bit of change in the recent weeks. Our entire website layout has had a facelift & NOW we have added our shiny new mid-monthly digi-issue for your enjoyment. Wondering why the new look? Well, it wasn’t because we were just bored but actually we looked around to find out how our readership was using our site & found that many of you were using your phones & tablets to come visit. So hey, I thought. Why not ensure that our site looks great no matter what device you are using. So a responsive design is what we needed & that is precisely what we got. We may tweak something here & there. This is where a little help from my friends would be great! See something out of place or in need or repair? Let us know. As you may know, Cur8eur ONLINE (previously Giving Scene) has been a labor of love for 4+ years now & I have been very proud to be the town cryer - shouting from the rooftops about our great city. I’m glad so many of you have enjoyed what we have tried to accomplish here; showcasing the good works of people & organizations & most recently highlighting the regional food scene which is gaining notoriety across the country. I hope you are just as excited as I am to explore what our community has to give.

Marie Tahan Daniels

chief noise maker

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mid-November 2013

It's FALL!!

CONTENTS What’s in this issue? We recently had a chance to talk to some really interesting people this month and we can’t wait to share it with you. We also have a look back at a few of the recent events that splashed through San Diego through October. Were you out and about? Maybe we caught YOU. Take a peek! Enjoy the issue and please share your feedback with us...


Features Chit Chat | Brande Roderick

Favorite Things | Farshad Harandi

Model, actress , Playmate Brande Roderick is a busy lady. She sat down with us to tell us what she has been up to lately and we got a peek at life at home in La Jolla.

Malibu reader and President of Mode Development, Farshad Harandi shared his current Favorite Things with us. What are you Top 3 Favorite Things?

The Evolution of a Chef


Chef Chad White is known to have a distinct palate that shows up beautifully on a plate which is why tickets to his pop-up dinner events are coveted but where did he come from and where is he going? We have an idea.

Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away! Have you decided? Are you going to make a turkey or make reservations? We have put together a short list of suggestions and believe us.... you can’t go wrong.

A Modern Take on the Classics

Charity Profile

The Inn at Rancho Santa revamps the spa & restaurant ridding itself of the old, stuffy feel and re-ignites the refined, California chic, country elegance making Morada’s Executive Chef, Todd Allison, right at home.

United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego has long been a cherished organization in the area. They have plenty of volunteer opportunities available. Get to know the local chapter and understand why you should support them!


In Attendance

The New Children’s Museum knows how to throw a party and for this year’s opening for it’s newest exhibition they decided to celebrate for 3 days! As you can imagine, with food as their theme regional chefs and mix masters came from far and wide to collaborate on this one of a kind event! AND we were present to take it all in. Take a look!

October is always a busy month for the social calendar. The weather is beautiful and the crowds are gone allowing locals to relax a bit and enjoy their company. Take a peek at a few of the fun parties around town.

R.S.V.P. Events & activities are plentiful in San Diego. Fill up your social calling card

curating the food and social scene

ON TREND | life’s other stuff


FAVORITE THINGS | Farshad Harandi Reader from Malibu, California

Beyond providing an intense cardio workout, SoulCycle also incorporates a mental component of inspirational coaching. By keeping the lights low and riding by candlelight, SoulCycle creates a cardio


sanctuary where riders can come to clear their



Nobu Malibu is known for exquisite cuisine featuring Nobu Matsuhisa's signature dishes such as Tiradito, Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno, and Black Cod with Miso. Star power behind this infamous restaurant: Actor, | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

Robert De Niro & Producer, Meir Teper



EMERSON theater

To experience nightlife in Los Angeles, DON’T miss the the Emerson Theatre which conjures the raw decadence of a speakeasy, seductively infused with contemporary burlesque. LA’s sexy, need to be seen on scene (Think Rihanna & Miley Cyrus) can be found right here in the midst of Hollywood Blvd.


RESERVATIONS | food & drink

Who’s Coming to Dinner? Looking to make reservations for Thanksgiving? Here are a few delectable options!

Bertrand at Mister A’s - Banker’s Hill On Thursday, Nov. 28 between noon and 8:45 p.m., Bertrand at Mister A’s will serve a prix fixe menu priced at $59.50 per guest. Thanksgiving dinner highlights will include (but are not limited to) Chino Farms Butternut Squash Risotto under scallops and roasted chestnuts, our Organic “Diestel” Turkey served alongside traditional accompaniments and Pumpkin Bread Pudding in a house-made toffee pecan sauce. Guests may secure reservations online at or by calling (619) 239-1377.

Milles Fleurs - Rancho Santa Fe On Thursday, Nov. 28 between 1:30 and 7:30 p.m. Mille Fleurs invites guests to enjoy Chef de Cuisine Martin Woesle’s farm-to-table inspired prix fixe and a la carte Thanksgiving menus. To those enjoying our four-course prix fixe menu, priced at $65 per guest, Mille Fleurs will offer an annual favorite: Oven-Roasted Diestel Farm Turkey served alongside Brussels sprouts, cranberries, gravy and more. Additional courses available on Thanksgiving Day include Soup of “Musqué de Provence” Pumpkin, Duck Pate, Pecan-Pumpkin Cake and more. Guests may secure reservations online at or by calling (858) 756-3085.

Bo beau kitchen + bar - Ocean Beach | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we gather with family and friends over the rich flavors of our favorite trimmings and give thanks. Join BO-beau for a 3-course Thanksgiving Dinner from 3pm - 8pm.  Menu is priced at $39.95 for adults and $12.95 for kids, excluding tax and gratuity.  For reservations, please call 619-224-2884. For menu CLICK HERE

Amaya - Carmel Valley Gather around our Thanksgiving table with a three-course tasting menu of fall delights, such as Caramelized Nantucket Bay Scallops, Roasted Turkey Breast and Traditional Pumpkin Pie. Three-course dinner menu: $78 per adult / $115 with wine / $30 per child (ages 6 – 12) Price includes children's activities on the Aria Lawn, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.

French Gourmet - Pacific Beach Why put yourself through the ringer cooking for days during this Thanksgiving? Enjoy your time with family & friends rather than slaving in the kitchen while. French Gourmet will take care of all the hard work for you with impeccable results. Make it a French Gourmet holiday. We'll do the cooking, you take the credit with a delicious holiday feast.

food & drink

A Modern Classic by Marie Tahan Daniels

For 70+ years, The Lilian Rice designed Inn at Rancho Santa Fe has been welcoming guests into their community to bask in the serenity and beauty that this tucked away destination has to offer. The recent change of ownership was met with trepidation and anxiety from some especially with announcements of renovation to such an historical site. The twelve million dollar renovation was successfully met with praise. The integrity of Lilian Rice’s design was intact. The new restaurant, Morada opened mid-summer to the delight of skeptical residents and lured San Diego native, Chef Todd Allison to its doorstep to helm the new venture. His trek from San Diego brought him to Arizona, Hawaii and back to California to the shores of Laguna and Little Italy’s Anthropology (where he was nominated as “Hottest Chef in both cities). | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

In mid-October, I finally made my way to dinner with my husband to excitedly see the completely upturned layout. The restaurant was brought to the front of The Inn overlooking the expansive lawn and given a clean, contemporary look, complete with a beautiful new bar. Gone is the stodgy, uptight feel of the old Inn. For a meal to be truly memorable, I am under the FIRM belief that their must be at least one unsuspecting surprise and I was hopeful I would discover just that from Chef Todd Allison under the tree canopy and twinkling lights. The Sparkling Santa Fe cocktail was first on the list Ahhhhh... the start to one of the last perfect al fresco worthy evenings. Our waiter was a jovial and fully informed attendant who had been working for the Inn of Rancho Santa Fe for several years and was quite proud to be part of the impressive transformation. He assured us that our dinner would not disappoint. I savored the evening under the stars and the refreshing salad sprinkled with cranberries, goat cheese, fennel and gloriously fresh golden beets. A little wary of the cranberries, fearing it would be too sweet for my taste, the wine pairing of the dry La Crema Pinot Gris was a wonderful balance fooling us into thinking we were just beginning the summer season in sunny San Diego.

food & drink


“Oh how lucky Chef Todd is to have Chino Farms just down the lane!” I thought. October is the turning of menus throughout the restaurant world and the Inn was in the midst of finalizing theirs. Butternut Squash Soup was in place for my tasting and here it was. Course number two and my surprise had surfaced! How original could a butternut squash soup be? Well, my tastebuds found out JUST how different this classic fall dish could be. Chef Todd’s twist was not a dense, cream laden soup but rather a light one with a hint of an unexpected drizzle of honey under an airy foam making me want for more. | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

My last meal at The Inn had been prior to Chef Todd’s acquisition of the kitchen so I wanted to know what the crowd favorite was for dinner and was told it was the Local Honey-Glazed Chilean Sea Bass. I must declare here that I have really been spoiled when it comes to seafood (Thank you, Tommy Gomes) and I can be particular. MY rule number one... I do not believe fruit belongs with fish. I am simply not impressed (I’m being nice here.) with the combination of fish and fruity flavors. I have yet to encounter a chef that has over-ruled my peculiar persuasion. With that said you can imagine that I was a bit hesitant with the notion of the honey glaze but I went for it anyway. SUPERB! Cooked perfectly, the fish was fresh of course, as you should expect from an establishment of this caliber but the presentation was delicate and refined reflecting the taste profile exactly. WINNER! WINNER! The Sea Bass left my husband proclaiming this as his favorite, hands downs. Luckily my courses were paired down in size since I was in it for the long haul because the standard portion sizes at this point would have ceased all possibility of additional tastings and I had one final dish before dessert, just one more. It was the cider braised oxtail. This dish had not yet been

finalized for the fall menu so I felt honored to be the temporary guinea pig. Each apple and oxtail bite was incredibly decadent and tender, leaving no space for additional complexity in flavors or textures. It was a wise choice to put this item on the shared plates menu. I am certain it would have been too rich as an entree. I enjoyed it though my husband, Chris, who is generally not a champion of heavier foods, was not a fan. Two cappuccinos accompanied by an assortment of light dessert bites had taken advantage of every incredible last drop of summer goodness the fruits could bear. With my belly full, my palate intrigued and my senses enlivened, I had concluded that it was evident that we were witness to the new evolution of The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe which had come about without destroying the relaxed, “country” refinement that has long defined the community and the Inn which harbors its name. 5951 Linea del Cielo, Rancho Santa Fe | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal


Chef Chad White

What’s Next?

food & drink

Growing Into His Britches San Diego is a long way from a cow farm in Washington which is where Chef Chad White spent his summers until he was 16. Life is a little different in the northernmost state where hunting and fishing and vast lush scenery is the norm. This upbringing has grounded and strongly differentiated the incredibly creative chef, husband and father of two. At the age of 19, a young Chad White enlisted in the Navy on 9/11/2001. His hope was to take the hospitality route but instead was put to KP duty (Kitchen Patrol) where he was peeling potatoes and washing dishes to his utter dismay. While questioning his destiny and in need of a sound board on the USS Benfold, Chad dialed home to talk to his mother. “I’m an artist,” Chad proclaimed. It was during this one phone call that the winds of change cleared the fog and directed Chad’s sails toward a new destination. The turning point was a single question from Chad’s mother Sonia Dilley,

“What is so different between food and art?” A 10 inch plate instantly looked like a blank canvas to the young chef and from this point forward he devoured the scores of cookbooks, specialty tools, magazines and anything else he could get his hands. Soon Chef Chad White was being asked to fulfill the officers’ requests from basic meals to elaborate feasts. At the end of his term, Chef Chad took on an externship at the famed Hotel Del Coronado’s ocean front restaurant, The Prince of Wales (currently 1500 Ocean) and was offered the entry level position of garde manger. Here Chef Chad White began cutting his teeth, acclimating to a corporate kitchen environment, maturing as a leader and climbing the ranks to chef de partie.

“I have always been in the right place at the right time in my career,” says Chef Chad White.

After a stint at the Hilton Doubletree and becoming Executive Chef at Point Loma’s Roseville, Chad White branched off on his own with his catering company Ego Culinary Trends and North Park seafood restaurant, Sea Rocket Bistro. Words like local, sustainable, seasonal and baja med have followed Chef Chad White all over the net for good reason. Baja Med (mediterranean) is the big buzz in culinary circles and Chad White is smack dab in the middle of some great company. Look around at the foodie events and you will see Chef Chad White on the marquis with big names such as Javier Plascencia, Miguel Angel Guerrero, Flor Franco, and tv chefs Ingrid Hoffman and Marcela Valladolid. Opportunities abound, this chef won’t be slowing down anytime soon as is evident with his 2 new concepts coming to a mall near you (Craft Pizza Co & IP Grill) and La Justina Gastro Bar in Tijuana.

Do You Run a Quiet or Loud Kitchen? “I have a fun kitchen. It’s firm, fair and consistent. Every single person has something to give.”

The Return to Revolución! Whistle blowing, head shaking tequila shots and Baby Rock may come to mind when thinking of Tijuana’s Avenida Revolución but Jaime Brambila and the Mexican Tourism Board are hoping that the opening of the new La Justina Gastro Bar will change that. The new destination will have an industrial feel with two massive living walls and a rooftop garden. (Can you say fresh?) Expect baja med inspired delights such as chicken hearts mole, fresh conch, succulent octopus and open fire prepped suckling pig and lamb. With Chef Chad White as partner, we look forward to trying the distinctive take his food will bring to the culinary environment. GOOD LUCK, CHEF.

CHARITY PROFILE | local love

Charity Profile sponsored by Caelum Marketing

United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego Life Without Limits, this is the slogan you see strewn across UCP of San Diego’s website, t-shirts, banners, and everything else. These three words govern the actions and decisions they make for the communities they serve.

MISSION: to advance the independence, productivity and

full citizenship of people affected by Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. What stands out are the words “and other disabilities.” UCPSD not only has programs to assist those with Cerebral Palsy to live purposeful and fulfilled lives but those with disabilities outside their specified focus. These core values provide a variety of solutions bringing help to 7500+ people per year across San Diego County through their many programs and services. UCPSD provides assistive technology, adult day programs, family support and so much more. They run several thrift stores around the county that help fund their mission and even provides their Cerebral Palsy clients with jobs and purpose through Precision Assembly, a bulk mail and assembly company. Precision Assembly offers quality service to customers and training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Another Reason to


Funding comes from grants, private donations and several fund raising events throughout the year including from an independent organization in Rancho Santa Fe, Beach & Country Guild. The Beach and Country Guild has hosted a ladies luncheon and fashion show each year for 44 years with all net proceeds benefiting United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego. More info can be found at : UCP of San Diego’s website - http://

Caracol, pulpo, avocado, masa cilantro jus, salsa de peanuts

ELOTES EN VASO Fire grilled corn, butter, queso cotija, chile, chicharrón

PAPAS FRITAS Tomate conserva, ash de mar

ATUN TOSTADA Chile de árbol peanut salsa, limón, avocado, furikake

FLAT BREADS SMOKED CARACOL Tomate conserva, chile de árbol peanut salsa, limón, avocado, parmesan

GRILLED PULPO Harissa, kalamata olives, tomate, arugula, piquillo peppers, smoked almonds

IBIÉRCO JAMÓN Tomate conserva, arugula, queso fresco, caper, red onion, stone fruit

FIRE ROASTED LAMB Eggplant puré, piquillo peppers, mint-honey, arugula, red onion

CHICKEN HEARTS Guajillo molé, cilantro, queso fresco, onion, crema

ROLLO DE LANGOSTA Grilled lobster, tocino, limón sweet corn puré, avocado, toasted roll




Azucar brûlée, masa bizcocho, tomate conserva, ash de mar

OSTIONES Kaffir lime pickled avocado, lardo, furikake

ENSALADA DE LA JUSTINA Local lettuce, ibierco jamón, dried apricot, queso fresco, strawberry-mint vinaigrette

MOLÉ DE POLLO Chicken hearts, nopal, epazote queso fresco, , guajillo molé

IBIÉRCO JAMÓN pickles, seasonal conserva, brazil nuts

Cilantro pesto, chicharrón, kimchee sauce, green onion, queso oxaca

COCIDO DE MAR Mussels, caracol, clams, smoked marlin tomate Jus

ROCK COD Local fish in sal de mar, aromatics, cauliflower, mint, dates

FIRE ROASTED BORREGO Frijoles de borrego jugos, cebolla al carbon

CRISPY LECHCÓN Arepas, lavender honey, chicharrón, spiced apple salsa

BURGERS American: beef, queso americano, bacon jam, ketchup Mexicano: marinated beef, avocado, pickled nopal, queso oxaca | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

PROFILES | local love

Brande Roderick

PROFILES | local love

Chit Chat... | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

How was your experience on Celebrity Apprentice? Grueling. It’s 5 weeks of very little sleep, hard work and managing working styles. Eating was an afterthought, the lowest priority during the busy days but it was always for a great cause. I loved the experience. What else can we expect in the near future? You can expect to hear news of some upcoming acting projects for 2014 that I’m involved in. What are you excited about right now? My involvement with Alkaline88 and our Pantofola d’Oro ladies flats. They are really nice and different from the signature sneaker.

PROFILES | local love

Celeb Mommery can be a tough gig especially when the wee little ones are still toddlers but Brande Roderick has made this her number one priority. When she isn’t traveling, Brande’s busy raising her 2 boys at home in La Jolla with their papa, ex-Denver Bronco linebacker, Glenn Cadrez. --- I’m seeing the act of rooting for Niners vs. Broncos during Monday Night Football as a serious bargaining chip for these little cuties in the future. | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

This northern California, blond bombshell of nearly 40 is a familiar face to fans of the golden sands and bronze tans of Baywatch days & the legions of Hugh’s readership (2001 Playmate of the Year) but has also proven to be quite the entrepreneurial business woman. Besides authoring a book about how to live life to the fullest, Brande is also partner in the Italian shoe company Pantofola d’Oro and founder of sports website, Check out the swanky leather “sneakers” on Adam Levine next time you catch yourself stuck on “The Voice” and you might see a pair.

On the Agenda --------------------------Health, fitness and beauty are all part of Brande’s lifestyle & personal brand so when Alkaline88 water asked her to check out their facilities and product, her interest was piqued. After learning about the health benefits of incorporating an alkaline diet into her family’s lifestyle, a partnership with Alkaline88 made perfect sense. Alkaline88 is in the business of providing their 8.8pH water in BULK; 3 liters and 1 gallon sizes cutting down on the waste associated with the 50 billion water bottles consumed each year. The 8.8pH level water is designed to provide optimum body balance in your generally acidic diet intake. We could all use a little more balance, wouldn’t you say? *You can purchase Alkaline88 water at your local Albertson’s & Bristol Farm’s Market.

Photos courtesy of Susie Talman | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

IN ATTENDANCE | the social scene


The Beach & Country Guild

Designer Kenneth Barlis with Model Makaela Maran

Beach & Country Guild President Maria Parnell, Todd Parnell

44TH ANNUAL DIA DEL SOL Denise & Tina Capozzi

Ilene Lamb, Lynn Owen, Dee Gordon

IN ATTENDANCE | the social scene


Lux Art Institute | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

Linda Brandes, Wally Dieckmann

Judy Braaksma Judy, Dan

Campine’s Chef Brian Malarkey


Campine’s Chef Antonio Friscia & Team

Collette Murphy Stefanko, Mark Bromley Lena Evans, Dan Floit, Charo Guerra & Friends

IN ATTENDANCE | the social scene


Lena Evans, Dan Floit, Charo Guerra & Friends

Ronald McDonald House

Charo Guerra, Marie Daniels, Maria Delgado | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

Yolanda S. Walther-Meade, Jessie Knight, Joye Blount

Rich & Lynda Kerr

Miriam Smotrich

Maria Delgado, Dwight Wait, Andrea Naversen

ROMP 2013 Lena Evans, Dan Floit, Charo Guerra & Friends

food & drink | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

A Feast Fit For A King... a French One That Is.

Thursday, October 10th, 2013 | The New Children’s Museum | Downtown San Diego CA

food & drink

FEASTING in VERSAILLES King Louis’ court was in full attendance to greet the guests of The New Children’s Museum exhibition opening of FEAST! The Art of Playing with Your Food.

The Magic Vision With the vision of event architect, Andrew Spurgin, guests of the New Children’s Museum were transported | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

into the unimaginable, over-indulgent world of the French monarchy.

A Fascination The costumes and decor brought the characters to life under the backdrop of the contemporary concrete building set in downtown San Diego

food & drink | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

The Committee An incredibly talented group of people came together not only to dream up the idea behind the exhibition opening but also to work hand in hand, hour after hour to make the event a reality with the diligent help of the museum staff. Chefs, artists, media, task masters, deal closers and creatives made up this wonderful team with Co-Chairs Yolanda S. Walther Meade & Michelle McSweeney Alexander at the helm.

food & drink

Days of Prep Participating chefs prepped in advance for the two days of feasting with generously donated product and several hours if not days of their time to put on a spectacular seated dinner.

Versailles Feasting in Versailles was a seated culinary theater for 200 special guests treated to a gala event unlike | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

anything seen in San Diego’s philanthropic events before.

Details From the food, to the performance schedule, to the staff costumes, to the props and the look, each detail was carefully constructed with immense intricacy.

food & drink

Wonderland Wonderland added whimsy and variety in a different fashion for the New Children’s Museum Saturday evening event. The more casual event showed no difference in the quality for which the food and drink was displayed and presented. The caliber of chefs and mixologists paired with the inspiration of art installations was a scene and experience unfathomable | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

under one roof.

Discovery of Play Contemporary art met with contemporary cuisine. Tastebuds were fascinated by the overabundance of food & drink to try as was the imagination with the interactive art. Envision a room of “instruments” made of kitchen items (artist Ross Karre) or building blocks made of pressed mushrooms (artist Phil Ross). | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

The Fun Was Inevitable

for Chefs & Guests alike!

food & drink

food & drink | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

Cheers on a Job Well Done! To the chefs, vendors, artists, and generous partners, visiting adults and children will spend the next year enjoying the fruits of your labor learning and playing.

food & drink


Food & Drink

Rancho La Puerta

Andrew Spurgin

Sea & Smoke

The Red Door

Carnitas Snack Shack

Snake Oil Cocktail Co.

The West Bean

S.O.S. 5p.m. WEST by Tattfoo Tan

The Wild Thyme Company

Grant Grill

Food Truckin’ by Jason Torchinsky

Best Beverage Company

Taj Farms

Nature Matching System by Tattfoo Tan

The Marine Room

Rainbow Bridge by Fallen Fruit

Mision 19

Catalina Offshore

Blind Tiger Cocktails Co


Whisknladle Hospitality

Specialty Produce

SEA 180˚ Coastal Tavern

Brooklyn Girl

Auberge Resorts

The Cravory

Rob Floyd RX

Venissimo Cheese

Pheasant for Dinner

Bread & Cie Bakery &

Culture Brewing Co


Country Wine & Spirits

Fruit of the Gods by Friends WithYou Wobbleland by Marisol Rendon Dinner T.V. by Joe Yorty & John Brady

Sound Kitchen by Ross Karre I made this for you by Leah Rosenberg Mol_d by Phil Ross Orange we... by Nina Waisman The Garden Project by Urban Plantations & Spurlock Poirier


A.R. Valentien Azuñia Tequila | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

azuki Sushi Alchemy Indulge Contemporary Catering Georges by the Cove Waters Fine Catering Sensational TREATS Counterpoint D Bar Montesquieu Wines Bellamy’s Restaurant Brandt Beef Martini Media Ballast Point

Ambiance & Logistics Ace Parking ShowTec UBER Floral Works eight24 ChefWorks LeoDuo Raphael’s Party Rentals

R.S.V.P. | the social scene


March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction

La Plancha Pop Up Dinner

The Complete Frida Exhibition

NOV. 17th - SD Natural History Museum

Celebration of Baja & Tequila Tasting

Now - Jan. 10th 2014

NOV. 18th - Romesco Baja Med Bistro

NTC Liberty Station

$75++ Purchase Here

$16.50 Purchase HERE

Tickets: $250+ PURCHASE HERE | Curating the social & food scene in SoCal

photo by Manny Cencieros Encinitas Fall Festival

San Diego Jazz Fest

December Nights in Balboa Park

NOV 24th - 101 Hwy. between D & J St.

NOV 27th-DEC 1st T&C Convention Ctr

DEC 4-5 - Balboa Park

FREE Admission - DETAILS


Candlelight Ball

Run for the Hungry - 10k and 5k

The Big Bay Balloon Parade

DEC 7th - The Grand Del Mar

NOV 28th - Downtown SD

DEC 30 - Downtown San Diego


$40+ - DETAILS

eat well be well

Free Admission - DETAILS



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Cur8eur ONLINE Nov 2013 Digital Issue  
Cur8eur ONLINE Nov 2013 Digital Issue  

San Diego & Beyond - curating the foodie & social scene - In November we sat down with The Apprentice's Brande Roderick & Baja Med Chef Chad...