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Coventry Designers Degree Show 2019


Acknowledgements: We would like to thank all the collaborators, sponsors and donors that chose to make generous contributions to the exhibition. Without the support of those listed below the show would not have been possible. We are truly grateful for their involvement.


Contents Part One: Committee Introduction


Course Teams


Part Two: Automotive & Transport


Industry & Alumni


Exhibitor Content


Internships & Placements


Part Three: Interior & Architecture


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Part Four: Product


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Coventry Designers Degree Show 2019

Exhibition Catalogue


Committee Introduction

The Coventry Designers Degree Show is organised by a committee of volunteers who study Automotive and Transport, Interior Architecture or Product Design. The Degree Show Committee organised all aspects of the exhibition including fund raising, branding and this catalogue. Alongside the aforementioned sponsors, this exhibition has been funded through student-run activities. Every exhibitor in this catalogue has made a set contribution to showcase their work.

Editors: Josh Hudson Thomas Harding Anabel Twitchell Requena Igor Peiu Thomas Phipps Rhiannon Hughes-Boatman 8

Part One

Course Teams

During our final year at Coventry University all course teams have supported and guided the projects in this catalogue. We would like to thank them for supporting our development as young designers. Automotive and Transport

Alan Barrett

Aamer Mahmud

Dohyung Kim

Ed Stubbs

Shaun Hutchinson

John Wilcox Lawson Swinfield

Kirit Patel

Nick Hull

Nicola Crea

Sean McCarten

Simon Cox

Aysar Ghassan Peter Birtwhistle

Peter Atkinson

Interior Architecture

Seid Porobic

Selma Porobic

Richard Jones

Heidi Saarinen

Emily Manns

Tony Herring

Kieron Mason

Tom Nelson

Matt Bassett

Tim Ball

Clive Hilton

Tris Keech

Paul Russell

Graham Powell

Karen Bull


Steve Kingdon David Prytherch


Automotive & Transport BA & MDes

Automotive & Transport Design at Coventry University is recognised by the industry as one of the world’s leading undergraduate courses of its type. Taught by tutors with decorated careers in the field as well as many notable alumni, it is responsible for producing numerous design professionals that populate acclaimed studios worldwide.

Teaching Staff: Alan Barrett Lawson Swinfield Aysar Ghassan Dr. Shaun Hutchinson Dohyung Kim Simon Goodyear-Cox Nick Hull Dr. Sean McCarten Peter Birtwhistle Nicola Crea Aamer Mahmud John Wilcox Ed Stubbs Kirit Patel Peter Atkinson Tracy Twiss

Thomas Omasta | 2015 Graduate | MDes Thanks to Coventry University I had many opportunities to work for major OEMs and I am currently working at Volvo and Polestar in Sweden as Strategic user experience designer crafting the best experience for our users inside and outside of our products. Coventry is a launchpad for your dreams of becoming a car designer. There are so many hungry talents out there but we need to make sure that Coventry grads will feast first! We do have impact on the future of cars, mobility and ecosystems, now this is the time to be in the game. Stay hungry Coventry!

Industry Affiliates Companies that have been supportive of the course through live briefs.

Part Two

Industry & Alumni

Al Aborrob | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7712095789 Experience: ERAF Group, Saudi Arabia -10 Months

JURASSIC ‘Verse Next Gen Theme Park Experience at the heart of the ultimate application of Mixed Reality, covering the entire park. Autonomy is employed in Jurassic ‘Verse, however this time around, it is designed to pack serious thrill and adventures, rendering an unforgettable experience, especially for the Jurassic Aficionados.


Hassan Ahmed | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7779924077 Collaborative project: Tata Motors & Autodesk - 9 Months

M.A.N.A.R.A A new racing series in 2035 pitting the world’s best drivers against autonomous race cars, aiming to engage a younger generation by introducing and implementing new forms of technology in motorsport. This creates a greater depth of engagement and participation with an enhanced viewing experience.


Zeeshan Akbar | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7790245500

I.C.E An all-terrain research vehicle for the year 2030. The purpose of the vehicle is to reduce time spent getting to any destination and also scaling down the limitations of getting to difficult areas whilst carrying essential gear. This vehicle could also be used in other areas that have a similar problem and this solution could be implemented to help them.


Mohammed Miadh Ali | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7926511271

Transform-O-Quad Transform-O-Quad enables riders to ride on smooth and rough surfaces with a flick of switch. Transforming the wheel’s shape and the overall dimensions of the quad help do this. The riders posture is also adjusted so they’re better prepared, when on the different surfaces.


Max Sinha Andon | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7930724703 Experience: HempFlax Hanze University Collaboration - 4 Month Design Lab Atlas ATLAS is man made global cooling. ATLAS is a fleet of ships built for marine cloud brightening, to reflect some of the sun’s rays back, and to keep climate change under control.


Alexey Andreev | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7709037043 Experience: Land Rover – 6 months SAIC Design Europe -2 months Astheimer Design – 2 months Land Rover Mission Terraform A Land Rover vehicle designed for a human mission to terraform mars in the year 2148. The vehicle embodies modularity at the heart of its design to allow it to adapt to any mission, no matter how extreme.


Matthew Ansell | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7532474680 Experience: ESPOMAR Boat design lab, Cadiz – 3 months

Iceland Sightseeing Experience To give tourists an informative and unforgettable tour of the wildest parts of Iceland in order to meet the unprecedented growth in tourism while reducing the impact on the unspoilt environment.


Julian Antonio | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7478952512

Habilis Habilis is a low-cost hybrid personal mobility vehicle, made for wheelchair users, for rural areas of Indonesia in 2025. The idea is to provide wheelchair dependent people to move independently without relying on others. The user will be able to enter the vehicle and position themselves in driving position on their wheelchair.


Ikenna Anugwom | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7538877177 Experience: NCMI, Ireland - 5 months

U-Turn U-Turn is an autonomous transport vehicle that takes rough sleepers to hostels. If the hostel is full, U-Turn becomes a temporary shelter. U-turn tackles in part the big homelessness issue in EU countries. The focus of emerging automotive technologies is on luxury applications, the U-Turn project aims to do the opposite.


Matthew Aston | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7831 850 548 Experience: CA S ModellerJaguar, UK - 6 Months Collaborative Industry Project, Tata Motors & Autodesk - 9 Months ERA Velocity 2035 Air racing is one of the fastest sports on earth, built for a combination of speed and agility. My vision is a bespoke privately owned “Electric race aircraft� designed for maximum performance, to be used for both recreational use and in air race events around the world.


Oliver Ball | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7530760836 Experience: Exterior Designer – Land Rover, UK - 7 months Product Designer - Special Agent Design Consultant, Cambridge UK - 3 months Land Rover ARC – Antarctic Research Concept With the growing desire for experiences and the obligation to improve the worlds environment. LR ARC offers an authentic experience and a solution to controlled tourism in Antarctica, harnessing the ingenuity of future generations to set in motion a template for a cleaner future through engaging in research and environmental causes.


Jordan Bassett | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7964028226

Modular Charter Yacht The modular yacht is about creating a more personable charter experience for its guests. A choice of modular compartments to pick from means guests, when booking their holiday can decide on a layout most suitable for their interests and lifestyle.


James Bazun | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7969254505 Experience: David Brown Automotive, Silverstone, UK - 12 months

Eunos Inspired Bespoke Revival Project Redefining the original Eunos concept in a modern context, a response to the growing trend of classic/retro redesign in a bespoke experience. Using 2025 technological advances and mechanical function for drivers who hark back to their b-road golden days in, or similar to the original NA MX-5.


Kameren Blair | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7950340454 Experience: Clay Modeller, Land Rover, UK – 6 Months

Helios – Saudi Arabian mega city commuting vehicle 2035 A travel solution for the future mega city of Neom. Helios embodies a reborn, progressive and sustainable Saudi Arabia. The concepts functionality taps into the core pillars of the Vision 2030 movement whilst exhibiting a symbiotic relationship between mobility and the power grid.


Michael Brown | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7847346846

Voyager Extra-terrestrial research & discovery concept vehicle intended for use within a game; will carry a small crew on extended surface missions through flying & sailing capabilities in an earth-like atmosphere. Minimal space travel required as will be transported from earth via a larger vessel. Can also land on solid ground as a stationary base.


Philippe Buithieu-Martel | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7539149278

Tridenti A high luxury powerboat trimaran focused on its user’s emotions throughout his experience. Balancing technology, privacy, excitement and comfort, the Tridenti is the perfect powerboat for an individual or a couple looking for a luxurious escape to the daily life.


Andy | Chan Lok Hin | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7940954682 +852 51290111

Beam This is a single person use electric compact flexible commuting vehicle in 2030. Many Developed cities’ fast pace life style lead to citizens feel restless. Limited housing space, long hour working time, overcrowded traffic and public transport system make their life even more uncomfortable.


Chen Wei | BA Contact: +86 18951987972

CAM - City Assistance Mobility The growing population and the rapid development of global society have caused tremendous pressure and challenges for urban transportation. Many large cities in the world have to satisfy the traffic needs of a small number of people to help them catch up with the majority.


Laurence Chen | Zixi Chen | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7599576416

Extremer ‘Extremer’ which originated in ‘extreme’, is a vehicle that can do film and documentary shooting in extreme environment and is also my ‘dream’ vehicle as I was the chairman of NJUST’s student television station. ‘Extremer’ provides a shooting ‘base’ for two people for ten days’ working and living with the help of UAV.


Zhenghao Chen | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7422395906

I-FARMING 2030 An autonomous electric tractor for the year 2030. Aiming to provide a comfortable and intelligent experience for farmers who live in northeast China. The cab is designed to act as a small vehicle when used off-tractor, but also operates like a standard on-cab tractor.


Paul Chis | BA Contact:

Experience: Virtual Reality 3D Planning, BMW AG, Germany - 6 Months Communicate Technology and Intention Through Design The concept focuses on reducing collisions between pedestrians/cyclists and vehicles by communicating intentions and changes in directions ahead of time. Aiding in difficult situations where crowded urban scenes and mobile use distracts individuals to process the large flow of visual information in front of them, resulting in involuntary mistakes.


Hayden Ciesielski | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7872169371 Experience: Espeland & Skomedal Naval Architects, Norway – 4 Months Voyage This project is an investigation into revolutionising the Narrowboat and fulfilling the potential of living on the waterways within Great Britain. Rising house prices coupled with rising popularity of Canal boats results in a perfect time to introduce a modular Narrowboat platform, giving users full personalisation of their new home.


Oliver Clarke | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7766055136 Experience: Nuvolari Lenard - Italy, 6 Months Boat International Young Designer Of The Year 2019 Finalist Superyacht X3 A 120m Exhibition Superyacht specialising in Extreme Sports, taking luxury hospitality to the next level. The yacht can be hired by a company to run events either onboard and off board. In addition a 50m Vessel will support along side, running smaller events and ferrying guests to the main yacht.


William Core | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7498 920220 Experience: Innovation Sketch Artist MG Motors April 2018 – Present SAICOLOGY Finalist 2019 QMUTE Time is Money. In California, the year 2035, the main problem will be the hours wasted parked up, in traffic. The solution? Using the power of autonomy and the flexibility of Spandex: a taxistyle service operating in convoy, inches apart from one another, to give commuters back their time.


Owain Davies | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7557279121 Experience: CADCAM Automotive - 12 months Tata Motors & Autodesk Collaborative Project - 9 months PRORIde To re-imagine the traditional interior environment, the goal of this project is to develop a fully autonomous, 4 seater module with the capability to complete short commutes or long distance journeys through urban, suburban and rural areas in 2040+.


Ricardo de la Vega Dominguez | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7491444008 Experience: Jeshua Design - 6 Months

EX – NIHILO The need for helicopters is increasing; the experience and privacy is becoming the luxury for younger generations. With the capacity to recognise and anticipate a persons needs and desires during flight, Ex Nihilo will for ever change your perception of time through the use of intelligent ergonomic designs.


Reuben De-Souza | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7896433848 Experience: Clay modeller - Changan Europe Design Centre S.R.L, Rivoli (TO) Italy, 6 months The Future of the Muscle Car An exploration in to what a future electric muscle car could be, featuring new ways of displaying electric power through the usage of tesla coils. The design is influenced by a mix of robotic muscle and traditional muscle car themes.


Kaloyan Dimitrov | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7847 588425

Concept Locus In a world of future, with constant progression people’s goals are higher and higher. This leads to workaholism, which can cause low mood due to stress. Stress is one of the main causes of anxiety and depression. With my project, I will be attempting to help people who are likely to develop or are already developing anxiety attacks and panic attacks.


James Duguid | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7505680682

Duo-Monorail A dual direction Mag-lev monorail system operating along one single rail. Individual trains run along the top and bottom of the rail, travelling northbound and southbound respectively, taking up half the space of a conventional train system.


James Dyer | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7495806480

Autonomous First Class Coachbus 2040 An innovative luxury coachbus that delivers a first class experience for the passengers. Connecting cities with cities, airports with cities and airports with airports. The design will incorporate platooning to enhance fuel efficiency and utilise the autonomous technologies.


Joo Lee | BA Contact: +44 (0) 74 7741 6813 +82 010 3428 3778

Sherpa – XC coupe Sherpa presents a new cross-country segment for 2025. Bringing sporty performance to a XC side, expanding the range of road it can travel. This vehicle not only offers a driving emotion, but a connection for the young users who wants to enjoy leisure, speed, and style on any road, and wants their car to be a partner, like ‘Sherpas’, leading the way.


Yicheng Fan | Jude | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7493166457 Experience: Creative Interior Design Intern Jaguar Land Rover – 6 Months Project Air Project Air is a product ecosystem – an integration of architecture, automobile and technology. The project celebrates a better sustainable living experience in the countryside in 2030. The vehicle will equip with the latest technology and can physically attach to the house.


Lucas Fawcett | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7595281395 Experience: Clay Modeller, Jaguar – 6 months

Blade Runner A zero-emission racer made to travel over the earth’s frozen lakes at great speed with poise and elegance, blades replace conventional wheels allowing the vehicle to glide across the ice with low resistance. The racer is powered by highly pressurized water which launches from the back of the vehicle propelling it from 0-60mph in under 1 second.


Benjamin Gladas | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7800899317 Experience: CAS Modeller, Land Rover – 6 months

Formula Flux Over the last decade, Formula 1 viewership has fallen year after year. There is a need to re-think the future of motorsport and attract new fans for generations to come. The solution? A levitating wheel-less motorsport series using a magnetic race track, ‘flux pinning’ superconductor technology and a virtual reality spectator experience.


Kezhen Gong | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7422529305

Three Wheeled car for Farmers Nowadays many farmers can never found a suitable car for them, they can only use tricycles which is not safe nor convenient. the project is aim to filling the blank between the truck and the normal tricycle, by this way ,they can drive safely, rest conveniently and transporting goods easily.


Jack Gourd | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7506713256 Experience: Designer - JPA Design London (5 months).

Cloud IX- Water Wellness Charter Jet The epitome of luxury aviation travel. Private charter jet with the emphasis on a ‘one of a kind’ flight and first class travel at its finest. Providing a service of wellbeing and reduction in the effects of jet lag, through the conversion of contrails into enhanced water features.


Yifan Gu | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7752787855

Future Metro System in China Many people living in cities like Beijing, Shanghai often choose the subway for daily transport because of its convenience and fast. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demands for travel will also increase in the future. I decide to design a brand new metro system which will be constructed in Nanjing in China in 2035.


Marco Gullà | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7539001390 Experience: Creative Designer – Jaguar Land Rover, 14 Months

Project Mathematica The project aims to research mathematics and geometry, elaborate them, and produce a fully electric supercar, where volumes and surfaces have direct influence from mathematical equations. The result will be an organic piece of sculpture where mathematics and human creativity work flawlessly together.


Yuhan Lin | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7517158801 Experience: SAIC MAXUS Design Centre – 2 Months

G.O.A The world has never been more accessible than it is today, so your next big adventure is easily within reach. However, somehow most of the vehicles currently are cut off people from the outside environment, but this concept vehicle should become a connection between people and the environment, so they can enjoy their journey.


Daniel Kwon | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7462870228

LX35 Dynamic and opulence, the vision LX35 is a flagship limousine targeted to UHNW individuals. A grand tourer inspired by the principles of Zaha Hadid architecture, powerful yet sensuous appeal through reflection. Designed for chauffeur driven, spacious and contemporary interior that is calming and de-stressed.


Joe Lambert | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7500427237 Experience: Clay modeller, Jaguar Land Rover, UK - 6 Months

Bond Villain Car A car built around a persona of a villain from the James Bond franchise: The year is 2033. My character is an intelligent, introverted CEO of an autonomous technology company, who sells to large OEM’s, but secretly retains control of all products. The car contains an armoured pod, which can split from its body and fly to safety if damage is inflicted.


Marcus Lawson | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7566228188

Eurybia Designed for 2050 to tackle the rising numbers in wildfires across the globe. My intention is to design an aircraft that can replace the current water bombers of today, as by 2050 they will be out of service (due to their age). My project takes the best parts of todays water bomber and combines them into the next generation water bomber.


Lucy Marie Ledbrooke | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7761322225

Emergency Response The emergency responder is my project designed to build upon and improve traditional ambulance services. The fast response unit will be launched on UK roads in 2025, ready to tackle CAT A emergencies. The speed and effectiveness of the design allows for a faster response time to emergencies, therefore decreasing first-response mortality rates.


Seungyuop Lee | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7500283003

Luxury sports autonomous concept in 2030 Quae. Nisi conesse re mi, sunteca ectotatiis que lacimus si omniet utentibus undus moluptis maioremporio voluptatur restruptat venese volore vendebi squunt prem nem eseque restruptat venese volore vendebi squunt prem nem eseque venese volore vendebi squunt prem nem eseque squunt prem nem


Ash Lewin | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7842581272

AURORA Aurora is a luxury timeshare yacht offering an authentic Scandinavian experience. It will present millennials a unique way to explore the picturesque Fjords of Norway through it’s 10 detachable apartments. Aurora will also utilise Norway’s rich renewable resources in order to power both the 100 metre mothership and residential apartments.


Henry Lewis | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7838040642

Ford RS200 Inspired Homage Splicing together both the thrill of Group B rally and modern consumer comforts, the homage will aim to create a new consumer experience; without compromise. Suitable for both track and roads, it aims to feed nostalgia while still being relevant in the European sports car market.


Yuhao Li | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7938811969 Experience: BAIC Design center in Beijing, China - 2 months

Mobile Reading Space This is an experiment about moving space. A flexible mobile space was created to provide a good reading experience. The design was inspired by modernist architecture. The flexible structure creates a unique “gray space� that opens up the possibilities for interesting space and light changes.


Zeheng Li | BA Contact: 0086-17626019231 Experience: NJUST China - 3years

Heart Journey This project aims at creating a more suitable way for teenagers to experience a journey without parents from one city to another. My main propose is to combine the youth hotel with the travel vehicle to provide a convenient journey for teenagers and make their travel easier.


James Hancock | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7766933009

E-VOLVE This is a morphable performance vehicle aimed for the year 2030. The use of upcoming technologies in terms of drivetrain materials will create a super/ hypercar that is more practical than any vehicle in its class and retain the core value of this type of vehicle (driving experience) while offering zero emissions to push a sustainable future.


Yuanzhou Hu | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7400535189

Pandora This project is to design a Modular vehicle that user own the cabin and rent the driving pods. As the housing problems and population increasement in the next decades, living space are getting smaller and smaller. In this project, the cabin can use as an extra room after it finish the journey and parked.


Rhiannon Hughes-Boatman | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7495495755 Experience: Envisage Group Ltd., UK – 6 Months Piaggio Advanced Design, CA – 3 Months AESTHESIS As shared autonomous cars remove control and familiarity from travel, people with Sensory Processing Disorder, who are vulnerable in unfamiliar spaces, risk being isolated. Using ambient lighting, filtering biophilia, and adaptive materials & seating, Aesthesis lowers arousal rates in users with SPD and reduces stress in neurotypicals.


Stephen Joyce | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7803819946 Experience: Jaguar Land Rover – 6 Months

Osaka 2070 Due to the ever-growing threat posed by sea-level rise and inspired by humanity’s recent forays into mars colonization, the costal Japanese city of Osaka redevelops the sea bed and forms an autonomous underwater city. This project attempts to portray how an emergency services system might function in this new world.


Yeojin Jung | BA Contact: +44 (0) 74 9120 4206 Experience: AHO, Oslo, Norway - 2 months

Estrella - Y concept yacht Estrella offers special experience and feelings with unique and aesthetic design that doesn’t go too far away from yacht design language, but also keeping creativeness. Moreover, the concept gives a fantastic view with Cantilever method. Also, it can make intimate experience with nature by providing innovative layout.


Arfan Khan | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7468020075 Experience: Cambridge Electric Transport, UK- 3 Months Bespoke Design UK- 2 Months Raven This Central Reservation Monorail System consists of a 2-way track built on Motorways, the Raven Monorail will carry HGV s, increasing productivity with the Vehicles helping to generate Electricity efficiently on the modular Dynamometer, re-charge whilst travelling beyond the roads speed-limit. Aiming for a traffic-less future.


Jinhyeong Kim | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7397318156

Project Loom I tried to design the car that links people and environment organically in the era of the Industry 4.0.The material of the roof is made of deformable fabric and the shape changes according to each driving modes. Sports mode changes into aerodynamic shape and comfort mode gives large head room.


Donggun Kim | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7491910298

Air cleaning Autonomous City Bus (AABus) This is a autonomous city bus for 2025. The main function of this bus is removing PM10 and PM2.5 from both outside and inside of the vehicle by two HEPA filters. One large filter at the rear purifies outside of the vehicle and another smaller filter at the front cleans the air in the cabin.


Woojae Kim | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7491931679

TRION I have designed 2030 version of semi autonomous 3-seater EV sports car. I wanted to do creative design and show interior flexibility. Triangle windshield is the main design idea that can be able to show 3-seater vehicle. In terms of battery, combine regular batteries with graphene can improve the performance.


Prokopios Koutsalaras | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7856449093 00306948685764 Experience: Microcab Industries Ltd - England 4 Months

PixUP Welcome to a new transport solution. Welcome to PixUP. Made to be friendly to disabled people with physical and mental disabilities, such as autism but also designed for people without disabilities. Friendly look, nice environment and fancy colours. PixUP for everyone.


Ruocong Liu | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7413843124 Experience: Pan Asia Technical Automotive Centre, Shanghai -1 Month Mobile Tea Room People needs more time and more space for themselves, these times can use in socialize, hospitality and relaxation. What I designed is a leased autonomous ‘mobile tea room’ that use to serve tea and mini meal to steam the hunger and spend time on car. And the design is also focus on holding tea reception and use for hospitality.


Jake Lockyer | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7366 466905 Experience: David Brown Automotive - 12 Months Tony Castro Yacht Design ANDARTA Grand Touring was a rite of passage for Victorian gentlemen of yesteryear, a pursuit which broadened their minds. With A.I and level 5 autonomy Andarta takes you on such a tour, showcasing a cross section of what the world can offer. A car as a tool for self-actualisation, beyond materialism.


Chenyu Lu | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7366073898

Escape From Pressure This vehicle helps young people escape from pressure they suffer from daily life. The owner drives this car to escape from the living area and to a new place to stay for several days and relax themselves, which gives them a feeling of freedom.This way, customers could forget about their pressure for some time.


John Alfred Magnaye | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7412796196 Experience: Feadship Studio De Voogt, Netherlands - 5 Months

Overview Yacht Bridging the gap between yachting and space tourism, the clients are immersed in an astronaut-like experience, the Overview Effect. Travellers are empowered to make meaningful and lasting changes to their lives, exploring the unexplored together with scientists to find discoveries about the environment and ultimately protect the planet.


Horia Mocanu | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7904689624 Experience: NMCI, Ireland – 4 Months

Solitude Solitude is an arctic exploration experience set to cross the polar regions in a sustainable way by using Hydrogen to fuel a silent electric powertrain. Social media is becoming more invasive and to combat the stress caused a disconnect from it all is often necessary. Solitude provides the client with the peace of mind they are looking for.


Nicholas Morgan | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7769554001 Experience: ESNA, Norway - 4 months

Junk ship inspired Chinese superyacht China has the second largest residence of ultra-wealthy, but trails in the yacht ownership market. Putting aside western ideals of a second home and outdoor sunbathing, instead wanting a social platform; an asset to their businesses. A new yacht, designed to act as a beacon, devoting larger spaces to communal gatherings than ever is required.


Rhasool Mousavi | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7510596408

The Asteroid Rush Asteroids are rich in valuable things like Gold, Iron and, most importantly, Water. H2O is not only a form of sustenance, but it can also be a rocket fuel when broken down into its elements. So my project will begin mines on water rich asteroids that can supply anyone’s space missions with fuel/water at various points throughout the solar system.


Shannon O’Brien |BA Contact: +44 (0) 7429950793

Auxilium Search and Rescue Auxilium all-terrain amphibious first response vehicle is specially designed for search and rescue to aid, assist and evacuate casualties from danger immediately. This innovative and robust structure can easily travel through extreme, rough terrain and waters at high speeds with ease. Making missions more efficient than ever!


Hyeongmin Park | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7490599868

LF-EX Concept Design of elegant lines with flowing shape was inspired by tight tension between soft curves of bow and bowstring.The future vision of more convenient and diverse electric vehicles was designed though spare battery system and battery sharing system in the background of 2030.


James Pering | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7565487724

Concept River Shuttle for the Electric Era. How a fast river shuttle can alleviate inner city traffic and eliminate pollution in the process. We must consider how we move around cities; my investigation looks to how we can make changes with minimal infrastructure cost having as little environmental footprint as possible using ZĂźrich as a basis for how cities are designed in the next 100 years.


Tom Phipps | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7960832458 Experience: Clay Modeller, Land Rover, UK - 6 months

Project_Alpha As the buying habits of Generation Alpha change, the more creative individuals will want to travel in a vehicle tailored to their day-to-day requirements. Alpha supports unlimited potential for the user whilst producing all of its energy on-board, allowing it to be self-sustaining from the current planned UK infrastructures.


James Ponter | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7542070674

Retro Racer A Track day vehicle inspired by 1930’s race cars that simulates the feel and driving experience of the users chosen 1930’s race car. Mapped electric motors, adaptable braking and suspension will provide an accurate racing experience, plus tactile and sensory elements will make the user feel like there actually driving a genuine classic.


Alexander J Preston | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7702227982 Experience: Land Rover Realisation CMD Designer - 6 Months Land Rover Advanced Futuring Designer - 18 Months Abode – For Land Rover A luxury whole-system Land Rover brand experience. This project focuses on a holistic and human-centric approach to experiences that add value and growth to club members lives while remaining desirable and exclusive. Centred on a mind set for offline mindful activity in a lifestyle brand.


Xinyi Qi | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7422527775

Bonding A project designed as a privately owned vehicle for the senior single female working in Shanghai. It’s mainly focusing on the interior design and experience. The aim is to make the vehicle as a shelter for them to find themselves and be themselves, embodying the highly spiritual inside world of them.


Oliver Reynolds | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7825 428066

Le Mans 2035 The project aims to give an insight into the future of Le Mans racing. Understanding the connection between driver and machine and how far technology can affect performance.


Gianluca Scanella Contact: +44 (0) 7505352609 Experience: Victory Design, Napoli – 6 Months.

Automotive Sculpture This vehicle is a limited production hyper-car inspired by the world of racing, art and sculpture. Based of millennials attitudes towards family and collectable art/vehicles. Using a high level of individuality and originality to create not just a fast car, but a family heirloom to be passed down the generations.


Robin Severs | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7715583490 Experience: WMG, University of Warwick – 2 Months 3rd Place TRAVisions Research - Rail Competition 2018 Fidere Fidere is a system of autonomous public transport vehicles designed to bridge the gap between current transport and fully autonomous, shared vehicles. The system builds user trust in AVs during a staged introduction starting with tram-like functionality in dedicated areas of the city and eventually becoming useable as a fully autonomous taxi.


Zhiyuan Shang | BA Contact: 8613909170975 Experience: Beijing Zac Design, Beijing - 1 Mouth

GT X People want to pursue personalisation in a simple, low-cost way in the future. This 3 seats vehicle can adapt to a variety of occasions to satisfy the different needs of people by changing different shared chassis with one cabin, like GT sports car and SUV modes.


Tony | Yibo Shao | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7546620769 Experience: Duling City Studio - Shanghai, China, Automotive Design - 3 Months Concept North Pole Vehicle This project is design a concept GT vehicle for tourists when they traveling around North Pole Area. It is kind of a vehicle use sleds to replace wheels while running on ice. The project will introduce the concept of grand tourer into design, providing customers with a different experience.


Christian Sims | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7960223401 Experience: Victory Design, Italy Naples - 6 Months

Zorro Zorro, is a 94M luxury explorer catamaran yacht. A sculpted, futuristic an elegant yacht that moves away form the traditional arrangement of yachts. Its state of the art 360 Immersive monitoring bridge allows the bridge to be moved to any area of the vessel, which allows the exterior to be as radical and divergent from other yacht designs.


Endri Sopi | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7786288495

Nova Airship Nova - private owned airship offering a unique experience. Sky’s the limit. Nova is tailored to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) who seek a niche experience at a ultimate level of luxury.


Michal Suchodolski | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7510 998 119 Experience: Changan European Design Centre, Italy – 6 months

Shared Autonomous Farming Vehicle In the age of electrification and decarbonisation, agriculture is way behind, still depending on fossil fuels and contributing to 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This project provides farmers with an inexpensive vehicle performing all the tasks autonomously, which saves time and phases out conventional tractors.


Ben Thompson | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7745754731 Experience: Envisage Group – 6 Months Tata Motors and Autodesk – 9 Months HTI Group – 3 Months CHD Design – 5 Months Maserati Diatto Diatto juxtaposes the society of 2050. A revival of Maserati’s heritage combined with differing generational perceptions, to fuel analogue desires. The life of Generation Alpha is tethered to technology and defined by automation. In 2050, ‘the absolute opposite of ordinary’ calls for a reversion to the former visceral experience of driving.


Samuel Tomkins-Russell | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7976214659

FreeFlow ‘FreeFlow’ is a vehicle designed around the research of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi into ‘Flow State’ with the goal of improving the mental health of users in the year 2035. Every aspect of the driving position and driving experience can be altered, allowing the driver to control the vehicle in a nature comfortable to them and encouraging a flow state.


Justin Tsang | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7463 270792

Plastic Collection Vehicle As we use more plastic, an ever-increasing amount ends up on our ocean and beaches. The aim of this project is to propose a solution to reduce the amount of plastic circling in the environment and food chain by efficiently removing plastics and other waste from beaches, using fewer human resources.


Adam J. T. Williams | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7591824539

Autonomous Culture Car It operates as a company owned vehicle, leased to restaurants in Birmingham. The vehicle will be initiated on demand by the consumer. For couples, the initiation happens when booking a table at a restaurant. For individuals, the initiation happens via membership scheme or a single booking through an app.


Jiahao Wu | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7422533445

A military vehicle, for carrying shield robots in year 2035 Make robots part of the car body and improve its use value. When the soldiers need help, the robot (according to the positioning) go to the required location to assist the soldiers to complete their task.


Tianyu Wu 吴天羽 | BA

Contact: +44 (0) 7419772229

Experience: Lenovo, China – 1 month

Tour de Anywhere A team support vehicle for road bicycle racing and training in 2030, serving as both a bike carrier and a mobile pit stop. Inspiration comes from an animated movie, The Triplets of Belleville.


Haoyuan Xu | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7366063747

Dream of Crossing-Country This vehicle can help the disabled to go outside of the city and enjoy the nature. It is a oneseat vehicle that can run on rough road. With the drone on the top of the vehicle, people with disability inside the cabin can enjoy not only the nature from the glass but the whole scenery around the vehicle. The rear-door can make the disabled get on easily.


Xu Xiaoxiao | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7594371634

Health Automotive An automotive designed for young people in china who have high pressure and unhealthy lifestyles. People could enjoy a relaxing experience and use the time in the vehicle to adjust their state in order to adapt to a fast-paced life.


Hayden | Xiao Yang | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7743314652 Experience: Geely Design Centre (Shanghai) – 3 months

IS2C A sports car design for the visually impaired to let them feel the purest driving pleasure.


Seongjun Issac Yoon | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7914630097 Experience: GM Interior design company, South Korea - 6 Months CJ design education institute, South Korea - 5 Months Furniture Atelier, South Korea - 6 Months Jeju International Electric Car - Design Award 2050 Project Shifter: Volvo Sharing Mobility with Hyperloop Technology ‘SHIFTER’ comes from a paradigm shift in the way how society thinks of transportation. Collaboration: Social innovation, design thinking and new urban mobility. What is a responsible luxury? Study on possibility regarding a new design discovered from a new transportation with advanced technology: HYPERLOOP.


Liban Yousuf | BA Contact: +44 (0) 784785117

Terrain Explorer An extreme electric all-terrain vehicle with a living space that can accommodate two occupants for an explorer’s lifestyle, allowing the users to have a sporty experience while also exploring different environments from the rocky mountains to the desert, this concept is set for 2020 to 2025.


Yihan Zhang | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7490465264 (UK) 15617955411 (China)

Back to old days This vehicle reinvents the relationship between past and present. To explore the future of public transport system for tourists, how it can connect tourists to the city and how could tourist experience the history.


Hanjie Zhao | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7999237410 +86 13916591493 Experience: QOROS Design Shanghai – 6 months

Hammock on the wheels This project is designed for American road trip lover, which inspired by the hammock. It brings the same feeling of hammock to a future mobility, which feels enjoyable and relaxing.


Tingwei Zhou | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7840270563 +86 13218671772

Off-road Shared Lounge For Guangdong The urbanization in Guangdong is accelerating. More and more people are living in the modern cities with fast-paced life and great pressure. My concept is a vehicle with nice off-road performance which can take them to the nature environment and make them really relaxed.


Placement Companies 2017-18




Gulf Porche 917 | Rhiannon Hughes-Boatman


Contechs | Industry Leading Automotive Engineering

Contechs is immensely proud to once again hold the Steve Olney Design Awards within the Coventry University Design Show. Now in their 13th year, the Steve Olney awards were launched in memory of their namesake, a Contechs founding director who died suddenly in 2005. Each year, Contechs presents awards to Coventry University Design Students who best demonstrate the personal values held by Steve, namely design, innovation, technology, craftsmanship and helping to enhance the lives of others around them. The awards have gained in popularity year on year, even more so now that they form part of the Degree Show. The spirit of the event perfectly slipstreams into our passion for encouraging young people to get excited and involved in automotive design. Contechs provides world class services to some of the automotive sector’s most prestige companies, our industry leading product design and engineering expertise has won us admiration across the globe though our facilities in the UK, Germany, Slovakia and India. Contechs’ automotive consultants have a wealth of knowledge that stretches across every discipline. In a tough competitive market, our vast experience helps our customers to improve the performance of their components. Renowned manufacturers turn to us to help them accelerate past their competitors when they develop new products and enhance existing ones. Contechs' award-winning services include design and engineering, recruitment, interior trimming and assembly, and materials and logistics. From concept design through to packaging and product launch, we ensure compliance with the many pieces of legislation that govern the industry. The design and engineering team is supported by a dedicated trimming division, equipped to design and deliver both high-volume and bespoke vehicle trim elements. Contechs Materials Handling uses the company’s extensive resources to design and deliver ergonomic and cost-efficient solutions for the transport of components. Our clients also trust Contechs Recruitment when they seek the perfect personnel for key positions. Whether you need candidates on assignment or as permanent members of staff, our specialist recruiters provide the perfect applicants to our clients from across the world. Managing director Pete Jarvis says: “As design engineering specialists, we are delighted to be working in direct association with Coventry University to applaud the work of the new graduates as they embark on their careers. It is an honour that the University has agreed to once more integrate the awards into the degree show. It is a highly prestigious event and one which provides an excellent platform to showcase the amazing work produced by the students” Since starting its journey in 1997, Contechs has achieved consistent sales growth by consolidating, improving and advancing its range of services. Turnover last year reached £62m, which is projected to increase to £68m by the end of 2019. The company is also proud to support Zoe's Place, an independent registered charity providing palliative, respite and end of life care to babies and infants suffering from life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. To find out more about the many specialist services we provide, or if you would like to talk to us about your automotive project, contact us today and we will be happy to help.




SP-1 Design is an expert team with experience gained within the automotive, motorcycle, product, marine and transport design industries. We strive to provide a class leading design service through turnkey, on and offsite, client support. We use our knowledge and experience from different design sectors to understand the needs and requirements of our clients.

Envisage Group

Design and Innovation Award Recognising outstanding effort in both design and innovation.

Envisage Group was established in 2009 with one vision: to be the world’s most successful, bespoke engineering services company. With an international footprint across the UK, US and India, Envisage Group is a leading supplier of concept design, realisation and engineering services to the automotive and wider mobility markets.

In addition to its design and engineering divisions, the Group also incorporates Envisage Recruitment, a specialist design, engineering and technical recruitment department.

The Art of Engineering

(Credit: Royal Enfield)

Interior Architecture BA

The Interior Architecture and Design course at Coventry University is carefully positioned to prepare graduates for a wide variety of design careers such as retail and domestic spaces through to commercial and hospitality environments. Led by tutors steeped in industry experience, students’ creativity and skills are honed, ready for a prosperous career.

Teaching Staff: Seid Porobic Selma Porobic Heidi Saarinen Richard Jones Emily Manns Tony Herring

Kate Jurka | 2018 Graduate | BA Since graduating, I have worked on multiple freelance graphic projects that have led me to land a position as a junior exhibition designer. The studio works on many different scales from entire museum design to creating cultural experiences and interior design. University taught me to have fun at creating and imagining concepts, that now with the knowledge of industry experience can be turned into reality.

Part Three

Industry & Alumni

Pavithra Anton Weerasingam | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7447333360

Evolve – Mind & Body Evolve is a space designed for Coventry University students to serve the purpose of providing students the necessary support during their time at University. The building includes a range of therapies & an overall biophilic design theme with the use of sustainable materials. A place designed for the escape from daily life & for self-betterment.


Sina Beheshti | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7827567999

LOIS fashion house LOIS fashion house in Dubai is the sequence of thoughts about the future of my special fashion boutique based in Dubai. It is focused on raising awareness regarding the environmental issues caused by the fast fashion industry.


Ashleigh Burton | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7599343184 Experience: Key Architectural Design Ltd, UK - 5 Months

Guardian Guardian - a person who protects/defends something. Guardian is designed to provide support and shelter for those who have previously served in the military or emergency services. The individuals require a space to gain assistance in reintegrating themselves back into civilian communities.


Gurpreet Cheema | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7305513173 Experience: Hayley Jensen, UK - 6 months Faber Design and Architecture, UK - 1 month Revive Revive is a department store which offers sustainable products to consumers. The store is design enhances the shopping experience through exhibitions, pop up spaces and workshop. The thesis for this project aims to rejuvenate department stores by creating a hybrid design that offers more than the traditional shopping experience.


Yiannis Cheung | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7414507107 Experience: Cheuk Hand LTD, Hong Kong - 4 Months Indra, Hong Kong - 3 Months Back to the 60s Coventry Design a co-working studio for designer in Coventry city centre. 1960s is the best time In Coventry which redevelop a new city centre with a range of modern and urban buildings. The days gone by, City centre has changed a lot and these buildings seem ignored. By this project, hope to bring back the mood and feeling in the past.


Anika Chowdhury | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7930850876

NCN (Next Chapter Networking) A creative coworking hub bringing graduate artists from diverse disciplines and cultures together to cross-collaborate and develop new forms of expression. NCN prepares Art & Design graduates for the transition to professional working life by cultivating the industry skills, confidence and experience needed for recruitment.


Yun Laam Choy | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7490589888 +852 96651023 (HK) Experience: CAP Atelier, Hong Kong - 3 months

CHI Hong Kong’s aging population is a ticking time bomb that will be highly problematic for the city. CHI is a health retreat hotel providing one-time and night-stay healing services. It aims to promote traditional Chinese medicine to tourists and locals as a sustainable solution to the aging population whilst maintaining a cultural asset.


Yolanda Creates | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7525007690 Experience: Standard Studio, Netherlands – 6 months Lazelberger GMBH, Austria – 3 months Immersive Feminist Hotel An immersive hotel design for millennials allowing them to explore, play and learn, coming away with a greater understanding of an increasingly relevant topic – feminism. Large-scale games allow players to think about this in a subtle and relevant way, taking what they want from this experience.


Mirna Eletr | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7490029173 Experience: Ehaf Consulting Engineers, Egypt - 1 month El-garas, Egypt - 1 month Green Minds A Health care centre located in Cairo, Egypt. Green Minds is for adults between 18 to 40 to recover from Depression, Anxiety and stress and the building is contemporary inspired by nature.


Zimu Fan | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7492702613

Yi Space This project concerned about Chinese Zen tea space which can teach local young persons and foreigners how to appreciate the Chinese traditional tea ceremony in Guangzhou China. It has both open and closed space that can give customers different experiences.


Jenna Foxley | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7497143610 Experience: HLN Architects, UK – 3 months

IN-MIND The proposed remission retreat invites young adults diagnosed with schizophrenia to stay and learn interpersonal skills. The programme focuses on combining employment, relationship and conversational skills to build their confidence and enable them to adopt their new abilities to fulfil a more successful independent role amongst society.


Khushila Devi Ghoolet | BA Contact:

Zenitude Zenitude is a sleep centre located in the City of London. It is designed to meet the needs, be it treatment or allied services, of the working population suffering from sleep disorders, under one single roof. By providing information and support it aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle.


Maria Gradinar | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7502097378 Experience: Studio3plus, Romania - 9 months

“The Passage” Hub Gallery “The Passage” Hub Gallery is a place for ideas, a creative nest in the centre of Bucharest,Romania. The project proposes the rehabilitation of this passage area by turning it into a creative hub aimed to strengthen the community of designers in the country.


Seoyoung Han | Rosie | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7445184998 Experience: Creative Edge Consultants Pte Ltd, Singapore - 3months

Medical rehabilitation The aim of the design is to create a medical facility for plastic surgery and dermatological use which will incorporate recovery and well-being in order to give a finer rehabilitation experience for tourist and citizens.


Kei Yau Ho | BA Contact:

Experience: PplusP Designers Ltd (P+P) - 3 months Espro Hong Kong Limited - 2 months Chest of Hong Kong A Family Hotel of Cantonese Opera- the most representative art in HK, listed in UNESCO’s the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, which is declining in local urban culture and the world fame. After a long time of precipitation, this “treasure” is ready to get back all the spot light from the world medias, and attention from the new generation.


Diem Hoang | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7983976779

Preserving and uplifting urban areas and culture The proposal involves a business and creative space which aims to uplift deprived areas; a place where existing residents and communities can thrive. The space will be accessible and will include a hybrid space which involves visual arts, music, food, creative and business work set-ups.


Mila Ingilizova | BA Contact: +359 897492971

Stepping Stone – Women Refugee Centre Stepping Stones is a refugee centre that focuses on young women that have faced traumatic experiences. The centre provides a securing environment that will help build up their selfesteem, skills and help them integrate into the community.


Zahra Jetha | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7707883459 Experience: Hayley Jensen Interiors, UK - 6 months

Elevate Elevate is a combination of 3 conventional spaces that will offers to elevate students from the emotions (such as stress and anxiety) affecting their quality of life through spiritual upliftment.


Amy Kerr | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7789193215 Experience: TPS Interiors Ltd – 3 months

Florescence The support offered to children with autism is becoming increasingly exhausted, meaning that less and less are receiving the help that they need. In response to this, Florescence aims to mitigate the effects by combining the practise of communication, life and social skills with education.


Miriam King | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7397570191

Fabricate Fabricate, has the objective of facilitating young people from education into industry, and being located in a pivotal city like London, it creates opportunities to show the potential of student work to a larger audience. The location intends to foster a connection between fashion, and the local community through upcycling.


Alexandra Koutsoudes | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7847507112

Animal-assisted Therapy Centre There is an insufficient amount of animal-assisted therapy centres in the United Kingdom. The primary context of this project is to produce an animal-assisted therapy centre for university students situated in Birmingham.


Zhong Han Lau | Jayden | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7414929898 Experience: Seen Interior Company, Malaysia - 6 months

De Bamboo Hotel Kuching is the capitol of Sarawak which is rich in culture and ethnicity. With “living together with nature” as the main concept, the project “De Bamboo Hotel” in Jalan Main Bazaar, Kuching aims to build an eco-warrior hotel. It is focus on green and sustainable design to create a space with natural and cultural atmosphere.


Milena Lenarczyk | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7849576555

Science Centre Science Centre through interactive exhibitions, and hands-on experiments, creatively encourage the recipient to acquire knowledge. Combining exhibitions in the field of Physics, Biology, Astronomy and Physics, will allow visitors to widen the circle of their interests, as well as a better understanding of the world.


Maria Linte | BA Contact: +44 (0) 752440304 Experience: Limited Liability - 2 Months

Hotel Muse This project is a boutique hotel that features an art gallery that is meant to promote and develop furthermore the art market in Romania. This space will encourage the public to embark on a journey through the artist’s mind by participating in exhibitions and art manifestos.


Milos Mihajlov Contact: +44 (0) 7908355447 Experience: CBRE - 2 months

Vanguard: The Coworking Office. It is becoming increasingly competitive and difficult to find jobs in the design world. Vanguard is a centre, where young designers can start up their businesses or simply continue to explore themselves and their personal brands. It is aimed people out of full-time education.


Olivia Morrell | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7738430522 Experience: Shaw & Jagger Architects - 2 Months

Safe Space Safe Space is a Homeless Hostel and Community Centre. Its purpose being to provide the homeless with better support, help into employment and access to permanent housing. Safe space is a welcoming environment built to challenge the negative perceptions of homeless hostels.


Alexandra Onyebuchi | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7561336827

Oasis - Refugee Centre Oasis is a refugee Centre that offers support to young refugees and asylum seekers that face destitution. This centre provides them with secure accommodation, counselling and basic language and life skills to help them integrate with confidence into the community.


Victoria Phillips | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7976007251 Experience: Inhabitat Architects, UK - 1 week Lewandowski Architects, UK - 2 week Break Box Break Box focuses on reducing stress on the working class within the City of London. The building is designed to provide a sanctuary of relaxation, encouraging workers to visit during their lunchtime to take a break from their work life, unwind and separate time from a busy schedule to botanical gardens and spas.


Zofia Radzik | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7934850796

Dementia-friendly Care Home Care home designed for people suffering from dementia. It is created on the basis of dementiafriendly environmental checklist. The building is located in the mountainous landscape of Poland, which makes the stay more enjoyable. It is designed not only to make everyday easier but also to try and slow the progress of dementia.


Mohammed Aminur Rahman | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7523187343

Play For my project I am designing a social hub named ‘Play’. It’ll be aimed at 18-24 year olds, the building that I am using is located in Central London. The building consists of 9 floors, I will be using 4 of the 9 floors with the rest being used as office space.


Aashish Sapkota | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7717286474

Strive Biophilic | The Office 2.0 The Office 2.0 aims to connect people back with Nature whist tacking the negative impacts of current office spaces using Biophilic design with personalised work space and indoor garden cafe and gym. Not only does it help reduce the ill effects but allows you to take control of your lifestyle.


Abigail Smith | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7534674317

Passionfood Passionfood is a cooking school combined with a restaurant in a quirky building located in the Jewellery Quarter. Making the most of its space with a quaint deli shop and cocktail bar additionally.


Amy Snedker | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7523 254553

mindfull Mindfull is a wellbeing retreat, for those aged 30 – 70, who have long-term physical conditions, which affects their mental health. This provides necessary spaces for guests to focus on their mental wellbeing rather than their physical conditions. A refreshing place for headspace.


Emilia Sorrill | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7555172050

Tranquillity Designing a Leisure Therapy Centre for secondary school children diagnosed with Autism. Autism is becoming more common and continues to increase. Some struggle to communicate/socialise; they want to fit in but are judged for being different. Activities help express themselves- feel Accepted.


Yanya Tan | BA Contact: Experience: GWP Architects, China - 3 Months

Intergeneral Learning Center A hybrid space that will contain kindergarten and community centre for elderly including learning facilities to create a more convenient community life and improved land use. The centre located in an abandoned factory in Panyu, China


Anabel Twitchell Requena | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7932752238

Backyard | Youth Center To propose a new youth centre in Coventry City. This centre will help generate the young with employment, finance skills, communication skills and many more. Not only it will be an educational centre, but it will have physical activities and experiences that the young generation will never forget.


Mary Katherine Webb | BA Contact: @Mk_interiors08 +44 (0) 7851219109

Literature Themed Hotel I am creating a literature themed hotel based on Cathy Cassidy books at the Cunard Building in Liverpool, (only used to its half potential). Themes are things such as “Shades of Blue/Day Dream”, “Chocolate”, “Beachside”, “Graffiti/City” and “Chinese/Nature”. Renders are “Shades of Blue.”


Katie Wright | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7713025154

Assisted Halls Assisted Halls is an all-inclusive student accommodation in the heart of Birmingham, providing those with all types of disabilities and those without, the support they need from the very beginning of university. Various facilities will be provided to help aid and benefit each student’s needs.


Shannon Wright | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7584484154

Living and learning within nature This project is concerned with creating environmentally friendly outdoor learning and social spaces for families and a range of communities, such as schools and scout groups. The project highlights the importance of spending time outdoors, within nature, away from social media.


Zhao Yang | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7397085558 Experience: XianKeDao Music Studio, Beijing - 1 Year XuanYinTang Music Studio, Beijing - Present Arts and Culture Centre of Chinese Traditional Music Since 70’s in the last century, more and more problems of Chinese traditional music business and education is found. As a designer also a Chinese instrument player, I design the arts and culture centre. It will be a new standard and positive model of this Chinese traditional music in Beijing.


Yuk Kay Yeung | Alison | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7821182365 Experience: Editecture, Hong Kong - 2 Months

Ginkgo Village Ginkgo Village is a partially open elderly home that advocates enhancing the connection between the residents and the community. This project aims to create a helpful reference for the success of Hong Kong elderly homes with an improvement in the life quality of their respective residents


Yiwen Yuan | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7426959140

Leisure Structure The structure, which is located at a square, is for people to have a rest, read books or have a party. People can appreciate views through the round holes inside.


Placement Companies | 2017-18




Vienna Library and Learning Centre | Anabel Requena Twitchell


Product BA & MDes

Product Design at Coventry University has a worldwide reputation for producing top-class designers. Supported by staff with experienced design backgrounds; the course offers students with opportunities to explore, innovate and develop a creative flair. Routinely working alongside industry clients helps to prepare graduates for the design industry.

Teaching Staff: Kieron Mason Tom Nelson Tim Ball Matt Bassett Graham Powell Tris Keech Clive Hilton Steve Kingdon Phill Smith Paul Russell

Lee Gold | 2015 Graduate | MDes As Senior Designer at Keechdesign, I manage and contribute to a diverse array of projects ranging from trend analysis and user experience to branding and product development, for our international client portfolio. I work closely with global manufacturing clients such as Seiko Epson Corporation and Yamaha. I regularly travel abroad supporting KD’s international clients; with Milan, Oslo, Berlin, Basel, Prague, Warsaw, Naples and Cologne being just some of the cities I have visited over the last few years.

Eliot Mason | 2017 Graduate | MDes I’m a Junior Designer at a product design consultancy in the South West. Currently, I’m in charge of a number of different projects and my responsibilities have included concept design right up to manufacturing and client liaising. I work closely with everyone in my company to meet many different goals, for example, initial ideas to excite our clients and help shape their thoughts or creating marketing material to attract new clients. Since graduating I have had the opportunity to design for many different sectors from items that can fit on the tip of your finger to concepts that can fit multiple people inside them. My favourite part of my job is being able to hold a finished product and thinking “I designed that, and now it is in my hands”.

Industry Affiliates: Companies that have been supportive of the course through live briefs.

Part Four

Industry & Alumni

Charlotte Adams | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7503102596 Experience: Hiplok, Innovative Cycle Security, UK – 12 Months

Fitnest: Encouraging Physical Activity in Children at home It is essential to create an active home environment to motivate young children to develop both academically and physically. Fitnest creates just that. This product uses an illuminating ball, personal assistant software and a mobile application to encourage competitive family fun, a successful routine and an active home hub.


Areeb Ali | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7904440713 Experience: Halstock Cabinet Makers, UK – 12 months, NEJ Stevenson, UK – 2 weeks Misbah: Home Workspace The Misbah: Home Workspace is a stylish two-piece furniture set which allows a professional to relax and unwind but also provides a strong and supportive place to work from home. The multi-purpose ottoman can be used as a desk when working and as a footstool when relaxing, employing the physical motion of switching off from work.


Mushtaq Ali | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7435820806 Experience: Alumasc: Professional Enhancement, UK - 6 Months

Preserve The future generation needs to get involved in protecting the Canals from waste pollution, therefore this project aimed at designing Canal cleaning products for kids aged between 8-12 years old to enable them to clean Canals of lightweight surface waste in a fun and efficient way.


Neresh Anandakumar | BA Contact: +44(0) 7908115892 Experience: Halstock Cabinet Makers, UK - 4 Months MarchantCain Design Ltd, UK - 6 Months MiPROTECT With back-packing and travelling on the rise, more and more travellers are falling victim to theft. Through innovative combination of technology, MiProtect aims to protect the user’s belongings no matter where it is. The user can track and gain the whereabouts of their belongings through an app, in real time.


Harry Beazer | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7943213451 Experience: Vital Auto, UK - 20 months Futura Design, UK - 1+ Month (Present) PLASTICITY With pollution levels surrounding plastic waste becoming increasingly serious, Plasticity enables people to clean their own community. Plasticity collects and compacts plastic waste so it can be collected and sorted.


James Beesley | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7806934171 Experience: Bennetts Bikes: Professional Enhancement – 3 Months EZ-Iron Arthritis affects 10 million UK people. The EZ-Iron leverages UX design to eliminate pain with a stress-neutral grip, easy-click buttons and cordless technology alongside an easy-fold ironing board with integrated recharging. This beautiful & simple product is for everyone, bridging the gap between the disabled and general population.


Ethan Blackman | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7963087641

Reach Prosthetics Children go through more prosthetics than an adult, and a sudden growth spurt can mean a prosthetic that once fitted you perfectly, now causes pain and irritation. Reach prosthetics allows the user to adjust and change the size and fittings of their prosthetic to match their size.


James Chapman | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7910165966 Experience: Alumasc Group: Professional Enhancement, UK – 6 months AERO-ACTIV AERO-ACTIV is a fitness and health enhancement device that is designed to encourage people to exercise more regularly to decrease their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Concentrated oxygen is delivered to the user during exercise to improve their performance, recovery and immunity to diseases.


Anni Chen | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7422941969

DROP Children’s comprehensive education always received a great attention. DROP is a series product to help children understand plant structure and needs. User can grow plant by soil with moisture probe in the pot to help them take care of it easily, and usve aquaponics to have a different planting experience.


Chun Wai Cheng | Ba Contact:

Reading Watch - Assistive Technology Up to 10 percent of the world population are affected by dyslexia. Reading Watch is designed for dyslexic children between the ages of 6 to 12, to support them with their problems in reading caused by the difficulty, no matter where they are.


Brodie Dart | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7501150924 Experience: Stewart Golf, UK - 12 Months

Be.Seen Be.Seen uses engineered light to increase safety for urban cyclists especially in daylight hours. Aimed at growing numbers of e-Bike riders whose speeds and distance travelled are increasing. Using an ergonomic bar end design, Semi-automatic turn signals are built in. The lights are positioned for maximum visibility to road users.


Kadir Ekbic | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7985770102 Experience: Sitting Firm Chairmakers, UK – 5 Months Aqualisa: Professional Enhancement, UK – 6 Months Malvarrosa Lounge Chair The aim of this lounge chair is to give users a more interactive self-assembly experience, where separate kits of the chair can be bought depending on how much of your creative side you want embrace. In addition to this, the design is also trying to encourage maintaining the chair and possibly other household items instead of throwing them out.


Erin Gallagher | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7432678839

Interactive STEM table Focusing education on STEM ensures that children growing up in today’s world have the necessary skills to develop into tomorrow’s workforce. By utilising a child’s natural desire to play, 4-7 year olds will be encouraged to explore aspects of science, technology, engineering and maths.


Joe Gardiner | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7712578409 Experience: Jaguar Land Rover, Meridian Audio Professional Enhancement, UK - 6 Months Cradle Current surfboard transportation methods don’t allow for a surfboard to be immediately put away when the surfer returns from the sea. By designing a system allowing the surfboard to be put away quickly & easily after a surf, the risk of potential damage to a surfboard is reduced and the amount of time a surfer spends packing away minimised.


Jay Greaves | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7775421538 Experience: Jaguar Land Rover: Meridian Audio Professional Enhancement, UK - 6 months B write B write is a multisensory stationery set which utilises cross laterality to support dyslexic individuals in key areas of difficulty. The set includes a dance mat for your hands, a voice operated dictionary and a rule. Each item is designed to lessen key dyslexia traits, such as directionality, visual stress, and line tracking.


Charles Guest | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7515974956 Experience: John Guest Ltd, UK – 11 Months

POD POD is the answer to one of telecommuting’s main problems, privacy. The distinctive compact briefcase design allows workers to set up their own private pod in any third space and feel comfortable to work, while also having their equipment with them. The wings that offer the privacy include zipped pockets for office and personal essentials.


Ali Hamza | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7716 794532 Experience: Bennetts BikeSocial: Professional Enhancement, UK - 6 Months sprout. The situation of children maintaining unhealthy eating habits has escalated largely in recent years. Sprout enables children to immerse themselves within the experience of preparing fresh healthy food, growing alongside them and helping to preserve healthier eating habits.


Natascha Diwani Hansen | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7474267709 Experience: Jacob Jensen Design, Denmark – 6 Months design-people, Denmark – 6 Months SAFI Safi is a smart technology which aims to help reduce food waste within the household. It inspires users with a weekly meal plan and motivates them to cook with a step by step recipe guide. By scanning barcodes and expiration dates Safi monitors foods purchased. An application then offers users connectivity with Safi allowing on the go monitoring.


Thomas Harding | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7598 727840 Experience: Atomic Skis, Austria - 8 Months Design Storz, Austria - 6 Months GLYCOSA Glycosa brings a new era in blood glucose analysis for those with type 1 diabetes. The use of infrared light allows for a pain-free and effortless way of measuring your blood glucose levels while using a handheld device that helps illicit comfort in the user and reduce feelings of anxiety and social stigmatisation suffered when testing in public.


Leah Hart | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7502381903

Drey Security Crime rates are rising, with those aged 16-24 years being most at risk. Drey Security consists of a base unit, fob and app linked system aimed at student accommodation, acting as a door key, doubling as a self-security alarm and adding an extra layer of safety for students throughout the UK.


Luke Horner | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7989 660714 Experience: Bennetts BikeSocial: Professional Enhancement, UK - 6 Months Eva – Take Control With increasing energy demand from continually rising populations, we must ask ourselves what we can do to combat negative environmental impacts and take matters into our own hands. Ensuring users have access to entry level renewable products is key to transitioning into the cleaner future.


Josh Hudson | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7508 308 555 Experience: 3form Design, UK - 14 months

The current design of bike storage is dissatisfying when considering that personal electric propulsion is the future of inner-city mobility. Volt is a secure and sustainable proposal for creative ecocentric Londoners. Intertwined with design-centred businesses the VoltLock scheme offers commuters a way to travel to work happier, quicker and cleaner.


Daniel Jakes | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7494478455 Experience: Infinity Firenze Pelleteria, Italy – 12 Months

Henshin hen•shin - meta•mor•pho•sis: A change of physical form or structure via supernatural means. Using only the finest materials and craftsmanship, Henshin is a transformable suitcase which can change its dimensions with ease. An origami form combined with a detailed mechanism allow for the transformation in a seamless yet beautiful manner.


Yongki Jee | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7395607940 Experience: CITRUS (Seoul Tangerine), South Korea - 6 Months S2VICTOR, South Korea - 4 Months REPILL Due to aging populations there are an increased number of elders with memory issues who are at increasing risk of medication overdoses. REPILL is a pocket-sized memory aid that can be worn around the neck which uses LEDs and audible alerts to regulate up to three daily reminders to administer medication, reminders are setup on easy to use dials.


Changeon Jo | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7397238975

Kochlea UK’s having growing population of homeless people. Government’s accommodation project is running but still, there are not many places available for the people. To get in to their life, homeless people are having security, budget and residential problems. To give them one step forward to their better future, Kochlea gives you a solution.


Hyerim Kang | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7397601197 Experience: Sketchlink, UK - 7 Months Design Factory, South Korea - 12 Months Zoe: Flexible Head Dog Clipper Zoe offers a comfortable and safe home dog grooming system. Considering the dog’s stress of essential trimming based on the dog health and ergonomics for the dog owner to produce a better grooming experience. With flexible head technology and UV charge station, it will be used wherever the dog’s favourite place at home.


Gary La | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7543784519 Experience: Bennetts BikeSocial: Professional Enhancement, UK - 6 Months Arc There is an opportunity to remove barriers to increase productivity in the office work place. These set of products are multifunctional and can also be reconfigured to suit the user’s needs. Arc provides a place for seating, standing, storage and a curved whiteboard to visually express ideas.


Donghyun Lee | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7455963105

RA_ON Walker for elderly RA_ON is multifunctional walker for elderly. This fordable walker has soft armrests on both side and outdoor tyre with suspension to offer comfortable movement. The small health care device is located on the front that shows the daily-recommended activity.


Kaya Lovelock-Charles | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7983674513 Experience: Engage by Design UK - 3 Months, MANAVA & Ka Lai-Chan Design Cambodia - 6 Months, 16 Mammals Netherlands – 6 Months. Eden – Keeping your fruit & veg fresh Fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential part of our diet. Eden is a modular storage system that optimises the freshness of fruits and vegetables in the home. By creating environments that are natural to produce, Eden changes the notion of preservation to improve nutritional value, sensory quality and reduce food waste.


Vivian Luk | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7490387816 Experience: Herocross LTD Hong Kong - 10 months Mini Object Design Studio Hong Kong - 5 months Resis10 It is important to take control of fitness while maintaining a healthy work/life balance by using effective tools and training. Resis10 is a set of fitness devices that offer numerous exercise options and come with a roller for stretching to reduce the risk of injury. It is a portable and versatile product that provides a dynamic fitness experience to users.


Samuel Mallison | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7999053577 Experience: Aqualisa: Professional Enhancement UK – 3 Months

ProJump Unicycle Trials Kit As a keen unicyclist, this project was inspired by my attendance at the UK unicycle trials championships last year. The equipment was sub-par and I felt it needed some help in looking more like an Olympic event. With that core idea in mind I have designed 2 sets of platforms, ramps and obstacles that challenge the professional and teach the new.


James Marsh | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7729308444

Oto Oto is designed to provide a unique and immersive sound experience by creating a personal sound bubble to encapsulate the user no matter where they go without disturbing anyone in the surrounding area. Oto has the potential to develop the future of the way audio is enjoyed.


Kamraj Matharu | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7454964022 Experience: Sitting Firm: Professional Enhancement UK - 6 months

Gecko This bag is designed to counter theft that occurs on public transport during a person’s daily commute. The aim is to stop cut/slash theft, dip theft and RFID skimming by incorporating various materials and design for the bag, while making it comfortable, stylish and can be used in other situations.


Allen Morales | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7387198523

FLOTA The Flota life jacket is designed to increase the chances of survival in a sudden inevitable flood scenario. Using sustainable materials and uniquely designed features with the user’s emotions and environment in mind, makes Flota secure, comfortable and easily accessible.


Luke Newman | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7827885791 Experience: Jaguar Land Rover: Meridian Audio Professional Enhancement - 6 Months Dryr Dryr is a touchless car drying system that safely sheets water from freshly cleaned paintwork without inflicting swirl marks or imperfections. Dryr not only sheets water but is also perfect for removing trapped water from tight areas such as wheels, wing mirrors and shut lines.


Jakob O’Connor | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7852 114 583 Experience: Skywide Design Ltd UK – 12 months

Cura Cura is an early warning earthquake alarm system designed for the home. Connecting communities to seismic institutions, Cura enables up to 60 seconds to escape a building before the main shock hits. Complete with lighting, housed first aid and survival equipment, Cura is the first responder to any emergency.


Toluwani Oluborode | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7412085340 Experience: Milton Keynes Council - 4 months Asmayda Furniture Group – 2 Weeks Biblio-Rock Designed for people who love to read, Biblio-Rock is a project which focuses on what will significantly enhance ones reading experience. My outcome allows the user to put their feet up while they rock back and forth on a comfortable foam padded seat. The incorporated bookshelf and reading light is a convenient accessory for a frequent user.


Savannah Ovo-Egbetamah | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7908152374 Experience: Aqualisa: Professional Enhancement UK – 3 Months

NaEco NaEco Is a make up brand for your average millennial. You buy the pallet once, and you refill them, in a creative and clean way. The product, which uses recycled plastic waste pulled from landfills and oceans, is a cheaper option for millennials, to construct the perfect pallet, experiment and create the looks they desire.


Ismail Patel | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7957360482 Experience: Alumasc, UK - 6 months

Learn’n’go With primary education being an ongoing problem in many third world countries, young vulnerable children are having to face the reality of this dilemma. Learn’n’go is a charity funded product which empowers every child by enabling them to be part of an educational institute whatever circumstance they may be in.


Igor Peiu | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7598727840 Experience: Atto Creative Solution, Portugal - 9 Months

drop. Drop combines the bathroom appliances into one automated unit that gathers and filters running water from both shower and basin, re-using it to flush the toilet, maximizing water savings. It is run through an app, allowing the user to start a new shower, control shower duration, pre-set temperatures, flow and music, view consumption and wastage history.


Robin Preston | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7852111282

Suite Elegant and compact, where space is often limited this contemporary urban living suite, combines comfort, finesse and fine materials with a steel frame, pull out coffee table, rotating armrests and lightly upholstered cushions which you can do nothing but sit back, relax and enjoy.


Aaron Quartermaine | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7860 359415 Experience: Jaguar Land Rover, Meridian Audio: Professional enhancement, UK - 6 months Total Control For individuals who have had a crash or simply want a stimulating experience throughout winter, the Mundo smart trainer aims to build confidence by replicating terrains that focus on improving rider skill, strength and endurance for the whole body. 3D scanning will bring trails from all over the world to virtual form in your living room.


Sanjay Rakra | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7411124021 Experience: All Space Advertising, UK - 6 Months Sitting Firm: Professional Enhancement, UK - 6 months Rewind I designed a product that breaks down 3D printed filament and household plastics available in the home into granules, to be reused with home 3D printers. My product is aimed at designers and hobbyist alike; to promote plastic awareness and to encourage recycling in their everyday lives.


Randino Enrique | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7492 468901 UK +62 (0) 818 322333 IND Experience: Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia - 1 Month

M-PTC – Mobile Pocket Travel Case The M-PTC will offer the convenience to enhance the reach and protection towards the traveller’s belongings which would cover up their problems and improve their travelling experience.


Harjinder Rathore | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7498956408 Experience: Sitting Firm: Professional Enhancement, UK - 6 months

illume Millions are affected and displaced by the increase of natural disasters around the world. Illume is designed to help the volunteers and aid workers to find the people that have been displaced and help when there is no electricity. Illume gives hope to the people who’ve been affected and going though rough times.


Harry Roberts | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7943762233 Experience: Chair.Furniture, UK – 12 months

Nexus Furniture The Nexus collection allows for easier customisation within decreasing living spaces. As people are moving property more regularly, there is a need for furniture that can easily adjust to each environment. Reusability is at the heart of this project, enabling users to rent their furniture for the time it’s needed and not disposing after one use.


Margaretha Samuels | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7415214695 Experience: Vega Design, Germany – 12 Months

Cook in my Kitchen Cook in my Kitchen is a space saving kitchenware set targeted at cost and environmentally conscious shoppers. The set aims to engage and motivate the user to cook quick, simple and healthy recipes within limited kitchen spaces and includes an app to help users get the most from the multifunctional and sustainably sourced cookware.


Megan Sanders | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7786753463

CoLab The rise in students with Special Educational Needs in schools has created a demand for stimulating furniture. CoLab encourages discussion and movement in libraries and break out spaces to improve engagement in learning. Through sensory learning students will interact with one another to develop ideas.


Zeeshan Sarwar | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7867867561 Experience: Aqualisa: Professional Enhancement, UK – 3 Months

EDENIA EDENIA is a biophilic furniture piece that is used by office workers when they need a break and to relieve stress. The biophilic and innovative design aspects helps to sooth the mind and body, allowing workers to feel refreshed and revitalised. The safe haven you’ve not yet heard of but always needed, EDENIA.


Pushinder Singh | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7591 083254 Experience: Sitting Firm: Professional Enhancement, UK - 6 months

HAAT. HAAT. is a product designed to enhance the user experience of safety equipment. With the use of new materials and technology, the workplace can be made into a safer working environment. Through inspiration from biomimicry the internal design has improved to enhance comfort and usability.


Thomas Stearn | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7403678349 Experience: Erasmus at Strate Ecole de Design - 6 Months VanBerlo, Netherlands - 6 months GrowGolf GrowGolf is the only equipment children will need to grow up golfing! A five-club set with a swing trainer and a bag all designed to grow with children. Perfect for a budding junior golfer, saving the costly need to buy and replace equipment every couple of years.


Ross Taylor | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7538402569 Experience: Aqualisa: Professional Enhancement, UK – 3 Months

Encapture Where most digital cameras must be held upwards, Encapture is supported by the body. This produces a more stable and comfortable platform for those with limited dexterity, tremors and other issues. As an inclusive camera, Encapture makes the complete photographic process a better experience from framing through to picture transfer.


Mankai Tsoi | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7490035182

FITH – Fire Fighting Product More than 40% of deaths in fire are caused by smoke. FITH is a product designed for nonprofessional users, which provides users with the ability to breath and light up the way when leaving, in order to increase users’ safety index and their escape time.


Savas Umitli | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7399098197 Experience: Sitting Firm: Professional Enhancement, UK - 6 months

DinÄ Smart dinner table design for the people/families who live in limited spaces. Concept includes two functions. First function is side table/worktop when the table is closed, second is extendable dinner table. This concept aims to provide practical solution to the people who need to gain more space in their own living spaces.


Joseph Wyn Jones | MDes Contact: +44 (0) 7543207342 Experience: Jaguar Land Rover: Meridian Audio Professional Enhancement, UK - 6 Months ANXTY ANXTY provides a more accessible solution for those suffering with chronic anxiety. Monitoring the user’s mood via wearable technology and encouraging healthy thoughts, habits and behaviours through an informative app and assisted meditation.


Kewei Yan | BA Contact: +44 (0) 7596041253 UK +86 18457312806 P.R.China

Pills Management Designed for adults who are using long-term medication and need support with taking medicine. Working with the users smart device to help users adhere to their treatment by reminding them of the time, dose, statistical medication history and recording as well as sharing the user’s medication experience.


Sizhe Yan Contact: +44 (0) 742210221 UK +86 18827367848 CHN

Distant Communication Device for Chinese Urban Families This product optimizes the physical interaction of communication products for different age users in Chinese families for convenient contact in daily communication. Also, the product is integrated into family environments in aesthetic and other aspects and combine with technology to provide users with different communication experiences.


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Everyday Objects | Thomas Harding & Josh Hudson


Closing Message

The editors would like to thank the entire committee for organising the exhibiton, all of the exhibitors for producing high quality work and the course teams for guiding us through our time at Coventry University. We would also like to thank all the supporting staff members who helped during our final year. Specifically, Gary Perkins, Paul Taylor, Roger Cooper, Steve Snell, Dennis Hall, Tracy Twiss, Helen Makin & Sue Watkins for their guidance in the workshops. Phill Smith for his help with digital software, as well as David Prytherch, for his kind words and wisdom during our time writing our research papers. Many thanks to Nick Gorse, the head of School of Art and Design for his continued support of all courses. Lastly, we would like to thank John Wilcox for helping to organise the committee.

Gary Perkins

Paul Taylor

Steve Snell

Dennis Hall & Tracy Twiss

Roger Cooper

John Wilcox

Degree Show Committee: Josh Hudson | Thomas Harding | Anabel Requena Twitchell | Tom Phipps | Rhiannon Hughes-Boatman | Igor Peiu | Joe Lambert | Lucas Fawcett | Jane Tianyu wu


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Exhibitor Index

All exhibitors in this catalogue are listed below. Aborrob, Alhasan | BA Automotive Design Adams, Charlotte | MDes Product Design Adiwangsa, Marleen | BA Interior and Architecture Design Ahmed, Hassan | BA Transport Design Ai, Lin | BA Automotive and Transport Design Akbar, Zeeshan | BA Transport Design Ali, Mohammed Miadh | BA Automotive Design Ali, Areeb | Mdes Product Design Ali, Mushtaq | BA Product Design Anandakumar, Neresh | BA Product Design Andon, Max | BA Transport Design Andreev, Alexey | BA Automotive Design Ansell, Matthew Shaw | BA Transport Design Anton, Weerasingam Pavithra | BA Interior and Architecture Design Antonio, Julian | BA Automotive Design Anugwom, Ikenna | BA Automotive Design Aston, Matthew | BA Automotive Design Ball, Oliver James | BA Transport Design Barnes, Tamica | BA Interior and Architecture Design Bassett, Jordan Augustus | BA Transport Design Bazun, James Robert | BA Automotive Design Beardwood, William James | BA Transport Design Beazer, Harry | MDes Product Design Beesley, James | MDes Product Design Bhogal, Inderpreet | BA Interior and Architecture Design Blackman, Ethan | BA Product Design Blair, Kameren William | BA 3D Modelling Bolesta, Radoslaw | BA Automotive Design Brown, Michael Thomas | BA Automotive and Transport Design Buithieu-Martel, Phillippe | BA Transport Design Burton, Ashleigh | BA Interior and Architecture Design Cao, Zhi | BA Automotive and Transport Design Chan, Lok Hin | BA Transport Design Chana, Tirath | BA Automotive Design Chana, Trishan | BA Automotive Design Chapman, James | MDes Product Design Cheema, Gurpreet | BA Interior and Architecture Design Chen, Wei | BA Automotive and Transport Design Chen, Zixi | BA Automotive and Transport Design Chen, Zhengao | BA Automotive and Transport Design Chen, Anni | BA Product Design Cheng, Chun | BA Product Design Cheung, Yannis | BA Interior and Architecture Design Chis, Paul | BA Transport Design Chowdhury, Anika | BA Interior and Architecture Design Choy, Yun (Thomas) | BA Interior and Architecture Design Chung, Haeun | BA Automotive and Transport Design Ciesielski, Hayden Robert | BA Transport Design Clarke, Oliver | BA Transport Design Core, William James | BA Automotive and Transport Design Creates, Yolanda | BA Interior and Architecture Design Dart, Brodie | BA Product Design Davies, Owain Morgan | BA Transport Design De La Vega Dominguez, Ricardo | BA Automotive Design Deng, Xiaoxuan | BA Automotive and Transport Design Desouza, Reuben James | BA Automotive Design Dimitrov, Kaloyan | BA Automotive Design Duguid, James Callum | BA Transport Design Dyer, James | BA Transport Design Dzhendova, Elitsa | BA Interior and Architecture Design Ekbic, Kadir | MDes Product Design Eletr, Mirna | BA Interior and Architecture Design Eun Lee, Joo | BA Automotive Design Fan, Zimu | BA Interior and Architecture Design Fan, Yicheng | BA Automotive Design Fatuga, Adetutu | BA Interior and Architecture Design Fawcett, Lucas | BA 3D Modelling Foxley, Jenna | BA Interior and Architecture Design Gallagher, Erin | BA Product Design Gardiner, Joseph | BA Product Design Ghoolet, Khushila | BA Interior and Architecture Design Gladas, Benjamin Simon | BA 3D Modelling Gong, Kezhen | BA Automotive and Transport Design Gourd, Jack | BA Transport Design Gradinar, Maria | BA Interior and Architecture Design Greaves, Jay | MDes Product Design Gu, Yifan | BA Automotive and Transport Design Guest, Charles | BA Product Design Gulla, Marco | BA Automotive Design

Hamza, Ali | MDes Product Design Han, Seo Young (Rosie) | BA Interior and Architecture Design Hancock, James | BA Automotive and Transport Design Hansen, Natascha | MDes Product Design Harding, Thomas | MDes Product Design Hart, Leah | BA Product Design Ho, Kei (Jamie) | BA Interior and Architecture Design Hoang, Diem | BA Interior and Architecture Design Horner, Luke | MDes Product Design Hu, Yuanzhou | BA Automotive and Transport Design Hudson, Josh | MDes Product Design Hughes-Boatman, Rhiannon | MDes Automotive and Transport Design Husnayan, Sarah | BA Interior and Architecture Design Ingilizova, Mila | BA Interior and Architecture Design Ippoliti, Benedetta | BA Automotive and Transport Design Jakes, Dan | BA Product Design Jean-Marie, Joshua | BA Interior and Architecture Design Jee, Yongki | BA Product Design Jetha, Zahra BA Interior and Architecture Design Jiao, Ziang | BA Automotive and Transport Design Jin, Zeping | BA Automotive and Transport Design Jo, Changeon | BA Product Design Joyce, Stephen | BA 3D Modelling Jung, Yeojin | BA Automotive Design Kang, Hyarim | BA Product Design Kerr, Amy | BA Interior and Architecture Design Khan, Arfan | MDes Automotive and Transport Design Kim, Jinhyeong | BA Automotive and Transport Design Kim, Donggun | BA Automotive and Transport Design Kim, Woo Jae | BA Automotive and Transport Design King, Miriam | BA Interior and Architecture Design Kleine, Kilian | BA Transport Design Koutsalaras, Prokopios | BA Automotive Design Koutsoudes, Alexandra | BA Interior and Architecture Design Kwon, Daniel | BA Automotive and Transport Design La, Gary | BA Product Design Lambert, Joseph Harold | BA 3D Modelling Lau, Zhong Han (Jayden) | BA Interior and Architecture Design Lawson, Marcus | BA Transport Design Ledbrooke, Lucy Marie | BA Automotive and Transport Design Lee, Seungyuop | BA Automotive and Transport Design Lee, Soobin | BA Automotive and Transport Design Lee, Yujin | BA Automotive and Transport Design Lee, Donghyun | BA Product Design Lenarczyk, Milena | BA Interior and Architecture Design Lewin, Ashley Jon Lopes | BA Transport Design Lewis, Henry | BA Automotive Design Li, Chengao | BA Automotive Design Li, Yuhao | BA Automotive and Transport Design Li, Zeheng | BA Automotive and Transport Design Liang, Xiutian | BA Automotive and Transport Design Lima, Ricardo | BA Transport Design Lin, Yuhan | BA Automotive and Transport Design Lin, Tzu Yu | BA Automotive and Transport Design Linte, Maria | BA Interior and Architecture Design Liu, Ruocong | BA Automotive and Transport Design Liu, Shenshen | BA Automotive and Transport Design Lockyer, Jake | BA Automotive and Transport Design Lovelock-Charles, Kaya | MDes Product Design Lu, Chenyu | BA Automotive and Transport Design Luk, Vivian | BA Product Design Magnaye, John Alfred | BA Transport Design Mallison, Samuel | BA Product Design Marsh, James | BA Product Design Matharu, Kamraj | BA Product Design Mihajlov, Milos | BA Interior and Architecture Design Mocanu, Horia-Cristian | BA Transport Design Morgan, Nicholas | BA Transport Design Morrell, Olivia | BA Interior and Architecture Design Mousavi, Rhasool | BA 3D Modelling Newman, Luke | BA Product Design O’Brien, Shannon | BA Transport Design O’Connor, Jakob | MDes Product Design Oluborode, Toluwani | BA Product Design Onyebuchi, Alexandra | BA Interior and Architecture Design Ovo-Egbetamah, Savannah | BA Product Design Park, Hyeongmin | BA Automotive and Transport Design Patel, Ismail | BA Product Design Peiu, Igor | BA Product Design


Exhibitor Index All exhibitors in this catalogue are listed below. Pering, James | BA Automotive and Transport Design Phillips, Victoria | BA Interior and Architecture Design Phipps, Thomas Kenneth | BA 3D Modelling Ponter, James Richard | BA 3D Modelling Preston, Alexander James | MDes Automotive and Transport Design Preston, Robin | BA Product Design Qi, Xinyi | BA Automotive and Transport Design Qian, Qi | BA Automotive and Transport Design Quartermaine , Aaron | MDes Product Design Radzik, Zofia | BA Interior and Architecture Design Rahman, Mohammed | BA Interior and Architecture Design Rakhra, Sanjay | BA Product Design Randino, Enrique | BA Product Design Rathore, Harjinder | BA Product Design Reynolds, Oliver Thomas | BA Transport Design Rigg, Nathaniel | BA 3D Modelling Roberts, Harry | MDes Product Design Samuels, Margaretha | BA Product Design Sanders, Megan | BA Product Design Sapkota, Ashish | BA Interior and Architecture Design Sarwar, Zeeshan | BA Product Design Scannella, Gianluca | BA Transport Design Severs, Robin | MDes Automotive and Transport Design Seyeddolmohadesin, Seyedmohammadmassan (Sina) | BA Interior and Architecture Design Shang, Zhiyuan | BA Automotive and Transport Design Shao, Yibo | BA Automotive Design Sims, Christian | BA Transport Design Singh, Pushpinder | BA Product Design Smith, Abigail | BA Interior and Architecture Design Smith Robinson, Thomas | MDes Automotive and Transport Design Snedker, Amy | BA Interior and Architecture Design Son, Hyun Tae | BA Automotive and Transport Design Song, Ci | BA Automotive and Transport Design Song, Zihao | BA Automotive and Transport Design Sopi, Endri | BA Transport Design Sorrill , Emilia | BA Interior and Architecture Design Stearn, Thomas | BA Product Design

Suchodolski, Michal | BA 3D Modelling Sun, Mengge | BA Automotive and Transport Design Tan, Yanya (Jaqueline) | BA Interior and Architecture Design Taylor, Ross | BA Product Design Teriba, Fehintoulwa | BA Interior and Architecture Design Thompson, Benjamin Luke | BA Transport Design Tomkins-Russell, Samuel James | MDes Automotive and Transport Design Tsang, Chun Him Justin | BA Automotive and Transport Design Tsoi, Mankai | BA Product Design Twitchell Requena, Anabel | BA Interior and Architecture Design Umitli, Savas | BA Product Design Webb, Mary | BA Interior and Architecture Design Williams, Adam Jasper Thomas | BA Transport Design Wong, Hannah Elizabeth | BA Automotive Design Wright, Katie | BA Interior and Architecture Design Wright, Shannnon | BA Interior and Architecture Design Wu, Jiahao | BA Automotive and Transport Design Wu, Tianyu | BA Automotive and Transport Design Wyn Jones, Joseph | MDes Product Design Xu, Haoyuan | BA Automotive and Transport Design Xu, Xiaoxiao | BA Automotive and Transport Design Yan, Kewei | BA Product Design Yan, Sizhe | BA Product Design Yang, Zhao (Rhoshash) | BA Interior and Architecture Design Yang, Xiao | BA Automotive and Transport Design Yeung, Yuk (Alison) | BA Interior and Architecture Design Yong Lee, Kyu | BA Automotive Design Yoon, Woohyun | BA Automotive and Transport Design Yoon, Seongjun | BA Automotive and Transport Design Yousuf, Liban | BA Automotive Design Yu, Xiaopei | BA Automotive and Transport Design Yuan, Yiwen (Celina) | BA Interior and Architecture Design Zhang, Yihan | BA Automotive and Transport Design Zhao, Hanjie | BA Automotive Design Zhao, Zicheng | BA Automotive and Transport Design Zhou, Tingwei | BA Automotive and Transport Design Zou, Dongyi | BA Automotive and Transport Design

The printer... As a committee we would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to who produced this catalogue and all the signage used at the exhibiton.




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Coventry Designers Degree Show 2019

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