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Appendix X Appendix A- Blood Analysis Appendix B- Hair Analysis Appendix C- Evidence Log/Chain of Custody Appendix D- Photo Log Appendix E-Overview Sketch Appendix F- Side view Sketch Appendix G- Time of Death

Appendix A Results of ABO/Rh blood typing -After collecting blood samples from the victim, we admitted an ABO/Rh test. We took three samples and mixed them with A & B antibodies and an Rh serum. The blood sample with B antibodies clotted together but the A antibodies and the Rh serum remained the same throughout, when examined. The conclusion we received from this observation is that the victim has A+ blood type.

Appendix B Hair Analysis Hair Evidence Sample # 1 (Placard 3) : Medulla is absent. Hair color is gray, black, white, and blonde. Hair sample was identified as Dog hair, therefor irrelevant to the case.

Hair Evidence Sample #2 (Placard 8) : Medulla is solid. Hair color is dark brown. Hair sample was identified as the Victim’s (Adam May).

Hair Evidence Sample #3 (Placard 9) : Medulla is fragmented. Hair color is light brown and blonde. Hair sample was identified as the suspect’s (Savannah Casey).

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Appendix G Time of Death The time of death was estimated at around 4:15 AM, the body being discovered at 5:36 AM. This was determined because lividity and rigor had not yet begun to develop. Also, the internal body temperature was at 95.6째F.


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Appendix X