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The newsletter of CUPE Local 15, Vancouver Municipal Education and Community Workers

We need to go forward with a strong and united voice By Jim Sinclair, BC Federation of Labour Every union activist knows that union strength lies in our ability to bring the greatest number of people together to work for common goals. For more than 50 years, the BC Federation of Labour has been the vehicle of our province’s unions to share our experiences, time and resources, and convey a labour perspective on key issues to the public and the media, through activist campaigns on issues like child labour, free trade, privatization, and taxation. Our unity has brought progress for working people - better health and safety rights on the job, improved employment standards, and fairer labour laws. Our strength in opposing the low wage agenda of today’s employers is a direct result of the degree of support we receive from Canadian Labour Congress affiliated unions. Pooling our resources allows us to tackle initiatives that individual unions wouldn’t likely take on alone, like leading campaigns to increase the minimum wage or calling for new safety regulations to govern working alone, or operating a province-wide high school education program talking to youth about unions. Our united stand against privatization - bringing together public and private sector unions in common cause - has helped keep good paying union jobs in the public sector and made sure that working families continue to have affordable access to health care and education. There is little doubt our unity in fighting the BC Liberal agenda over the last few years has obtained

Notice of By-election CUPE 15 Executive Board Member at Large – Health Sector (HSPBA)

There is a vacancy for a Member at Large - HSPBA for the balance of a two year term ending on April 25, 2012. Only members from the HSPBA Sector are eligible to vote. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: CUPE Local 15 545 W. 10th Ave. Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K9

some justice for workers in health care and education, stopped more drastic changes to the Labour Relations Code, and slowed down the rightwing agenda to weaken employment standards. Affiliation dues provide the resources for the Federation’s officers and technical staff to bring together knowledgeable labour activists in committees and working groups to conduct research and provide information and education to affiliates on issues including women’s equality, education and training, climate change, human rights and diversity, international solidarity, occupational health and safety, workers’ compensation, labour law, pensions, and union organizing. And, when an affiliate faces a bargaining dispute with an employer, the Federation works to

coordinate inter-union support to maximize the effectiveness of picket lines, boycotts and hot declarations. But, what our Federation has done in the past is not as important as what we need to do in the future. There is still a great need for change - to increase pay equity, to gain protection against contracting out, and to fight for a fair share of the huge corporate profits being made in this Province. Now, more than ever, we need to go forward with a strong and united voice to the corporate agenda. We need your participation and your support as a full member of our Federation to put our people and resources together to take on this agenda

NOVEMBER General Membership Meeting Date & Time: Location: Under Discussion:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 5:30 pm Italian Cultural Centre 3075 Slocan St. Vancouver, Room 5 • • • •


Special guest, Jim Sinclair, President of the BC Federation of Labour Notice of Motions - see page 3 Bargaining updates from Emily Carr University, Vancouver School Board, City et al & Vancouver Art Gallery. Executive Board by-election - Member at Large Health Sector (HSPBA).

General Meetings provide all members with an opportunity to participate in decisions that affect the union. Please note, there will be a brief VMECW Society meeting following the regular union meeting to discuss the 2012 Proposed Budget. (Child care assistance and Interpretation available upon request.)




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Update from your Executive


It’s time to join the BC Federation of Labour by Paul Faoro, President


UPE 15 has a long history of working with progressive organizations in Vancouver to help protect and promote the public services and programs that CUPE members help deliver year round. These important relationships and coalitions have been beneficial as they have strengthened our union’s defense against corporate business lobbyists or anti-union groups like the Fair Tax Coalition or the Independent Contractors and Business Association of BC. The President of the latter, Phillip Hochstein, regularly spews off about attacking unions and shifting taxes off of Paul Faoro, President corporations and on to working people. It was no surprise for me to read Mr. Hochstein’s, who is the public face of the extreme right in British Columbia, op-ed in the Province newspaper a few months ago accusing municipalities of out of control spending and accusing municipal workers of being vastly over paid. His rant advocated tearing up negotiated contracts which I found somewhat hypocritical since Mr. Hochstein’s

website says “we believe that employees and employers should have the right to determine wages and working conditions, through either individual or collective bargaining as they choose, within the boundaries of the law”. The BC Liberal government that Mr. Hochstein’s organization supports financially has been found guilty on multiple occasions of crossing the “boundaries of the law” by unilaterally tearing up contracts, so I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise that he advocates breaking the law when it suits him.

At the upcoming membership meeting our Executive Board is recommending that CUPE 15 affiliate to the BC Federation of Labour to join with more than 50 other unions representing over 500,000 members. Given the increasing attacks from groups like Mr. Hochstein’s, we need to be working in solidarity with workers from around the province. Seeing the attack launched by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on the CUPE members in that town reinforces the necessity of building strong coalitions.

It’s too bad that my reply to the Province was not printed as I wanted to remind Mr. Hochstein that employees of local governments pay taxes that indirectly help support businesses his organization claims to represent. In fact, public sector employees are also the customers of businesses all over the city, whether or not they’re represented by Mr. Hochstein. His inappropriate words did nothing to help strengthen our communities and make them more vibrant. It’s like me asking our 6000 members living in the lower mainland to boycott the businesses he speaks for. I’m sure Mr. Hochstein would not want me to that. It’s long past time for folks like Mr. Hochstein to stop the “us versus them” approach and understand that we’re all citizens of the communities in which we live, and we all share a common interest in developing new solutions for the challenges local governments face. But I know they’re not going to stop.

The BCFED has a long and proud history of fighting for the rights of all working people so it makes sense we join up with them. The BCFED’s slogan of “what we desire for ourselves, we wish for all” clearly sums up their vision and mandate – ones that CUPE 15 strongly believes in. The BCFED’s primary goal is to speak on behalf of, and provide resources to, its affiliated unions. The Federation puts forward the interests of union members across the province to government, employers and the general public. I have asked Jim Sinclair, the President of the BCFED to attend our November Membership meeting to further outline the great work they have been doing on behalf working people. I look forward to seeing many CUPE 15 members at our November membership meeting to discuss this important affiliation motion.

A great convention, a busy fall ahead by Leanne Toderian, Secretary Treasurer


write this message from a hot spot downtown near the 25th CUPE National Convention being held in Vancouver. I can’t say it enough. It is an honour to attend this convention on behalf of Local 15 members.

The mood is charged up at this convention for a number of reasons. Opening remarks from our National President were heartfelt, challenging, and inspirational. Leanne Toderian “We cannot allow Secretary Treasurer Harper to place us in a box, playing to Canadian’s fears by calling us a privileged class, trying to isolate us,” said Brother Paul Moist. “When we unite with other citizens who share our vision, we are an unstoppable force for good.” The right wing agenda is sadistic in its approach to governance and messaging. They plant seeds of doubt and outright lies that serve their message. They hide their riches behind regular working people and then they have the nerve to lay blame at our

feet when their greed and sense of entitlement misguides them; and they fail to realize the promises they made and profits not realized. Blame them, the decision makers? No, must be the regular worker. Well no more – we are not going to sit by and take the blame. On to other events at Convention. We paid homage to a great labour activist and inspirational, dedicated leader, Brother Claude Généreux. Brother Claude decided not to offer his services again as Secretary Treasurer. The brothers and sisters in the room, and all across the country, offer him our sincerest thanks and wish him a happy healthy future in whatever path he chooses. Congratulations to Brother Charles Fleury, who was elected National Secretary Treasurer. Brother Charles is from Terrebonne, Quebec. He has been a member of CUPE for almost 30 years and has been a member of the National Executive Board since 2003. Local 15 looks forward to working with Brother Fleury. Now on to Local 15 business. After convention on November 1st our executive board held a special meeting to go over the 2012 Union and Society budgets. You will find them elsewhere in this publication. I am pleased once again we are able to prioritize our members’ union dues to pursue and protect members individually and collectively. I would like to take the time


to thank the Finance Committee and staff member Mark Gloumeau for their assistance in preparing these budgets. When you look at our finances you realize we are a powerful voice. We work hard on day to day issues that can be tedious and thankless, but the commitment by all the activists, from executive, to stewards, to committee members, shows the work goes on; they are self propelled by a deep desire to make this union a better place for themselves and more importantly for members all across this organization. We offer a budget that we feel will help deliver on those goals and support members in the best possible way. The budget is a template for the work we anticipate to come our way in the coming year. We endeavor to predict costs that are fixed but there are always new challenges we have to face and the budget bends and moves to meet those demands. Please make every effort to attend the next very important General Membership Meeting to express your concerns, comments, or positive suggestions. We can go far when we all row the boat in the same direction.

CUPE Local 15, Vancouver Municipal Education and Community Workers




The Members’

Letters, Notices, & Updates

Team CUPE 15 wins City of Vancouver Chili Cookoff for 2011



Notices of Motion

By Leanne Toderian, Secretary Treasurer


1. The Executive Board recommends approval of the 2012 Union Budget. 2. The Executive Board recommends that CUPE Local 15 affiliate with the BC Federation of Labour on a two year trial basis.


1. The Executive Board recommends approval of the 2012 VMECW Society Budget.

The Members Decided By Leanne Toderian, Secretary Treasurer

Head chefs, Sally Bankiner, Michele Alexander, and Miriam Pulsifer

Enviro-friendly? I appreciate receiving my monthly copy of The Members’ Voice. Thank you. However, I am concerned with the cost of printing and mailing this newsletter, as well as the environmental considerations. I would welcome receiving the newsletter by email as would many coworkers I have spoken with. Is this something we can implement in the near future? Thank you, S. Everall Carnegie Community Centre, City Dear. S., Thanks for your feedback. This is something we have contemplated in past. However, under CUPE National and Local 15 Bylaws we are bound to publish via way of a newsletter, our notices of motion, meeting notices and reports, etc. Without going into specifics , it says something to the effect “…members must notified… via mail”. If or until we are able to find a resolution that addresses these bylaws we will continue to send a newsletter via mail. Another challenge is that we have 6000+ members but less than 10% of those members have provided us email addresses. We have also had as many people saying they do not have access to computers and need notification via mail. We have noted your comment and will see what we can do to address it. Thanks for emailing. Leanne Toderian, Secretary Treasurer

Agreement has been reached with Staff at CUPE 15 The Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) of CUPE Local 15 VMECW is pleased to announce that a deal has been reached between our local and that of our staff’s union, CEP Local 467-UW. The primary objectives of our committee included the streamlining of the collective agreement, the implementation of benefit provisions in a fair and equitable manner, the creation of more effective conflict resolution methods, and providing our local with greater flexibility in posting positions.

The following is a summary of the terms and conditions of the recently negotiated collective agreement:

• A two year term commencing on January 1, 2011 and expiring on December 31, 2012 • Annual wage increases of 4% and 3% for the first and second year of the C.A. respectively • Basic Health Benefit enhancements • Extended Health Benefit enhancements • Municipal Pension Plan adjustments • Introduction of new language to include the categories of Regular and Temporary Part-time workers and the pro-rating of all relevant benefits for these employees • An increase of the relevant allowances to reflect current work related costs for our staff • The streamlining of the language pertaining to Special Leaves and the Grievance Procedure • The establishment of Labour/Management Subcommittees and Working Groups with clear mandates and processes to revise and update transportation language, job descriptions, etc. • The elimination of outdated and redundant technological change language


At the General Membership Meeting on October 26, 2011 the members in attendance made the following decisions: • To fully support Gregor Robertson for Mayor and all Vision Vancouver and COPE candidates running for City Council, School Board, and Park Board in the November 19th municipal election and to donate $50,000 to the Vancouver campaign. • To approve up to 60 book off days for CUPE 15 members to work on the COPE and Vision election campaigns.

Bursary Thanks! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Union for awarding me a part time bursary. I am attending UBC working towards my Master of Library and Information Science. At a time when tuition and student fees are extremely high it is nice to have help in funding our studies. Sincerely, Ken Laing, ECU

Job Share Opportunities 1. My name is Sevy Anast and I am looking for someone who is interested in doing a job share. The position is for a SSA at Nootka Elementary, starting in January 2012. I am looking for someone who can work Wednesdays (Alternating), Thursdays, and Fridays. Please contact me at smavritsakis@ if you are interested. 2. Suzaane Zarin is looking for someone to do a job share with her starting January 31, 2012 at Carnarvon Elementary. If you are interested contact Suzy via email at

CUPE Local 15, Vancouver Municipal Education and Community Workers




The Members’


...and that has made all the difference By John Geppert, Staff Representative


very word in this newsletter article cost one member of CUPE Local 15 approximately $27. Twenty-seven dollars per word is a lot of pressure on me to do her story justice and teach all members about some of the lessons learned. Below I will try to do that… The member’s name is not really important because she could be any union member who, if alone, would be faced with an impossible situation. Nor does it really matter which of CUPE Local 15’s Employers is the villain in this story, it could be any one of yours. Rather, it is about one of the fundamental reasons workers join unions – the collective strength to push back and seek justice when an employer overreaches and then uses their deep pockets to avoid acknowledging their wrong doing. Here Jane (not her real name) was investigated, along with two co-workers, for stealing from her employer. All three were fired. I’ve been doing union representative and legal work long enough to know that both the innocent and the guilty generally have the same response when accused of wrong doing – they deny involvement – and this case was not any different in that respect. However, unlike most disciplinary investigations initiated by this particular employer, the employer chose to run a transparent investigation process, allowing all witnesses – not just the three impugned members – to have a Steward present. Thus the union had nearly identical information and insight as the employer. Having heard the identical information, we were shocked that all three employees, and not just one, were fired for

The Take-Aways/Advice 1. Members:

You do have obligations to report significant co-worker wrongdoing to your employer. Having said that, there is a real difference between credible direct knowledge of wrongdoing and mere speculation. In Jane’s case, it is understandable that her co-worker reported the potential of another co-worker’s (NOT Jane) conversation about a plan to steal from their employer.

2. Members and Employers:

Everybody needs to understand what “hearsay” is. We all use the phrase from time to time but never think about its implications. For example, A tells B that C worships the devil. Question: What evidence does B have direct knowledge of? Answer: That A said C worships the devil, NOT that C worships the devil. With that brief example you can understand why courts and tribunals give little or no weight to “hearsay” evidence. It is inherently unreliable and subject to manipulation. Basing an opinion of C on A’s words or, worse, what B believes he heard A say, is simply unfair. Absent other reliable and weighty evidence, the kicking of C out of the congregation for worshipping the devil would simply be unjust.

theft. As the union analyzed what we had heard, there was simply no evidence to accuse Jane or a second co-worker of theft or involvement in a theft. Imagine the stigma attached with such a finding, and how losing your job without warning would affect you, your finances, and your household. If you were non-union and if you could afford a lawyer to prove your employer got it wrong, you might be able to compel an appropriate severance cheque based on your years of service but you would never get your job back. The investment you had made in your employer and the damage to your reputation, life, and future would already be done. For Jane, as a CUPE member, things were much different than that theoretical nonunion employee who might be able to sue for a severance cheque. Here, the CUPE Local 15 grievance committee reviewed the facts of Jane’s case and decided to hire a lawyer and seek Jane’s reinstatement. Each of you, through your union dues, contributed a little bit to fund the union’s case on her behalf. If the union was successful Jane would receive her old job back, have the discipline withdrawn, and receive the difference in wages between what she would have earned if she had not been fired and what she did earn with any new employer. Jane’s reinstatement to her old job would also tangibly offset the wrongful branding of her as a thief. The evidence at Jane’s arbitration hearing unfolded as we had anticipated. We were still very confident that Jane would get her job back. Further, Jane had had the good fortune to find a well paying job after her firing, so not much money (her wage and benefit loss) was at stake in the arbitration. Rather it was her dignity and reputation that would be remedied by a reinstatement to her old job.

3. Members and Employers:

Transparency of process assists natural justice and fairness in decision making. When workers’ reputations and livelihoods hang in the balance, the employer, union, and co-workers should want to “get it right” based on the evidence, not rumour or innuendo. That is, the employer’s decision and the union’s opinion of that decision should be identical to what a neutral third party, an arbitrator, would decide when presented with all the admissible evidence. In Jane’s case, the employer gave the union the opportunity to sit in on investigatory interviews of “witnesses”, but that is not always the case. So if you are a witness being interviewed about another member’s alleged transgressions, never decline an offer of a union observer at that interview; and demand a union observer if one is not offered. I am sure each of you would like the fairest process possible if you were under investigation and a colleague was being interviewed as a “witness”. Give that same courtesy and respect to your colleagues by involving the union at the earliest possible stage.

4. Employers (and Members too!):

Realize there are three conclusions to draw from every “fact” obtained by you during investigatory meetings or witness interviews.


A few days into the arbitration hearing the employer’s argument was unraveling, and things got interesting when mid-hearing the employer offered a very substantial amount of money to Jane for her and the union to withdraw her grievance and sign a confidentiality agreement not to disclose the terms of settlement. By their offer Jane would receive a very large cheque in exchange for her silence. It is because of such confidentiality agreements that you don’t regularly read in the Members’ Voice about the disposition of termination grievances. Our employers, when they err or

She gave up a windfall so, amongst other things, her union could outline her story and provide a real-life context to advise members (and their employers – I know you are reading this) on how they should behave if faced with similar circumstances. overreach, seek to treat our members as if they are non-union – writing a cheque and buying silence. However it was the confidentiality agreement that Jane could not pallet. She refused the employers hush money. She gave up a windfall so, amongst other things, her union could outline her story and provide a real-life context to advise members (and their employers – I know you are reading this) on how they should behave if faced with similar circumstances.

a. The Truth – the actual state of facts b. Lies – willful or negligent misrepresentation of the actual state of facts c. An Honestly Held But Mistaken Belief – an incorrect misapprehension as to the actual state of facts Having observed many witnesses over the years give testimony about the exact same event or “state of facts”, I have come to the conclusion that there is much more of “C” in the world than any of us would anticipate, i.e. people try to be honest, but have simply gotten it wrong. It is for that reason employers should be very judicious and not overreach in the decisions arising from investigations; and that is also why members should be cautious in their reporting of coworkers wrongdoing or anticipated wrongdoing. We are fallible reporters of the truth and should not be blind to that truth! In Jane’s case, my colleagues and I were of the opinion that her employer got it wrong when they concluded that she stole or conspired to steal from her employer. Shortly after the employer offered, and Jane rejected, a lifechanging amount of money to withdraw her grievance and quietly disappear, the employer did the proper thing and abandoned their attempt to uphold her firing, reinstating her with a clean file and no loss of wages or

CUPE Local 15, Vancouver Municipal Education and Community Workers




The Members’

benefits. Jane, who rejected the confidentiality agreement, quietly returned to work with the right, although unexercised, to speak as loud as she wanted and to whomever she wanted about how she was mistreated by her employer, but instead leaving it to the union to use her employer’s transgressions as a teachable moment.

Finally, I want to thank Jane for taking the road less travelled, following her principles, turning down a very substantial monetary offer tied to a confidentiality agreement, and thereby also allowing the union to try to educate all its members and their employers about fairness, justice, and how hard decisions taken lightly and without reference to consequence can hurt one


another significantly. I can only hope that $27 per word was not too high a price for Jane to pay.

No charge legal advice now available to members By Paul Faoro, President I am pleased to announce that through our Vancouver Municipal, Education and Community Workers’ Society (VMECWS) we have signed an agreement with the Ethos Law Group in Vancouver to provide legal consultation to members. Our agreement is on a one year trial basis. CUPE 15 members are automatically members of the VMECWS. Our agreement with Ethos provides members with 30 minutes of legal (initial) consultation at no charge for non-employment related matters including civil litigation, personal injury, family law, wills and estates, residential tenancy and residential real estate, workers’ compensation claims, criminal law and motor vehicle violations. After the 30 minute initial consultation Ethos will give members preferential retainer agreements for additional legal services. The term “ethos” means a distinctive character, guiding ideals or fundamental values. Ethos Law Group is a Vancouver law firm that builds a positive ethos through the expertise, knowledge and ethics of their lawyers. They provide a broad range of legal services in the following areas: personal injury and wrongful death, civil litigation, constitutional and human rights law,

Annual Children’s Christmas Party

insurance law, labour and employment law, workers’ compensation, business law, wills and estates law and criminal law. In addition to providing high quality legal services to their clients in these practice areas, Ethos lawyers are dedicated to creating positive social change by representing clients on a probono basis in human rights and public interest claims. Further, Ethos is committed to serving the public interest by dedicating a portion of their time and profits to the social justice work of Pivot Legal Society.

Saturday, December 10, 2011 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. HR MacMillan Space Centre 1100 Chestnut Street Vancouver Ph: 604-738-7827

Members can access this new service by calling the CUPE 15 office at 604-879-4671 and obtaining a Legal Services Referral Certificate. This must be done before any services can be provided. For more information about Ethos Law Group, please visit

Pivot Legal Society is a legal advocacy organization that uses the law to address the root causes of poverty and social exclusion. Pivot operates in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver and works on a range of human rights issues including: housing and homelessness, police accountability, sex workers’ rights, drug policy, justice for youth and ending violence

See a show at the Star Theatre and visit Santa for a photo op (bring your own camera) and goodie bag between 12:00 noon and 1:30 p.m. Please visit for show information and a schedule of show times. Every year the membership approves a party to be held for CUPE Local 15 members and their children. The party is to provide members with children 12 and under a fun event during the Christmas season. In keeping with that, and due to overwhelming response to this event, we are enforcing the following criteria: • You will be required to provide photo identification and your CUPE Local 15 union membership card (or your paystub which shows that union dues are deducted) to verify that you are a member requesting the tickets. • The request must be for members who have children 12 and under.

Date: Time: Location:

against women. Pivot uses legal strategies, such as strategic litigation, legal education and law reform, to create meaningful social change in these policy areas.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high number of members who have children who are eligible, we are not able to extend these tickets to extended family, friends, neighbors, or grandchildren.


• Tickets will be limited to one adult (CUPE 15 Member) and up to three children. Additional tickets may be purchased at the door for friends, parents, and grandparents. See for prices. Please note that children five and under are free. • Vouchers will only be issued to those eligible. Photo identification must be presented at the door in order to exchange the voucher for a ticket. • Vouchers will be available on a first come, first served basis at the November 23rd General Membership meeting. Please go to the table marked “Children’s Christmas Party Vouchers”. They will also be available on November 25th and 28th from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the union office. Members must pick up the vouchers themselves at one of these opportunities. • Tickets are non-transferable and any altered vouchers will be null and void. It is our goal to send as many children of CUPE Local 15 members as possible to this festive event.

CUPE Local 15, Vancouver Municipal Education and Community Workers




The Members’


It’s budget time! 2012 Budget



There are no great changes in the Society budget except for what we believe is a long overdue Line item 870 Christmas Houses. We hope to increase the donation to each of these houses in Vancouver with the approval of the membership. The Society budget remains consistent and is reflected as such.

10,000 30,000 70,000 12,000 2,000 80,000 8,000 15,000 10,430 19,449 30,373 7,285 61,846 1,466 -

CUPE Local 15, Vancouver Municipal Education and Community Workers


5455 · Conferences - Municipal and ACCC 5457 · Conferences/Courses - Ed Cmte/Exec 5460 · Conventions - CUPE Nat/CUPE BC 5462 · Conventions - CLC/BC Fed 5470 · General Membership Meetings 5472 · Members Recognition - pins 5475 · Members' Voice Printing & Postage 5480 · Website Maintenance 5485 · Communications · Member Info & Meetings

Total · Executive & Committee Costs

5305 · Union Promotion 5345 · Executive - Book off 5350 · Executive - General 5352 · Executive - Communication 5355 · Fightback Campaigns 5360 · Finance Committee 5470 · Grievance Committee 5380 · OH&S Committee 5385 · Other Committees 5390 · Staff Advisory Committee 5395 · Union Education Committee · Executive & Committee Costs

Total · Negotiations

5200 · Negotiations 5290 · Contract Printing · Negotiations

11,000 30,000 30,000 20,000 12,000 1,000 81,500 7,000 15,000

7,000 20,000 15,000 9,000 20,000 2,000 500 5,000 2,000 15,000 6,000 101,500 5,000 12,000 12,000 9,000 20,000 2,000 500 4,000 1,000 35,000 5,000 105,500 3,959 16,456 12,451 2,973 (1,000) 675 334 1,165 31,450 3,934 72,397

100,000 10,000 110,000

120,000 10,000 130,000

Leanne Toderian Secretary Treasurer

73,895 2,441 76,336

138,196 138,196 5100 · Contract Enforcement Total · Contract Enforcement

· Contract Enforcement

Total · Community Support

· Community Support

Total · Affiliation Costs


5001 · CUPE BC (.14% Reg Wages) 5002 · CUPE Metro (.007% Reg Wages) 5003 · CUPE National (.85% Reg Wages) 5010 · BC Federation of Labour 5015 · VDLC · Affiliation Costs


100,000 100,000

10,000 2,000 10,000 5,000 27,000 10,000 10,000 50,000 70,000

337,450 16,875 2,048,720 15,000 2,418,045 260,248 13,012 1,580,076 11,183 1,864,519

25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 5025 · Transfer to Political Action Reserve Total · Transfers to Reserves

Transfers to Reserves

Total · Revenue

100,000 100,000

Another new line item is 5053 Community Support - Arts & Cultural. We have members at the Vancouver Art Gallery, HR McMillan Space Centre, Vancouver Museum and Vancouver Maritime Museum, all of whom make up our Cultural

25,000 25,000

6,000 4,775,000 6,000 5,000 4,792,000 6,000 4,700,000 5,000 50,000 4,761,000 3,442 3,624,881 5,940 3,634,263 4010 · Bank Interest 4040 · Dues (1.95% of Reg Wages) 4060 · $9 Initiation/Local 15 4725 · Transfer from Political Action Reserve

Budget Sep 30/11



2011 Jan 01 to

CUPE LOCAL 15 - VMECW Proposed budget 2012


A new line item under Union budget I would like to draw to your attention is a provision for

I would like to thank the Finance Committee [Sisters Michele Alexander and Karla Mariena and Brother Joseph Lau] for their assistance in preparing these budgets, along with staff Mark Gloumeau.

2,916 6,405 1,878 11,199


For those who would like to know more about the Federation their webpage can be found at

5051 · Community Donations 5053 · Community Support - Arts & Cultural 5055 · Labour Movement Support 5060 · Political Action 5062 · Political Action - CUPE Executive

The purpose of this review is to forecast where we expect we will need funds in the upcoming year. The Finance committee reviews the previous years and looks ahead to the next to help guide the Executive. The following 2012 operating budgets are based on estimates of expenditures during the period and proposals for financing them. It is vital that priorities such as member and steward support, contract enforcement and bargaining are reflected in the subsequent line items.

Sector. Support from all levels of government in this sector continues to decline and the Executive believes we can raise awareness and hopefully affect change and turn this trend around. We ask for your support in the creation of this new line item.


November is the time of year the Union asks its members to review and approve the budget for the upcoming year. The Finance Committee and Executive Board ask you to review the following budgets for both the Union and Society and come prepared to discuss and approve it at the November General Membership meeting.

the Local to join British Columbia Federation of Labour. The BC Feds, to quote their website: “ The B.C. Federation of Labour’s primary goal is to speak on behalf of and provide resources to its affiliated unions. In doing so, the Federation puts forward the interests of union members across the province to government, employers and the general public.” Because approximately 50% of our membership falls under provincial funding and/or governance, being part of this federation would allow us to join forces with other unions who wish to fight for, lobby and coordinate efforts to effect change at a provincial level. The Executive supports this initiative and will seek support from the membership in its affiliation.

342,820 17,140 2,081,410 39,225 18,850 2,499,445

2012 Union and Society Budgets

WWW.CUPE15.ORG 135,836


1,120 2,069 10,244 106,200 4,606 117,000 10,065 13,726 9,105 8,706 282,841

19,272 10,476 4,922 42,704 36,772 55,608 9,323 179,077

22,246 6,454 28,700

41,986 2,439 114,216 447 20,129 179,217

26,385 19,356 235,756 2,973 7,289 326 292,085

49,268 9,854 438 59,560

49,268 9,854 264 59,386

10,159 10,552 31,062 41,063 6,229 99,065


6005 · Audit Fees 6010 · Bank Charges and Fees 6013. Books & Publications 6020 · Facility Fees 6025 · Cellular 6035 · Equipment & Furniture Lease 6045 · Postage & Courier 6050 · Stationery/Office Supplies 6055 · Telephone, Internet 6060 · IT Service/Support

5905 · CPP 5910 · EI 5915 · Employee Assistance Program 5920 · Group Insurance 5930 · Medical/Extended Health/Dental 5935 · Municipal Pension Plan 5940 · Retirement Provision 5945 · VESP Savings 5950 · WCB

5805 · Bldg Maint Worker Salary 5810 · Temp BMW (incl ben in lieu)

5755 · Accounting Coordinator Salary 5760 · Acctg - Temp (incl ben in lieu) 5775 · Clerical Salaries 5780 · Clerical Training 5785 · Temp Clerical (incl ben in lieu)

5704 · Car Allowance - Permanent Reps 5710 · Field Staff Cars - Gas, Maint & Ins 5715 · Field Staff Salaries 5717 · Field Staff Development 5720 · Field Staff Training 5725 · Temp Field Staff (incl ben in lieu) 5730 · Temp Field Staff - Transportation

5660 · President Wages 5670 · President Benefits 5675 · Transportation

5610 · Secretary-Treasurer Wages 5620 · Secretary-Treasurer Benefits 5630 · Transportation

5505 · Activist Training Weekend 5515 · Chief Shop Stewards 5560 · Orientations/In-town Courses 5565 · Out-of-town Courses 5567 · Shop Stewards - Book Off 5570 · Shop Stewards - General


Total Expenditures

Total · Office & Admin Costs

· Office & Admin Costs

Total · Staff Benefits

· Staff Benefits

Total · Building Maintenance Worker Costs

· Building Maintenance Worker Costs

Total · Clerical Staff Costs

· Clerical Staff Costs

Total · Field Staff Costs

· Field Staff Costs

Total · President Costs

· President Costs

Total · Secretary-Treasurer Costs

· Secretary-Treasurer Costs

Total · Shop Steward Costs

· Shop Steward Costs

Total · Member Info & Meetings

CUPE Local 15, Vancouver Municipal Education and Community Workers 160


12,750 2,800 12,500 141,000 6,150 153,000 22,000 23,000 12,000 12,000 397,200

25,000 10,500 2,000 7,000 55,000 58,750 23,750 12,750 2,750 197,500

34,000 8,000 42,000

61,600 6,000 178,200 3,000 25,000 273,800

31,825 24,500 335,400 3,000 25,000 2,500 422,225

72,675 14,535 500 87,710

72,675 14,535 500 87,710

40,000 15,000 20,000 43,250 60,000 15,000 193,250








3,500 500 2,000 25 10,000 16,025



924 295 25 1,244

7,500 700 7,500 18,000 8,000 22,000 10,000 15,000 10,000 3,000 7,000 5,000 15,000 35,000

25,000 10,000 3,000 35,000 18,000 91,000

30,000 30,000 60,000

500 26,000 156,000 141,600 6,240 400 330,740

2011 Budget

5,401 332 3,432 15,040 5,837 15,500 100 2,279 3,250 825 1,799 6,820


855 · Audit Fees 860 · Bank Charges & Fees 870 · Donations to Christmas Houses 875 · Filing Fee - Society 880 · Loans Contingency Total · General

905 · Lease Addressing System 908 · Lease Fax Machine 910 · Lease Mail Machine 915 · Lease Photocopier 920 · Lease Phone System 940 · Bursaries 945 · Children's Christmas Party 955 · Depreciation Expense 960 · Support to Members 965 · Flowers/Fruit Baskets 975 · Maintenance - App/Equipment 980 · Members Activities 985 · Members Services 990 · Member Sick Continuance 995 · Professional Development Health Total · Leases & Member Services

17,524 6,134 1,151 35,122 10,502 70,433

30,000 30,000 60,000

810 · Building Fund 815 · Contingency Reserve Fund

820 · Insurance - Building & Officers 825 · Maintenance - Building 830 · Supplies - Building 835 · Taxes - Building 840 · Utilities Total · Building

696 40,061 117,000 106,200 4,680 8,026 400 277,063

705 · Bank Interest 710 · Investment Interest 715 · Furniture & Equipment Lease 720 · Facility Fees - Union 725 · Facility Fees - CUPE Local 391 727 · Transfer - Health Members 735 · Donations - Miscellaneous

Total · Expenditures

· General

· Leases & Member Services

· Building


Total · Transfers to Reserves

Total · Revenue Transfers to Reserves


Jan 01 to Sep 30/11



3,750 500 4,500 25 10,000 18,775



7,500 600 7,000 18,300 8,000 25,000 10,000 15,000 5,000 3,000 7,000 5,000 15,000 30,000

25,000 10,000 3,000 36,000 18,000 92,000

30,000 30,000 60,000

500 26,000 153,000 141,000 6,360 400 327,260

2012 Budget

VMECW Society Proposed Budget for 2012 2011





12,000 2,800 12,000 141,600 5,520 156,000 20,000 23,000 12,000 12,000 396,920

26,000 11,000 2,000 7,200 53,000 58,500 66,700 12,950 2,300 239,650

32,400 5,000 37,400

58,600 6,000 169,700 3,000 25,000 262,300

31,200 24,000 319,400 40,000 3,000 25,000 4,200 446,800

71,250 14,250 500 86,000

71,250 14,250 500 86,000

25,000 10,000 20,000 40,000 40,000 15,000 150,000


The Members’





The Members’


Thank you Claude Généreux

On Wednesday, things came full circle for Claude Généreux.It started in Vancouver and it ends in Vancouver. After serving as National SecretaryTreasurer for ten years, Claude Généreux, surrounded by his family, received a resounding tribute from the Convention. First, CUPE-Québec President Lucie Levasseur thanked him elegantly, adding her own spin to a quote from Claude’s speech of the previous day: “What’s important cannot always be measured, and you were immeasurably important to us!” One after another, his friends and colleagues testified to his finer qualities with a little humour, and above all, to his most eloquent success: the spectacular turnaround of CUPE’s finances over the last ten years. In his address to the delegates, Claude recalled several key events that marked the past decade. He summed up by declaring that “we may lose some battles, but we win in the end.” Then he thanked the delegates for their struggles and achievements over the years.He closed by noting that what we are asking for is “bread and roses, respect and dignity.” His partner Manon Charlebois had the last word: “Now that you’re no longer busy with the national, we’ll go ‘local’ together at home

Charles Fleury elected CUPE National Secretary-Treasurer, and Paul Moist re-elected to another term as National President excellent example he’s set for the entire union over this last decade,” said Fleury. Close to 2,000 convention delegates took part in the vote, representing the over 610,000 members of CUPE from across the country. Fleury was elected on the third ballot. “I offer my most sincere congratulations to Brother Charles, and look forward to working with him on building CUPE into an even stronger

“I thank all the delegates and each and every member of CUPE from coast to coast to coast, for their continued trust and support,” Charles Fleury was elected National SecretaryTreasurer for the Canadian Union of Public Employees today at the union’s national convention in Vancouver.

union,” said Paul Moist, CUPE national president. Moist was re-elected as national president, acclaimed to another two year term. He has been national president since 2003.

Fleury, from Terrebonne, Quebec, has been a member of CUPE for almost 30 years. For the last 12 years, he has been Secretary– General for CUPE 1500, which represents 6,000 HydroQuebec members. He has also been a member of CUPE’s National Executive Board since 2003.

Also re-elected are Fred Hahn, Barry O’Neill, Lucie Levasseur, Tom Graham and Daniel Légère as general vice-presidents.

Fleury succeeds Claude Généreux, who after 10 years in the position decided not to seek reelection. “Brother Claude has left me with some pretty big shoes to fill, and I will do my best to follow the


“I thank all the delegates and each and every member of CUPE from coast to coast to coast, for their continued trust and support,” said Moist on his re-election. “I also congratulate the re-elected general vice-presidents. Working together, united, with all our 610,000 members, we will help build a better Canada for all workers.”

CUPE Local 15, Vancouver Municipal Education and Community Workers




The Members’


When we are united, we are unstoppable Canada’s largest union must not be isolated, and needs to increase its work reaching out to other Canadians. This was the message today from Paul Moist, national president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees. Moist addressed over 2,500 delegate and guests at the 25th CUPE National Convention, being held this week at the Vancouver Convention Centre. CUPE represents over 610,000 workers across the country, primarily in the public services such as health care, municipal workers, social services, childcare and long-term care. “We gather this week to debate, to plan, to strengthen our unity and to speak truth to power,” said Moist. “We are proud public employees and we will fight to defend quality public services, trade union rights, and build a better world for all workers.”

The biggest challenge ahead for CUPE and the entire Canadian labour movement, said Moist, is the Harper Conservative government. He specifically cited the recent government intervention in the negotiations between Air Canada and its 6,800 flight attendants, who are CUPE members. “Lisa Raitt, you are supposed to be the Minister of Labour, not the Minister of Employers,” said Moist. “These actions destroy free collective bargaining rights. They are more than a signal; they are a clear message to employers that the federal government is on their side.” Moist went on to say CUPE members won’t be intimidated by the Harper Conservatives, and that the union must work with other Canadians who share its goals and values.

“We cannot allow Harper to place us in a box, playing to Canadians’ fears by calling us a privileged class, trying to isolate us,” said Moist. “We are workers and our lot in life is tied with that of other workers, of students, of the poor, and other marginalized citizens. When we unite with other citizens, who share our vision, we are an unstoppable force for good.” Key note speakers included distinguished visiting Professor at Ryerson University Stephen Lewis, Federal NDP interim Leader Nycole Turmel, and Council of Canadians National Chairperson Maude Barlow. A complete schedule and more convention information is available at

CUPE 15 at the convention Barb Dickinson with Betty McGee, Matt Quiring and Carol Brynjolfson (2nd row) (top left). Santino Scardillo and CUPE 15 Secretary Treasurer Leanne Toderian (top right). Warren Williams, (middle left), Randi Gurholt-Seary and Joey Lau (middle right). Craig Hopkins with 1st VP Miriam Pulsifer WWW.CUPE15.ORG

CUPE Local 15, Vancouver Municipal Education and Community Workers




The Members’

Ending Harper’s war on workers


Barlow makes stirring call to action Council of Canadians national chairperson Maude Barlow stirred delegates with a call for “resistance and action” from the majority of Canadians who didn’t vote for Stephen Harper. Privatization, greed and overconsumption are destroying the planet and creating fierce class warfare, says Barlow, but workers and community allies will stand in the way of this agenda, united in “an unstoppable force for justice.” She connected growing inequality in Canada with a global concentration of wealth in the hands of very few people. The gap between rich and poor has widened dramatically in the past few years, she said.

Convention 2011 debated an emergency resolution responding to the Harper Government’s attack on working people. Since getting a majority government in May, the Conservatives have interfered with collective bargaining at Air Canada and Canada Post, in both cased trampling on the rights and benefits of working Canadians. Legislation restricting the ability of unions to engage in political activity has been introduced and the government has ignored a plebiscite by western farmers - plowing ahead with a plan to dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board.

Local 116 delegate Colleen Garbe spoke in favour of the motion. “This resolution is long overdue. We are losing ground over and over again.”

The Emergency Resolution called upon CUPE to work with the CLC and other allies to oppose the Harper government and begin planning for the 2015 election of an NDP government.

“We can’t survive on the idea that a good argument is the solution, cause it ain’t working,” said Davidson. “I’d much sooner go out swinging then sit back and say I tried what I could and it didn’t work.”

Debate on the floor was spirited and supportive of the motion, with many delegates expressing frustration that working people have been losing rights over the last few years.

Several Air Canada employees spoke in favour of the resolution. John Reis of Toronto Local 4092 said “Free collective bargaining is a right that has been stripped away by the Harper Regime.” Vancouver delegate Ken Davidson called for a tougher approach, arguing that the Labour movement has no choice but to act or be destroyed.

Overwhelming support for Anti-Bullying Resolution On Day 2 of CUPE National Convention in Vancouver, delegates heard heartfelt and emotional stories of how homophobic and transphobic bullying hurts us all – in our schools, in our workplaces, in our union and in our society. And in response, convention delegates overwhelmingly passed resolution No. 114, also covering No. 115, fighting harassment and bullying in society and the workplace.

Speakers to the resolution spoke in full support of the anti-bullying and educational resolution that will see CUPE: • support and promote the national antibullying day, the Day of Pink, April 13; • develop, update and/or distribute materials, that oppose homophobic and transphobic bullying in CUPE workplaces; • develop promotional items for Pride marches on the theme of homophobic and transphobic bullying in the workplace; and • support Egale Canada’s (“Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere”) Safe Schools Campaign Fred Hahn, proud and openly gay president of CUPE’s Ontario Division, urged CUPE members to be “champions against bullying in our workplaces and community” and stand up to show that bullying must stop and we can all work together to make it better, referring to the ‘it gets better’ campaign.


“Those responsible for the global recession have been bailed out and rewarded, but 1.5 billion people are unemployed or in vulnerable, insecure conditions.” Barlow praised CUPE’s progressive stance on many issues, including the fights to stop CETA and protect water and Medicare, saying it’s earned the union the support and respect of many Canadians. Trade deals like CETA will do Harper’s dirty work for him, imposing privatization on communities, she said.

“Those responsible for the global recession have been bailed out and rewarded, but 1.5 billion people are unemployed or in vulnerable, insecure conditions.” The Council will be right next to CUPE defending public health care when the federal-provincial health accord is renewed. “Not even Stephen Harper can take away our most treasured public service if we stand up together,” she said. She talked about resisting Harper’s anti-worker, anti-union push. “We will work with the threequarters majority to stand with workers under threat. We will walk their picket lines, support their families, and be understanding when their actions interrupt our daily routines,” said Barlow. “When an Air Canada worker stands up for her rights, she is standing up for our rights. She is a leader.” Barlow singled CUPE out for its support of the occupy movement. “It means everything to young people braving the cold and snow to know CUPE members are family.” Barlow ended her speech on an inspiring note, saying “we act together, and we act for justice, and in that act for justice we find our true, our best, selves.”

CUPE Local 15, Vancouver Municipal Education and Community Workers




The Members’


How the Occupation protests are changing the way we see the world by Emma Somers CUPE 15 College Sector Representative Emily Carr University Shop Steward On October 15th, an estimated 4000+ demonstrators filled the lawn of the Vancouver Art Gallery. It was a beautiful day and the crowd swelled with a sense of hope and exhilaration. We were gathered in support of what had started as a small group of protesters camping out in Zuccotti Park in New York City. We were also helping to set in motion a world-wide “Occupation” movement. The global nature of the Occupy movement is unprecedented. While anti-war and environmental marches have occurred in multiple locations at once, we have never seen a global movement like this with such a common thread of solidarity. The basic message of the movement, that “we are the 99%,” has had mass appeal. We have accepted it into our daily conversations and it has changed the way we understand our world. We have begun to shift towards a distaste for greed. Our world is in the middle of the worst capitalist crisis in 80 years. Seeking a new moral perspective, the Occupy protests throughout the world are collectively denouncing the financial inequality that is destroying our communities,

our environment, and society as a whole. The contention by the media that the Occupy movement lacks a clear message is an interesting one. As the movement builds momentum, it is becoming apparent that its core strength is its room for many voices. The inclusive and leaderless “General Assemblies” that the movement has adopted work through a consensus model, providing

everyone with an opportunity to participate. These assemblies, although sometimes long, slow, and cumbersome, provide a progressive means of working together. The outcome has also been that, without centralized power or clear leadership it makes it difficult for police

to infiltrate or arrest; instead, police are being invited by protesters to participate in the discussions. There has been a strong emphasis on the logistics of the camps, ensuring that mutual respect, healthy food, shelter, and communications are sustainable. While the Occupations are still in formation, they are not dissipating. They are growing. Historians and writers have pointed out that what may make this movement different and perhaps stronger is how it attracts the Labour movement. Workers now seem to understand that if we are to compete in the global marketplace, we have no choice but to compete with prison slave labour. We are in danger of all workers losing their basic rights. I went down to Occupy Vancouver today. There was a library tent full of books for lending. There was a food camp, a first aid area, a children’s play area, a big white board listing the day’s agenda and guest speakers. It was clean, organized, and the people occupying it looked determined, strong and in high spirits. I spoke with one man and asked him if the Occupiers needed any donations. He responded that they can always use gloves and warm blankets but more than anything they need people to talk to each other and participate in creating an ideological change. He said “tell your friends what is happening down here and across the world.” I promised him I would do just that.

A Report from the City et al Bargaining Committee submitted by Betty McGee, Bargaining Committee Chair on behalf of the City et al Bargaining Committee For several months the City, Parks, Britannia, and Ray-Cam (City et al) Bargaining Committee has been diligently working to create a package of bargaining proposals that reflect the interests of members in these bargaining units. On September 29, 2011, at the Croatian Cultural Centre, these proposals were presented to the membership in a series of three meetings where they were discussed and ratified. The proposals developed by the committee were amended to include additional proposals recommended by members at these meetings. We are confident that the proposals ratified are responsive to the issues reflected in the bargaining surveys, problematic collective agreement language as identified by CUPE Local 15 staff and stewards, and issues that worksites and individual members raised with Bargaining Committee members. I am proud to have served as the Co-Chair of the Bargaining Committee in the last round of negotiations and to be serving as the Chair of this Bargaining Committee. I am also very confident in the strength and experience of the

current committee. The Bargaining Committee includes John Geppert, Chief Spokesperson and current Local 15 Staff Representative assigned to the City sector, the Chief Shop Stewards for both the City and Parks Sector, Steve Salsman and myself, Betty McGee, three current Executive Board members, Sally Bankiner, 2nd Vice-President, and Anne-Marie McGee and Barbara Dickinson (alternate), Parks Sector Representatives, Brenda Coombs (Vice Chair), former Local 15 Secretary-Treasurer and past Bargaining Committee member, past Trustees Arthur Lum and Donald Rounding, and Jacques Masse (alternate). We are also happy to have the Chief Spokesperson of the last round of negotiations and Local 15 Parks Staff Representative, Keith Graham, available to provide support to our committee. Collectively this Bargaining Committee brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and commitment to the interests of the membership. It is our sincere hope that these strengths will serve us well in our efforts to improve the collective agreements for our members. At this time we have not “served notice”, the action available to both parties under the Labour Code which signifies the official commencement of the collective bargaining process. Rather, the


Bargaining Committee has agreed to participate in a joint pre-bargaining process with the employer in the hopes of addressing several significant issues that continue to be problematic for both parties. We believe that the employer has a heard many of the concerns of our members expressed during the recent Employee Engagement process. We also believe that there is an interest on the part of the employer to address these concerns and that this joint pre-bargaining process may play a considerable part in this work. With significant previous bargaining experience I maintain a healthy level of skepticism on what may result from our participation in these meetings. However, I am pleased to report that to date the tone of these meetings are open and respectful, a significant departure from the acrimonious approach of previous Employer Bargaining Committee members. The City et al Bargaining Committee currently maintains a cautiously optimistic attitude that this round of bargaining will benefit from the work of these pre-bargaining meetings.

CUPE Local 15, Vancouver Municipal Education and Community Workers




The Members’

Events & Credits

The Members’ Voice is published nine times a year for members of CUPE Local 15 - Vancouver Municipal, Education and Community Workers. The Deadline for submissions is 9:00 a.m. on the first Wednesday of each month. All submissions may be edited for brevity and clarity. Signed articles and letters do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of CUPE Local 15.

CUPE Local 15

545 West 10th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K9 Phone: 604-879-4671 Fax: 604-879-7582 Email: Website: Local 15 is a chartered affiliate of the Canadian Union of Public Employees and is also affiliated with the CUPE British Columbia Division, CUPE Metro District Council and the Vancouver & District Labour Council. CUPE 15 is a member of the Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM).

CUPE Local 15 Executive Board Table Officers:

President: Paul Faoro 1st Vice President: Miriam Pulsifer 2nd Vice President: Sally Bankiner Secretary Treasurer: Leanne Toderian

Sector Representatives:

City: Santino Scardillo, Diane Brown College/University: Reba Noel, Emma Somers Cultural: Matthew Quiring Health/HSSCBA: Patricia Taylor Health/HSPBA: Vacant Parks: Barb Dickinson, Anne-Marie McGee K-12: Peggy Wong, Warren Williams


Joey Lau, Michele Alexander, Karla Mairena

Staff Representatives:

Kathie Currie, John Geppert, Keith Graham, Graeme Moore

Office & Administrative Staff:

Mark Gloumeau, Accounting Coordinator Rosemary Matheson, Office Manager Barbara Simpson, Office Assistant Nadia Thibault, Office Assistant

Building Maintenance: Jeff Zaharia

CUPE National Representatives:


DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!! Saturday, Nov. 19

The following candidates were endorsed at the September 20th meeting of the Vancouver & District Labour Council, and at the CUPE Local 15 October 26th membership meeting. We encourage members to get involved in the municipal campaign in your community to help elect these people on November 19th.



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ARD O B L O O H uver C o c S n a V n io is -V

atti BACCHUS, P - COPE l A , Y E K A L B COPE e n a J , Y E ouver BOU c n a V n io is V en CLEMENT, K - COPE n e w G , T H ncouver GIESBREC a V n io is V Mike LOMBARDI, ancouver V n io is V rie PAYNE, Che COPE n a ll A , G N uver WO o c n a V n io is b-V WYNEN, Ro

D PARK BOAR tance - Vision Vancouver ns uver BARNES, Co o c n a V n io is h-V BLYTH, Sara t - COPE n e r B , Y B N a - COPE GRA ld a n o D , R E L-BAK GREENWEL ncouver a V n io is V ron JASPER, Aa ancouver V n io is V r LOKE, Trevo ouver c n a V n io is V iki SHARMA, N

Justin Schmid, Tina Meadows, Matt Yun Designed by




PLAN L A T I P A C e for th

CUPE Local 15, Vancouver Municipal Education and Community Workers

November 2011 Member's Voice  

November 2011 Member's Voice

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