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St Peter’s, Carrigrohane St Senan’s, Inniscarra The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney 021-4877260

Jan-Feb 2012 Connect 2012 - Celebrating our Presence As we begin the new year and the run up to Connect 2012 - our week of outreach and service around Ballincollig - we can begin to get a sense of the shape of the week and how we might be involved. There is a lot going on with a genuinely diverse program to suit many, many people. We have lots to be excited about at this stage, with loads of activities, a direct ‘shop window’ in the shopping centre, evening gatherings that are shaping up to be creative, engaging, fun and a natural expression of the joy we have in our relationship with God. In short, through Connect 2012 we are celebrating our presence, letting the area know there is an active, friendly church community with much to offer people in Carrigrohane Union, rather than simply 3 pretty buildings! As we reach out we are encouraged and spurred on by the great commission in Matthew 28, where Jesus reminds us that ‘all authority’ is his, and therefore we are to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’, - our week of outreach is a reflection of that desire to ‘go’, to share our faith in real ways, to encourage our friends, families and colleagues to get connected to the Lord of all creation, or simply invite them for a coffee to meet others! We do need to be honest though, this is scary stuff! What if people turn our invites down? What happens if the neighbour I invited doesn’t like the activities or sessions they came to? Can I really take time off to be involved? These are real concerns and we should be talking openly about them with each other, encouraging each other along the way. We are taking a risk whenever we share something as deeply personal and significant as our faith and love of God our necks are on the line. But it is always this way, Hudson Taylor (a missionary in China) once said; “unless there is an element of risk to our exploits for God, there is no need for faith”. Nothing has changed in the 150 years since those words were first heard. It is times like this we are reminded of our need of prayer, knowing ultimately this connect week, this church and this world are in God’s hands, not ours. We can also take hold of the promise at the end of the great commission where Jesus says ‘I am with you always, to the very end of the age’. With those words Jesus launched people to ‘go’, to be missional, to look out for others, to build his community on earth. It started nearly 2000 years ago and has continued ever since, and in our small way is carried on by Connect 2012. We have much to celebrate praise God. Hudson Taylor also said something that often encourages me to try something new or challenging which was this: “There are 3 stages in the work for God; Impossible, Difficult, Done!”

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Matt Gould


Ordinary People—Sharing our Stories…Samuel & Ruth Salim —chatting with Fiona McAuliffe

Q. Tell me a bit about yourselves? Ruth: We grew up in Africa, Somalia originally, and came to Ireland almost twelve years ago. Samuel: We have known each other since we were kids and grew up together. Q. Did you grow up in a Christian family? Samuel: No, we were Muslim. Ruth: We were born Muslims but we were never really practicing Muslims, like people say they are Christian because they live in a Catholic country. Q. Why did you move to Cork? Ruth: Due to circumstances at home. Q. How did you become Christians? Samuel: After we left Somalia we went to Kenya and Christian families hosted us. They helped us in all ways. Most of our friends are Christians and we got involved. Ruth: We liked going to Church, particularly the songs, and going to occasions like weddings and baptisms. That is how it started. We enjoyed the faith; it is the beliefs and the teachings of Christianity that we like and the social supports. Q. How does your faith make a difference to your lives on a daily basis? Samuel: It has changed our lives through prayer. Things have worked out. It does not happen instantly but over time. For example, we have been praying that Ruth would get a job and out of the blue she recently got one! Also we wanted to convert to Christianity for a while but we didn’t know how. We prayed that it would be made clear, that an opportunity would come along and it did. Ruth: We started coming to this Church in April and became sure that converting was what we wanted. Ian helped us a lot and we were recently baptized. Samuel: Our children were also our inspiration. Ruth: They started going to Church before us. Samuel: They did not grow up in an Islamic society and have never been in a mosque. They go to a Catholic school in Ireland and they really liked Christianity. Ruth: The school is very involved with the local Church and the children started singing in the Church choir. Every Sunday they would wake up and walk to Church themselves, unless it was raining and they would ask us for a lift. They would say just drop us off, you don’t have to come in! Q. Are there any aspects of Christianity that you struggle with? Ruth: I would say I struggle with reading the bible. Not because it is hard to read but it is difficult to get the time. I particularly like the book of Psalms because of the poetry and power of the words. I enjoy the stories in the Old Testament as well. Samuel: I would say the same. We usually read it together and have similar tastes. We find more strength in reading it together because we can encourage each other. Q. Would you like to add anything else? Samuel: We would like to thank Ian for all he did for us. Ruth: He helped us a lot with converting and preparing for baptism. We would like to thank our friends and the whole Church for their support. We are grateful for the choice we made because we really enjoy Christian life. Samuel: It took a long time to come but it was worth the wait.

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PREPARE AND PRAYER – FAST, CELEBRATE AND UNITE Friday 27th to Sunday 29th January 2012 A weekend to prepare and pray for Connect 2012, individually and together.

Friday 27th Jan - Fast and Repent

Drop in to...12.00 noon to 6.00pm St Senan’s Church Service at midday. St Senan’s will then be left open for personal prayer.

Saturday 28th Jan - Celebrating our Presence in Ballincollig For all volunteers…10am Coffee in St Peter’s 10.30am Worship and Prayer—Preparation and Training of all volunteers 12.30pm Depart

Sunday 29th Jan - Community “We being many are one body for we all share the one bread.” 9.00am St Peter’s - Prayer in the context of Holy Communion 10.00am Coffee in the Parish Centre Prayer Room in the Parish Centre - everyone is invited to wander around Adventurers lead us in Prayer in the Main Hall Breaking of Bread together in the Main Hall 11.00am the Church of the Resurrection, Blarney - Taize service 5.30pm The Xperimental Service in the Parish Centre—For all ages! Dear Friends, From a simple SWOT analysis in the autumn of 2010 through to all the planning of 2011, the curtain is about to go up on Connect 2012 when we ‘Celebrate our Presence in Ballincollig’ - Matt’s phrase and article sums up all that Connect 2012 is about. We are now completing the teams of volunteers and making the final arrangements. Everyone is involved and much of what we do in our normal routine, will change. So I would ask you to PLEASE KEEP INFORMED - AND PUT OTHERS IN THE PICTURE. Please note especially: • Do enjoy the week! Let’s not be so taken up with busyness that we miss what it is all about! I speak from experience! • Changes to Sunday service times AND venues. • During the last weekend of January, please participate during the time: PREPARE AND PRAYER—FAST, CELEBRATE & UNITE. Paul the apostle is spot on with this balance of work and prayer when in Colossians 1 v 29 he says:

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“To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me.”

Join the team – there are still gaps. Please see the sign up sheets in the churches. • Remember, Connect 2012 is not an end itself! It will do us all good by deepening relationships with each other and God. It will also draw in new members over a period of time which will mean we have to welcome them wholeheartedly and go the extra mile for their sake. • Use the Programmes to invite others, especially those who are seeking, enquiring and needing encouragement. • Please ask if you are unsure about any aspect of Connect 2012. Finally, while Connect 2012 is upper most in our minds it is business as usual in the life of the Union including the rectory – do call me if you need to -.except by the way, on Tuesdays – my new day off (unless an emergency). Every blessing In Christ, Ian


CONNECT 2012 TEAM Bishop Ken & Helen

George & Eunice Newell

Rev Alison (Ali) Calvin

Also Saltmine Theatre Co. & US ALL !

HOW YOU CAN HELP…. • • • • • • • • • • •

Art decoration/flowers Baking/sandwich making Lunches/dinners Leaflet drops Prayer ministry Set up/clear up/Stewards/car park Transport Valentine’s Dinner ticket selling Youth event helpers Ballincollig Shopping Centre presence Street outreach

Contact the Parish Office (4877260) to say when you’re available and we’ll slot you in!


And we don’t just mean our invited speakers and drama group! Everyone one of us is a vital part of the excellent team that is crucial for Connect 2012 to be effective.


The aim of Connect 2012 is to witness to Christ and the Kingdom of God through our community life. We have built up much respect over the years, but many don’t know us - and to cross the door of church buildings is a big ask. So Connect 2012 will: • As much as possible take place outside of church venues

Use publicity to reach up to 10,000 homes. While being faithful to the timeless message of Christ, the Good News will be presented in creative and imaginative ways through our speakers and one of Britain’s leading drama groups, the Saltmine Theatre Company. This is an investment which prayerfully will have an impact for years to come. Like all investments it requires funding and the Select Vestry have agreed a maximum budget of €12,000 and invites contributions towards the costs. Please catch the vision and give what you can. Contributions can be sent to the Parish office or put in an envelope on the collection plate - marked for Connect 2012. If you put your name on the envelope or give a cheque we can claim tax back!

Parish Contacts:

Rector: Canon Ian Jonas – 4871106 email: Parish Office: 4877260 (Mon-Fri mornings) email: Youth Workers: Matt Gould: 085 1080067 & Katie Gould: 085 1080030) email: Parish website: We change the answer machine message at the beginning of each week— and include the times of the services for the following Sunday.

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Resources for Growth • •

The talks by Bishop Ken from the Refresh weekend are now available – call Patsy in the Parish Office to borrow them. The DVDs by Ian Coffey on the book of Esther can also be borrowed from the Parish Office. These have been much appreciated by the Connect groups.

Thanks to…

Bob Buckley for all his efforts in recording the talks from the Refresh w/e. Sorry it took so long to bring them on stream - we were challenged in how to adapt them to our technology! • For the Christmas gifts for Simon, Cuanlee and St Vincent de Paul - they were delighted to receive them. • For the brilliance of the decorations at the Christmas service. Our musicians and singers for their joyful and versatile music making – rarely can there be church musicians who play such a range of music and put their heart and soul into every style.


Ted Rea is currently undertaking a CPE course. Congratulations to Ted on being accepted for training. The full title of the course is Clinical Pastoral Education and is an in-depth look at pastoral issues. It is now required training for all those working as Chaplains and in pastoral care. A requirement of the course is that Ted undertakes eight hours pastoral work per week in the parish and if he gives you a call (at my suggestion) please do give him a warm welcome. Ciara Burnell from Inniscarra married Patrick McAleavey on New Year’s Eve. We wish them well and God’s richest blessing in their careers in N. Ireland.


We congratulate Alec and Joan Hales as they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. We are delighted to see Jean Patterson back after an emergency visit to Greece when members of the family were ill. As I write we pray for David, Viv Squire’s son, who has been unwell.

To all the ladies of the parish & friends, you are invited to:

Ladies’ New Year Charity Lunch.

On: Saturday 21st January 2012 Time: 1pm Venue: Parish Centre, Carrigrohane Cost: €20.00 Proceeds in aid of Ladies’ Guild Project to support the work of 'Release International' ...the voice of persecuted Christians in the world. Please come and bring your friends, contacting Gail (4871106), Jean (4304812), or the Parish Office (4877260) to book in by end of Wednesday 18th January, 2012

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The Inniscarra Annex (ie Meeting Room, kitchen and toilet facility) It had been hoped to have this built in the autumn. However, the Planning application took longer than expected (we had assumed that being smaller than the original concept it would be fairly straightforward), which meant the tendering process is only now being finalised. And here lies the snag - the estimates are all much higher than we had hoped for, so we will need to find a further €20,000. This is in part because of the new planning requirements. At the Select Vestry on the 9th January it was decided: 1. To press ahead with appointing a builder and commence work as soon as possible


To hold a Fund Raiser with a target of at least €5,000 that would draw support from people living locally. 3. Receive gifts from anyone who may have missed the Gift Day last year. Any shortfall to be drawn from glebe money currently paying off the loan to Blarney church, which is redeemed later in 2012. So that we can plan the Fund Raiser there will be a meeting in the Parish Centre to look at what we might do, and support from across the Union would be much appreciated. This is on Monday 30th January @ 8.00pm.


Adventurers Band preparing to lead some music at St Peter’s Carol

Music group singing carols in Aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind in Ballincollig

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to everyone for all the special events over Christmas—for music, décor, seniors’ lunch, carol services, dramas, gifts to share, & to Ian!

Catching up with technology

The Select Vestry decided to have data projection equipment installed in St Peter’s and the Church of the Resurrection, Blarney. This will be done as aesthetically as possible. It was hoped to have this installed in early January but is now going to take place in April/early May. Any contributions toward the cost would be most welcome via the Parish Office – and, unless given anonymously, can be added to regular giving and included in the tax reclaim application next year.


People’s ideas about God Connect 2012 will inevitably confront us with views about God that diverge from what Christians believe. Rosemary Hickey asked three women and one man aged between 26 and 74 what their idea of God is. They provide food for thought and challenge us to think about how we might respond from the viewpoint of the Bible. Why not discuss these with other Christians to think through the issues and why not read “Breaking News- Sharing faith without fear” by J John. Ask Ian or Rosemary for the loan of a copy.

MY idea of God is …

…of a demanding and critical person in heaven, who needs to be handled carefully, unless you want something nasty to happen to you.

“Who do YOU say I am ?”

….an all-powerful being, who sometimes sends pain and expects us to ‘offer it up’. …that He is present around somewhere, but not very near, and not very available. … like a benevolent uncle, who wants His best for you, regardless of what I do. He makes me feel better when distressed, and is marginally better than drugs. …a plurality of beings who are pure light. consequences for actions and inaction.

They wish no harm, but there are

…that a watchful eye is kept but intervention is not always required, but balance is always kept. ….that our choices sometimes lead to mistakes from which we can learn. …that he will appreciate anything that is done with good intent and if anything goes wrong, the right people will be available to help. …that He is good and gives moral, emotional and physical strength when they are asked for, but on a global level belief in Him leads to friction. …is that He is a crutch to fall back on when we need help. When life is good I don’t need Him. ….the universe is created by God as an experiment, sometimes He forgets part of it, shown when drought famine and flooding and wars happen, and He does not interfere when He should. … a Person who has a sense of humour. He gave us free will and the ability to think for ourselves, but only wants us to do what He says, thus defeating the point of free will.

Holiday Plans? Give New Wine a try ! New Wine Sligo—Summer 2012 8-13 July—with Bishop Ken Clarke as the morning Bible Teacher! Sessions for all ages, workshops, fellowship—and beaches nearby! Booking forms from the Parish Office or Early bird rate ends 30th April!

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Service times and venues for February (please especially note changes for 5th & 12th!)

Sunday 5th February—with dedication prayers for Connect 2012 (NOT usual 1st Sunday services!)

9am Holy Communion, St Peter’s 10am A Service of the Word, St Peter’s 11am A Service of the Word, Blarney 11.30am Holy Communion, Inniscarra Sunday 12th February (timings like a usual 1st Sunday!)

9am Holy Communion, St Peter’s 11am UNITED CELEBRATION in COLAISTE CHOILM SECONDARY SCHOOL, BALLINCOLLIG, with Bishop Ken Clarke and the Connect 2012 team Sunday 19th February

9am Holy Communion, St Peter’s 10am A Service of the Word, St Peter’s (with Bishop Ken Clarke) 11am A Service of the Word, Blarney (with George Newell)

Sunday 26th February

9am Holy Communion, St Peter’s 10am All-Age Service of the Word, St Peter’s 11am Holy Communion, Blarney 11.30am Morning Prayer, Inniscarra 16+ and looking for something useful to do this summer?

CDYC Holiday Club Leadership in West Cork at the end of July (cost 100euro) • CDYC Romanian Mission Trip at beginning of August (cost 500-600euro) INTERESTED? Call Judy on 0874184359 or— places are limited and references from youth leaders/Rectors will be needed.

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