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CARRIGROHANE UNION OF PARISHES St Peter’s, Carrigrohane St Senan’s, Inniscarra The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney 021-4877260


May 2013

Inside this issue… • • • • • • • •

Snapshots of Glory—Hints of Weakness Ballincollig Shopping Centre—what’s on next Safeguarding Trust Update Easter General Vestry highlights Blarney Update Inniscarra News Prayer Matters Youth trip

Saturday 4 May— Café Connect Fundraising Quiz Night in the Parish Centre at 7.30 pm—run by Sunday PM in aid of Cork Penny Dinners and the new parish drum kit. Everyone welcome!

SLIGO 13 Summer conference 7-12 July 2013 Speakers: David & Hilary McClay, Mike Pilavachi, Archbishop Henry Orombi & more…

There’s a wide range of seminars & workshops—a 1st class programme for all ages from babies and pre-school to youth, young adults and adults with a learning disability. With a big emphasis on creating spaces & places for people to gather, share & relax—you can take the conference at a pace that suits you! The early rate ends on 30th April. See more information or book now on!

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Gathering to worship & hear John Hughes speaking on the parable of the Prodigal Son on the first evening (Thurs 25 April) of the New Wine event in Blarney Church…

John reminded us of the impact this story would have on his audience—and of it’s message of God’s unconditional love & grace for each of us. ‘The no-hopers loved Jesus’ message—not religiosity but words of life to their hearts.’


Dear Friends, SNAPSHOTS OF GLORY - HINTS OF WEAKNESS In this issue you will find an edited version of the minutes from the recent Easter General Vestry (EGV). There were many snapshots of glory – wonderful things happening and sacrificial service. It was the first EGV for Robert, our new Associate Minister in Blarney. Recently, I came across the job description the nominators and I drew up for his post… at least I think we composed it. Because I have a feeling that with his computer wizardry, Robert surreptitiously rewrote it just for himself –it fits what we have come to know of him already. The following notes from the EGV minutes confirm my suspicions! “Robert came forward and said he feels he’s settled in very easily to Blarney and the wider parish. He has so much to thank God for and the parish for…Getting involved in the village and community in Blarney has been great. The ethos of the parish is of welcome and a willingness to roll up the sleeves and get on with it. The ministry with the children & families in the Lighthouse is great. The Youth Work ministry is fantastic. All the Bible study groups and house groups are great. There are great plans for the summer in Blarney and Robert is really content and happy to be here. “ But are we really that wonderful?! It must be a honeymoon phase for Robert, and surely reality in this marriage will set in before long! That said, nearly four years on, I too find this a fantastic place to minister. However, amidst the self- congratulation we have to ask, is it really like this for everyone? How honest are we about our weaknesses? Does grace flow evenly to everyone who comes within the radar of our fellowship? If we don’t ask these hard questions, we will run the danger of being deluded. HINTS OF WEAKNESSS This is why the Vision Development Group is asking every church member to complete an anonymous survey, so as to have a snapshot of our weakness as well as our strengths. Along with a questionnaire prepared for the leaders of each ministry group, which asks questions about how effective they feel their work is, what satisfaction they derive from what they do, and what support they need, the aim is to have simple data which guide our decisions when we meet the Rev Paul Hoey in June. Paul guided and encouraged us in our preparations for Connect 2012 and has much experience of helping churches reflect on what and who they are and provide pointers for the journey ahead. So please do complete the personal questionnaires when the email link is sent to you, or request a paper copy.

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Blarney Update At time of writing, the New Wine Visit of John Hughes is in preparation and I would like to thank all those who are giving of their time and talents to help organise and provide for this weekend which we have been hoping and praying would be a key time in the Church calendar for all who attend. Looking Back The past month has been another busy period in Blarney - with Sunday Services celebrating Easter, production of our “Summer Events” leaflet detailing all events in the church over the June - September period, The development of our website which will be completed by mid May ... our new website address will be which simplifies our communications. Looking forward May promises to be another full month - with the possibilities of getting around various schools, pastoral visits to homes in the Blarney area, completing the summer period service plans. There are exciting times ahead for the development of The Lighthouse ministry with the introduction this month of a Puppet Ministry. Many thanks to those who offered their talents with their sewing machines ... We now have the puppet stage ... but I might be in touch again with those who offered help. We are also looking at the possibility of producing team t-shirts for easy identification of team members. These will hopefully be in place for either the May or June Lighthouse. Looking around Around the village, it is great to see the place coming alive in time for the tourist season, with flowers around the square, with tour buses arriving. I sat down for a quiet moment recently in the corner of the church yard on the bench in the little garden and it was so delightful to pause and look around. In the busy-ness of life it is my prayer that each of us do take the quiet times to pause. With the summer on the horizon ... I understand that service patterns do change during July and August. This year we are going to try something different for the United Service on the 1st Sunday in July and August - which instead of being held in the Parish Centre we are all going to be together in Blarney ... which will allow our friends who are staying in local hotels and B&B’s to easily join us during these summer holidays. This is simply an experiment which we will be reviewing as a staff team. Robert

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A few finance notes from EGV Main Financial Drivers for 2012

Income was 195,300 euro: General parish giving remained steady for 2012 from 2011 at 110,000 ‘Designated’ income was 27,000 rather than 40,000 in 2011 Tax rebate was 31,000 rather than 28,000 in 2011 Investment income was 11,000 rather than 8,000 in 2011 Spend was 188,841 euro: Diocesan Fair Share (Assessment) was 79,000 rather than 72,000 in 2011 General repairs & redecoration to Blarney Minister’s house was 8,000 Charitable giving was 17,000 rather than 13,000 in 2011 through special collections and parish giving

Parish General Giving & Assessment 2013 General giving Diocesan Fair Share

126,610(budget) 123,000


110,124 72,227


110,124 72,227

Parish 2013 Financial Priorities: •

Monitor financial status closely

Determine best approach for incremental giving

Only take on additional major activities which are self-funding

Mick thanked the full team: the parish office staff, the finance subcommittee, the church collectors and counters, the members of the Select Vestry and all the parishioners who continue to give so generously. At the EGV—much appreciation was also expressed to Mick for all his work through the year and the efficient and clear accounts. Copies of the accounts are available and Mick is happy to take phone or email queries at any time. (087) 7935187. Parish Contacts: Rector: Canon Ian Jonas – 4871106 email: Associate Minister: Rev Robert Ferris—4516620 email: Parish Office: 4877260 (Mon-Fri mornings) email: Youth Workers: Matt Gould: 085 1080067 & Katie Gould: 085 1080030) email: Parish website: We change the answer machine message at the beginning of each week— and include the times of the services for the following Sunday.

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WEAKNESS, GLORY AND UNITY Of course it is in our weakness there is more room for God to work and so unless everything is surrendered to Him all our achievements will be selffulfilling rather than to the honour of God. Sunday 18th May is Pentecost when in our emptiness we come and ask to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. it is also when once again we have an opportunity to demonstrate that we are committed to unity on Pentecost Sunday with the Annual Global Day of Prayer (see details elsewhere). The format has been changed to reflect the different expressions of worship and prayer life of the different churches and we have volunteered to lead one of the sessions. In recent months it has been my pleasure to get to know Dr Anne Francis the Roman Catholic Diocesan Co-Ordinator for Pastoral Development. When I talk to Anne I realise afresh how much we have in common across our denominations, and so with Pentecost in mind I simply share a quote she passed to me, describing the Spirit’s work as bringing us into a spacious place, a theme of scripture that we tend to overlook: The ‘broad place’ is the most hidden and most silent presence of God’s Spirit in us and round about us. But how else could ‘life in the spirit’ be understood if the Spirit were not the space ‘in’ which this life can grow and unfurl? We explore the depths of this space through the trust of the heart. We search out the length of this space through extravagant hope. We discover the breadth of this space through the torrents of love which we receive and give. God’s Spirit encompasses us from all sides and wherever we are (Ps 139). Christ’s Spirit is our immanent power to live - God’s Spirit is our transcendent space for living. (Spirit of Life 178-9) J Moltmann Let us all pray: Come Holy Spirit and deliver us from an “arm-chair” unity to share those wide open spaces where Jesus is Lord, and to make sure the gratitude we have for being part of something very special in Carrigrohane Union, doesn’t cover cracks which need addressing. Happy Pentecost! Ian Ps: Don’t forget to wear something red for the Pentecost services on Sunday 18th May. You are invited… As this is the birthday of the church—the Adventurers will be preparing for and celebrating Pentecost in a special way this year— and will be inviting the congregation to join them after the 10am service on 18th May in the Parish Centre. All welcome !

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“A great idea at exam time” is how Jim O’Leary the manager of Ballincollig Shopping Centre, responded to our request for a stand on Saturday 1st June to reach out to students and families facing exam pressures. So there will be “acts of kindness” which effectively will say we are thinking of you and praying for you, as well as the usual family activities like face painting, story telling etc. Jim’s comments speak volumes for the respect we have built up in the Shopping Centre as we seek to bless the businesses, and to be present to those who we may not otherwise meet. SO WE NEED YOU PLEASE! Please sign up right away! It makes it so much easier for the planning to hear from you sooner than later, even if at the last minute you have to change your mind. It is easy to take part – everyone can take a turn! Here are the details: BALLINCOLLIG SHOPPING CENTRE STAND Saturday 1st June 11am to 4pm We can use the following gifts: Face Painting, storytelling, giving with a smile, heartfelt prayer, a listening ear, the ability to chat to strangers, helping with set up and pack up… etc. PLEASE CONTACT THE PARISH OFFICE to let us know which hours you can offer. -Thanks. PDF Creator PDF4Free v3.0


What do church members Jane Moffatt, Naomi Masheti, Ricky McMahon, Sam McMahon, Lucia O’Donovan, Lia Walsh, Dave Backhouse and Laurel Watts all have in common? On the 1st May they are being trained for the child protection programme “Safeguarding Trust” and in doing so join many others from Carrigrohane Union. But we still need more! For the reality is that to be able to run our children’s and youth work we need volunteers who are Garda vetted and have received the Safeguarding Trust Training. Even if you don’t feel you have the ability to work directly with these age groups your presence, or perhaps a skill, could be invaluable, even if only to help out from time to time. The administrative procedures for next year’s training start now, so please have a word with me if you wish to find out more. And do speak to one of the above to see how it was for them. Ian Blarney Holiday Bible Club 2013 July 16-20 in Scoil Mhuire gan small, Blarney for anyone in primary school (including those starting in September)

Space Academy

Bookings have begun to come in already! Please pray for this important time. Prayer cards are available in the churches.


MAY 2013 Saturday 4 May—Café Connect Fundraising Quiz Night in the Parish Centre at 7.30 pm —run by Sunday PM in aid of Cork Penny Dinners and the new parish drum kit. Everyone welcome! Glow Max—Friday 10 May from 7.30-9.30 pm in the Parish Centre Lighthouse - 3.30-5 pm in the Church of the Resurrection, Blarney on 12 May - Messy Church for all the family, everyone welcome! Monday 20 May—Select Vestry meeting at 8pm in the meeting room of the Parish Centre Glow—Friday 24 May from 7-9pm in the Parish Centre Friday 31 May—Music Among the Trees, 8pm—a concert of local talent in St Senan’s, Inniscarra. Everyone welcome. Collection for charity. Sunday 2 June—following the 11am United Celebration (celebrating the graduation of the Growing Leaders group and hearing about the new look website) - a bring and share lunch for everyone to enjoy together. (St Peter’s: main courses; Inniscarra: salads/veg/; Blarney: desserts— Please !)

IMPORTANT ADVANCE NOTICE The United Celebration and Summer Services

On Sundays 7th July and 4th August the United Celebration will be moving from the Parish Centre to the Church of the Resurrection, Blarney for a trial period and without setting any precedents for the future. See Robert’s Blarney Update for more details. Other services in July & August will follow the usual summer pattern: 9.30am in St Peter’s, 11am in Blarney and 11.30am in Inniscarra on 2nd & 4th Sundays—with a new opportunity for evening worship some Sundays in Inniscarra— more details to follow in June’s newsletter. PDF Creator - PDF4Free v3.0

Accommodation in Dublin Damer Court is in Dublin 7, a 10 min walk from O’Connell St—with single rooms to rent. It’s staffed 24 hrs a day, making it an ideal place for students from around the country to live while at college. It’s also ideal for the more mature person who wishes to remain independent but with security when needed. More details from 01 8307145.


Inniscarra News… •

Prayer Matters…

Friday 31 May— Music Among the Trees, 8pm—a concert of local talent in St Senan’s, Inniscarra. Everyone welcome. Collection for charity. Sunday 30 June— 11.30am Songs of Praise followed by Parish Picnic—this is part of the Inniscarra GATHERING programme of events. During the summer there will be a new opportunity for evening worship in St Senan’s. Dates and details will be available soon and included in the June edition of ‘Connect’.

We remember Gareth Thomas and his family on the recent sudden death of Janet—a friend to many of us in the parish. Janet was buried on Friday 26 April in Newtown, Wales. Global Day of Prayer gathering on May 19th, 2013 at Park Inn Radisson Hotel, Cork Airport. The event will run from 6-8pm. Drop in when you can. The Global Day of prayer (GDOP) is all about bringing glory to God. It's really a solemn call of God to His people to come before Him in repentance and to welcome our Lord to transform our communities. The GDOP opens the door for Christian churches to unite and to pray together across denominational and racial lines. Many of us felt that it would be refreshing to change the format of the meeting this year. We understand that our churches vary in style of prayer and worship, and because we want to represent the whole Body of Christ in Cork, we would like to offer an opportunity to as many Christian church leaders as possible to have their congregation lead a short (15 minutes) "prayer session". Iveta Jordanov, Coordinator of GDOP in Cork 085 8287587

Please note: Staff Members’ Day Off (usually!) Ian: Tuesday Robert: Friday Matt and Katie: Wednesday and Saturday

Church Library—Catalogue

Lucia O'Donovan is currently cataloguing all the Christian books that are available to borrow from the Carrigrohane Union and the list will soon be up on the website and available to home groups and individuals to borrow. We would also like to invite you to offer Christian books of your own that you have found useful/interesting. We don't necessarily want you to donate them as storage would become an issue but if you have a book or 2 that you think might be of interest to others and that you would be willing to lend, please forward the book title, author's name and perhaps a comment about the book from your point of view to Lucia: 087 2942285. Thank you.

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Carrigrohane Union Youth Trip 3rd-6th April During the week after Easter, we went away for our annual trip (based at the Faith Mission Centre, Bandon). Over 50 of us gathered for lots of fun, crazy games, a beach trip, hunt the leader, a fancy dress dinner and morning and evening sessions where we heard that ‘the Gospel is bigger than you think’. During the week the story of God was told, taking in creation, the fall, the cross and resurrection and finishing with an invitation to join the ‘heavenly party’. Praise God, at least 10 young people made faith commitments for the first time and for others found the time really encouraging in their ongoing journey with the Lord. A huge thank you to everyone involved and thank for your prayers also. Hunt the Leader !

He has been known to pose before

They made a beach sofa— Class!

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I’m sure the parents have nothing to worry about !

Bond & Hepburn !

Ross Jonas, sane— apparently !

Praise the Lord who stirred our hearts, and called us to Him this week. Leaders: Heather, Matthew, Phoebe, Geraldine, Ross, Matt & Katie With Growing Leaders: Elinor, Stefani, Rachel, Sarah, Abigail & Gina Please join us in saying thanks to God for all that is going on with our young people. And please pray that this is only the beginning of lives of faith lived out for many years to come. If you would like to be involved in shaping the young generation of Christ centered disciples, please talk to Matt or Katie about how you could lead on the youth team.

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Youth comments (from feedback sheets): ‘I love this trip so much, it’s so moving.’ Girl, 13 ‘EPIC, I Love this camp !’ Guy ‘There is so much more to Christianity than people think.’ Girl, 12 ‘Thanks to the leaders, you’re amazing.’ Guy, 12 ‘I will remember...Ross’s great talks, they were powerful.’ Girl The best thing…’the Friday night when so many people were moved and the Spirit worked so powerfully in people’s hearts—it was amazing and an answer to prayer!’ Girl, 16 ‘Overall an amazing experience. Thank you again for an amazing few days.’ Girl, 13 ‘This has changed my life.’ Girl, 14

The ‘Class’ of 2013—a pleasure to lead ! LifeFm has been approved to hire one person on the Jobs Bridge scheme as a Presenter/ Documentary Editor. Any person on Social Welfare is able to apply and will get an extra 50 euro per week and training. This is a full-time position for 9 months. Http:// and search for presenter. Brian Daly—Station Manager 021-4964444

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CORK PARKINSONS SUPPORT GROUP Coffee Morning at Ballincollig Community Centre Thurs 2nd May—10am to 2 pm All welcome ! (0872460853)

Proceeds towards funding a Parkinsons nurse for Cork. Baking & spot prize contributions appreciated. http://www.pd

Easter General Vestry—the highlights ! There were many expressions of thanks for so much service exercised, by so many people, in the last year—including Mick O’Dea and all those involved in the finances of the parish, Matt, Katie and all involved in the youth work, Lucia, Ruth & all the Toddler teams, all those who clean and maintain our premises, Robert F for coming to join us, the past SV team—especially Fiona & Carmel who have stepped down as church wardens, the office staff, the worship leaders, musicians, readers & pray-ers, Ted & Rosemary for their pastoral work, April & the Lighthouse team and the Sunday School & house group leaders...and many more! The new Select Vestry team: Wardens: Lucia O’Donovan (Rector’s) & Laurel Watts (People’s) for St Peter’s; Andrew Watson (Rector’s) & Richard Wood (People’s) for Inniscarra; Richard Bolster (Rector’s) & Kate Durrant (People’s) for Blarney. Glebe Wardens: Jeff Johnstone & John French. SV members: Irene Johnstone, Jim Casey, Heather Lane, Gail Jonas, Robert Devoy, David Kagari, Rosemary Hickey, Jean Patterson, Harcourt Wilson, Sylvia Bolster, Brenda McKeown, Doug Venn with Conor Smith being elected as Hon Secretary and Mick O’Dea as Hon Treasurer. Here’s just a taste of the meeting: •

The Innniscarra Development will have cost approximately 75,000 euro: 23,000 drawn down from cash funds in the RCB; Gift Day bringing in 35,000; with the community concert and some of Nangle’s rent finishing the funding for this project. Copies of the accounts are available and Mick is happy to take phone or email queries at any time. (087) 7935187

Ted & Rosemary as lay pastoral workers are much appreciated. We may all be ‘sheep’ with needs, but we’re also all shepherds to one another! The Toddler groups minister to families with meticulous care & preparation.

On-going work in Sunday schools and home groups is much needed & appreciated. A question—how do we speak in love about the issues of the day?

Going out in various ways from the parish in mission—Jane Moffat, Caitlin Jonas, Geraldine Fahy. The Lighthouse & the Youth work are both growing! Connect 2013 is under review. How do we build this into our parish way of life?

Make Space for God—we need to rely on God in prayer.

The Vision Development Group will be meeting with Paul Hoey to mentor & guide them. Ivan reported that questionnaires will come to parishioners as an on-line link to an email (with paper copies being available too) - and asked everyone to be honest and clear in our responses. The group will be looking at how to improve supports for those involved in front-line ministries in the parish.

Robert F is working on the website, using Facebook to reach out and setting up a textCreator reminder-system. PDF PDF4Free v3.0 http://www.pd

May 2013 Connect Magazine  

Magazine of Carrigrohane Union o fParishes May 2013

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