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St Senan’s, Inniscarra

Dear Friends, MAKING SPACE FOR GOD After my bike accident, someone wrote that they ‘hoped this “enforced” time of rest would be a time of quietness with God and refreshing and re-envisioning of your role and ministry for Him’. But it’s been a drastic way to reach that point! The fact is, that all too often, it is only when we are forced to stop that we may revaluate our lives and possibly make space for God. But with perfect timing, those words sum up an aspiration for the whole of Carrigrohane Union during the week of the 21st to the 28th March, when we are asking you to MAKE SPACE FOR GOD by Stopping (no accidents required!) Fasting (e.g.; food and mobile phones etc!) and Listening (too often God can’t get a look in!). Please pick up the brochures about how all this will take shape. About Dem Bones. Having in the previous SPAN extended prayerful good wishes to those with broken bones, it is now my turn to be on the receiving end, and if you recall the cartoon I definitely fell – I didn’t have a fall! The upshot is a broken right hip, a screw and plate inserted and on crutches for 6 weeks or so. Of course Ruth has been making sure I don’t return with a screw loose (that is always going to be a lost cause!) by covering the gaps and organising the readers to take Sunday services while I am immobilised. So my thanks to her and for all your prayerful good wishes, cards and practical help – it is much appreciated. As it is so topical lets return to all things skeletal! I hadn’t realised that the popular traditional spiritual song Dem Bones is based on Ezekiel 37 v 1 to 14 ( you might ask where have I been all these years?! ) Just the very verses I wrote about in the pervious Span and the importance of cooperating with God as surgeons cooperate with nature in the setting of bones. Bones have much else to teach us. In fact the song Dem Bones allegedly was used to teach basic anatomy to children – I’m relieved that the surgeon who operated on me didn’t use it as a text book! Here is a reminder of the song: Toe bone connected to the foot bone Foot bone connected to the leg bone Leg bone connected to the knee bone The truth of this basic lesson in anatomy came home during my accident. My immediate response after I crashed to the ground with my bike was to try and get up , dust myself down, and ride on with only my pride taking a dent. It soon became apparent I could not put any weight on my leg. Every single bone in my leg depended on a functioning hip bone. No wonder the apostle Paul enthuses with images of the Church as the Body of Christ (Romans 12, I Corinthians 12, and Ephesians 4).Put bluntly, in church everything gets shared. You can’t pick and choose. Each and every one of us is vital for the health and welfare of the Church. And this is why the week to Make Space for God is so important. Rarely do we intentionally make it our agenda as the body of Christ. We are good at meetings and activity but weak at collectively coming before God intentionally to enjoy His presence and to seek His will, believing that he can use each and every one of us. Please

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The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney

March 2010 start preparing now as to how you will engage. It doesn’t matter whether Making Space for God is enforced on you like me at this moment or a response to an invitation like this – either way you have to chose to participate. It’s my prayer that most of us will, at one level or another and that through it all God will make clear His vision for us as a Church. And briefly …we are starting an Alpha course on Thursday 8th April in fellowship with Father Billy O Sullivan in Ballincollig. Working with Father Billy, who was a very welcome guest at our United Celebration in February, makes for an exciting opportunity. Please let the office know if you, or someone you know, would like to take part. The New Wine Weekend was a time of much blessing and encouragement and it was good that Carrigrohane Union provided the hospitality for many others to attend. Thanks to everyone who was involved with meals and hospitality for the Willowfield team. Elsewhere In this edition of Span we’ve recorded some of the feedback – please tell us if you have any other news. On a similar note, the latest Services of Wholeness and Healing were positively received. Again please let us know how you were helped, healed, encouraged. We are feeling our way with these services and always welcome your thoughts as to how we can best make these times, opportunities to open windows to God’s healing power. Despite being out of the thick of things at the moment for me it is terrific to hear about so many encouragements in individual lives. There is a spiritual spring time in the air. At the same time we must not neglect the ministries of administration in the church. For instance very soon we have to elect a New Select Vestry. Invariably there will be some who want to step down. Is God calling you into some role in the Vestry? Remember its dem bones that keep us moving forward together! Every blessing in Christ,


Kingdom Engage Prayer Focus for March: Rosemary Hickey asks for prayer in the many things she is involved with: • As chair of the Residents Association on her Avenue which has led to a stronger community spirit and a Bible study group emerging. • Involvement with a local provost group, of mainly retired professional women, and finds that there is a real need to simply be a listening ear. • Her work teaching English to Asylum Seekers. • In Carrigrohane Union, as well her work with Blarney Toddlers and as a Home Group leader, she undertook the Diocesan Lay Pastoral Assistants course, and now calls, at the request of Ian and Ruth, to see various parishioners, particularly in the Ballincollig area. Also please pray for…The Christian Stand at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival running March 5th, 6th & 7th. The Scripture Union bookshop from the Haven will also be there.

Carrigrohane Union Youth

March ‘10

Matt’s mobile: 085 1080067 Our Youth group nights for Katie’s mobile: 085 1080030 national school (3rd to 6th class), ‘Glow’, and for secondary school age, ‘Glow MAX’ meet on Fridays as follows: Glow: Mar 12th / Apr 16th Glow MAX: Mar 19th / Apr 30th

Sunday PM - continuing to meet 5.30-7.30pm every Sunday evening in the Parish Centre until the Easter holidays. Other dates for our diaries… On March 5th at 7.30pm in the Parish Centre—

'The Best Desserts in Town' Following on from 'The Best Breakfast in Town' last year, this is a training and support evening (with delicious desserts!) or everyone involved in children or youth work in the parish. The training will be looking at the different things that children and young people need for healthy development and helping us to think how we can be part of this for the young people we serve in our parish. Contact Katie for more details 085 1080030 Looking ahead to the summer: Blarney Holiday Club leaders preparation day 19th July Blarney Holiday Club, 20th—23rd July Summer Madness, 4th—7th July New Wine Holiday Conference in Sligo, 11th—16th July Scripture Union Camps & Holidays for 2010—see, phone 01-2802300 or email for more details of family weeks, parenting weekends or camps for young people of 10-12, 13-15 & 16-19 years old.

A little feedback from the New Wine weekend in February… ‘David McClay’s talk on the Saturday morning was very encouraging to anyone feeling inadequate or even unwell. He talked about Timothy – how God used him – even though he was young and quite an introvert! David himself had been encouraged when a friend had once said to him – ‘You’re the best God’s got’! That’s true of me and you too! ’ ‘It was lovely to be on the receiving end – to be led by others in the worship.’

‘From David’s seminar on hearing God…it’s good to remember that God made us all as individuals and it’s not therefore surprising that he will speak to us in different ways. ‘

Old mobile phone?

St Fin Barre’s National School is collecting old mobile phones— and when they collect enough they will be able to have an interactive white board for the resource/learning support room in the school. If anyone has an old phone that they’d like to contribute—please hand into the parish office (or put in our letter box on the gate of the Parish Centre). Thank you

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in the Parish Centre, Carrigrohane.

The party is an opportunity to enjoy a supper out together— and hear more about the course, how it runs and see an introductory dvd. If you’ve done the course before, you’re very welcome to come along to the Party and bring any friends who might be interested, whether or not you’re thinking of doing the course again yourselves. We need to know numbers to cater for the supper so please book places (and tell us of any dietary requirements) by phoning the Parish Office 4877260 or 087 6413559 or email: by Monday 8th March The course then begins on: Wednesday 14th April in the Parish Centre at 8pm. (and runs for 7 weeks) Everyone’s welcome to the party as guests— there’ll be a box for any voluntary donations towards expenses. There will then be a suggested donation of €10 per couple each evening for the course itself to cover course materials and catering (this too is voluntary). The weekly topics on the course are: Building Strong Foundations; The Art of Communication; Resolving Conflict; The Power of Forgiveness; Parents and In-Laws; Good Sex; Love in Action. Each couple’s privacy is always respected. There is no ‘group discussion’. Each couple has their own table with a candle and flowers and there are homemade desserts to enjoy part way through the evening—so the atmosphere is relaxing and special. •

‘George’s talk on Saturday had so many practical examples of servant evangelism as he described the activities of Willowfield Parish – known locally as ‘the church that gives stuff away’! Every ‘giveaway’ is accompanied by an info flyer or invite to church or an event. He said that nearly all the events they organise are not for the members of the church – but for those outside. Hearing those stories was encouraging – as well as challenging.’

‘Constructively challenging.’

The Marriage Course Dinner Party is on Wednesday 10th March at 8 pm


• •

So—who is it for? Couples who’ve been married a little while…or for many years. It’s enjoyable and beneficial for those whose marriages are already strong. It can help those who are experiencing difficulties. While the course emphasizes and explains the unique nature of marriage, many couples who are living together have participated and enjoyed the course, and all are welcome. The course is based on Christian principles, but it has proven to be very helpful to (and enjoyed by) people without Christian faith or church background.

If you’re interested or have any queries, book in for the party or talk to Janet or Bill Lane, Patsy or Robert Devoy.

House Swap?

Anyone interested in a house swap this spring or summer with a family group from Dorset, England? (In English school holiday time.) They are a family of 4 adults and 1 13 year old—and would have a 2 bed-roomed bungalow and 3 bed-roomed house available for the swap—both properties being a few minutes car ride from the sea and the New Forest. Contact details are available in the parish office.

Toddler groups No Toddlers in Blarney on 23 March, 30 March or 6 April and in Carrigrohane on 26 March, 2 April or 9 April


Urgent request!!!

The Parish office would be very grateful if the people who used boxes: 54, 30, 28, 27, 23, 22, 21 & 31 (for 2009) would identify themselves for the records. Just ‘Open to God’ - 7.30pm in Blarney church on 28 Feb, 14 & 28 March leave a message on the office phone or drop us an Following discussion & prayer, it has been decided that we will develop the evening email: services into a new format, more focussed on prayer and being open to the Holy THANK YOU! Spirit. Everyone is welcome.

Café church event…

World Day of Prayer…

In the Church of the Resurrection, Blarney at 8pm on Friday 5th March. Service prepared by the Women of Cameroon, ‘Let everything that has breath praise God’. Special Speaker—Colette Cunningham who is a nurse and aids worker/therapist who works with children and has just returned from Haiti. Everyone very welcome.

“Would you like to join the Book Club?” If you enjoy reading and sharing your thoughts about books, then a reading group maybe for you. The Book Club gives you an opportunity to discuss what excited you, moved you or annoyed you about a book—in a relaxed and informal atmosphere while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. It can be a great way to meet new people. We usually meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in one another's homes and each member of the group gets a chance to suggest books for discussion. March 10th we will be with Joanna Gill to discuss ‘The Story of Lucy Gault’ by William Trevor April 14th, ‘The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society’ by Mary Ann Schaffeer—at Hilary’s. All welcome. Contact Fiona Giles 0872220419 for more details.

In Blarney on Sunday 21st March 3.30-5pm All ages welcome, please bring friends... ‘Messy Fiesta’ - ‘The Lighthouse’ in Blarney developed from the idea of Messy

On the evening of Saturday, 16th January at the Parish Centre I attended the Sharing the Story Café church event . We sang, listened to wonderful music, chatted together and prayed in a simple fashion. The excitement of the quiz to the background music of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’?’ introduced an element of competition as the table quiz raised the temperature and competitiveness of a cohesive church family. It was fabulous. In the end it did not matter who won as it was such fun. Jim and Carmel Walsh, Marg Everett and Eric Patterson gave moving testimony of how the church family in the Carrigrohane Union of churches is so important. This sharing of their stories was hugely benefit— like sowing a thread around the various pieces of fabric, the members of Carrigrohane Union, reinforcing the tangible love for one another and the goodwill of all. The Rev Paul Hoey spoke words to encourage us and keep us ever mindful of a vision of the unfolding story God has for us and for His world. Helen Burke

Come along to the next Café Church in the Parish Centre on

Saturday, 20th March at 7.30pm.

Church, started originally in Portsmouth and which has now spread round hundreds The theme ‘Celebrating the Story of Churches, including our own. The creator of Messy Church, Lucy Moore, is com...Enriching the Church’ follows on from ing to our parish to run a Messy Fiesta—a training and information day for those the previous Café Church, but with a interested in Messy Church. It will be in the Parish Centre on Saturday 24th April different slant and will be led by from 9.45am-3pm (bring your own lunch). This is being run with the Diocesan Matt and Katie. Council for Mission and is open to any adults interested in finding out more about Messy Church, as well as those already involved. Contact Ruth or April for more Some of us from Carrigrohane are already booked information. to go to ‘Unstoppable’ – the Sligo This year the St Patrick’s Day Parade has come back to Blarney, so we have Summer New Wine conference changed the time for Holy Communion to 12 noon. You are welcome to bring a from 11-16 July. picnic lunch and eat it afterwards, or retire for refreshments! There will be no park- See for more details. ing available on the Church grounds that day. The Parade begins at 3pm, including Early booking discounts still apply until 31 March members of our Mothers’ & Toddlers. A Farmers’ Market, Traditional Music and and we have booking forms in the Parish office if art displays will be around the village and the Church, which we hope to have open anyone would like one. for the day. Parish Contacts: Rector: Rev Ian Jonas – 4871106 email: or Curate: Ruth Jackson – 4383103 email: or Parish Office: 4877260 (Mon-Fri mornings) email: Youth Workers: Matt Gould: 085 1080067 Katie Gould: 085 1080030 email: Parish website: Parish Website:

We change the answer machine message at the beginning of each week—and include the times of the services for the following Sunday.

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Tuesday 2nd March 10-12 noon, Blarney Toddlers Friday 5th March 10.15-11.45am Carrigrohane Toddlers 7.30pm in the Parish Centre— 'The Best Desserts in Town' - training, encouragement & treats for all those involved in children’s and youth work in the parish! 8pm—World Day of Prayer service in the Church of the Resurrection, Blarney at 8pm Sunday 7th March 9.00 am, Holy Communion, Carrigrohane 10.30am, refreshments in Parish Centre followed by United Celebration of Worship at 11am 5.30-7.30pm, Sunday PM in the Parish Centre Tuesday 9th March 10-12 noon, Blarney Toddlers Wednesday 10th March 8pm—Book Club ‘The Tale of Lucy Gault’ by William Trevor in Joanna’s house Friday 12th March 10.15-11.45am Carrigrohane Toddlers 7-9pm Glow in the Parish Centre Sunday 14th March 9.00 am, Morning Prayer, Carrigrohane 10 am, Holy Communion, Carrigrohane. 11am, A Service of the Word, Blarney 11.30, Holy Communion, Inniscarra 5.30-7.30pm - Sunday PM in the Parish Centre 7.30pm—’Open to God’, Blarney Tuesday 16th March 10-12 noon, Blarney Toddlers Wednesday 17th March - St Patrick’s Day 12 noon, Holy Communion in Blarney Friday 19th March 10.15-11.45am Carrigrohane Toddlers 7-9pm ‘Glow Max’ in the Parish Centre Saturday 20th March 7.30pm—Café Church in the Parish Centre Sunday 21st March 9.00 am, Holy Communion, Carrigrohane 10 am, Service of the Word, Carrigrohane. 11am, Holy Communion, Blarney 3.30-5pm, Lighthouse, Blarney 5.30-7.30pm, Sunday PM in the Parish Centre Monday 22nd March 8pm LG/MU service for Lady Day in the Parish Centre with slides of Canada from Gill & Alan Chard

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21st –28th March has been chosen as a time set aside to pause in the busy-ness of parish life & MAKE SPACE FOR GOD. Most of our regular activities are cancelled. The parish will provide prayer cards and resources to encourage and support us. This will include: Friday 26th March—from 7pm to 12 midnight TO CALL ON GOD TOGETHER—a time to worship, pray, repent, share & listen. Please come and go, as you can... Sunday 28th March—Palm Sunday 9.00 am, Holy Communion, Carrigrohane 10 am, All-Age Service of the Word, Carrigrohane. 11am, A Service of the Word, Blarney 11.30am, Morning Prayer, Inniscarra (& baptism of Orla McCarthy) 5.30-7.30pm, Sunday PM in the Parish Centre 8pm ‘The Broken Casket’ with Rev Charlie Combe, Blarney Holy Week 2010 During Holy Week, we welcome Rev Charlie Combe, former Dean of Kilmore, as our special preacher for the week. Charlie is a man of great character and energy who is so looking forward to sharing with us some of his reflections on this very special season. The services, all at 8pm, are as follows: Palm Sunday: Church of the Resurrection, Blarney THE BROKEN CASKET Monday 29th March: St Peter’s, Carrigrohane THE BLATANT LIES Tuesday 30th March: St Senan’s, Inniscarra THE BURNING ISSUE Wednesday 31st Mar: Church of the Resurrection, Blarney THE BARTERED CLOTHES Thursday 1st April: St Peter’s, Carrigrohane THE BATHED FEET Good Friday, 2nd April: St Senan’s, Inniscarra THE BOWED HEAD Easter Sunday services are: 10am Holy Communion St Peter’s, Carrigrohane (no 9am) 11am Holy Communion Church of the Resurrection, Blarney 11.30am Holy Communion St Senan’s, Inniscarra (Please note that, although it is a first Sunday of the month, there is no United Celebration at the Parish Centre on 4 April)

Looking ahead: Alpha begins on Thursday 8th April at 8pm in………………. Everyone is welcome! Sunday, 11th April, 11.00am United Easter Celebration in St Senan’s, Inniscarra ‘Messy Fiesta’: a Messy Church training day from 9.45am– 3pm on Saturday, 24th April, The Parish Centre, Carrigrohane—supported by the Diocesan Council for Mission Carrigrohane Union of Churches ….Doing the Doable with Jesus in the Church and Community

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