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St Peter’s, Carrigrohane * St Senan’s, Inniscarra * The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney


September 2011

Family Fun Morning ……Valentine’s Dinner …... Youth Café,

Karting…... Clay pigeon shooting……THE SALTMINE THEATRE COMPANY…... Special Midweek Lunch…...Ready Steady Cook Face Painting…... Café Chats in Ballincollig Shopping Centre. KEN AND HELEN CLARKE ...GEORGE AND EUNICE NEWELL … These are just some of the events and people that will be ingredients for Connect 2012.

Come and hear all about it on Sat 22nd—Sun 23rd October with Bishop Ken and Helen Clarke during Refresh—a weekend to EQUIP. ENCOURAGE and PREPARE the Church for Connect 2012 Timetable 22nd-23rd October:

Sat 10.30am to 1.00pm Parish Centre Sat 7.30pm Praise Service Blarney Church Sun 9.00am Holy Communion St Peter’s Sun 3.00pm Harvest Festival Inniscarra

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CONNECT 2012 - Connect in PRAYER - Connect NOW with the following: Thank God for the opportunities the mission will give. For Ken and Helen Clarke, George & Eurnice Newell and all those involved in the mission for guidance and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. Pray for increased involvement with existing community organisations. That God may make himself known in meeting the needs of the community. For the right venue(s). For financial and practical help. For everything we do to be centred on the person of Jesus. For transformed lives.

A Prayer …So often, Lord, we have not cared that our contacts do not know and love You - please forgive us and give us your vision as to what you, Lord, want us to do, and the courage to do it. Amen

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Kingdom Engage…expressing “the kindness and love of God our Saviour …” (Titus 3 v 4)

Focus for September: We pray for the Confirmation candidates: Conor McKeown, Abigail Watson, Lainey Sands, Cait McKeown, Alison Prendergast-Skipp Please pray for them—and come along to support on 25th September at 11am in Blarney.

Groups for Friendship, Learning, Growing, and Serving

Various groups, meeting in a relaxed informal way, will be meeting in September and they are open to everyone. Here are the start dates and the contact details: Tuesday: 8.00pm Commencing on 6th Sept at the Parish Centre— Contact Rosemary Hickey Tel: 4346304

The Lighthouse


begins again on Sunday 9th October (from 3.305.00pm) - and will run on the 2nd Sundays in November (13th) and December (11th). ‘Messy Church’ is fun for all the family—so come along to The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney

The Hosford Foundation Would like to invite you to a Harvest Bar-b-que on 10th September 2011 at 2pm at ‘Copper Beech’, Ballygroman, Ovens. Phone 021-7331253 Donations welcome.

Ladies’ Guild/Mothers’ Union

Wednesday: 8.00pm Commencing on 21st Sept at 15 St Mary’s Place, Carrigrohane—Contact: Dean and Mary Venables Tel: 4877006

Monday 19th September—Opening Service in Parish Centre at 8pm, including a special focus on our fundraising project for the year, 'Release International' - everyone is welcome! The Diocesan Festival Service is in Castlemartyr Church on 13th September at 8pm.

Thursday: 8.00pm Commencing on 8th Sept at the Church of the Resurrection, Blarney - Contact: Judith Monk Tel: 4542691

Check out Alpha on Facebook: If you are on Facebook please click on this link:

Wednesday (fortnightly) mornings in the Parish Centre— Contact Joan Hales Tel: 4343059

Blarney Holiday Club Club— —July 2011 A great team of leaders (thank you all!) - a great gang of children—and another wonderful Holiday Club!

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Tributes paid to ‘significant & influential’ Christian leader The Revd Dr John Stott, widely acknowledged as one of the most significant and influential evangelical leaders of the 20th century, died on 27th July, aged 90. The Church of Ireland Gazette reminds us that ‘In 2005, Time magazine named him—alongside Nelson Mandela and Bill Gates—in its 100 most influential people’ list—an extraordinary accolade from a secular source! Billy Graham once described him as ‘the most respected clergyman in the world’. At his conversion John was pointed to Revelation 3:20, ‘Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with them, and they with me.’ He wrote: "Here, then, is the crucial question which we have been leading up to. Have we ever opened our door to Christ? Have we ever invited him in? This was exactly the question which I needed to have put to me. For, intellectually speaking, I had believed in Jesus all my life, on the other side of the door. I had regularly struggled to say my prayers through the key-hole. I had even pushed pennies under the door in a vain attempt to pacify him. I had been baptized, yes and confirmed as well. I went to church, read my Bible, had high ideals, and tried to be good and do good. But all the time, often without realising it, I was holding Christ at arm's length, and keeping him outside. I knew that to open the door might have momentous consequences. I am profoundly grateful to him for enabling me to open the door. Looking back now over more than fifty years, I realise that that simple step has changed the entire direction, course and quality of my life” Theologian David Wells, who was converted through a 1959 John Stott mission in South Africa, later shared a household with him for five years in the 1960s. ‘His leadership was effective,’ Wells says, ‘because of his personal integrity and his Christian life. People who knew him always came back to these points. He was known all over the world, but when you met him he was a most devout, humble Christian man. His private life was no different from his public life. It was the same person. That’s another way to say that he had integrity. There was no posing.’ Bishop Harold Miller says, ‘The very first booklet I was ever given to help me on the Christian road, literally days after my conversion, was Being a Christian’ by John Stott. His entire ministry was in and around All Souls’ Church, Langham Place in Central London, from which he influenced generations with his preaching and teaching….Here was a man who devoted his entire life to ministry within the Church of England, but whose ministry was never to be contained in one denomination or country, because it was essentially Gospel ministry with a worldwide vision.’ Our own Katie Gould met John Stott when working as a Lay Assistant in All Soul’s church. She commented that she’d never realized that ‘humble’ could be such an attractive attribute before seeing him—he was the same with everyone, and held both in respect and affection by all the church. As well as his packed funeral service, attended by people from every continent, thanksgiving services are being held all over the world.

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To Olga’s friends in Carrigrohane Parish:

Thank you for your kindness & support during this difficult time. Thank you for your warm welcome to the Parish Centre and the hard work you did serving tea, coffee and cleaning up. Olga cherished her life within the Parish of Carrigrohane, and we now understand why. You have a very special Parish. Most of all she valued your friendship and many of you expressed kind words and beautiful sentiments so that we know you valued Olga’s friendship in the same way. Sincere gratitude. We will never forget, Harry & Roísín Byrne.

Special Olympics opening ceremony

The cutting of the ribbon...speeches….guests….and games as the field between St Peter’s Church and Nangles’ Nurseries is officially opened for the Ballincollig Special Olympics Football Club to put to great use on Saturdays!

CARRIGROHANE SCHOOL OF BALLET Autumn term begins Tues 13th Sept Enrolment date: Thurs 8th Sept 3pm Call 086 8056088 for more info

Book Club: Wednesday 14th Sept— The Importance of being Earnest, Oscar Wilde—at Joanna’s house


Dear Friends, Recover the Romance

After 10 months of planning, Connect 2012 is taking shape and we are now getting ready to go. Time and again in the Bible the church is told to “Go” and often they were long journeys: e.g.; Abraham to Canaan, Jonah to Nineveh and the apostles to “the ends of the earth”. Our call to GO is simply to Ballincollig! This is where after much prayerful thought and consideration we are placing the focus of Connect 2012. Over many years Carrigrohane Union of Parishes has built excellent relationships beyond the church door, and with that has come respect. BUT THE MAJORITY OF THE 26,000 IN BALLINCOLLIG DO NOT KNOW WE EXIST OR IF THEY DO, DON’T KNOW WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT WHO WE ARE! Quite simply, because they haven’t met us. Connect 2012 aims to redress that imbalance. So we believe we are called to go to Ballincollig, to do as much as possible out and about in the town e.g.; we are inviting the Toddler groups instead of meeting in Blarney Church and the Parish Centre, to gather in the local secondary school, Colaiste Choilm, for a Family Fun Morning with bouncy castles, activities, and watch a short play suitable for all the family. For all of us Connect 2012 will be a step of faith. We may feel fearful and lacking in confidence especially when there is there is so much negativity about the church generally and questioning about God. But in turn these are the very reasons why we need to try and reach out and to become a community of God’s people who will be bold enough to build on the good will that Carrigrohane Union has locally, to bring God’s blessing to others i.e.; to share his transforming love, not out of a sense of superiority, but gladness and humility at what God in Christ is doing amongst us. Recover the Romance So instead of talking about our fears and lack of confidence lets focus on the positives in this cynical age. In simpler times there was an air of romance as missionaries were sent by God to far off lands, confident of the message of Jesus Christ to “win the world” for Him. Of course behind the romance of the missionaries, many paid the ultimate price and never returned. Connect 2012 will not put us in mortal danger! A Mission in Ballincollig isn’t exactly a daring adventure - just a bumpy one navigating the recently installed speed bumps! The worst thing that could happen to us indifference... So can we recover the Romance of Mission and begin to get excited about what we have rather than gaze at our navels and focus on our inadequacies. For we have not just got good news to share - it is the Best News. Nothing or no one holds a candle to Jesus of Nazareth – for as the Message version of the Bible says; It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone. Ephesians 1 v 11- 12 “Everything and everyone” - to be a missionary people is simply share this glorious living that God is doing and wants to do with everyone and in particular with the people of Ballincollig through Connect 2012 . Do come to the Refresh Weekend (see elsewhere in Span) and please pray. Every blessing In Christ,


People The last while has seen the extremes of joy and grief. We rejoiced with Chuki Duru for the news of his being allowed to stay in Ireland. Joy for Geraldine Fahy as she has been accepted as a schools worker with Midleton College and the Parish Church. Geraldine has been an integral part of the youth leadership team in CUP and we shall miss her fun and caring ways, and leaves us a gap for the role of warden in Blarney Church. Thank you Geraldine. (Thank you Ashley for taking over!) Congratulations to Janice, Brian & Suzanne Healey Bird on the birth of Annabelle Ruth—and to Jean and Eric Patterson on the birth of grand-daughter Penelope in Greece. We also sympathise with Sylvia Henry on the death of her husband and extend her our prayerful good wishes for her decision to make Douglas parish her spiritual home with its proximity to family. Inniscarra lost one its characters in George Williams and we remember James and Kim his sons in their sadness. Ruth Noble (nee Jackson) lost her father recently. Many of us will have met Stanley at Ruth and Alan’s wedding and will know just how much it meant to Ruth to be at his bedside during his last few weeks. Then with the death of Olga Dooly after a long illness it seems that everyone lost a friend, not least ourselves in the fellowship of the church. She will be deeply missed but talked about for many years to come - such is the indelible mark she left in our lives. Parish Contacts:

Rector: Canon Ian Jonas – 4871106 email: Parish Office: 4877260 (Mon-Fri mornings) email: Youth Workers: Matt Gould: 085 1080067 Katie Gould: 085 1080030 email: Parish website: We change the answer machine message at the beginning of each week—and include the times of the services for the following Sunday.

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September-October 2011 SPAN Friday 2nd September 7.30pm—meeting of those involved in Children’s ministry in parish, Parish Centre Sunday 4th September 9.00am Holy Communion, Carrigrohane 10.30am Coffee in the Parish Centre 11am United Celebration in the Parish Centre Monday 5th September 8pm—Select Vestry meeting, Parish Centre Friday 9th September 10.15-11.45am—Carrigrohane Toddlers, Parish Centre Saturday 10th September The Hosford Foundation will like to invite you to a Harvest Bar-b-que at 2pm at ‘Copper Beech’, Ballygroman, Ovens. Phone 7331253. Donations welcome. Sunday 11th September 9am Morning Prayer, Carrigrohane 10am Holy Communion with prayer for wholeness & healing, Carrigrohane 11am A Service of the Word, Blarney 11.30 Holy Communion, Inniscarra 5.30-7.30pm—SUNDAY PM BACK TODAY! - Parish Centre Tuesday 13th September 10am-12 noon, Blarney Toddlers 8pm, Mothers’ Union Diocesan Festival Service in Castlemartyr Church—preacher Rev Denis McCarthy

Saturday 24th September 7.30pm—Café Church—’Eye to Eye, Intergenerational Happenings’, Parish Centre Sunday 25th September 11.00am A Service of Holy Communion with Confirmation, Blarney 5.30-7.30pm—Sunday PM, Parish Centre Tuesday 27th September 10am-12 noon, Blarney Toddlers Friday 30th September 10.15-11.45am—Carrigrohane Toddlers, Parish Centre 8pm—Prayer evening, Parish Centre Sunday 2nd October 9.00am Holy Communion, Carrigrohane 10.30am Coffee in the Parish Centre 11am United Celebration in the Parish Centre Tuesday 4th October 10am-12 noon, Blarney Toddlers Friday 7th October 10.15-11.45am - Carrigrohane Toddlers, Parish Centre 7.30-9.30pm—Glow Max, Parish Centre Sunday 9th October 9am Morning Prayer, Carrigrohane 10am Holy Communion, Carrigrohane 11am A Service of the Word, Blarney 11.30am Morning Prayer, Inniscarra 3.30pm Lighthouse, Blarney

Wednesday 14th September 8pm, Book club at Joanna’s house (‘The Importance of Being Ernest’ by Oscar Wilde)

Monday 10th October 8pm—Ladies’ Guild/Mothers’ Union

Friday 16th September 10.15-11.45am—Carrigrohane Toddlers, Parish Centre 7.30-9.30pm—Glow Max, Parish Centre

Tuesday 11th October 10am-12 noon, Blarney Toddlers

Sunday 18th September 9am Holy Communion, Carrigrohane 10am A Service of the Word, Carrigrohane 11am Holy Communion, Blarney 5.30-7.30pm—Sunday PM, Parish Centre Monday 19th September 8pm—LG/MU in Parish Centre—opening service including a special focus on our fundraising project for the year ‘Release International’ - all welcome! Tuesday 20th September 10am-12 noon, Blarney Toddlers Friday 23rd September 10.15-11.45am—Carrigrohane Toddlers, Parish Centre 7-9pm—Glow, Parish Centre

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Friday 14th October 10.15-11.45am—Carrigrohane Toddlers, Parish Centre 7-9pm—Glow, Parish Centre

Refresh Weekend—22nd- 23rd October: Saturday 10.30am to 1.00pm, Parish Centre Saturday 7.30pm Praise Service, Blarney Church Sunday 9.00am Holy Communion, St Peter’s Sunday 3.00pm Harvest Festival, Inniscarra

Thank you to everyone who came (and hopefully enjoyed!) the summer lunch in the parish centre in August. A very generous 195 euro was given, which has been sent to the Mothers’ Union Relief Fund.


Romania Mission Trip August 2011 Ricky and I took part in a mission trip to Sibiu, Romania in August for two weeks. We went with a group of 12 from the Cork Diocesan Youth Council (CDYC). We landed in Bucharest Airport, and we made a 6hr car journey to Sibiu, a city a bit smaller than Cork City. We worked alongside the Bethany Baptist Church and their Romanian team of 12. We stayed in the church centre.

We started off the two weeks by setting up a kid’s club in a very poor, mountainous village called Jina. This was an hour and a half drive away from Sibiu! The kids here were from the Roma community and were crazy at times! The morning started with a bible drama story, followed by a memory verse. We then split the kids up into smaller groups for games and then we finished the morning off by doing a craft. The crafts session was chaotic at times, as they always wanted more The Romanian and Irish Team glitter, which was hard to figure out, with the language barrier! We worked in Jina for four days, and we set up the kids club on a hill, just outside the village. Throughout that week an average of 80-90 kids could appear each day. We were the first ever “outsiders” to do Christian work in Jina, and the whole community seemed to be grateful and thankful we were working with their children. The Bethany Baptist church in which we were staying in Sibiu was just three years old and could sit a massive 500 people comfortably! The church was very modern, with projectors, sound systems, a band, three balconies and tiered seating! However the atmosphere of the church service was amazing. Each of the speakers spoke with confidence and passion and the congregation were captivated by the speakers and were not afraid to shout out their prayers throughout the 2 hour service! We had translators for the service. Their traditions took some time to get used to! Women had to wear dresses that went below the knee, jewellery was seen as offensive, and if you weren’t in your Sunday best, you just wouldn’t dream of turning up! However the whole entire feel of the service was incredible and you could really feel Gods presence. And the church was filled with people in their late teens and twenties right up to the elderly! The next week the team split up into two teams, 6 Irish and 6 Romanian on each team. One team went to an area called Casult for four days, while the other team went to an area called Nou. We again set up kids clubs in both villages in the morning for two hours each day. These areas were slightly wealthier than Jina, and the children in both villages were more educated and were easier to control! We again did bible stories, games and crafts with them. In Casult we had around 50-60 kids each day whereas in Nou they had around 70-80 kids a day. Throughout the time we were there, we spent the evenings doing a variety of things. We went to a retirement home where we painted windows and window sills, and some of us prayed and talked to the residents. Most of the residents were happy to see us and some were certainly not! By the end of the evening, a 90 year old woman was racing a girl on the Irish team around the building! We spent another two evenings doing outreach in the local parks in Sibiu. Here we played football, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and games with the local kids and teenagers. We even invited them to the come along to one of the services in the Baptist Church and a good group of them came along! We had a great time here talking to the children (all through translators on the Romanian team!) and just showing Gods love in a real simple but practical way! We spent another two evenings visiting poorer families around and outside Sibiu. We would all go to the town and then split up into groups of three or five. We would have a bag of food and a bag of clothes. The majority of families in which we visited lived in small one or two room houses. They were usually were very cramped conditions as the families would have between 4- 7 children. This experience was a real eye opener for the whole Irish team. It was at times very hard to see, just how little the families had and yet were so inviting and willing to talk to us. However the contrast between the Christian families we visited and the non- Christian families was huge. The Christian families even though they had so little were so happy and hopeful and they had a real relationship with God. They knew that God would help them through the bad times and protect them in the future, which was so inspiring to hear! And before we knew it we were coming to our last day in Romania! But this wasn’t before another Sunday Service in the churches in Casult and Nou. These churches were very small, having around 20-40 people in both. However even in such a small church, God’s presence again was truly there! Here we gave our testimonies, shared bible verses and spoke about our experiences over the previous two weeks. This was an incredible opportunity as I really felt God was giving me the words to speak about my faith. Some of us, including Ricky, went to a church service in Jina. He said that as he entered the church he felt intimidated by the loud, unusual music and by the 150 people crowded into the church! But as soon as he stood up in front of the church, he felt God was giving him and others the words and confidence to speak about their faith, and he was encouraged by the constant “Amin!” that was shouted out by the crowd when they agreed about something he said! This concluded our Missions trip to Romania, and on the Monday morning, 15th August we were on the plane back to Dublin. Ricky and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have supported us, in donating towards the costs of the trip and most importantly for your prayers. Thank you all very much. Ricky and Sam Mc Mahon

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final september 2011  
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