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CARRIGROHANE UNION OF PARISHES St Peter’s, Carrigrohane St Senan’s, Inniscarra The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney 021-4877260

July/August 2012 Sunday Services in July and August:

Blarney Summer Holiday Club 'On Your Marks' runs from 17th -20th July in Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal, Blarney for any primary school aged children. Booking has begun and forms can be downloaded from the website or obtained from the parish office.

Family Fun Afternoon & Fund-raiser…

on Saturday 28th July from 3.30-5.30pm in the Parish Centre ...see inside for details!

St Peter’s, Carrigrohane – 9.30am every Sunday St Senan’s Inniscarra – 11.30am on the second and fourth Sundays. The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney 11am every Sunday except the first of each month. The Parish Centre 11am (coffee at 10.30) Church Hill, Carrigrohane on the first Sunday of each month. Please see the website for details. Xperimental—5.30-7.30pm on Sunday 29 July in Parish Centre Wednesday 25th July is the summertime

Seniors’ Lunch

in the Parish Centre at 1pm. Please phone in (or email) to say if you’d like to book a place (4877260). The lunch will be preceded by a service of Holy Communion at 12 noon in the meeting room and everyone’s welcome to that too.

Youth Café

will be up and running again on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 6th July until 10th August. All offers of help for the team or for baking to Matt & Katie please!

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Dear Friends,


On a simply perfect summer’s evening a musical feast was celebrated in St Senan’s Inniscarra. Within a 10 kilometre radius, talent with astonishing quality had been gathered and over €2000 was raised to be shared between Bothar and our church extension It was an evening that will stand out long in the memory and thanks go to all those who organised & contributed to a great weekend. Our own Inniscarra Choir introduced us to a Celtic song that for many of us was new: “Stand Your Ground,” sounds as if it is straight out of Ulster where for generations the rally cry from many Protestants has been “No Surrender”. In fact the song has the very same words: Stand your ground, stand your ground … We all cry, “No surrender!” We all cry, “No retreat!” The author, Joe King, is actually an American of Spanish descent – not a drop of orange blood in him! The song is simply an uplifting exultation to be strong with God in the midst of life’s battles. It’s a song for us all. While the cry of “No Surrender” was resounding around Carrigrohane Union (the Inniscarra Choir repeated it at the United Celebration a week later), the annual cry that is heard at July 12th celebrations in N Ireland has become muted in recent years and hopefully 2012 will be no exception. The realisation has come – for which we thank God - that there are times when our hardened positions become someone else’s problem - the reality is that we all have to surrender something of our cherished positions if we are to co-exist. And maybe that can be said of the current debate in the C of I about human sexuality... Joe King speaks about leading us to the "crucifixion tree". Whatever the legitimate passion each side has in this debate, there is nothing more passionate than Christ’s rule of love in His people and the need to surrender to Him. People As I write there is much excitement at the prospect of Helen Lane’s wedding to James Fleury. We pray that they will continue to grasp ”how wide, long, high and deep is the love of Christ” as they begin their new lives in Naas and we thank Helen so much for all she has a given us in the Union of the Churches. Please keep in your prayers Muriel Dawkins, our oldest member of Blarney Church, who is in St Finbarre’s stroke unit: please also remember Eileen Moore (also from Blarney) as she and her family mourn the loss of Billy, the Cubit family from Ovens on the death of Brian after a long illness, and Heather Cochrane on the death of her life-long friend Moyra in Northern Ireland. Summer and Autumn Thanks to everyone for all the work and creativity that has gone into the all the different ministries over the last nine months or so, the most recent of which was the Men’s breakfast and the clean-up in St Peters (thank you to everyone). There is still much to look forward to e.g. the Holiday Club, the Youth Café, and a special Family Fund Raiser, but most of all I hope that all of us will get some rest and be able to sit back – in fact “Stand Your Ground “ and say NO to the clamour to be doing all the time.! Every prayer and blessing, Ian

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Kenyan Christian Fellowship Group – Naomi Kagari A word of gratitude to Ian and the Parish vestry for facilitating a meeting venue (Carrigrohane Parish Hall) for the group. The formation of the group - The group germinated from seeds sown during my interaction with African mothers in focus group discussions for my research work on the psychosocial wellbeing of African children in Ireland. A key theme with the mothers was a sense that they operated in a fragmented social fabric stripped of support networks, and familiar cultural frameworks. A key finding was that African cultural framework mediated their experiences on the most part – helped to make sense of their mundane activities/interactions. Conversations were in the lines of – ‘in Africa, children....’, ‘here in Ireland, children do.....’, ‘our African children still know....’, The old and familiar was drawn upon in the unfamiliar surroundings to make sense of new to new experiences and bring a sense of normality. The discussions gave the women space to be themselves; to relate in familiar ways with the associated sense of security; and a sense of real community of shared consciousness. They expressed a need to continue with some sort of meeting which brings me back to the beginning – the seed of the fellowship idea. All women were Christians and therefore the idea of a forming a fellowship group/support group was floated. Currently, the group meets twice a month in the parish centre on a Saturday from 2-6 p.m. Initially, it started with a group of eight mothers and their children. Gradually, the husbands joined in and the group is growing, but numbers fluctuate because of work commitments. Our main objective is to grow and support each other socially, financially, emotionally and spiritually and, most importantly, to lean on God’s word in trying to make sense of lived experiences. It is a social space based on shared experiences & shared understandings of being Christian mothers, wives, sisters; coping with the challenges/opportunities associated with race, ethnicity, culture, migration and transnationalism; and negotiation between Kenyan and Irish cultural patterns and practices particularly in: family structures and dynamics; child rearing practices; culturally endorsed lifestyle behaviours; rites of passage etc. God has given all of us gifts – and we aim to bring these together and benefit from each other’s gifts. How do I see this relating to Mission connect 2012? - As evidenced in the various other groups run by the parish such as youth leadership groups, it has been amazing to see how changes have unfolded amongst the group members. It has become three hours of catching-up with each other’s news, updates on news from Kenya, refreshments, and worship (in local languages). There is no one leader in the group and everyone takes a turn in facilitating the fellowship. Everyone is given a voice and this sense of agency has had a great impact in creating a sense of trust, belonging and ownership of the group. The central theme of connect 2012 is outreach. As a member of the Carrigrohane parish, reaching out in this way and being part of this journey of social, emotional and spiritual healing has to be a part of this mission. Future Direction – So far the group has started with those who are familiar and there is a challenge to get to know those that are not familiar because it’s only in doing this that they become familiar to us. Hopefully, the group will expand to include people from other African countries as well as members of the parish union of churches. I thank all those who have supported our fellowship group through facilitation and prayers and would appreciate your continued prayers as we grow. Thank you, Naomi

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‘The seeds we sow…’ the annual review title for Mothers’ Union 2012 June 16th was the General Meeting for the Mothers’ Union—the big annual get together to inform and inspire members and friends. This year it was in Llandudno, Wales—and it was the final of my 6 years as Faith & Policy Unit Co-ordinator...the last biggie! This year was planned slightly differently—with no outside VIP speaker. Instead we heard stories of members around the world—what’s really going on—and it was very inspiring and encouraging. If any of us went along flagging a little—we came away with new enthusiasm and much gratitude! By going on to—and clicking on the ‘HELP US GROW’ picture that you see at the top of this page you can read some of the stories we heard. Here’s just a taste: This is Heather Carlton being interviewed by Reg Bailey, the Chief Executive of Mothers’ Union—on why she became a member. At 21, single mum Heather is not at first glance a typical Mothers’ Union member. But for Heather the values of supporting parents and families, of fellowship, and of reaching out to others in her community, were just what she felt she needed. She joined Mothers’ Union at the invitation of her Nana, who paid for her first year of membership. To her surprise she found the support and advice of the inter-generational local branch was really helpful as she coped with juggling parenthood and studying at University. Heather speaks at branches and area meetings to encourage older members to engage with younger people and invite them to membership. She goes into Christian Unions at colleges and sixth forms to explain about Mothers’ Union, and she’s a keen volunteer in the Virtual Babies Project which gives secondary school students virtual babies to look after over a weekend. Having been a teenage mum she is able to answer lots of questions and relate to the young people. Read also about Nawal George who set up a Mothers’ Union group in Baghdad and works to bring community cohesion in this difficult city, or Laurette Totomarovario who is a community development officer in Madagasca—and other great stories! Patsy

Parish Contacts:

Rector: Canon Ian Jonas – 4871106 email: Parish Office: 4877260 (Mon-Fri mornings) email: Youth Workers: Matt Gould: 085 1080067 & Katie Gould: 085 1080030) email: Parish website: We change the answer machine message at the beginning of each week— and include the times of the services for the following Sunday.

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Confirmation for Young People and Adults

If you are interested in being confirmed some time in 2013 please have a word with me by September. Young people must be entering second year at secondary school in the autumn of 2013. Adults who have not been confirmed and would like to express their commitment to Christ in a new way, may also like to have a chat with me about what is involved.

Safeguarding Trust Training

If you are interested in being trained in child protection issues for work with under 18’s then please have a word with me. Ian

Painting Party ! Saturday 21st July —from 10am

A special time in Blarney with growth group & friends, as Judith re-affirmed her baptismal vows in June.

Come along and help paint the Minister’s House in Blarney ready for Robert’s arrival. Paint s u p p l ie d— b ri n g y o ur o w n brushes/rollers. It would be great to know who can come—and for what time—so please call Richard & Sylvia on 7332947 to let them know.


Connect 2012 Events We continue to build on the February week with several autumn events. Dates are being finalised but they include: • A Pet Service • A Café Church focussing on all God’s creatures Welcome Bishop Ken and Mrs Mary Good We look forward to welcoming Bishop Ken Good and his wife Mary who celebrate 35 years of marriage by preaching in St Peter's (where they were married) at the Union harvest service in the afternoon of Sunday 14th October. PLEASE NOTE !!!! This is a great opportunity to use Ken’s wonderful teaching gifts to stretch us and encourage us and so the United Celebration on the 7th October is transferred to the morning of 14th October. Services on the 7th October will follow the second Sunday service pattern.

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A Family Fun Afternoon Saturday July 28th, 3.30–5.30pm Carrigrohane Union Parish Centre A Fundraiser to support Jane Moffatt going to Mozambique with Habitat for Humanity, Mothers’ Union Projects (Home & Overseas) & Caitlin Jonas joining Team on Mission 2012/13 (Methodist Youth Department) Something for everyone: Teddy Bears’ Picnic, including ‘Best Dressed Teddy’, face painting, refreshments, cakes & produce/plant stall, Youth Space with wii, Mini Olympics & parachute games on the rectory garden. (outside activities weather dependent). For further information contact Gail Jonas on 021 4871106. We are fundraising for:

Habitat for Humanity (Jane Moffatt)

Habitat for Humanity, founded in 1976, seeks to eliminate poverty around the world and to make decent housing a matter of conscience and action. At the core of Habitat’s mission is the conviction that access to affordable shelter is a basic human right. Habitat is committed to working with people of all backgrounds, races and religions in the fight against poverty. Habitat for Humanity does not build houses for people, it builds with them working together with homeowners and volunteers to construct, renovate, or refurbish homes using donations of money, land and materials. Once completed houses are sold to partner families at no profit, providing a hand up rather than a hand out. Habitat for Humanity Ireland has sent over 1700 volunteers from Ireland to over 20 countries around the world. Volunteers travel for up to 2 weeks to the host country, helping with the construction of the local houses, getting to know the local communities and cultures and raising funds to support Habitat’s projects. Habitat also works to address inadequate housing in Ireland working in partnership with Dublin City Council, local government authorities, other non-profit organisations and communities to build and renovate houses in Dublin to allow low income families the opportunity to buy their own home. Jane says, “When visiting another country we usually observe from the outside. However actually living and working alongside the family and community really puts the challenges faced by the people of Mozambique into perspective. I will be leading a team of 10 volunteers to Mozambique 11 – 25 August to spend two weeks digging foundations, mixing cement and plastering walls alongside a Habitat for Humanity partner family who will move into their new home once it is completed.” Here’s Jane –…on a previous adventure—working in Zambia!

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Team on Mission (TOM) - Caitlin Jonas

Team on Mission is a gap year programme that has been running for over 23 years. It has a focus on Youth and children’s ministry, but works with the whole church. It is a year to give oneself to God to use you and challenge you and shine his light through you. There are two types of team, a travelling team who are invited by churches all around Ireland for anything from a weekend to a month to do youth and children’s missions and the other team is based in one church or project for a year. I will be on the travelling team

Mothers' Union

with three other girls. I really wanted to be on this team as it seems to be such an amazing opportunity to really see all that God is doing in our own country and also to have the honour of being a part of such a movement. We will be involved in all sorts of activities including assemblies in schools, community projects, kids clubs, youth events, from drop ins to youth fellowships. It is going to be exciting to meet other churches and help them where ever we are needed. It is a real chance to just dive into the work God has grown and be a part of the planting and watering of seed all across Ireland.

is an international Christian charity that seeks to support families worldwide. In 83 countries, our members share one heartfelt vision - to bring about a world where God's love is shown through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships. With a membership of 4 million, Mothers' Union provides a network through which members can serve Christ in their own community - through prayer, financial support and actively working at the grassroots level in programmes that meet local needs. We lobby local and national governments on issues affecting family life and campaign to challenge legislation that neglects the vulnerable and marginalised. We are also represented at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. You can read more about our work at;

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This fundraising is to support local projects – and is in celebration of 125 years of Mothers’ Union in Ireland!


This year’s Sheep’s

Saturday 1


Head Hike for Christian Aid will happen on September, beginning at 11:00 am at the Kilcrohane

Community Centre. There will be two routes: route 1 is a strenuous hill walk of 10km and route 2 is a moderately easy walk of 5km. this is a major fund raising event for the work of Christian Aid and all funds raise on the day will go towards Christian Aid partners in the development world For information or sponsorship forms contact the Christian Aid Cork office on 023 88 41468 or email or you can register online at The new Children's Ministry Certificate course will run one Saturday morning a month from 10am to 1pm at St Luke’s Education Centre, Northridge House, Mahon, Cork except for Sat 24th November as that is the day of the Building Blocks Conference in Dublin. The dates are 20th October, 24th November (Building Blocks Conference, Dublin), 24th November, 8th December, 19th January 2013, 16th February, 9th March, and 20th April. Booking forms will be available in the parish in August. Please contact the parish office or speak to Ian if you’d like to know more! Advance notice of a 7 week Parenting Group starting Thursday 27th September at 8pm in Carrigrohane Parish Centre. Details and bookings—contact the parish office on 4877260 or email

Carrigrohane School of Ballet enrolment for 2012-2013 classes takes place on Wednesday 5th September at 3pm in the Parish Centre. Phone 086 8056088 for more information.

Blarney in Bloom—a Summer Garden Fair on Saturday 14th July from

10am-5pm in Blarney Castle. Entry 5 euro (children under 12 go free) - includes access to Castle Gardens. Specialist plant nurseries, gardening displays, arts & crafts, farmers’ market, birds of prey, children's entertainment—A fun day out for all the family. In aid of Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. Also in aid of the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind —the Annual Family Dog Walk being held in Farran Wood at 11am on

Wednesday 4th July.

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