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St Senan’s, Inniscarra

One Easter

It now strikes me as incongruous how much of our world pays so much more attention to Christmas than Easter. Aside from an excuse for a massive chocolate binge and the sale of significant quantities of lamb and greeting cards, the Easter event is a sort of footnote to our wider society's calendar. For me, however, Easter is the most important event of the year. Obviously, for most of the people who will read this SPAN article it probably has similar value and significance. The death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is THE seminal event in world history, without which none of us would know peace with God, none of us would know new life and an everlasting hope. But my own specific reason for seeing Easter as even more than this, is that it also happens to be my Birth Day. It was, I believe, 1992 and we had returned from Limerick nearly 2 years before. We returned to Cork, Carrigrohane Union, and St. Peter's to find them in something of a changed state. In my workplace in UCC a whole new set of people and a very confrontational atmosphere, in Carrigrohane a new minister (Harold Miller), a new understanding of faith (in our experience), and people suddenly getting all excited by their "relationship" with Jesus Christ. Around the same time and probably as a consequence of all this changed circumstance and thinking, I determined to try and understand if the resurrection could be a real historical event, something I had never thought about before. While I could not absolutely, conclusively convince myself it was, I also could find no one who could disprove it; indeed the evidence stacked up much more on the positive side! Then came Holy Week in 1992. I was away in the USA for most of it, but returned on Friday morning. Harold had arranged a mission during that week with Ken Good (son of a former Carrigrohane Rector) preaching and a team from Lurgan doing the honours. I now do not have a clue what Ken was preaching on during that Good Friday service, but as I sat there I became overwhelmed by sorrow and, looking back on it, my great need for God's mercy and forgiveness. I was aware of the hugeness of God's love for me, that knowledge that were I the only person alive Christ would have hung on that Cross for me. All who come to know Jesus as Lord have a different experience of finding Him, mine has no more or less value than anyone else's. However, it made a profound difference in my life (and any questions as to whether the resurrection was historical instantly disappeared!). I guess I was a reasonably average person before the experience, brought up in Toronto in a church going family but with no notion of the wonder of this experience of God and the urgent necessity of yielding my life to Him. Easter, before 1992, was just one of the year's events, perhaps with a strange sense of unreality in my current recollection, the vague darkness of Good Friday followed by a memory of occasional early Easter morning services, chocolate Easter eggs and roast lamb (usually New Zealand lamb in Canada!). I believe people would say I was quite reserved and not given to much emotion, but solid enough!

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The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney

April 2010 Over the next few years, things changed a bit. Easter took on a whole new meaning, the central date in my calendar at an emotional level. The bleakness and despair of Good Friday followed by the wonder and hope of Easter Sunday, now acts as a reference point for my faith journey (when I make the space to reflect!). Understanding Jesus' acceptance and forgiveness of me that Easter and the subsequent filling of His Spirit released a whole new emotional range in me. While I have quietened down a bit now I'm sure some can testify that never have so many been hugged by one man! As time went on His Spirit awoke in me a hunger for His Word and a desire to help those who come to know Jesus to grow and deepen in their faith and to start to work out God's plan for their lives. Through Alpha courses, house groups and since 2002 the Blarney church based Growth Group, I have learned a little of what faith means and have walked with many fellow travelers along the road with Jesus. It has been a privilege and very great pleasure to be part of this great journey, sharing in the lives of my brothers and sisters of Carrigrohane Union and beyond. All because Jesus, fully man, fully God, chose to make a way for me to find peace with God one Easter. Bill Lane

Kingdom Engage …expressing “the kindness and love of God our Saviour …” (Titus 3 v 4) Prayer Focus for April: May Osburne’s work with the Guide Dogs for the Blind has many aspects to it. Apart from being treasurer for the local branch, fund raising, and working with the dogs, she has become a friend to many blind people, supporting them as they face new challenges and indeed run into difficulties. In all the years May has been involved, she has never loses the wonder of seeing the impact the dogs have on their blind companions and more recently autistic children. May really appreciates everyone’s prayerful support.

EASTER SAUNTER...Are you in Cork for Easter? Possibly

at a loose end on Easter Monday and looking for something to do? The 20s and 30s (plus/minus about 30 years) and their friends, families and assorted entourage are planning to go for a walk along the Ballycotton Cliffs on the afternoon of Monday 5th April, leaving from the Ballycotton carpark at 2.30pm (follow the road through Ballycotton village and turn right just before you get to the pier). The walk is descibed as being about 9 kilometres, so with children in tow will probably take about 3-3.5 hours; it is relatively easy and should be no problem for any age or fitness. Everyone is very welcome so please do feel free to invite others. Of course, such a venture is weather dependent, and while we hope it will be a beautiful sunny day, if there is horizontal driving rain then we won't be going! A spot of soft Irish drizzle might not stop us however. If you would be interested in going then let me know (by email or text on 086 214 5058) and then I can confirm on the day whether the weather is suitable. Fiona

Carrigrohane Union Youth

April ‘10

Matt’s mobile: 085 1080067 Our Youth group nights for Katie’s mobile: 085 1080030 national school (3rd to 6th class), ‘Glow’, and for secondary school age, ‘Glow MAX’ meet on Fridays as follows: Glow: Apr 16th; May 14th; June 18th Glow MAX: Apr 30th; May 21st

Sunday PM - continuing to meet 5.30-7.30pm every Sunday evening in the Parish Centre beginning again after the Easter holidays. On 5th March a good number of people involved in children’s and youth work across the parish had a great evening of training and encouragement—as well as enjoying what certainly were…’The Best Desserts in Town’! Chriszine led us in thinking about the assets needed by children and young people for healthy development. We were encouraged to think about the groups we were involved in—from the Toddler groups, Sunday schools and Youth clubs—to consider what we were already doing well— and what we could look at developing in the future. Please pray for the young people’s Easter TRIP AWAY. We leave on Monday 29th March and come back home on Thursday 1st April. Ovoca Manor in Wicklow is our destination and we will be a full contingent of 40 leaders and young people. We look forward to all the fun activities that Avoca has to offer—and to a time of getting to know each other better and drawing closer to God. Summer dates: Blarney Holiday Club leaders preparation day 19th July Blarney Holiday Club, 20th—23rd July Summer Madness, 4th—7th July New Wine Holiday Conference in Sligo, 11th—16th July Scripture Union Camps & Holidays for 2010—see, phone 01-2802300 or email for more details of family weeks, parenting weekends or camps for young people of 10-12, 13-15 & 16-19 years old.

The Marriage Course


in the Parish Centre, Carrigrohane.

Wednesday 14th April in the Parish Centre at 8pm. (and runs for 7 weeks) The weekly topics on the course are: Building Strong Foundations; The Art of Communication; Resolving Conflict; The Power of Forgiveness; Parents and In-Laws; Good Sex; Love in Action. Each couple’s privacy is always respected. There is no ‘group discussion’. Each couple has their own table with a candle and flowers and there are homemade desserts to enjoy part way through the evening—so the atmosphere is relaxing and special. So—who is it for? Couples who’ve been married a little while…or for many years. It’s enjoyable and beneficial for those whose marriages are already strong. It can help those who are experiencing difficulties. While the course emphasizes and explains the unique nature of marriage, many couples who are living together have participated and enjoyed the course, and all are welcome. The course is based on Christian principles, but it has proven to be very helpful to (and enjoyed by) people without Christian faith or church background. This course is just about full—but If you’re interested this time around, or have any queries, please talk to Janet or Bill Lane, Patsy or Robert Devoy to see if there’s room.

House Groups & Growth Group... ...continue to meet throughout the parish. If you’d like to

consider joining a group (Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning, Thursday evening or Friday evening) - please talk to Ian or Ruth or contact the parish office.

Ladies’ Guild/Mothers’ Union—visit to the Life Time A change of book and venue for April 14th, the book will now be ‘Brooklyn’ by Colm Tobin and we’ll meet at Daphne Ruttle’s house. We’ll read ‘The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society’ by Mary Ann Schaffer in May.

‘Messy Fiesta’ - ‘The Lighthouse’ in Blarney developed from the idea of

Messy Church, started originally in Portsmouth and which has now spread round hundreds of Churches, including our own. The creator of Messy Church, Lucy Moore, is coming to our parish to run a Messy Fiesta—a training and information day for those interested in Messy Church. It will be in the Parish Centre on Saturday 24th April from 9.45am-3pm (bring your own lunch). This is being run with the Diocesan Council for Mission and is open to any adults interested in finding out more about Messy Church, as well as those already involved. Contact Ruth or April for more information. Some of us from Carrigrohane are already booked to go to

‘Unstoppable’ – the Sligo Summer New Wine conference from 11-16 July. We’re all booked in an accommodation block and people can be added in singly or in family groups. Car sharing for the journey is also a possibility. So if you’re interested, please get in touch with the parish office. See for more details. Early booking discounts still apply until 31 March.

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Lab & Coffee Shop, Lee Road, Cork at 11am on Monday 19th April. Anyone is welcome to come along with us if you’re free. We then meet at 2pm on Saturday 15th May in Helen Burke’s house for a get-together and our AGM.

The next Alpha Course commences on Thursday 8th April at 8.00pm in the Parish Centre, Church Hill, and Carrigrohane when all will be welcome. For further information please contact: Rev Ian Jonas 021 4871106 (Office: 4877260) Father Billy O’Sullivan 086 8235291

Urgent request!!!

The Parish office would be very grateful if the people who used boxes: 54, 30, 28, 27, 23, 22, 21 & 31 (for 2009) would identify themselves for the records. Just leave a message on the office phone or drop us an email: THANK YOU!

Easter General Vestry - Rector’s Comments


NEW BEGINNINGS These are my first comments for the Easter General Vestry after my arrival nearly 10 months ago. It has been an eventful period with floods, the Big Freeze, and then for me personally my accident! THANKS An Easter General Vestry is an opportunity to say “thank you” to so many people as follows. For us as a family to everyone, for you have made us really welcome. In particular we are very grateful for all the work that was done to the rectory before we arrived. We enjoy it! I am conscious that we owe a debt of gratitude to those who lived in the rectory before us. Much of what follows in this report is because of their prayerfulness, faithfulness, creativity, courage and love for Jesus. For everyone who serves in Carrigrohane Union, from organising refreshments, to cleaning and seeing to the fabric of the church. From Church Wardens to Diocesan Readers, to the way you care for one another, I simply say a “big thank you”, … there are too many of you to name. However, I do want to highlight the work of the treasurer. We are very grateful to Mick O’Dea who with the finance committee has steered us through a difficult year when we anticipated a significant budget deficit. In the event it would seem as if we may finish in the black. I say in “it would seem” because as I write, the accounts have yet to be audited. To be in this position is simply amazing, thanks to your continued generous giving and support, in what is a difficult economic situation. I also want to name one other individual, and it is of course Ruth. She is an outstanding colleague and much loved pastor who led the Union during the vacancy with aplomb. Little did I realise when I arrived that she would be asking me to conduct her wedding and this is great honour for me and a joy for all of us. SADLY AND THANKFULLY During the year we have sadly said farewell to much loved and committed parishioners in Harry Wolfe, Heather Calvert, and Gordon Pamment. We continue to remember their families in prayer. We also said farewell to Martyn and Naomi Tyrrell as they moved to Plymouth in Devon for work reasons. They are a great pair who we miss from the fellowship and their service to the church. ADMINISTRATION The Parish Office is now well established and provides an essential ministry for the whole Union. With so much lay ministry in the Union, which is vital to the life and growth of the church, it would be very difficult NOT to have a manned and paid office. That in Patsy and Jaki we have individuals who go beyond the call of duty, we are enormously blessed. BUILDINGS /MAINTENANCE All of our buildings are well maintained and well used. I would just like to comment on the following: St Senan’s Inniscarra… percolation test have been completed and the file is reopened regarding the possibility of a small extension. There are questions as to how this fits into the overall vision for the Union, but we also have to ask how the building serves its purpose as a place of worship in the 21st century? MINISTRY Lay Pastoral Workers In recent years the Diocese has introduced a Lay Pastoral Workers course, designed to encourage a broader pastoral involvement in the life of the church. Two of our members have completed that training and are using their skills. Viv Squire works as an assistant chaplain in the Bon Secours hospital, while Rosemary Hickey is assigned to our own Union of Churches. Already she has been visiting some families in Ballincollig and is now about to try and meet with other parishioners, who are loosely connected with the Union. As we lack a visible presence (i.e.; a building) this could be a useful way for us to have a more tangible role in the town. We welcome Viv and Rosemary’s call to this ministry and pray for them. Youth Work Currently there is a very thorough review of the Youth Ministry as Katie and Matt’s contract expires this August. Suffice to say the feedback is very positive, and the fact that over 30 young people are bound for camp in Holy Week, speaks volumes. MISSION From Blarney Blues to Painting the Town Green Last autumn there seemed to be nothing but bad news coming out of Blarney and so to see the town packed for its first Patrick’s day Festival in 22 years is astonishing. The Church of the Resurrection has played its own role in that revitalised community through prayer, care and witness to the power of the Gospel to change lives. And with the advantage of having a physical presence in the centre of the town, they opened their doors on Patrick’s day and filled the church with hundreds of people having coffee etc to raise funds for the Haiti Appeal. Lives changing… faith rising and community growing... thank God. Alpha and the Marriage Course As we meet in April both Alpha and the Marriage Course will be running simultaneously, once again underlying their proven track record as a way of reaching out in ways which engage people with the eternal and the significance of good relationships. The fruits of both courses are like a spring of new life in the Union.

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‘Lighthouse’ (Messy Church) Now running on a regular basis this new form of outreach is showing signs of making positive connections with new families, thanks to all the hard work of the team and the support of our “regular” families.


Toddler Groups These continue to meet a real need. In the last year Janet Lane retired as leader of the Carrigrohane Toddler group. Heather Daly has also recently retired. The group is now led by a team of leaders and parents, and is working very effectively. Mission Abroad Bill and Janet Lane have raised the profile of overseas mission by their visit to Cambodia, and last autumn there was an opportunity to support the Hosford foundation, working with projects in Kilembe, West Uganda via the local church (see below for another such opportunity). This coming June, Richard Wood, Jim Casey and Ben Jonas fly to Luweero in Uganda, with other Cork C of I members, to build latrines and classrooms, working alongside local believers. Emerging developments With the Café Church events, we have celebrated the “Mixed Economy”, that makes up all the diverse ingredients of Carrigrohane Union. We have been sharing and praying for church members in the huge variety of roles that so many have in local communities, as an expression of engaging with the Kingdom of God (“Kingdom Engage”). We are exploring new initiatives like community gardens using glebe land, and the Special Olympics soccer team have been given permission to use the North field for their matches once it is playable. The floods saw a swift response from church members by giving out food parcels to flooded households, and there is a strong desire by many, to do more of this simple sharing of kindness which builds trust and good will. A CLEAR VISION I have found the Vision Statement of Carrigrohane Union helpful as I’ve tried to get my bearings. But it now needs to be more specific and draw together all the many strands that make up the worship, witness and work of the Union. At this Easter General Vestry, I would like to have some discussion about creating a Vision group that would meet to pray and discuss the working out of the Vision for the Union. Also at the Easter Vestry, I would like to raise the possibility of there being a “Mission” event to unite us in the essentials of the Gospel and build on the emerging community outreach. PRAYER. As I write the Make Space for God week of Prayer is taking place. It is one attempt to stop and make sure that what we do is what God wants us to do. The feedback to date has been appreciative of the call to be disciplined about prayer and for me, it has been humbling to join a number of people sharing in the presence of God in the silence. There is much to thank God for, but before any of the above can continue or emerge, we do need to find a new appetite, commitment, and dynamic ways to pray. Finally some words from John 14: 12 to inspire our prayer life: Very truly I tell you, all who have faith in me, will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. Parish Vision Statement: Carrigrohane Union of Parishes, Church of Ireland, is part of the universal Church of God, and is called to develop a growing community of faith, in and through which the Kingdom of God is made known, and in which we serve together as followers of Jesus Christ for the good of the world to the Glory of God. We seek to be a growing, God-centred community of worshipping people, equipped to reach out and draw others in to receive and share the love of Jesus. GROWTH - UNITY - SERVICE Aims and Strategies: • encourage personal discipleship • encourage the development of open and vibrant worship • engage in effective evangelism/outreach with our local communities • develop age specific ministries • develop and expand our buildings base to facilitate a greater range of ministries. Parish Contacts: Rector: Rev Ian Jonas – 4871106 email: or Curate: Ruth Jackson – 4383103 email: or Parish Office: 4877260 (Mon-Fri mornings) email: Youth Workers: Matt Gould: 085 1080067 Katie Gould: 085 1080030 email: Parish website: Parish Website:

We change the answer machine message at the beginning of each week—and include the times of the services for the following Sunday.

Toddler groups Toddlers begin again after Easter in Blarney on 13 April and in Carrigrohane on 16 April

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Coffee Morning & Cake Sale

In aid of The Hosford Foundation for Eradication of Poverty in Kilembe, Uganda. At 5 Beverly Court, Ovens on Saturday 8th May from 10.30-12.30. All Welcome


Sunday 28th March 8pm The Church of the Resurrection, Blarney, THE BROKEN CASKET Monday 29th March Young People’s Trip Away to Ovoca Manor, Wicklow (home Thursday) - Please pray for safety and a great time for them all. 8pm—St Peter’s, Carrigrohane, THE BLATANT LIES Tuesday 30th March 8pm—St Senan’s, Inniscarra—THE BURNING ISSUE Wednesday 31st March 1pm—Senior Parishioners’ Lunch in the Parish Centre with special guest, Rev Charlie Combe. Friends welcome. Please phone 4877260 to book your places. 8pm—Church of the Resurrection, Blarney, THE BARTERED CLOTHES Thursday 1st April 8pm—St Peter’s, Carrigrohane, THE BATHED FEET Good Friday, 2nd April 8pm—St Senan’s, Inniscarra, THE BOWED HEAD

Sunday 18th April 9.00 am Holy Communion, Carrigrohane 10 am Service of the Word, Carrigrohane. 11am Service of the Word, Blarney 3.30-5pm Lighthouse, Blarney 5.30-7.30pm Sunday PM in the Parish Centre 7.30pm Open to God in Blarney

Monday 19th April 11am—LG/MU visit to Lifetime Lab & Coffee Shop 7.30pm—Select Vestry meet in Meeting Room of Parish Centre 8pm—Easter General Vestry in main hall of Parish Centre Tuesday 20th April 10am-12 noon—Blarney Toddlers Wednesday 21st April 8pm—The Marriage Course, Parish Centre Thursday 22nd April 8pm– Alpha, Parish Centre Friday 23rd April 10.15-11.45am—Carrigrohane Toddlers

Easter Sunday, 4th April 10am Holy Communion St Peter’s, Carrigrohane (no 9am) 11am Holy Communion Church of the Resurrection, Blarney 11.30am Holy Communion St Senan’s, Inniscarra

Saturday 24th April 9.45am-3pm—’Messy Fiesta’ - Messy Church Training Day in the Parish Centre

Monday 5th –Friday 9th April Parish Office will be closed

Sunday 25th April 9.00 am Holy Communion, Carrigrohane 10 am All-Age Service of the Word, Carrigrohane. 11am Holy Communion, Blarney 11.30am Morning Prayer, Inniscarra 5.30-7.30pm Sunday PM in the Parish Centre 7.30pm Open to God in Blarney

(Please note that, although it is a first Sunday of the month, there is no United Celebration at the Parish Centre on 4 April)

Easter Monday—5th April 20s & 30s and friends! Easter Saunter. See front page of Span for details...everyone welcome to come along! Thursday 8th April 8pm—Alpha begins in the Parish Centre Sunday 11th April 11am United Easter Celebration in St Senan’s, Inniscarra Tuesday 13th April 10am-12 noon—Blarney Toddlers Wednesday 14th April 8pm—The Marriage Course begins in the Parish Centre 8pm—Book Club meets in Daphne Ruttle’s house to talk about ‘Brooklyn’ by Colm Tobin Thursday 15th April 8pm—Alpha, Parish Centre Friday 16th April 10.15-11.45am—Carrigrohane Toddlers 7-9pm—Glow, Parish Centre

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Tuesday 27th April 10am-12 noon—Blarney Toddlers Wednesday 28th April 8pm—The Marriage Course, Parish Centre Thursday 29th April 8pm—Alpha, Parish Centre Friday 30th April 10.15-11.45am—Carrigrohane Toddlers 7-9pm—Glow Max, Parish Centre Sunday 2nd May 9pm Holy Communion, Carrigrohane 11am United Celebration, Parish Centre 5.30-7.30pm Sunday PM in the Parish Centre Carrigrohane Union of Churches ….Doing the Doable with Jesus in the Church and Community

SPAN BLARNEY It was incredible to think that in Blarney of all places, there has been no St Patrick’s Day parade for 22 years. The newly formed Blarney Community Council worked really hard, the weather stayed dry and the Square was flooded with people for a really successful event. It was such a wonderful celebration of the community, including our Mothers and Toddlers group who toddled through the crowds in the parade. At the beginning of March, Colette Cunningham came to speak to the World Day of Prayer about her experience in Haiti. Colette’s talk reflected the wonderful hope of the people as well as the incredible need. We had thought about opening the Church for St Patrick’s Day so that people could visit and then felt it would be good to offer tea and coffee to raise funds for the Haiti. Fiona and Sylvia particularly took on the task and, aided by an incredible team on the day, fed the hundreds who poured through the door. Thank you so much for all your hard work. There was a sea of people who came to support a good cause and to see the Church itself – in fact we had to turn people away! We raised a lot of money, but also enabled lots of people to visit the Church building for the first time and to experience a sense of welcome and peace in the middle of the chaos. We may have to start the planning just after Christmas next year!

IN FROM THE COLD – from Blarney to Haiti By now everyone knows that there was an enormous earthquake in Haiti on January 12th . There are no words to describe the devastation of the earthquake on this city and already poor nation. Rich and poor have lost their homes and are now living side by side in Internally Displaced Persons Camps IDPs) -- there are 600 IDP camps across the city of Port-du-Prince. People have spontaneously self-settled in transitional sites across the city in parks, tennis courts, church grounds and the prestigious Petion Ville Golf Club. The city is chequered with coloured sheets – home to most Haitians these days. Adequate shelter in the form of tents is much needed and especially now that the rains have come; it gets very cold and damp with the rains so people need to be able to get ‘in from the cold’. On St. Patricks’ Day in Blarney, many of the local people were happy to get ‘in from the cold’ and to get a much needed hot drink. Church of Ireland Blarney provided a safe haven from the cold wind and rain by having a fundraising event for Haiti. Such an event was important to Haitian volunteer Colette Cunningham, a local Cork woman, who worked in Haiti in the first month after the earthquake. Although experienced with working in difficult situations from working in HIV/AIDS in Africa, she says that she has never seen anything like what she saw in Haiti. The devastation is phenomenal by the sheer number of homes that have been destroyed. There is nothing that we can compare it with here in Ireland. The response of the people of Blarney was also phenomenal, a total of €1118.36 was raised on the day and this will be put to good use to help families who have been made homeless in Haiti; to help them move ‘in from the cold’. Colette hopes to return there in the coming months to assist in a child trauma counselling clinic. She would sincerely like to thank all of the people who contributed so generously. In particular, she thanks the women of Church of Ireland, Blarney who worked so hard to make it happen; they baked cakes and tray bakes, served tea and coffee all afternoon. It was a wonderful event. Colette says “I will tell the Haitian families who receive tents from this money, how much they are loved by the people in Blarney. If they were here they would say ‘Merci en pils’ (literally piles of thanks!). So on their behalf ‘Merci en pils’!”. If you would like more information about Haiti, contact Colette at

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2nd april 2010