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For this issue, we were so lucky to get to know Ali Fedotowsky, who became a household name with her appearances on “The Bachelor” and, later, “The Bachelorette.” Of course America fell in love with Ali on TV, but that doesn’t come close to the experience of actually hanging out with her! She’s genuinely warm, amazing and more down-toearth than we could have imagined. Chatting with Ali is like chatting with your best friend, and we had so much fun getting to know her and learning all about her life today, including her beautiful new baby girl Molly and her dreamy lifestyle website,! If cupcakeMAG is a collection of what we love, put Ali right up on the list!

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A s h l e y B u r n s P h oto g r a p h y


Summer 2016 cupcakeMAG  
Summer 2016 cupcakeMAG