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summer 2016

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Happy July Loves! The other day I was thinking about how amazing this journey has been at cupcakeMAG as we come up on our 12th issue this Fall. This issue was one of my favorites because our cover shoot at Au Fudge was truly….amazing. In May, we spent the day with the ever-so-amazing Ali Fedotowsky at Jessica Biel’s beautiful new restaurant in West Hollywood, Au Fudge. Our amazing art director Alex May and photographer Ashley Burns made the day just so perfect. Talk about such a beautiful day! And what an amazing team I have. My girls are truly THE BEST. Ali was just a few weeks shy of her due date from welcoming her beautiful little girl Molly. If you don’t read her blog -- get on it! It’s such a great space on the internet and we love staying connected through her blog posts. Not to mention we buy pretty much all of the cute things she shares on her blog. Can we stop for a second and talk about how beautiful and glowing she is on our cover? She is just such a gem and we feel so lucky to have her on our cover. Ali -- you are the best! I just have to say thank you so much for putting on heels and a smile during those final weeks of your pregnancy to be on our cover. Thank you for taking time out of your day to hang out with us and brunch together. You are amazing and we are so thankful for your support. We all just adore you! Don’t forget to check out our Summer Shopping Guide filled with all of our must-have finds, plus what’s on our radar and more. We’ve done the shopping for you with the best of the best shops on the net while featuring our favorite small business shops 12

around! As always -- I just want to thank you. Yes, you beautiful! Thank you for reading! Thank you for letting us be part of your day. Thank you for the support and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We wouldn’t be here without you.

Lots of love, cupcake!


Casi Densmore-Koon Founder & Editor in Chief

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editor’sPICKS Shop Wrenn Strength and Courage Necklace, $38

Caroline Randall Made Tumbler, $22.50

RubyClaire Boutique, Boss Lady Tee, $26

Simply Made Greetings Mug, $17 Tory Burch Miller Flat, $198

Nickel & Suede Accent Leather Earrings, $25

Mama Said Tees Tote, $40

Adorn Lee Just Love Makeup Bag, $28.50

The Providence Story Cheetah Print Tassel Keychain, $33



W W W . Z O Z U B A B Y. C O M










the perfect masque after your hair has been tangled through the ocean, scrunched, sun damaged & blow dried... aka the best post vacay hair treatment!

Fashion and Beauty director, Katlyn shares her beauty essentials and what you need to buy now along with her summer tricks of the trade.

Fruit pigmented...does it get any more natural!? Obsessed with the new found 100% Pure make up line!

love Osea. This blemish balm is so soothing & the perfect lightweight calming moisturizer.

the easiest & most efficient contour kit around!

all the talk about naked palettes are true.... nothing compares! yes, even the “basic” is eye changing.

t rofi cth eks tr a d e 16

out of eye make-up remover? use a dab of unscented lotion on a cotton ball + wipe!

butcher that wing? use a damp q tip to straighten it right up!

out of dry shampoo? put some powdered make up {closest that you have to your hair color} on your favorite make up brush and run it over your roots... yes, I’m serious!


1. Bohemian Mama We’ve been swooning over the luxury lifestyle brand Bohemian Mama, not only for its gorgeous styles but also for its mission of encouraging thoughtfulness in everything we mamas do! We’re especially smitten with the effortless beach beauty of their Sunset Maxi Dress by Spiritual Gangster, in a chic, super-soft blue tie-dye. Summer style never looked so relaxed!

what’s new 2 1

2. hairbanglez Has any woman not worn a hair elastic around her wrist? hairbanglez turns that little necessity into something glam, with their unique line of bracelets that secretly keep a hair elastic at hand for when you need one. Available in metal, plastic and sport styles, as well as little girls’ sizes, these accessories bring new meaning to the word must-have!

So Cool, What’s New

3. Tree in a Box Looking for a gift that’s not just more stuff? Look no further! Tree in a Box’s unique legacy gifts treat the Earth to a new, life-sustaining tree in one of nine varieties. Choose from seed kits, seedlings in burlap, or special gifts just for weddings, new babies, birthdays and other special occasions.

4. Le Cou Olympia Dickey Forget what you think you know about dickeys – Le Cou’s chic styles can dress up any tee or tank (including all the fabulous ones in this issue!) with an eye-catching pattern or a tailored twist. Best of all, you can customize your own couture look by wrapping, tying or tucking this layering basic any way you like!

Genius gifts and products for mamas and littles alike! Why didn’t we think of these? 4


5. Kin and Kith There’s a lot to love about kin&kith Inc., launching July 31! High-fashion, coordinating looks for the entire family, with an emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly business practices. Just as cool is the fact that their collections are cut to order each month, meaning they’re limited edition! You’ll want to scoop up their styles before it’s too late!

6. CuddleSleepDream Moms of boys know the challenge of finding cute, stylish clothes for their little men. CuddleSleepDream solves that little problem with their clever line of bodysuits and shirts with coordinating, snap-on ties! Preppy and practical? Sign our sons up!

7. Noni Bee Launching soon, Noni Bee makes gorgeous clothes for girls, right here in the USA. Organic fabrics, ethical and sustainable manufacturing, and of course adorable style make these a must-have for little fashionistas everywhere!


7 6


scoop For Moms only! We know you understand. — Loved by Hannah and Eli, It’s a Mama Bear Thing tank, $24


The perfect earrings for everyday summer style. — Bip & Bop Marquis Square earrings, $30

For women who do everything and wouldn’t have it any other way. — Revol Roots Full Hands Full Heart tee, $22


Your little one will be smitten on this soothing teether — Little Teether Glam Teething Necklance, $28

Luxury in a jar! Haven Living Whipped Body Moisturizer is handcrafted and heavenly. — Haven Living Whipped Body Moisturizer, $17

Queen Bey isn’t the only one who slays. — Beau and Co. Forever Slaying tank, $24

Make waves in your own customized nautical bangle — Luxa Jewelry nautical bangle $20



what’s new A LITTLE SPARKLE FOR YOUR SUMMER STYLE! Brin & Bell Pineapple Necklace, $18

Arla Creations Small Lucite Tray, $48




Eloweezy Water Mumbler, $20

Finley Lane Booze Decanter, $54

HELLO, SUMMER PRIORITIES! Highway 3 Good Times Tan Lines Beach Towel

BEACH CHIC, BOHO, PREPPY, PERFECT WITH THIS GENTRY CALIFORNIA TOTE Gentry California Sea Tile Ultimate Monogrammed Beach Bag, $29




w w w. r u b y c l a i r e b o u t i q u e . c o m

Alexis Drake The 9 to 5 Tote, $228 Hobokin & Co Necklace, $37

the lust list Fresh Apparel #themomlife Icon Tee, $28

Maple Row Boutique Fringe Sandal, $23


LUST LIST Loved By Hannah and Eli Not Today Tank, $35

Shop Wrenn Druzy Earrings, $38

Hello Tinky Moo Clutch Purse, $40

The Silver Loft Bracelets, $25



For this issue, we were so lucky to get to know Ali Fedotowsky, who became a household name with her appearances on “The Bachelor” and, later, “The Bachelorette.” Of course America fell in love with Ali on TV, but that doesn’t come close to the experience of actually hanging out with her! She’s genuinely warm, amazing and more down-toearth than we could have imagined. Chatting with Ali is like chatting with your best friend, and we had so much fun getting to know her and learning all about her life today, including her beautiful new baby girl Molly and her dreamy lifestyle website,! If cupcakeMAG is a collection of what we love, put Ali right up on the list!

photography by

A s h l e y B u r n s P h oto g r a p h y


“Your happiness is most important and if making a big change could improve your life, then take that risk!” First of all, congratulations on the new addition to your family! We’d love to know what excites you the most about being a new mom. What are you really looking forward to? Since I could have her any day now, I’m most excited to just see her face. Every mom I’ve talked to says there is an overwhelming feeling of love when you see your child for the first time. I can’t wait to know that feeling. You’ve had a lot of changes recently, between the new baby and your recent decision to postpone your planned wedding in Mexico over concerns for your guests possibly being exposed to the Zika virus – that had to be a tough decision, but it’s wonderful that you were so concerned for family and friends! Do you think your new wedding plans will be very different, or will you be trying to recreate the dream wedding you already put together? It’s going to be completely different mainly because it won’t be a destination wedding. When we planned it in Mexico, none of the details really mattered to us. Our main plan 28

was to hang by the pool, sip frozen drinks and eat way too many tacos. Now that we’re having a more local wedding, there is so much more to plan - like the flowers, the table settings, transportation from our guests hotels to the venue and back, etc. There were all things we didn’t have to plan when we were getting married in Mexico. Now that our daughter will be here any day, we’re kind of glad the destination wedding didn’t work out since our priorities are definitely changing. For example, we want to be close to home now in case of an emergency. Yes, we were pregnant when we originally planned the Mexico wedding, but I don’t think we realized what having a baby would really be like. Heck, we still don’t know because we don’t have her in our arms yet. But the closer we get to her due date, the more we realize how much our lives are about to change. And at the end of the day, as long as we get married with our family and friends present, nothing else matters. Many of our readers are part of “Bachelor Nation,” and will remember how you had to leave Season 14 of The

Bachelor for career reasons, only to return as The Bachelorette in Season 6. We’re dying to know: how did being on these shows, and just being in the spotlight in general, compare with your expectations? Was the experience what you thought it would be like?  I really didn’t have any expectations. To be honest, I thought I’d go home the first night of the show. In fact it’s completely my fault that my company asked me to come back to work after two months because I originally only put in for one week of vacation. And when I went on The Bachelor I had no idea how popular the show was. I remember being in complete and utter shock when I read about myself on the Internet for the first time. People often ask me if I recommend going on the show and I always say YES! DO IT! It was a crazy ride but one of the coolest experiences of my life.   I’d love to know your thoughts on this current season – in the premiere, you and some other former Bachelorettes gave JoJo Fletcher some great advice on how to find love. How do you think JoJo is doing so far? Any


predictions on whom she’ll pick in the finale? I adore Jojo and think she is a fantastic Bachelorette. Kaitlyn, Desiree and I gave her some advice early in the season and you will actually see us back on the show this month to follow up with Jojo on how everything is going. She definitely knows what she’s doing and knows what she wants, so I have complete faith in her finding love at the end of this. Jordan seems like the clear front-runner to me, but I’m not 100% sure she will end up with him. She has questioned his commitment to her so far this season. It will be interesting to see if he starts opening up more and if she trusts that he has fallen for her.   After spending a few years as a very popular TV host and correspondent, you’ve now launched a beautiful lifestyle website full of


inspiration. What led you to want to start blogging, and what do you want your readers to experience? I started my blog www.AliLuvs. com because I didn’t really feel like I could find any fashion bloggers that had my style at an affordable price. I, like many women out there, follow these big time bloggers and LOVE their clothes only to find out that the shirt they are wearing costs $300. Not a price tag I can afford. So I wanted to show my followers that fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive. Once in a while I splurge on a more expensive dress or bag, but at least 75% of my blog posts show outfits that are super affordable! I’m talking under $50 (Maybe closer to 50% now that I’m so pregnant. Maternity clothes are expensive!) I am totally a budget shopper and when I find a great piece of clothing at a great price, I want to share it with

my followers! My blog started out as something I did a few times a month and now I try to post at least every other day. I’m finding that many women out there appreciate my affordable finds! Since so much of your site is about fabulous fashion, food, and your favorite things, we have to ask: what are some of your beauty and style must-haves? This summer I will be living in maxi dresses! They are so comfortable, cute, and can be worn with flats - which is a must for me since I’ll be carrying around a little one all summer. Highlighter for the inner eye is also a must for me year round! By adding a little highlighter in the inner eyes it instantly make you look well rested- even if you’re running off no sleep! This will definitely come in handy with a new baby.

Finally, what advice would you give to women wanting to put themselves out there and do something potentially life changing, like taking a big risk to find love or making a big career transition? My biggest advice would be to not think too much about it and just do it! (Assuming your mental health and financial stability are ok). Why wait for tomorrow? Your happiness is most important and if making a big change could improve your life, then take that risk! The worst that could happen is it doesn’t work out and then you just try again! There is nothing worse than staying in a career or relationship that is making you unhappy. So go for it! What’s the best way to do that? Make connections! Network. Getting out there in the world and meeting people is the best way to enrich your love life and career - and really your life in general. So go out with friends, attend events, sign up for classes, and meet new people.

Dress, Rachel Pally


Dress: Ingrid & Isabel 32

First thing you do when you wake up: At 38 weeks pregnant, I pee! This baby loves to dance on my bladder. Then I check all 8 of my pregnancy apps.

Drink at Starbucks:

I don’t really frequent Starbucks, but at my local coffee shop my go to is a a halfcaff latte with 1 pump of mocha.

Go to outfit:

A maxi dress. So easy to throw on and looks good with flats!

Pet peeve:

People who don’t pick up their dogs poop!

Most over used emoji: No such thing!

Dinner last night? Pizza


Mama Bear Tank, Loved by Hannah and Eli Gemstone Necklace Shop Wrenn 34


tees celebrating modern motherhood

photography by Ashley Burns Photography 38

The Summer Hot Spot


“Having multiple partners can be tough, but it’s a blessing because we are all good at different things and thrive in different areas, but we compliment each other.” ­­— J E S S I C A B I E L­­—


Summer is here, and we can’t think of a more fun place to spend a girls’ day than Los Angeles – and specifically, Au Fudge, the fabulous family restaurant (with a twist) owned by actress Jessica Biel and her partners. One visit definitely wasn’t enough! We had a blast enjoying an incredible organic brunch, browsing the adorable gifts in the market, and exploring all the hidden treasures throughout the space! (How many restaurants feature creative cocktails AND an indoor treehouse?!) Even better, Au Fudge served as the setting for our cover shoot with one of our favorite subjects ever, Ali Fedotowsky of “The Bachelorette!” Hanging out with this gorgeous mom-to-be in a gorgeous hangout space for parents and kids alike – it doesn’t get much better than that! We can’t wait for you to read all about Ali and everything she’s been up to since her TV days, and to learn more about Au Fudge, right from the source! Au Fudge’s organic, all-natural menu is such a departure from the typical “kid fare” at other restaurants. Did any of you get input from your own children when developing the menu items? Do they have any favorite foods to order? Oh goodness, yes! Which is exactly what we wanted. From the beginning, this menu has been a fun blend of “adult food” that kids want to eat and “kid food” that adults want to eat, so all of our kids were big influencers on the decision making. They have loved being a part of the process, tasting new things, and learning about the options. — Jonathan Rollo You’ve developed such a unique restaurant concept, even for a saturated market like Los Angeles. Some of the differences between Au Fudge and other “family” restaurants are obvious, but what do you feel is the most important differentiator? What do you feel will really “wow” a first-time guest? First, the most important differentiator is the quality of ingredients. We have sourced an organic, all-natural menu brought to the very highest standards that sets us apart from most restaurants, let alone a “family” restaurant. So, in that regard, the “wow” moment is being able to feed your kid something they love and knowing that it’s the best possible ingredients. That said, I hear “Wow” a lot when parents realize there’s also a full bar serving really delicious cocktails while their child is happily engaged in the Creative Space. — Jonathan Rollo What’s the reception been like from your customers so far? Have you felt the need to make any adjustments to your conduct “commandments” or your other policies as


a result of customers’ feedback? The feedback from the majority of people had been incredible and so touching. The fact that everyone is so happy and grateful for a place like this makes us all so happy. Of course, there’s always room for change and as we grow and learn we change with what we feel our clients want and need. — Estee Stanley One of the most extraordinary things about Au Fudge is the beautiful, eclectic atmosphere you’ve created! We have to know: what’s your favorite feature of the space? Thank you for the kind words! It’s hard to pick a favorite because they’re all so different and evoke different feelings in each room. But, if I had to choose I think the outdoor patio. It’s so pretty, peaceful and fun to hang and have one of our delicious cocktails with my friends. — Estee Stanley What challenges have you faced in operating a restaurant with multiple partners? Is it ever “too many cooks in the kitchen,” so to speak? Having multiple partners can be tough, but it’s a blessing 42

because we are all good at different things and thrive in different areas, but we compliment each other. Sometimes we don’t always agree on menu items or design elements, but we fight it out and always come to a collective decision. — Jessica Biel Any plans to expand the Au Fudge brand to other cities, either here in the U.S. or abroad? We absolutely and most definitely have dreams and goals to open many more Au Fudge restaurants. In fact, we can’t wait! There are many neighborhoods, cities and towns that we believe would love an Au Fudge location. We are currently looking into various opportunities so stay tuned. ­— Monica Saunders-Weinberg We’ve been overwhelmed with the level of inquiries (both domestic and international). Our priority is to lock down all the moving parts of the operation and perfect our model. Given how differentiated the business is, there is a bit “wheel inventing” we’re doing at the moment. Look for exciting announcements about our expansion within the next year! — Joey Gonzalez

6 so cute looks straight from Bev’s Closet photography by

Ashely Burns Photography


A light-weight striped top is perfect for chilly summer nights. Roll up your jeans a little and you’re good to go! Top, Splendid Jeans, Jame Jeans Boots, Ruby Claire Boutique


An all-american look with a tank top and cut-offs is a true summer staple Tank, Bird and Vine Shorts, Ruby Claire Boutique 46

A pop of color in beautiful pink lace screams summer. DRESS: Trina Turk


Everyone needs a tee-shirt dress. It ’s the perfect summer staple. T-Shirt Dress, Splendid 48

Floral print and flowy. A fun sundress with sandals is always a go-to look for a causal vibe. Rosalie Dress, La Belle Vie


A maxi dress is one of those things you can throw on, dress-up, dress-down and go.It should be a staple in every closet! 50

maxi dress, viva la jewels


Photography by Emily Lowe Photo We love spotlighting mompreneurs, especially brilliant boss babes like Rachel Nilsson of Rags to Raches! What started as a home business in her parents’ basement has turned into a full-scale operation of amazingness! Rags to Raches has been featured in Vogue, Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post and more, while Rachel appeared on the wildly popular television show “Shark Tank” where she earned three offers from the Sharks. This lady is legit, and we were so excited to get to speak with her about her journey in business and motherhood!




Rags to Raches has got to be a real labor of love for you! We love how your inspiration for the perfect romper has blossomed into a full line of adorable children’s clothes – where do you get your design inspiration? I think I was born with a pretty creative mind as far as clothing goes. Ever since I can remember I was always making my own things. The romper has become something that I love because I find great functionality in it plus it is comfortable and fashionable. The biggest thing I try to focus on is fit. I think that is where a lot of brands get things mixed up. They focus too much on print or color and not so much the fit. That is probably the most important part in my book. I feel like it has taken the longest to perfect but I am pretty confident that every piece you buy from us should fit perfectly and I am pretty excited about that. The sky is the limit as far as clothing for kids. I have so many ideas I can’t wait to bring to fruition. :) Your products have been lauded by so many media sources – of course, your famous romper being one, but what’s your personal favorite item in your online shop? I obviously love every item I sell or else I wouldn’t sell it... but with that being said, I think I am the most proud of the romper. It brings function to fashion and that is hard to do. It is unique in its own way but it is also so versatile. I think the romper is endless. I also love the fact that you really don’t have to put much thought into what your kid is wearing. You don’t have to worry about what shirt matches what pant. We have actually gotten a lot of praise from Dads because of how easy it is for them to dress their little one. I honestly think this is just the beginning. We love your story of how you started

your business so small, but have grown so tremendously in just a couple of years. What was your biggest fear as you took Rags to Raches to each new level? My quality of life will disintegrate. My kids won’t have their Mom as much as they should. My peers would watch me fail. The higher you jump the harder you could fall. These were and are still normal fears for any entrepreneur. I think if you let fear drive you you wouldn’t do anything at all. I am not much of a thinker, I am more of a doer and see what happens type of girl. I think that is the perfect mentality for any business person. I also think priorities are important. Hire out what you aren’t good at so you can spend time doing what you love. It definitely shines through your work and that makes it easier to maintain a good quality of life. We only live once, right? :) What’s been your proudest moment so far in operating Rags to Raches? What accomplishment was most exciting to you? Honestly, I have had soooo many moments that have brought tears to my eyes. It really has been totally unbelievable. A few that stand out are Shark Tank, Highlighted in American Vogue as top 25 must have gifts for your child, Huffington Post ranked us as top ten coolest kid brands in the nation, We were able to work with Let it Flow (founded by Tony Hawk) and clothe hundreds of Haitian orphans. All of these moments have brought tears to my eyes and completely humbled me to the core. It is truly the American Dream in every sense of the word. Started with nothing and worked my way up to something. How has the reality of running your company differed from what you envisioned when you first started? Well, when I started I always dreamed of


er doubted that I couldn’t have it. Looking back that was so naive but I am grateful for that attitude because it made me so motivated to get where I am now. I never ever would have thought I could help provide hundreds of people a pretty solid paycheck. My first goal was to help my first two hires get a house. I wanted to build my brand so that eventually I could give them a good enough salary to afford house for their families. That happened and it has been pretty awesome to watch and feel a part of that. It has been really cool to see the affect our business has made on other small businesses who work with us. It has been such a great help to others companies and that makes my heart happy. We know there are a lot of Shark Tank 58

fans among our readers – any inside scoop to share on what it was like to prepare for, and appear on, the show? Well, I could write a novel about my experience, but I will save you all. To be completely honest, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. No one can prepare you for the preparation process. That show is the real deal and there is a lot that goes into it. I think in my case especially. There is a lot of clothing brands that go on there and to actually be a contestant, they made me jump through so many hoops to prove my legitimacy. It was one of THE most trying things but also one of the biggest accomplishments thus far. I admire anyone and everyone who has aired on that show. Pretty unbelievable but a major blessing and I was

SO grateful for the opportunity. Obviously, family is super important to you! What advice do you have for mamas (and papas) who are trying to juggle raising their own family while running a business? How do you find balance? Man, this is probably the hardest thing. I think a lot of people ask about balance and I always tell them there is no such thing. I think as an entrepreneur you always have your head on a swivel and you never ever stop. With that being said, I do believe in priorities and the importance of priorities. It is so easy to lose sight of those but I am a firm believer if you keep your priorities in check, balance will come. That has been a huge lesson learned and I feel lucky to have learned that early on. It took some tough things to get to that point, but overall I feel lucky to have figured that out sooner than later. PRIORITIES. What do you love doing when you’re not working – if that time actually exists? I love hanging with my kids and friends. I have been really fortunate in the friend department. I love love love the outdoors. I recently got into mountain biking and I am such a fan. It is something that is the perfect family activity. My kids love it as well. I also play on an indoor soccer every week. I played college soccer and it has always been a huge part of my life. Activities like that are my anti-depressant and break from the “real world”. Super important to do at least one activity per week. What’s next on the horizon for Rags to Raches? Any plans for new types of products in the future? Oh man, there is so much on the horizon I can’t even wait to share. The things that we have lined up are other “pinch me” moments. We have a few new things coming down the pipes as well. We are excited to expand but also need to take our time and scale it one piece at a time. I don’t think what is coming will disappoint. I feel like a giddy school girl. Can’t wait to share with everyone!


Adorn Lee Clutch



must-HAVE Summer

g n i p p Sho Guide



Rags and Royal Best Milk Onesie, $18.98

Brightside Blooms Succulent Bloomers, $26

Bee Bear Children’s Design The Baby Sleeve, $38


baby essentials as delicious as your little one Mama Heart Co Ice Cream Tank, $25

Bear and Roo Watermelon Shorties, $28 CAN

Holley + Sage Chambray Lace Romper, $69.99

Darling Baby Shop Mint Peony Ruffle Sleeve Romper, $40

Otherware Burly Teether, $38


Sugar Shacks Teepees, Gabbie, $220

Little Standout Silicone Teething Toys, $15


Our favorite teething necklaces are perfect for not just mom but baby too. Oh so stylish too! Score one from The Vintage Honey Shop


DISNEY MUST-HAVES for the perfect summer vacation


Maks Chic Bowtique Necklace, $15

Ellia May Designs Bow, $12

Little Peeps Closet swing top, $25 HOW PERFECT IS


Craft Studio D Personalized Kids Tippy Cup, $17






Make a Statement stylish summer chic with a meaningful message

M.E. & You Native tank, $26


She Does Justice Love More Judge Less Muscle Tank, $22

Imperishable Clothing Co. Awake My Soul Racertank, $30

Truth and Glory When In Doubt Pray It Out Tee, $32

3 Little Monkeys, Racer Tank, $15

Oak and Cactus Feminist Tee, $24

Frankie Jo’s Vintage Farm Girl Tee, $24.95

Love Too The Nichole, $28

Austin Maks Co. You Will Meet Mama Bear Relaxed Tee, $24


shopping Finley Lane Rectangle Honeycomb Tray, $18

Hop Skip Jump Paper Card, $3.75

COZY LITTLE CASA 5 Must-Haves for Every Space

Kroma Carpets ABC 4’x6’ Rug, $180

Caroline Randall Made Pillow, $38.50

Uh Oh Pasghettio Balloon Show Print, $28-48


PERFECT PLAYTIME fun, fashion and family brought together











All in a day’s play. Hop Skip Jump Paper

Technology meets Mother Nature in an eco-friendly wooden camera. Smiling Tree Toys Camera

Your little one’s new favorite hangout. Ashley Gabby Designs Teepee, $137

Swaddle your babe in this classic pattern. Modern Burlap Swaddle, $26


The coziest custom blanket for little adventurers. BizyBelle Mint Teepee Faux Fur Blanket, $40


Learning and surprises, delivered monthly to your door. M is for Monster Preschool in a Box, $42/month


shopping Hope and Celebrate - Hand Stamped Necklace on Satellite Chain, $30-50 The Silver Wren Hand Stamped Vertical Bar Necklace, $63

Goldy Fox Willamina Bracelet, $16+

Her Silver Lining Customized Coordinates $16

Creations By Kristel Y Necklace with Triangle Brass and Crystal, $35




WILD THINGS Laid-back looks for little explorers. Everly B Wild & Three Tee, $28 Old Navy Palm Tree Shorts, $18



Food, clothes, what more do they need?

Summer fashion made sweeter with fun accessories.

Alyson Scarlett Mermaid Turban, $9.99

Zozu Baby Dalmation Zoey Bow, $12

Creative Pika Earrings, $14.99 Loved By Hannah and Eli Fed & Dressed Tee, $25 Farm Fresh Denim Farm Hand Shorts, $27-$32

Mama Heart Coo, $25

HIPSTER FLAIR For old souls with modern style. Sparkle Me Mommy SUP trucker hat, $20

Little Saplings Apparel Peach Shorts with Lace Cuffs, $18 California Skye Leather Tassle Ankle Cuff, $20

Urban Baby Runway, Old Soul Muscle Tank, $25.99 Little Adi & Co. Swim Trackies, $30

Casual Chic keeping kids cool when the weather’s hot


get the look Everly B Wild & Three Tee, $28



CS Gems Black and Ivory Floral Print Lace Tee, $30

Nordstrom Flamingo Flats, $64

Finley Lane clutch, $24

SPLASHY SUMMER PRINTS beautiful looks as bright as the sun Old Navy swimsuit, $32

FlyBird Apparel flag shirt, $39.95


SoCal Gems Navy Floral Tunic, $27.99


Handmade modern & comfortable clothing for you and your littles.

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