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Cheers from DEAN STREET Hilary Rushford is a well-loved name you should know and love. We sit down as the stylist takes us through a typical day in her heels, shares advice for creaitves and fashion tips for those fellow fashionistas. TELL US THE STORY OF DEAN STREET SOCIETY? HOW DID YOU GET STARTED? Hilary: I had a vision and I lept. Of course it’s more complicated than that, but I was ready to move on from my career in musical theater and exploring the next thing when on one providential day {February 1st, 2011} it clicked: I wanted to be an entrepreneur. And I sincerely was off and running from that moment on. It was like love at first sight. I started reading every blog, listening to every webinar, downloading every free worksheet or ebook. Meanwhile I called in favors to friends who knew things like how to buy a domain or would model for free in my first photo shoot or be my beta clients so I could figure out if my ideas even worked. Even now I have moments where I’m trying to figure something out, working on copy for a sales page, deciding on a marketing priority and think “Who the heck am I that I think I can do this?! I don’t actually know what I’m doing!” The thought doesn’t panic me but more cracks me up. Back to the love at first 66

site analogy it’s like I’m standing at the altar a month later laughing at how insane it is yet also totally calm that it’s meant to be and I’m in the perfectly right place, right time. TELL US ABOUT A TYPICAL DAY IN YOUR HEELS. Hilary: I get up around 8 AM and start my day listening to an audiobook while I get ready. I’m a politics nerd so right now it’s Love and War by James Carville and Mary Matalin. It’s my way to start my day not thinking about work because the rest of my day is all about work and I’d like to be a more well-balanced person than that! About 9 AM I’ll sit down at my computer briefly and check Asana, our project management app, to get clear on that day’s priorities. My team (myself, Jess and Diana) use a walkie talkie app called Voxer so I’ll group Vox them to say good morning, we’ll share a funny story from the night before, and then what everyone’s priorities look like for the day to make sure we’re all on the same page. We live in 3 states but I’d bet we talk more than your