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Cover 2 Information on Lewis Carroll Kelly and Nicola explore Lewis Carroll

4 All the TV shows and films on Alice In Wonderland. All the movies and TV shows.

14 How to make orange Marmalade The best recipe for you to make Marmalade.

Entertainment 6 History of Croquet and How to play croquet. Join Nicola as she finds out how to play croquet.

10 Interview with Red Queen and White Rabbit. Nicola takes on the Challenge of interviewing Red Queen and White Rabbit.

12 Extinct Animal-Dodo Bird. The Dodo Bird extinct because of humans.

17 Science Fun- invisible ink learn how to make your writing invisible.....

18 Your Space Emily H has sent us a poem.

From The Editor ‘We’re all mad here’ Thats what the Cheshire cat said to Alice when she had no idea where to go. This magazine is all about Alice and her adventures in Wonderland as well as some research, recipes, and interviews related to Alice. Don’t forget to visit page 6+7 to find out about all the Movies and books on Alice In Wonderland. Also look at page 22 to look at a poem by one of our readers.

Nicola Yarrow T he Editor.

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Information on Lewis Carroll By Kelly and Nicola

Lewis Carroll was born on January 27th, 1832 in Daresubury, Cheshire. His real name is Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Alice in Wonderland was one of his many stories, he also wrote poems. He is the eldest boy in his family of 11. Lewis Studied at many schools before he became a lecturer at Oxford University. Alice in Wonderland was first told to the Dean sisters. Alice, who was the youngest of the sisters, begged Lewis to publish the book when he first told them the story. “Alice in Wonderland” is based on the youngest of the sisters, Alice. The book was published in 1865 and then became one of the most popular books of all time. He also wrote ‘Through the Looking Glass’ which was published in 1871. He also published his first book of poems in 1869. Today, there are many movies based on the story, Alice in Wonderland. The Alice in Wonderland illustrations were done by John Tenniel. Lewis had seven sisters and three brothers, he was the eldest son in his family. His mother (Frances Jane Lutwidge Dodgson) died in 1851 and his father (Charles Dodgson) died in 1868. Lewis told many stories to his siblings, which is where he got inspiration and practice from telling his stories.

His family lived in a outback village in the UK. The family had few friends meaning Lewis often told stories, he also made up games for him and his siblings to play with. Lewis Carroll’s first attended Richmond School, Yorkshire in (1844-45). He showed great mathematical skills. Then in 1846-1850, he attended Rugby School. He had multiple illnesses at that time which left him deaf in one ear. After Rugby School, his father tutored him and yet again he showed great mathematical skills to his father. Lewis then went to Oxford University. Lewis Carroll had many books, poems and stories. He died January 14th 1898 in Guildford UK. Lewis was also a photographer Photographer of children and adults. Lewis was a good writer and has left behind a great legacy.

All the Movies and TV shows on ... 1903 -British silent film directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow. It is the first movie from the book Alice In Wonderland.

1915- A silent film adapted from the Book.The film was directed and written by W.W. Young and starring Viola Savoy as Alice.

1949 - French film based on the book. The film was directed by Dallas Bower, The film also included stars such as Carol Marsh who was Alice

1933 -The film was produced by Paramount Pictures, The cast was filled with famous stars like W.C Fields.

1951 - This is an American film produced by Walt Disney. It is mainly based on the first book Alice In Wonderland and has elements from Through The Looking Glass

1966 - This is a BBC television play. It was based on the book and was directed by Jonathan Miller

1972 - This film is a British musical film based on the first book. The cast has numerous stars and John Barry wrote the music

Alice In Wonderland 2009- This is a mini TV 1999 - This film is a

series. Staring Caterina Scorsone, Andrew Lee Potts and Matt Frewer.

television film. Its based on both Alice books that Lewis Carroll wrote. The film was directed by Nick Wiling.

1998 - This is a film about the book Though the looking glass. The film has a twist so instead of Alice going into Wonderland the Mother does.

108miutes long and It’s Very popular. The film has bits of Through the Looking glass and the First book in the film.

1995 - This is a 46 mins film made in United States. It was based on the book and is directed by Toshiyuki Hiram.

1982 - This film is Co-

2010 - This film is

1985 - This film is

specially made for produced by Belgian and television abut you can still Polish film companies. It’s a get as DVD. There were modern film and stared two parts to the movie. famous French Actors.

1988 - The film is From Czech in Central Europe. Its a free adaptation of the novel. It was originally called Neco z Agency Which means “Something from Alice.”

History of croquet Croquet is a bit like golf but much older. croquet was invented in the 19 century in Britain. People used to play croquet at dinner parties and family holidays. T he game is still very popular today and is great fun for families.

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Have you played croquet before 33% have played 77% haven’t played

How to Play backyard Croquet In Alice In Wonderland Alice plays croquet with the red queen 1. First you need to clear a space on your yard. T he space should be on grass. 2. You need to purchase a croquet set which can be found in some sports stores and online. T he price can range from $30-$600. 3. You need to hammer the stakes into the ground. 4. If you want you can put them in the right place (shown on the map). 5. T he aim of the game is to hit the ball with a mallet though the stakes. 6. T he first person to get though the course WINS!.

Puzzles Unscramble the tiles to reveal a message

Crack the code to find the message

Number 5

roses Type to enter text

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Interview with We had the chance to interview The Red Queen and the White rabbit. It was a day to remember.. . . . . Interviewer: Wonderland is an amazing place full of interesting people and animals, How did you come to this place? Red Queen: There is not interesting people there are only mad people. Also I came to this place so I could become queen. White Rabbit: Well, all I remember going to sleep then waking up in Wonderland. Interviewer: Red Queen what makes you think there mad people in Wonderland, and White Rabbit how do you know you are awake?

Red Queen and white rabbit White Rabbit: I know i’m awake because I because because i’m not sure. Red Queen: how dare you say i’m not right Off with your head! Interviewer: Hold on Red Queen what have I done wrong? Also White rabbit is the Red Queen always like this. Red Queen: How DARE YOU. Off with your HEADDDDDDD!! White Rabbit: Yes she is like this, picky and rude. Red Queen: White rabbit Off with your head White Rabbit: please please please no. Interviewer: Red Queen BEHAVE YOURSELF Red Queen: I am going if you are going to boss me around. White Rabbit: I had better be going as well. Interviewer: fine go.

Crossword If you have read the book you will be able to answer the questions

ACROSS 4 How many legs did the table have? 5 Who went down the chimney? 9 Alice took a jar off the shelf what did it say on it ? 10 How many times did the cat vanish in chapter 6? 11 What did Alice find on the table the first time? DOWN 1 What did the caterpillar say to Alice when he first saw her? 2 What did the pigeon call Alice 3 What was used as a mallet in the croquet game ? 6 What did the bottle say on it? 7 What did the box under the table say on it? 8 Who splashed paint on two?

Alice’s Parachutes Fun for everyone

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A Day In the Life of

The Red Queens Cards 6.00am Wake up and make the Queen Tea as well as Clean the Castle for the Big Parade 8.23


Red Queen has already choped ones head off today. Also five, seven and two planted white roses insted of Red.

First vistors arived when we still were painting the roses red. Also 3 more cards are now headless.

11.12 We are seving morning tea to the Vistors. They all are ugly and are laughing at us. 8 more of us are now headless.

12.39 The vistors are now watching are now watching the big parade they are bored. 5 more of us are beheaded

3.49 All but 2 vistors have been beheaded in the croquet game. All the visitors have left and we have to clean the castle. 19 more of us have been beheaded.

1.58 We are now seving lunch and are tired. The vistors are going to play croquet and must of the are going to be beheaded 9 more of us have been beheaded.

Extinct animal The Dodo bird was featured in Alice In Wonderland. The Dodo Bird is related to pigeons but is the size of a turkey. The bird has been extinct for over 350 years . The last sighting of the bird was in 1681. The bird is flightless and lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. The Dodo bird had gray feathers and white feathers on its chest and tail. In 1500 portuguese were the first people to land on the island of Mauritius. The island became a port for spice and hungry sailors often killed Dodo birds for food.

Dodo bird

In the 1500s the Portuguese sailors brought pigs and monkey onto the island where the Dodo bird lived. The pigs and monkeys killed all Dodo birds children. The Dodo bird had no pretors until humans came to the island.Solitaires, birds related to the dodo, lived on the nearby islands of Runion and Rodriguez. By 1800 they, too, had become extinct. The Dodo Bird is an amazing animal and will always be remembered.

5 facts on the Dodo Bird 1. It might be possible to bring the bird back from extinction. 2. The Dodo Bird didn’t taste very nice. 3. The closest relative to a Dodo Bird is a Nicobar pigeon. 4. In Alice In Wonderland the Dodo Bird is wise but in real life the bird is considered slow and not bright. 5. Could weigh up to 14kg and the bird is harm less.

This recipe was created by Ella Walsh for Kidspot, Australia’s

How to make In the book Alice In Wonderland, Alice falls down the rabbit hole and finds and empty marmalade jar. With this orange marmalade recipe you can fill the empty jar Alice has. Narmalade is a delicious tangy spread to have on your toast for breakfast. Perfect for gifts this marmalade makes 1.5 lites of marmalade. Ingredients: • • • •

600g (approx. 6-8) small oranges, halved 1 lemon, juiced 1.4 l water 1.1kg caster sugar

Nethod: Before you begin making the marmalade, sterilize your jars. To do this, place the clean jar in a large saucepan. Cover the jars with cold water and bring them up to the boil. Allow to simmer for 10-15 minutes then remove the jars from the water with tongs. Set aside upside down to dry. Scoop the flesh, juice and pips out of the orange halves with a metal spoon and whiz in a food processor until smooth. Remove as much of the pith from the orange halves as possible and throw away. Then carefully slice the remaining rind into very thin strips. Tip the orange puree and the orange rind strips into a heavy-based saucepan. Add the lemon juice and water then bring the pan to the boil. Reduce the heat to a slow simmer and allow to cook for 1-1 ½ hours until the mixture has reduced by half and the rind is very soft. Over a low heat, add the sugar and stir it through until it is dissolved.

orange marmalade Boil the marmalade for 10 minutes. Skim any froth that appears off the surface. To check if the mixture is ready, take a teaspoon of the marmalade from the pan and place on a cold plate in the fridge – if it sets to a jelly, it is ready.

If it doesn’t, it still needs a little more cooking. Test again in another 5-10 minutes. Once ready, take the pan off the heat and allow to cool a little before pouring into the sterilized jars and sealing. Tips: Taking the time to sterilize the jars properly is important, as your • marmalade can go moldy in the jar if you don’t. When scooping out the orange flesh, be sure not to scoop • out the pith as well. The white pith will make the marmalade bitter. If you want very clear marmalade, you could sieve the orange • mixture once you’ve put it through the food processor to catch any little lumps – personally, I can’t be bothered! There is something extremely satisfying about making your • own jam and marmalade – it is much easier than most people think! And it makes a lovely gift too.

information from: 3844-making-invisible-ink-appear

Science Fun:

Invisible Ink

The Cheshire Cat keeps dissapearing so now you can make words disappear to........

Invisible Ink the Baking Soda Way

Mix about 1/4 cup (60 ml) of baking soda and 1/4 cup (60 ml) of water. Next, write using a Q-tip, toothpick or brush on a piece of paper. Let it dry completely. To read the secret message, paint grape juice concentrate across the paper with a paint brush or a sponge. Don't forget - grape juice stains. Why it works: Grape juice has an acid that reacts with the baking soda. A different color appears wherever the secret message is written.

Invisible Ink the Milky Way Put a little milk in a small bowl. Write with the milk on a piece of paper with a Q-tip or a brush. Let your message dry completely. To read the message just heat the paper. Use an iron or 100-watt light bulb or stove element. Don't rest the paper on the bulb. Ask an adult to help in case a fire starts and never use a halogen light. Why it works: Milk is an organic product which means it comes from a living thing. When it's heated, it burns at a slower rate than the paper. Your invisible message shows up brown.

Invisible Ink the Lemon Way This works the same way as the Milky Way. Simply dab a Q-tip or brush into a bowl of lemon juice and write away. Just make sure you don't use too much. To see the message, simply heat the paper after it dries. Another way to see the message is put salt on the drying ink. Give it a minute and then wipe the salt off. Use a wax crayon to color over the message. Why it works: Both lemon juice and milk are mildly acidic and acid weakens paper. The acid remains in the paper after the juice or milk has dried. When the paper is held near heat the acidic parts of the paper burn or turn brown before the rest of the paper does. These are only a few ways to make invisible ink. Using the same heat method, you can also use white wine, vinegar, apple juice, and even orange juice, to name just a few. Try some other fruit juices to see what works.

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Your Space: Poem by Emily H

A rabbit, how strange! With a waistcoat, that’s a change Where will it go? I think I might follow The odd little rabbit A giant rabbit hole Oh no I’ve lost control! I’ve fallen inside Goodbye Dinah I cried Passing marmalade There might be a spade How peculiar is this place? I hope I don’t land on my face

What is that? It’s a Cheshire cat! Cheshire cat where do I go? That depends on where you ought to be Well as long as I get to a place I don’t really care Well if you go straight long enough you’ll get somewhere

Yes but where? Over there is the March hare Why thank you Cheshire cat I think I’ll try get to that Or there is the Mad Hatter You could chatter, chatter, and chatter I wouldn’t want to visit anyone mad He might do something bad Well everyone’s mad in wonderland Well can’t you at least give me a hand? Oh no one’s ever going to help me Don’t you agree? Cheshire?? Oh you’ve disappeared! That’s so weird!

Oh Alice! You’ve been asleep Alice found a red queen And must have been That queen Alice thought was quite very deep! mean Alice was offered a game of croquet And Alice was delighted to play No mother I was in wonderland Alice came across a blue caterpillar She decided to chatter He asked who are you? Alice replied well I haven’t a clue

ALICE In Wonderland

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