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Final  project  shot  list  rough  draft   Emily  Hoffman   Megan  McDermott     Jack  McGrew  

Shot Description   1   Smaller  Midwestern  town,  raining   2   3  

Car driving  down  street  appears  in  the   scene  of  the  town   Car  driving  down  street  


Car pulling  into  parking  lot  


Car parking  in  church  parking  lot  


Car stops  parked  


A family  gets  out  of  the  car  


The family  starts  running  towards  an   entrance  of  the  church   The  family  reaches  the  door  and  enters   into  the  church  

9 10  


See the  inside  of  the  beautiful  church   from  the  back,  people  looking  up  front,   family  from  before  enters  in  on  the  side   and  rushes  to  sit  down.   Still  looking  at  the  inside  of  the   church,  Reverend  enters  in  the  front  of   the  church.   Midway  to  the  front  of  church,  still  see   half  of  the  people  seated,  other  half   behind  us.   Front  of  church,  reverend  begins  talking  


Front of  church,  reverend  talking  


Front of  church,  reverend  talking  

11 12  

Element Overhead  VWS  of   town     Slightly  zoom  in   car,  pan  right     Pan  right   following  car   Zoom  in  closer  on   car   Pan  right   following  car   Stop  panning,   zoom  in   Zoom  in,  close  up   of  Car,  see   family   MS  of  family   Pan  right   following  family   into  church   Overhead  WS  of   inside  of  church   High  angle,  slow   zoom  in  towards   front  of  church   Lower  shot,  zoom   in  towards   Reverend     Close  up  of   reverend   Pan  right   following   reverend   Pan  left  

16  17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   26   27  

29 Â

30 Â

31  32  

following  reverend   Front  of  church  reverend  talking,  he   Camera  stops,   beings  to  talk  about  adultery  as  a  sin     zoom  in  on   reverend   View  of  the  church  from  the  front,  can   Wide  shot  of   see  everyone  attending  church   church  (reverends   point  of  view)   Watching  people  listen  to  reverend.   Zoom  in  towards   Reverend  continues  to  talk,  but  voice  is   the  people   becoming  blurred.     &DQœWVHHDVPDQ\SHRSOHVWDUWWRIRFXV Zoom  in,  MS  on   on  the  family  from  earlier   the  family     Only  see  the  women   Close  up  of  women   Only  see  women,  focus  on  her  eyes,  the   Zoom  in,  Close  up   reverends  voice  is  now  completely   RIZRPHQœVH\HV   blurred.   Reverend  in  his  office  in  the  church   Long  shot  of   office   In  WKHRIILFHWKHUHœVDNQRFNRQWKH Close  up  of  door   door,  women  walks  in  shaken  up   See  the  reverend  in  office,  he  looks  at   MCU  of  reverend     the  women,  pulls  a  chair  out  for  her   Women  walks  toward  chair   Pan  left   following  MCU  of   women   Reverend  sitting  facing  women,  ready  to   MCU  of  reverend     listen  to  her     See  the  front  of  the  church,  along  with   WS  of  front  of   some  of  the  people  facing  the  front.  The   church   reverend  is  pacing  back  and  forth,   preaching.   Looking  away  form  the  front  of  the   Close  up  of   church,  we  see  the  close  up  of  peoples   peoples  faces,   faces,  starting  from  one  end  of  a  seated   slow  right  pan   row  of  people.  All  have  blank  faces.   from  face  to  face   Reverend  talking  about  family  in  the   background.     The  face  of  the  women  appears  on  the   Right  pan   screen.   continues,  stops   at  close  up  of   ZRPHQœVIDFH   Back  in  the  reverends  office,  the  woman   Close  up  of   starts  talking  about  the  discovery  of   ZRPHQœVIDFH   KHUKXVEDQGœVSURPLVFXLW\   The  woman  sits  and   Woman  sitting  in  

33 34   35  


tells the  reverend   her  troubles   The  reverend  stands   The  reverend  walks   around  the  desk   towards  the  woman   The  woman  watches   him  approach  as  his   shadow  falls  over   her   The  reverend  stands   over  the  woman,   smiling  assuredly  


Reverend embraces   her    


Reverend continues   to  hold  her  past  an   appropriate  amount   of  time  and  whispers   assurances  in  her   ear   Back  in  the  chapel,   the  reverend  drones   on   Reverend  tells  the   congregation  that   the  woman  came  to   him  with  troubles   The  reverend   expounds  on  the   importance  of  the   church  family  as   parishioners  whisper   Reverend  emphasizes   the  importance  of   supporting  fellow   parishioners   Reverend  delivers   emphatic  line  about   compassion  and   empathy   Woman  continues  to   stare  straight  ahead   Back  in  the  office,  

39 40  




44 45  

chair centered,   medium  shot   Medium  shot  from  the   ZRPDQ¶V329   Zooms  in  on  reverend   and  pans  with   subject   Medium  low-­angle   shot  of  woman  in   chair   Close  up  low-­angle   VKRWIURPZRPDQ¶V POV  looking  up  at   the  reverend   Close  up  profile   shot  of  subjects   embracing   Panning  away  from   subjects  across  the   office  

Extreme close  up  of   ZRPDQ¶VIDFH   Slowly  zooms  out,   revealing  the   concerned  faces  of   parishioners   Continued  zoom  out   into  a  wide  shot  of   the  entire   congregation   Medium  shot  of  the   reverend  at  his   pulpit   Extreme  close-­up  of   UHYHUHQG¶VIDFH   Extreme  close-­up  of   ZRPDQ¶VIDFH   Medium  shot  with  the  

46  47   48   49  

50  51  

52  53  

54 Â

the  reverend  is   sitting  beside  the   woman,  holding  her   hand   Reverend  speaks  to   her  quietly,   assuring  her   Reverend  emphasizes   the  importance  of   *RGœVORYH   Reverend  tells  woman   to  trust  in  God   Reverend  assures   woman  again  that  it   will  be  alright   Woman  smiles   uncomfortably   Back  in  the  church,   sermon  is  still   going   Reverend  starts   wrapping  up  sermon   Reverend  blesses   them  all  and   finalizes  the   service   Reverend  dismisses   the  congregation    

55 Â

Parishioners  start   getting  up  and   gathering  their   things  to  leave  

56 Â

The  chapel  empties   as  the  congregation   leaves  

57 Â

The  woman  is  seen   sitting  motionless   in  her  pew   The  woman  sits  

58 Â

two  subjects   splitting  center   Slow  zoom  towards   the  subjects   Close  up  of  reverend   Close  up  of  woman   Close  up  of   reverend,  slowly   panning  down  to  his   hand  which  is   stroking  hers   Extreme  close  up  of   ZRPDQœVIDFH   Extreme  close  up  of   ZRPDQœVIDFH zooming  out  to   reveal  change  of   setting   Wide  shot  from  the   back  of  the  church   Slow  pan  up  the   center  aisle   Pan  ends  with  a   medium  shot  of  the   reverend  at  his   pulpit   Low-­angle  close  up   VKRWRISHRSOHœV WRUVRœVDQGOHJVDV the  bustle  out  of   the  church   Slow  pan  across  the   pews  to  the  back  of   the  church  where  the   woman  sits   3DQXSIURPZRPDQœV legs,  up  her  body   Extreme  close-­up  on  

motionless in  the   empty  chapel,  tears   in  her  eys    

the woman¶VIDFH  

Final Project Shot List- Rough  

Emily Hoffman Megan McDermott Jack McGrew

Final Project Shot List- Rough  

Emily Hoffman Megan McDermott Jack McGrew