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Tuesday October 14, 2008

CHS welcomes new teachers, cont. Zach Ramberg

Laura Vanderberg Sophie Williams

By Amber Mattox Entertainment Editor

By Nicholas Meyer

Zach Ramberg, the new assistant principal, has been feeling at home ever since his start as a Centennial High School administrator. Ramberg was looking forward to working in the the East County. He feels he is giving back to his community as assistant principal. The other administrators and peers gathered together to interview and choose the new assistant principal. “They chose me!” Ramberg expressed in excitement. Since the day he got the job, he has enjoyed working at Centennial. “The staff has been outstanding, very-welcoming, and extremely hard working. The students also got off to a great start this school year. Iʼm more than glad to see the students so involved,” said Ramberg. Ramberg has always been very busy and hard working. He got his first job as a fourteen-year-old, and since then he has a taught as a teacher in Hawaii and at Colton High School. He has worked as an instructor from everything such as science, personal fitness, and many other subjects. Ramberg doesnʼt have as much personal time as most others tend to have. However, the time he does have for himself is very much appreciated. He enjoys spending time with his family, two dogs, loves hiking, and is also a very huge sports fanatic. “Enjoy your time now in high school. As you grow it will seem so far, and it will be greatly missed.” A message Ramberg gives to fellow students to remember: Keep precious memories throughout their everyday lives.

Amber Schroeder By Ashley Cain Staff Writer Amber Schroeder, the new choir director, happily joins the staff and students at Centennial High School to start the 20082009 school year. Schroeder feels at home here, primarily due to the friendship she has with retired choir director Tim Russell, as well as because of her experience with music. “It is such a huge honor to be here. Extremely surreal,” she said. After graduating from high school, she immediately began teaching in 1998 at the age of 18 and she later graduated from Portland State in 2005. Now starting her ninth year of teaching, Schroeder has many events to look forward to: The Belle Choir, girls of all grades, have a Womenʼs Choir Festival on October 28, the A Cappella Choir -- sophomore through senior boys and girls -- will be performing at The Grotto on December 11. According to Schroeder, the classes are bigger than expected and she is ready to give each student a challenge. “I want to see if they will eat it up,” she said with a smile. Schroeder believes that the students have upheld their greatness since the last concert with Russell. Her goals for the year are to keep the talent, outreach to the school and community, have a solid fundraiser, and overall, have great bonding among each choir. Schroeder not only teaches Belle Choir, Concert Choir, A Cappella Choir, and auditioned C-Notes, but also two technology application classes.

By Nicholas Meyer Staff Writer

Staff Writer Laura Vanderberg, the new SDI (Specially Designed Instruction) teacher at CHS, has a large background in helping people. Having worked in insurance for a while and then going into social work, she realized that she wanted to teach -- to help people. She so enjoyed her time as a social worker that she knew she wanted to help others forever -- a goal she carried with her for 9 years, after which she took up a job in SDI at West Linn High School. “[CHS and West Linn] are comparable, a bit different though. CHS is definitely a lot more diverse, while West Linn has a lot more technology.” Sheʼs lived in Oregon for sixteen years, more or less, having lived and grown up in Northern California near San Francisco. In her spare time she enjoys being with her family, camping, hiking, and other outdoor sports. “Growing up, my heroes were my parents, just being parents and being there for me,” she said.

Robert White By Sammi Haley Managing Editor Robert White began his education only a few miles from Centennial High School, at rival school Gresham High School. After graduating and receiving his high school diploma, White attended the University of Portland where he played water polo for their club team, studied abroad in Australia for a term, as well as traveled to Laos during the summers for research projects. But White didnʼt always know that teaching the youth of the nation would ultimately be his career path. “I changed my mind a lot,” stated White. From doctor to biologist and biologist to lawyer he eventually decided, during his senior year at UP, that education suited his abilities best. “I have always liked kids and science,” he commented about his motivation to teach. White finished his education and training at Concordia University, and finally took a job at CHS as a for science teacher. In his first year at CHS, White is excited for his teaching career to begin and to nurture young minds. As for his future prospects White explains that he is happy to be where he is at right now.

Sophie Williams is the new CHS psychologist. She spent a year interning at Butler Creek after graduating from college with a degree in Psychology. “I really didnʼt know what I wanted to do after college, I just took a year off after getting a degree in Psychology, not because I thought it was something I wanted to do, but because it was something I knew I was interested in,” she said. Williams enjoys working at Centennial and she is especially fond of her role working with students who need her. “Itʼs definitely a career for me, rather than a job I have to go to.” In her spare time, she likes to mountain bike, drink coffee, swim, and road bike. However, she has trouble finding time to do all these things anymore, since her CHS responsibilities keep her busy. As a child, she looked up to her grandpa, a man who appreciated education. “Heʼs sort of what drove me into this field.” When comparing CHS to Butler Creek, Williams said, “The schools are different in their own ways. I like CHS because itʼs smaller than most, and there are a lot of peers I can consult with, who are very approachable.” Her advice to students is: “Have patience, focus on your strengths and use them to your advantage.”

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Want to know more about your student teachers? Check out our informative questions and answers about them in the next issue of the Talon. P...

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