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100 feet

First Floor Plan

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Basement Plan

Section AA

1, 2.Front view of the building 3. Entrance to auditorium Front/ South Elevation

Building for Indian Medical Association Deesa, Gujarat, India

The project aim was to develop an institute for medical awareness and aid with a cost effective way of phasing and building to solve institute's fiscal needs. The team began by probing into issues of reprogramming and creating a new identity for the institute in a western town in India. The hypothesis was that a well

maintained building would considerably enhance the image of the organization. Going by the tight budgetary demands on the brief, the only way to ensure that was to make a building that was frugally built to save money that could be invested into maintenance periodically. The building blocks were organized along the peripheries to create a well

formed, concealed open space. The main block adopts a language of plinths with connected subterranean spaces under the head of a linear block which holds meeting and consulting rooms. The main block is discretely connected to a 200-seater auditorium. The north-east end of the site contains a guest house.