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Our sermon series for November is entitled “Leaving Change.” It’s a play on the words “leaves” and “change” as we live into the changes of the fall season. Change is a part of nature and a part of our everyday lives. But change is not easy! We see the disruption and anxiety it causes in our government; we witness it on the first day of school when we have to say goodbye to our children for the first time; we experience it when our children grow up and go off to college and then take that step in marriage; when a loved one dies and leaves a hole in our heart; and when a family is broken in two by divorce. Even though everything in life is changing, there is always one constant we can rely on… God and His promises! One of the most famous prayers that addresses change is the Serenity Prayer: “God, grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change... Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.” Attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr I love how this prayer asks God to give us three things. First, peace and tranquility for those things in life we cannot change. Second, courage to change things we’re able through the transformational power of God’s love. And finally, the wisdom to understand that the change we are facing will be for our good. This wisdom can be attained on a daily basis, by asking for God’s help in recognizing our responsibilities and guiding us through life’s problems. One of my favorite verses that speaks directly to change is Romans 12:2: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Do you understand the power in this wisdom? This verse of Scripture encourages us to allow God to transform us into new people by changing the way we think. In November, we will be looking at the conversion of St. Paul and how he was “Changed for a Mission.” We will see how the woman at the well was “Changed for Evangelism.” The one leper who came back to give Jesus thanks for his healing will draw our attention to how we are “Changed by Healing.” Lastly, we will discover how we are “Changed for Eternity” as we look at the thief on the cross. Change is all around us! Including a change in time when Daylight Savings Time ends on November 3rd! So don’t forget to “Fall Back” and come to church! As a family we will celebrate “Leaving Change.”



Christ United Methodist Church

THE FOUNDATIONS APARTMENT OUTREACH MINISTRY Did you know that Christ Church is pursuing relationships with people in our area through a new intentional Christian community at the Foundations at Rivercrest apartment complex at Hwy 6 and Lexington? With the blessing of the church Leadership Council, unit 1224 is now both a home to Drew Essen and Kyle MacDonald and a missional outpost of Christ church. As a church we are adopting this apartment complex as a setting in which to build relationships with those who would not seek out a church connection on their own. A team of laypeople are currently putting together an open house at the apartment that is scheduled for November 2nd from 4:30-6 pm. Anyone interested in this new ministry is welcome to come and see the apartment, share in a time of communion and participate in a prayer walk around the complex. This outreach initiative of Christ Church reflects an emerging movement in churches across the U.S. called “New Monasticism” or “Intentional Missional Communities.” Pastors Dan Conway and Preston Morgan are meeting with Drew and Kyle weekly. In their meetings they are engaging with a book on community-based outreach ministry, and mentoring them as spiritual leaders in this newly developing intentional missional community. Over time, in light of the wisdom gained through many other such communities, they are discerning the “rules of life” for this unique setting and group. One of them includes “to intentionally create a community of authentic relationships that lead to sharing life together in order to follow more closely the teachings and practices of Jesus with his disciples.” Some of the ways in which this ministry approach differs from traditional program-based ministries is • • • • •

outreach to people who would not normally go to church a focus on authentic relationships in shared everyday community ministry activities located where people live, not in a church building agreed upon service and spiritual growth activities for the community ministry progress is measured in spiritual conversations and new relationships

This type of ministry is an exciting approach to going out into the world and making disciples of Jesus Christ. It is “holistic discipleship within the context of shared life”* and many churches in the U.S. are experimenting with it. If the relational mission field of Christ Church is defined as the five mile radius around the church, this densely populated apartment complex is a strategic area of outreach. Please support this ministry with prayers for spontaneous (yet divine) appointments with residents and God’s guidance in defining the characteristics of this missional community. The open house is November 2nd at 4:30-6 pm. The apartment is on the third floor at 1700 Rivercrest Drive #1224 Sugar Land, TX 77478. Please come and join us to pray around this relational mission field, and dedicate this apartment as sacred space for God’s work of discipleship with people outside the church! Sincerely, Dan Conway Executive Associate Pastor Christ Church

people helping people find fullness in Christ worship • connect • grow • serve


* Quote from “The Intentional Christian Community Handbook” by David Janzen







Giving thanks is a Christian’s truest response to God’s grace in Jesus Christ. Gratitude is a Christian’s motive for worship and orientation toward life. Thanksgiving is the disposition of a Christian’s heart. As such it is developed, cultivated, and enlarged over time, with the full awareness that even it stands in need of God’s redemption, restoration, and sanctification. That said, here is a challenge for this season of Thanksgiving. Dwell on the good! Focus on the goodness wrought in your own life through the blessings you’ve received from God. Model the good! Be good yourselves. Praise the good in others. Whenever and wherever you are with others from our church family who are doing good, thank them! Express genuine, heart-felt gratitude for their service when they volunteer, and for their witness when they share. Thank the Greeters for making you feel welcome. Thank the Ushers for assisting you with a bulletin and seating. Thank the Acolytes for reminding you you’ve come to worship Jesus Christ. Thank the musicians for bringing you closer to God’s presence. Thank the staff for approaching their daily tasks as if they were doing God’s holy work. Thank the younger ones for their energy and the older ones for their wisdom. Thank the leaders for their boldness and the followers for their presence. 
And, when you encounter harm, not good, nurture gratitude for the gift of life and for eternal life in Jesus Christ. Remind those who would do harm that as we undertake giving thanks in person, and in the moment, gratitude grows and enlarges the human heart increasing its capacity for Christ-like love. 
 The three “General Rules” of The United Methodist Church are: 1) do no harm; 2) do good; and 3) attend upon the ordinances of God (worship, prayer, fellowship, Christ-like conversation, Communion, service). Why not give thanks in all circumstances this year by being all about the good - the goodness of the love of God in Jesus Christ?


Christ United Methodist Church

• 9:45 & 11:05 am Traditional services: Every first Sunday • 8:15 am Contemporary Sanctuary service and the hub: Every Sunday


If you are experiencing the grief of loss or suffering due to illness or brokenness, God is ready to bring healing, wholeness, and salvation to you. This service of hope and healing is held in the Sanctuary in a quiet and peaceful setting. It includes Scripture, prayer, music, a time of anointing and the laying on of hands, and a celebration of Holy Communion. If you are in so much pain you cannot pray for yourself, come and let Christ’s servants pray for you. IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE . . . . . SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24 • 12:30 PM • ROOMS 11/12

Join us this year as we prepare the church for its Advent, Christmas Eve, and Christmas celebrations! All are welcome, even extended family and neighbors. Lunch will be served right after morning worship to those who RSVP, and then team assignments will be shared with everyone so that all present have an opportunity to serve on an intergenerational and multi-family team. Please consider being a part of this festive family time. All we ask is that you RSVP by November 19 to Sandy White at or call Sandy at 281.690.4777. You may also call for more information. AFTER THANKSGIVING, ADVENT ARRIVES!

The Sunday after Thanksgiving begins the season of Advent. “Advent” comes from the Latin “adventus” and means “coming.” During Advent we celebrate the comings of Christ - His birth, His presence with us in worship in Word and Spirit, and His coming again. “Hope,” “Peace,” “Joy,” and “Love” are the themes of the four Sundays of Advent. We also light candles on an “Advent Wreath” and say and sing words together that help us prepare to receive Christ anew in our lives so we can commit to pursuing Him and His righteousness all of our lives. Families with children help lead us in this special time in worship by lighting the right number of candles on the wreath for the particular Sunday. Families are also encouraged to have small Advent Wreaths at home where they light the candles and offer words of praise and thanks for Jesus. Plan now to have an especially meaningful Advent season observance in your church, in your home and in your heart. ACOLYTES’ CHRISTMAS PARTY AND SERVICE PROJECT SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1 • 3 - 5 PM • ROOMS 210/211

Acolytes help us begin worship by bringing the light of Christ into the gathered congregation, and they remind us of our mission as a church by leading us out to shine the light of Christ in this dark world. All the Acolytes come together once a year to celebrate the Advent season and to assemble up to 3,500 Christmas Eve candles for use in those special candlelight services. This year, we’ll meet on for a time of exploring this year’s Advent theme, “Pursuit of the King,” through Scripture, drama, games, relays and service. Treats will be served and gifts given to each one present. Grateful thanks to Victor and Judy Hicks and their grandson, Ty Sponsel, for their leadership of this important ministry.


In only a few days Advent will begin a new Christian year in the life of Christ Church and every Christian church. Extra volunteers are needed this time of year: -Join us for a special time of fellowship over lunch on November 24, then stay to decorate the church. -Participate in this year’s “Angel Tree.” -Volunteer to help with the Acolytes’ Christmas Party on December 1 at 3 pm, or the Choir’s Christmas Concert on December 8 at 6 pm. -Help greet and usher at any one of our Christmas Eve services (including the one the night before called Christmas Eve-Eve). This is an extra busy time of year for everyone, but when you decide to pursue the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, you’ll discover the real meaning of the seasons of Advent and Christmas. Let yourself be blessed this year and offer yourself and your time in service.


Open to all ages with a participatory format and biblically based studies. Meets in the Bride’s Room. 9:45 AM SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES ADVENTURERS

Consists of members ages 30 and up, with and without children. Discussion-oriented, studying a variety of biblical topics applicable to daily life. Enjoys fellowship, mission projects and social activities. Meets in Rooms 302/303 of the Family Life Center. AXIOM - YOUNG ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL For those in college and early on in their careers, aged 18 - 35ish. Meets in Room 310 of the Family Life Center. BARNABAS

Consists of adults, 50 years and older, who are united by a shared belief in Christ and seek to provide encouragement to others, both within and outside the class. Meets in the Chapel. CELEBRATE SINGLES SUNDAY SCHOOL


Open to all singles of any age, with and without children. Enjoys discussionoriented Bible studies. Meets in Room 309 of the Family Life Center.


Consists of married couples in their 20’s - 40’s with or without children. A relaxed, yet engaging class that provides Christ-centered fellowship, support, and opportunities for service. Meets in the Bride’s Room (across from Sanctuary).


Are you interested in your ancestors? Virginia and Glenn Morrison lead this group in exploring your family genealogy. It is exciting to see how God has been working through generation after generation. To help you in your explorations it is necessary for you to bring information about the earliest ancestor you have knowledge about (name, place of birth or residence or death, dates/approximate dates). Bring a sack lunch, mobile technology (if available), and join us. GAME DAY WEDNESDAY, NOV.27 • 10:30 AM - 1 PM • ROOMS 11/12

Want to play? Invite a friend, bring a sack lunch and gather with us for some fun. We play a variety of games, including Bridge and Mexican Train. Lunch includes a roundtable discussion related to faith and our faith community. BE FIT TUESDAYS AT 11 AM • FRIDAYS AT 9:30 AM • FLC ROOMS 302/303

Put on some comfortable clothes and try out this gentle exercise class. Participants are encouraged to be fit by practicing flexibility, balance, range of motion, strength, and breathing. A Scripture is shared and class ends with a quiet time of prayer. Monthly fee for 1 day a week is $15; 2 days a week is $30. FIFTH WEDNESDAY SEMINAR PARKS FOR A PROUD SUGAR LAND WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30 • NOON • ROOMS 11/12

This seminar, Parks For A Proud Sugar Land, is hosted by City of Sugar Land. The program is aimed at providing an opportunity for citizens to learn about the November 5 bond election pertaining to the funding of three parks propositions. For a full listing of activities and ways you can get involved at Christ Church, please visit WWW.CUMCSL.ORG


Welcomes people from all ages and stages of life (married, single, solo on Sunday) including those at different places in their spiritual journey (believers or seekers). Participatory format. Delves into scriptural truths and seeks to grow the faith of its members. Meets in Room 301 of the Family Life Center. GRACE NOTES

Allows members of the Chancel Choir to attend a Sunday School class and still participate in the Music Ministry of Christ Church. While the class is geared towards Choir members, everyone is welcome. Meets in the Choir Room. H.O.P.E. 24/7 (HEAR OUR PRAYERS EVERYDAY 24/7)

Name reflects class’ focus on prayer. Discussion-oriented studies cover a range of topics to encourage spiritual growth. Socials and missions round out activities for members, who are in their 40’s - 70’s. Meets in Room 311 of the Family Life Center. JUBILEE

Made up of mature individuals, age 65 - 90+, who enjoy the fellowship of others and hope to continue to grow in their faith through Bible-based studies. Thought-provoking lessons presented by Jan Randolph. Meets in Rooms 11/12. SEEKERS

Couples, singles, and those solo on Sunday (mixed ages) that concentrate on Bible study, missions and fellowship. Lively discussion always included. Meets in Room 308 of the Family Life Center. TGIS (THANK GOD IT’S SUNDAY)

Made up of couples and singles of all ages who enjoy lively discussion and fellowship. Topics range from Bible study to contemporary issues and books. Meets in the Scout Shack. WEAVERS

Made up of marrieds and singles, ages 55+, dedicated to Bible study, fellowship and service. Meets in the Library (upstairs across from the Sanctuary). WOMEN’S CLASS

Made up of women of all ages whether married, single, widowed or divorced. Engages primarily in Bible-based studies and service projects. Meets in Room 307 of the Family Life Center.

people helping people find fullness in Christ worship • connect • grow • serve


Christ Church and Sugar Land Methodist Hospital work together to present monthly seminars where specialists come with a presentation about their field, preventive medicine recommendations, and the latest news in treatment options. The November meeting will feature Dr. Oolut talking about sleep apnea.






Join us for a presentation by the Wesley Community Center in Houston. Worship is at 11 am in the Sanctuary followed by a fellowship meal in the Gathering Hall. The program will be in the Sanctuary after lunch and will include information on the programs and services provided to the community by the Wesley Community Center. $7 is requested to cover the cost of the meal. Pre-registration is required for the meal and closes November 4. Reserve your space by emailing jan@cumcsl. org. MEN’S LUNCH THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14 • 11:30 AM • LUPITAS

Men of all ages, join together for lunch and fellowship at Lupitas. This is a wonderful cross-generational event as well as a great way to find out what is going on in our community and beyond. STEPHEN MINISTRY--WHEN THE CRISIS NEVER ENDS

Many people face a tough time every day of their lives. They may be caring for a sick family member or aging parent, going through a long period of unemployment, enduring chronic illness or grieving the loss of a loved one. They may benefit from the support and care of a Stephen Minister. A Stephen Minister is a trained, confidential Christian caregiver who will walk beside someone in the crisis. Our congregation is committed to providing such care to those who need it. For more information, contact Sally McKnight at 713.306.1719. 2014 WOMEN’S RETREAT JANUARY 17-19, 2014 JORDAN RANCH CHRISTIAN RETREAT CENTER

Has God put a dream in your heart? Our 2014 women’s retreat will feature Mary Willis, founder of Merry Ministries. Learn how the examples of women in the Bible can help us discover God’s purpose for our lives, regardless of our stage in life. The retreat price of $220 per person includes 5 meals and a room that will accommodate up to 3 ladies. Optional activities are available for an additional charge. The main purpose of the retreat is to draw women closer to Jesus Christ and to one another. Space is limited, so register today at www.cumcsl. org/women and invite a friend to join you! JOIN US FOR THIS YEAR’S CHARGE CONFERENCE MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18 • 7 PM • SANCTUARY

Join us for this important meeting, to be led by District Superintendent Rev. Jay Jackson, where we’ll celebrate our accomplishments of the past year and cast a vision for the year ahead! GET CRAZY FOR CHRISTMAS! WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20 • 6 PM • FLC GYM

Crazy for Christmas will be an evening of dinner, fellowship, shopping, and great entertainment. This is an event that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under. Childcare reservations can be made for small children who may not be ready for this event by contacting Kim Ripley at 281.980.6888 x4784 (pizza will be provided for these kids). Tickets will be sold on Sundays, October 13 – November 17, in the Volunteer Center. If you would like to decorate a table and/or buy tickets contact Laura Klein at


Christ United Methodist Church

Our 4th/5th grade Mission team invites you to donate half of the candy you receive this trick-or-treat season to the children of Reynosa. Put donations in the Collection Bin near Rooms 11/12 by Sunday, November 10. The children of Reynosa, the 4th/5th Graders . . . and your dentist thank you for your generosity! HELP NEEDED AND FAMILY FUN TO BE HAD! NOVEMBER 10 • 10:45 AM • ROOMS 210/211

Please help the 4th/5th grade Mission team to bag up Halloween candy, all donated by our Christ Church family, for the benefit of the children of Reynosa, Mexico. All are welcome - the more the merrier! EFBHNM HOLIDAY FOOD BASKETS NOW THRU DEC. 22 • COLLECTION BIN BY ROOMS 11/12

Some families in our community will not have a Thanksgiving and/ or Christmas dinner without a Holiday Food Basket from EFBHNM. This year the Food Pantry plans to give out 600+ baskets containing everything needed to fix a traditional holiday meal. Donations of the following items are needed: Stuffing mix, canned sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, cranberry sauce, chicken broth, evaporated milk, canned pumpkin, canned fruit, box of instant mashed potatoes, sugar, flour, chicken or turkey gravy mix, canned pie filling, cake mix/frosting. Please consider donating so our neighbors in need will have a holiday meal. Place donations in the designated Collection Bin outside of Rooms 11/12. CHRISTMAS ANGELS NEEDED! NOVEMBER 3 AND 10, BETWEEN SERVICES VOLUNTEER CENTER

What a blessing it is to help those in need. Please join the Angel Tree volunteers in decorating the Angel tree, and/or in gathering and delivering Angel Tree gifts to Shared Dreams and area nursing homes. There are many opportunities to reach out share Christ’s love this Christmas! Questions? Contact Terri at 281.924.4597 or tlschnak@aol. com. BRIGHTEN THE HOLIDAYS FOR REYNOSA KIDS FROM NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 1 COLLECTION BIN NEAR ROOMS 11/12

Have you cleaned out your closets recently and are wondering what to do with the “stuff” you don’t need anymore? We can help! Our 4th/5th grade Mission team is collecting small children’s toys and teen gifts for the children in Mexico. Gifts can be baby toys, stuffed toys, minifigures and animals, Matchbox cars, dress-up items, watches, pocket games, models, sports balls, baseball caps, small make-up/toiletry items, jewelry, flip-flops, sunglasses, handbags, purses, calculators, English-Spanish dictionaries, etc. Donations can be gently used or new, and can be placed in the designated collection bin near Rooms 11/12. CALLING ALL ANGELS! VARIOUS SEE BELOW

If making a difference in the life of one child is where God is leading you, please mark your calendar to attend one of these 1-hour mentor training sessions at 9:30 am in the Boardroom of the FBISD Administrative Bldg on Lexington Blvd. and Austin Pkwy. Training dates are November 13, January 15, February 5 or March 5. Christ Church adopted Holley Elementary in 2008, and their primary request for help was for the children to develop positive relationships with adult role models through the mentoring program. God has blessed you with so many gifts - please consider sharing them with a child in need. Questions? Contact Katie Flint at 281.627.2082.



Join members of all ages as they create tangible expressions of the prayers of our church for those needing comfort, healing, assurance, and presence. We meet Fridays and Mondays. Don’t know how to crochet or knit? We’ll teach you! For information, email Jan Randolph at

Fort Bend Family Promise invites you to be a part of its ninth annual charity golf tournament and help a Fort Bend family get back into a home this holiday season! Homelessness is difficult for families at any time of year, but it is especially heartbreaking during the holidays. Local businesses and individuals are invited to support this great event by becoming tournament sponsors. Sponsorships, ranging from “Presenting” at $12,000 to “Friends of Family Promise” at $250, are available.Golf registration is $150 per person; the practice range opens at 11:30 am. The scramble format-shotgun start for the fourplayer teams begins at 12:15 pm. Dinner and awards follow the conclusion of play. Registration details are available online at www. or by calling 832.314.5112.

Introducing our newest Habitat for Humanity homeowner, lovely Maria Guardiola (pictured here with Roy Die, Dennis Dull and RJ Starks). She was selected from many applicants and you will soon understand why!Maria is a grandmother and single parent who lives in Fort Bend County. Originally from El Salvador, she moved to the United States at the age of 13. She has lived in New York and has been a Texas resident for the last 10 years. She has two daughters: Kelly, 24 and Giselle, 15. Kelly is married and resides in Houston with her husband and daughter, while Giselle is a freshman at Travis High School.For the last ten years Maria has been a school bus driver for FBISD transporting specialneeds children. She loves her job and the joy of safely driving her students to and from school. Maria also spends time volunteering with the Houston Food Bank. Habitat for Humanity potential homeowners must contribute 300 hours alongside community volunteers (that’s us!) as homes are constructed. Maria is very excited to work with Christ Church representatives learning construction skills and maintenance requirements. Maria had already completed over 50 hours as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity at their Fort Bend County Restore® on Murphy Road before Christ Church even began construction on her home. Look for her on the job site at 402 Collins Road in Richmond on Saturdays and say “hello” as we continue to build her a lovely three bedroom home with a low, interest-free mortgage! Our labor is love! SPEND A SATURDAY BUILDING WITH GOD HABITAT HOME #13 - MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO HELP!

Drop by the Habitat table in the Ministry Center and join in the fun and fellowship of giving a family a hand up. Christ Church is building our 13th home for a deserving family. Come to the site and work alongside the family as they complete the required 300 “sweat equity” hours to finish their home by December. We need your support. Help us with your time, your donations and your prayers. If you don’t feel comfortable swinging a hammer, help us by serving our hungry workers or performing other needed onsite chores. Sign up with Doug McCubbin at or visit our webpage at and check out the great videos of our progress so far. Or help us raise the funds needed for building materials by donating today toward our $70,000 goal. The joy of seeing a deserving family fulfill their dream of home ownership is unsurpassed. Join us!


This group meets once a month to discuss a book chosen at the previous meeting. The book to be discussed at the November meeting is Destiny at Calf Killer River by Tom Meinecke (member of Christ Church). If you enjoy reading and conversation about books, you are invited to join Book Club. AFFECTED BY CANCER? GET SUPPORT! EVERY 3RD TUESDAY • 7 - 8:30 PM • VOLUNTEER CENTER

The Colors of Cancer group welcomes all adults who have had a diagnosis of any type of cancer, as well as their caregivers. We use the Reconstruction of a Survivor curriculum to guide our monthly discussions. Come and check us out on the 3rd Tuesday of EVERY month, from 7 - 8:30 pm in the Volunteer Center. For more information, contact Amy Abels at

Welcome Our Newest Members!




people helping people find fullness in Christ worship • connect • grow • serve








Christ Church wants to stream every worship service live on the internet! We are forming a new ministry team dubbed the “STREAM TEAM!” We need volunteers who want to remotely control cameras, click a mouse, and chat with people who watch the stream! If you are interested, contact Rev. Preston Morgan at You’ll be a proud owner of the exclusive STREAM TEAM t-shirt!

Rev. Mike Mayhugh, Senior Pastor Rev. Linda Summers Pierce, Executive Pastor Rev. Preston Morgan, Executive Associate Pastor Rev. Dan Conway, Exec. Associate Pastor - GROW Ministries Roland Huysman, Executive Director - Operations Lisa Mayhugh, Director - 412 Youth Ministries Ingred Lathrop, Director - Children’s Ministries Jan Randolph, Director - Older Adult Ministries Lahonda Sharp, Director - Music & Fine Arts Renee Teel, Director - Mission Ministries Beth Carter, Director - Christ Church School



We are in need of friendly people who will volunteer to take a few hours on a designated day each week to man our receptionist desk. We will train and equip you in every way to perform this important task. To find out more about this ministry, contact Debbie Meier at 281.690.4740 or by email at

For a complete staff listing, please visit our website at WE’RE HERE TO HELP!

PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS . . . Sue Harris, Millie Patterson’s great-grandson, Janice Gilbert’s daughter, Robin Oliver’s sister-in-law, Karen Sherlock’s neighbor’s grand-daughter, Tracy Walker’s friend, Sallie Smith, Betty Waedemon’s father, Lahonda Sharp’s father, Candee Chandler’s friend, Judy Monroe’s grandbaby, Nate Lewis’ brother, Debbie Meier’s nephew and family, Amy Lewis’ sister, Sharon Queen’s brother-in-law, Pat Kelly’s son, Matt Duggan’s co-worker, Matt Duggan’s friend, Stacee Hawkins’ aunt, Stacee Hawkins’ boss’ son, Barbara Burnham’s co-worker’s and students, Kimber Wheeler’s son, Candee Chandler’s friend, and all those serving in the military. JOYS . . . Steve Smith, Randy Hartley, Jerry & Jane Brooks, Jan Streelman, Mark Buhrke’s father, Ellie Whiddon’s daughter, Wes Whiddon’s brother-in-law, Sue Gordon’s brother-in-law, Leigh Ann Diekroeger’s grandson, Liz Lobdell. CHRIST CHURCH EXTENDS ITS SYMPATHY TO . . . Kerry Adams on the death of his uncle; Dewitt & Harriett Morrow on the death of their friend; Barb Pleus on the death of her cousin; Bob Ripley on the death of his sister, Barb Pleus on the death of her father; Betty Holcomb on the death of her sister; Janice Gilbert on the death of her cousin; Jeff Pharr on the death of his brother; Jennie Sherrod on the death of her sister; Mary McCaine on the death of her friend.

SHARE YOUR JOYS AND CONCERNS WITH US Your pastoral staff and leaders of Christ Church’s Member Care Ministries want to share in your joys and concerns. You might not know this, but hospitals do not contact churches – even when you give them your church name, address, and contact information. Part of this is due to HIPPA laws. So whether you’re about to enter the hospital or you’re celebrating the birth of a baby, please call Sandy White in the church office at 281.980.6888. She will forward your message to the pastors and appropriate member care ministry leaders.

PHONE: 281.980.6888 • WWW.CUMCSL.ORG • FACEBOOK.COM/CUMCSL people helping people find fullness in Christ worship • connect • grow • serve

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