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During the month of August, our church family will be challenged to “set themselves apart” with the theme of holiness. August’s theme, “Set Apart but Never Alone,” will give all of us an opportunity to practice holiness with a special, 31-day challenge. A spiritual journey that will enhance our spiritual disciplines as individuals and as a church, this challenge will also lay the groundwork for God to move in our lives as we begin the practice of some exciting spiritual activities! Challenge cards, which will be available for pick-up just outside of our worship spaces on Sunday, July 28th, will encourage every adult, youth, and child to complete one challenge a day, beginning on August 1st. Children and youth cards will be geared to their unique interests and abilities. Youth and adult cards will include invitations to read and meditate on key Scriptures and begin to pray about how they will commit to GROW their faith and their practices of prayer and study by registering for a GROW group (Sunday School, short-term study, long-term study, HomeGroups) by Sunday, August 25th. What I love most about these challenge cards is that they have daily tasks for us to do that will help us focus on God and others by taking our attention off of ourselves. These cards challenge us to allow God to bless others through us; to offer hope to others going through the wilderness of life. As we go through our new sermon series, “Set Apart but Never Alone,” we will be reminded that God promises to always be with us, that God has placed us in a family of believers, that God provides ways to be with us, and that God will not leave us alone. During the 31 days of August, I am praying that we will all experience God’s unconditional love and that God will give us a new revelation whereby we find God’s presence through our daily challenges. So join us in the 31day challenge, and pray with me that God will use this experience to continue to transform our lives, therefore changing our perspective on life.


Christ United Methodist Church

This fall will begin my twentieth year of attendance at Christ Church; it’s been my home since I was in elementary school. Back then my Girl Scout troop met in the church basement and I went to Sunday school in the First Colony Middle School cafeteria. The friends I made and adults who mentored me in Youth Group still keep in touch today. In 2006, I was married at the same altar where I had been confirmed ten years before. When I left for school I began my search for a new church home, but nothing quite fit. I took with me several old sermons on cassette tape and listened to them in my dorm. I was very pleased when current sermons became available online, and I would listen to them to keep in touch when I was miles away. My husband and I moved twice more for college and career and visited churches wherever we were, but we still kept in touch with Christ Church through visits home, newsletters, updates from our parents, and the website. We loved listening to the sermons online, especially when we’d have a Sanctuary sermon and hub sermon on the same topic and we’d compare and contrast the messages. In 2010 we were living in Waco, the farthest I’d ever lived from home, and I became very ill. I had very scary medical realities to accept and we felt pretty alone, but then suddenly I was bombarded with cards, emails, and even a beautifully made Prayer Shawl and I realized that—even having been gone for 8 years—my church family had not forgotten me. Now when my doctors ask why I think my irreversible condition seems to be improving, I tell them that I’ve had a lot of people praying for me. When we finally moved back here last year, after over ten years away, it was natural to fit back in to the church. It’s crazy to see some of the kiddos from the 5-year-olds Sunday School class I helped with now graduating from high school! I’d encourage all these young people to keep in touch with us as much as they can. It’s easier than ever with video sermons, email blasts, and Young Adult activities here to welcome them anytime they’re home visiting. I look forward to someday raising my kids here, because I can’t imagine a better place to call “home.” BY KATE FLINT


This class is open to all ages with a participatory format and biblically based studies. Meets in the Bride’s Room. 9:45 AM SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES ADVENTURERS

This class consists of members ages 30 and up, with and without children. This group is a discussion-oriented class studying a variety of biblical topics. We enjoy fellowship, mission projects and social activities. Meets in rooms 302/303 in the Family Life Center. AXIOM - YOUNG ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL Primarily for college and career aged, 18-29. Meets in room 310 in the Family Life Center. BARNABAS

This class is a friendly community consisting of adults, 50 years and older, united by a shared belief in Christ, seeking and providing encouragement to others through outreach activities, prayer, Bible study, topical studies and fellowship. Meets in the Chapel. CELEBRATE SINGLES SUNDAY SCHOOL

This class is open to all singles of any age, with and without children. Meets in room 309 in the Family Life Center. COUPLES FOR CHRIST

This class consists of married couples in their 20’s - 40’s with or without children. It is a relaxed, yet engaging class that provides Christ-centered fellowship, support, and opportunities for service. Meets in the Bride’s Room (across from Sanctuary). GRACE ABOUNDS

All ages and stages of life and spiritual journeys are welcome (married, single, single on Sunday, believer or seeker). This class has a participatory rather than lecture format. We love a great discussion! Study facilitators rotate among interested class members. Meets in room 301 in the Family Life Center. GRACE NOTES

This class allows members of the Chancel Choir to attend Sunday School and still participate in the Music Ministry. Meets in the Choir Room. H.O.P.E. 24/7 (HEAR OUR PRAYERS EVERYDAY 24/7)

Our name reflects our focus on prayer. Discussion-oriented studies cover a range of topics to encourage spiritual growth. Socials and missions round out our activities for members, in their 40’s - 70’s. Meets in room 311 in the Family Life Center. JUBILEE

This class is made up of mature individuals, age 65 - 90+, who enjoy the fellowship of others and share in the nourishment gained from Bible-based studies. Thought-provoking lessons are presented by Jan Randolph. Meets in rooms 11/12. SEEKERS

This is a class of mixed ages with couples, singles, and single on Sundays that concentrates on Bible study, missions and fellowship. Meets in room 308 in the Family Life Center. TGIS (THANK GOD IT’S SUNDAY)

This class is made up of couples and singles of all ages who enjoy lively discussion and fellowship. Topics range from Bible study to contemporary issues and books. Meets in the Scout Shack. WEAVERS

This class is made up of marrieds and singles, ages 55+, dedicated to Bible study, fellowship and service. This class is very mission-oriented. Meets in the Library (upstairs across from the Sanctuary). WOMEN’S CLASS

This class is made up of women of all ages whether married, single, widowed or divorced. We primarily do Bible-based studies and various service projects. Meets in room 307 in the Family Life Center.

people helping people find fullness in Christ worship • connect • grow • serve








• All services, every first Sunday • Every Sunday in the Chapel, 8 to 8:15 am • Every Sunday in the hub, 11:15 to 11:30 am


As an enhancement to the August sermon series, “Set Apart, But Never Alone,” our Worship Teams are offering every child, youth, and adult in Christ Church an opportunity to begin to practice the spiritual disciplines of prayer and Bible study, or deepen that practice if it is already a part of your faith walk. Three sets of 31 cards will be available for pick-up on Sunday, July 28, just outside our worship spaces. Children will have a set geared to their interests and abilities, as will youth. Youth and adults will be invited to read and meditate on key Scriptures and begin to pray about how they will commit to GROW their faith and their practices of prayer and study by registering for a GROW group (Sunday School, short-term study, longterm study, HomeGroups) by Sunday, August 25. More information on GROW opportunities will be shared on the last night of “The Master’s Storyteller,” August 14. PRAYER VIGIL FOR MASTER’S STORYTELLER SUNDAY, AUGUST 4 • 6:30 PM • SANCTUARY

Our Christ Church Prayer and Member Care Ministries would like to encourage you to attend this brief Prayer Vigil service for “The Master’s Storyteller.” This vigil is meant to inspire our church family to spend the following week in prayer and spiritual preparation for Rev. Wesley Putnam’s preaching and presentations August 11 to 14. The service itself will include a time to praise God with thanksgiving, hear key Scriptures read, and share specific prayer concerns. We will pray for our church, our families, for persons who are suffering, and for our evangelist and his family. Prayer cards that may be used at meal times will be distributed, along with a short list of Scriptures that may be read during the week leading up to the kick-off on Sunday morning, August 11. Whether you are able to attend this prayer vigil service or not, please do be in prayer for every worship service and every person who will attend. Pray also that God will prepare your own heart to receive our Master’s stories in faith and with fresh insights. May God’s blessing be yours as you attend “The Master’s Storyteller” services, and as you invite others to come with you.

For a full listing of activities and ways you can get involved at Christ Church, please visit WWW.CUMCSL.ORG


Christ United Methodist Church

Men of all ages, join the Older Adult Men for lunch and fellowship at Spring Creek BBQ. This is a wonderful cross-generational event as well as a great way to find out what is going on in our community and beyond. NEW MEMBER CLASS SUNDAY, AUGUST 18 AND 25 • 5:30 PM • GATHERING HALL

Are you ready to learn more about Christ Church and what we value and believe? Please join us for our New Member Class. Dinner is included during the first evening. There is no fee to attend, and childcare is available. Register at the Welcome Center, by contacting Benita Sebesta at or at CELEBRATE SINGLES FIRST SUNDAY LUNCHES SCHEDULED

All singles are welcome to join the Celebrate Singles class at our First Sunday lunches, occurring at 12:30 pm at area restaurants. Upcoming lunches include: • August 4: Zoe’s Kitchen in Sugar Land Town Square; • September 1: Chipotle in Sugar Land Town Square; • October 6: Live Oak Grill. Please make plans to join us!


Old neckties needed! If you have a closet full of old ties that you are no longer wearing, please consider donating them to our Children’s Ministry. Our first and second graders need them for a craft project they will be doing in the fall. Drop them off in the Children’s Ministry office by August 25. GAME DAY WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28 • 10:30 AM - 1 PM • ROOMS 11/12

Want to play? Invite a friend, bring a sack lunch and gather with us for some fun. We play a variety of games, including Bridge and Mexican Train. Lunch includes a roundtable discussion of Scriptures, faith, and our faith community. HAVE YOU BEEN IMPACTED BY CANCER? GET SUPPORT! EVERY 3RD TUESDAY • 7 - 8:30 PM • VOLUNTEER CENTER

The Colors of Cancer group welcomes all adults who have had a diagnosis of any type of cancer, as well as their caregivers. We use the Reconstruction of a Survivor curriculum to guide our monthly discussions. Come and check us out on the 3rd Tuesday of EVERY month, from 7 - 8:30 pm in the Volunteer Center. For more information, contact Amy Abels at



The Perkins School of Theology, the seminary most of our pastors attended, is offering a one day class that will look at the Scriptures from the perspective of early Christians. Our teacher will be Dr. Jim Lee, who is an assistant professor of the History of Early Christianity at Perkins. Dr. Lee has won awards for his teaching skills but, more importantly, he received very high praise from people who attended this class when he taught it last spring in Dallas. Registration is open online at until August 2 and is $55, or you can register at the door for $65. So, why give up most of a Saturday and pay to take a class Because you will learn things you will not likely learn from any other source, and sometimes it is so enlightening as to be life-changing. Please contact Mark Larson at or at 281.961.7818 if you have any questions.

Children’s Ministry is gearing up for another great year of Sunday School. August 25 will be Promotion Sunday for all children who have previously attended Sunday school. Each child will automatically be promoted up to the next age or grade and will be assigned to a new classroom beginning August 25. If your child is 18 months old or older we would love to have them in Sunday School at 9:45 am every Sunday. If you have a child who has not attended Sunday School or if you have any questions about Sunday School for children, please contact Ingred Lathrop at 281.690.4748 or

Our lives are full of stories. One way to secure those memories for ourselves and future generations is to “put it in writing.” Jan Randolph will lead this monthly writers’ workshop designed to instruct, inspire, encourage and support participants in the writing process. Our explorations will include (but not necessarily be limited to) memoirs, journal writing, prayer journals, faith stories, family narratives, and poetry. Just bring paper and pencil and your mind full of stories. UMW OF CHRIST CHURCH REIGNITING THE FLAME! SUNDAY, AUGUST 25 • 2:30 - 4 PM • VOLUNTEER CENTER

UMW of Christ Church would like to thank everyone for all the support and encouragement you have given us as we work hard to reigniting the flame of this very special group! We are happy to report that our first mission project, the UMCOR sewing kits went amazingly well. With your help, we were able to put together 52 complete kits for families in crisis. We thank you so much for every package of needles, spools of thread, fabric and all the buttons and scissors. Special thanks must go out to the TGIS Sunday school class and the Women’s Sunday School class for their over the top donations! Please know that somewhere in the world, your donation is being even more appreciated by those in need. Our unit has also given money to support the Youth Department mission trip as well as the District’s effort to combat human trafficking. We are in the middle of the SOS campaign and have already received great donations and support. So thank you, Christ Church, for being a blessing to women and children in our community, families around the world, and to us! At our next meeting, we will be “Sailing into Service,” exploring ways that we can all make a difference here in our community and even in far-off places. We want to bring together all the women of Christ Church in a spirit of love – this is your personal invitation to come join us for a little “you” time – fellowship, prayer, praise, devotional time and a chance to learn how you can be His hands and feet right here in Fort Bend County! Childcare available by reservation. Questions? Call Pam Bluestein at 281.343.9913. We look forward to welcoming you on the 25!

The Children’s Choirs are preparing for another terrific year. Open to children ages 4 years – 5th grade. The choirs sing periodically during services and produce two children’s musicals each year. Choirs meet on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 - 6:30 pm and/or on Sunday mornings during the 8:15 and 11:05 am services. In addition, we offer Choir Chimes for 3rd – 5th graders on Wednesday evenings from 5 – 5:30 pm. If you are interested in more information, please contact Lahonda Sharp at 281.690.4741 or All registration is now online at DINNER WITH THE DOMESTIC ADMINISTRATOR & WOMEN OF CHRIST SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 • 6 - 8 PM • GATHERING HALL

Join the Women of Christ on Sunday, September 8 for dinner with The Domestic Administrator, Lisa Boesen. As Domestic Administrators, we all try to be good scouts and “be prepared!” We prepare dinner, prepare home budgets, and prepare kids for school. We prepare, prepare, prepare. But how prepared are your spouse, parents or family in case of a medical emergency or chronic condition that could limit the ability to share important documents and manage your household? In a 30-minute session following our meal, Lisa will share her tips for putting some PEP (Personal Emergency Preparedness) in your life and show you how to get your important documents out of your memory and into a portfolio for easy access and peace of mind. By doing this, you will also become more organized in your everyday life so you can be a blessing to your family. Lisa is a professional speaker, author, coach and domestic administrator. She promotes “Mastering the Art of Household Management with an apron, spreadsheets and a smile!” She has experience as a healthcare professional, organizational development / HR consultant, MBTI practitioner, and compassion fatigue specialist. You can learn more at Tickets to this event are $10 and include dinner. Please register at For more information, contact Kathleen Randall at 832.423.9624.

FACEBOOK.COM/CUMCSL TWITTER.COM/CUMCSL people helping people find fullness in Christ worship • connect • grow • serve





As we prepare for a new year in Children’s Sunday School, we are looking for adult and youth volunteers who have a desire to serve Jesus by being in a classroom with children on Sunday mornings. If God has nudged you to get more involved and you want to share God’s love with children, then we need you! We have a great team of coordinators who will provide all that you will need to be successful in the classroom. Come join our team! Contact Ingred Lathrop at 281.690.4748 or email LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21 • 9 - 10 AM FBISD BUILDING AT LEXINGTON BLVD AND AUSTIN PKWY

“My Mentor makes me feel special…and my grades got better.” “My Mentor taught me math and I like that I can talk to someone who really cares.” “I like playing games the best.” If making a difference in the life of one child is where God is leading you, please mark your calendar for this one-hour Mentor Training on August 21 at 9 am in the Board Room of the FBISD Administration Building on Lexington Boulevard and Austin Parkway. Christ Church adopted Holley Elementary in 2008, and their number one request for help was for the children to develop positive relationships with adult role models through the Mentoring program. Mentoring involves signing a one-year commitment to meet with one student once a week for the school year. Time with your student can be spent reading, tutoring, playing games or just talking. Mentors must attend this onetime-only training which includes tips for communicating with young people and guidelines for working with FBISD students. God has blessed you with gifts - please consider sharing them with a child in need. Questions? Contact Pamela Shaw at 281.634.1112. EFBHNM FOOD PANTRY GREATEST NEEDS IN AUGUST

EFBHNM is extremely grateful to those who helped re-stock the Food Pantry shelves by donating non-perishable items during our food drive. In addition to non-perishable items, families coming to EFBHNM for food also receive perishable foods such as dairy, eggs, produce, and meat. When donations of certain non-perishable items such as cooking oil, juice, laundry soap and dish soap are not sufficient, these items are purchased by EFBHNM. Through association with the Houston Food Bank & wholesale grocers, EFBHNM is able to purchase these items for much, much less than retail. Please consider making a monetary donation to help cover the costs of these perishable and non-perishable items provided to Fort Bend families in need. EFBHNM can make your dollar go further! Donations may be made through the church or directly to EFBHNM online at or by mailing to P.O. Box 1611, Stafford, TX 77497-1611. Thank you for your support … it’s a blessing to others! PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY MONDAYS & FRIDAYS • 9 AM • VOLUNTEER CENTER

Join members of all ages as they create tangible expressions of the prayers of our church for those needing comfort, healing, assurance, and presence. We meet Fridays and Mondays. Don’t know how to crochet or knit? We’ll teach you! For information, email Jan Randolph at


Christ United Methodist Church


Are you looking for a spiritual adventure? Are you ready to experience the joy of serving outside your comfort zone? If so, we have the mission for you! Bob Sime will be leading Christ Church’s third mission trip to Haiti on October 21 - 30. We can take a team of up to 10 members, and we need a few more servants to join us. On previous missions, God has so touched the hearts of team members through the Haitians that many are going back, and we have decided that Haiti will be a regular mission field for Christ Church. What will we do? Where will we go? We will not know until our departure date grows nearer, but you can bet that our mission will include some building/repair, ministry to the Haitian children, and amazing worship. This has always been a moving experience, and we can guarantee you will not return home untouched. We expect the cost to be about $1,800 per person, but we have historically been able to offset much of the cost through fundraising. Registration is now open. Spaces are limited so please sign up before spots are all gone. CHOIR IS BACK!

Now is a great time to join a choir at Christ Church. Our Joyful Noise sings at the 9:45 am service and rehearses on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am in the Choir Room. Chancel Choir sings at the 11:05 am services and rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 7 - 9 pm in the Choir Room. Handbell choirs meet on Monday evenings and perform at different services throughout the year. If you enjoy music and fellowship, now is a GREAT time to join one of our choirs. For more information, contact Lahonda Sharp at 281.690.4741 or SOULS FOR SOLES AND MORE AUGUST 18 AND 25 AND SEPTEMBER 1 AND 8

The 2013 Soles for Souls and More campaign is underway. Soles for Souls and More is a Christ Church mission program which provides brand NEW tennis shoes, socks and underwear for local students in grades K-12. These children in need are serviced through FBISD Shared Dreams or Lamar CISD Common Threads programs. Stop by the Ministry Center on August 18 or 25, September 1 or 8 to pick up one or more shoe card(s) and purchase the specific size(s). Sizes start at boy’s and girl’s size 10 through adult. These shoes are for underprivileged students right here in our area. Any NEW tennis shoes (preferably in boxes for storage purposes) can be dropped off at the Ministry Center before or after services or in the Soles for Souls and More collection bin through September 8. Monetary donations are also encouraged - make your check payable to CUMC and designate it for Soles for Souls and More. Questions? Contact Norma Mendez 281.687.0961 or FACEBOOK.COM/CUMCSL TWITTER.COM/CUMCSL For a full listing of activities and ways you can get involved at Christ Church, please visit WWW.CUMCSL.ORG






Jesus used

Come hear The Master’s Storyteller, Wesley Putnam, as he presents a unique blend of story and song. There will be ...throughout His ministry to impart eternal truthsWe in will a begin Sunday, The Master’s available refreshing times of praise, worship and drama. August 11 during ourStoryteller morning worship is services way the people could understand. The art of storytelling th and continue that evening and for the next 3 nights. Join us for dinner each night 6 - 6:45. Kids 6 grade in and several to come tofrom your community has the ability to free; engage audiences ages, Aand to under eat all others are $5of perallperson. grab-and-go children’s meal willdifferent be provided so kids (K -formats: 6th) can go to event penetratetheir even the hardest of hearts. the spirit program, BibleQuest, by 6:15 That’s pm. (Childcare will be availble for young children.) Then everyone joins together in rEBZSFOFXBMFWFOUGFBUVSJOHNVTJD TUPSZUFMMJOHBOE behind The Master’s Storyteller. the Sanctuary at 7 pm. You won’t want to miss a minute of this powerful time of renewal! We will have a prayer vigil

Elijah comes to life as a tough-as-nails Bronx cop, complete with police uniform and New York dialect. Gideon is a Yiddish version of Barney Fife; a small, unlikely hero. Daniel struts on stage in his boots and black hat as “Cowboy Dan�. Jonah tells the story of his encounter with God as a South Louisiana Cajun.

children’s ministry (Typically Sunday morning thru Wednesday night)


Wesley Putnam ser ved as a pastor for nearly nine years before stepping into full-time evangelism in 1981. people helping people find fullness in Christ A graduate worship of Asbury Theological Seminary, • connect • grow • serve Wesley served as both president and executive director of the National Association of United Methodist


Sunday, August 4 at 6:30 pm to prepare hearts The ministry of The Master’s Storyteller wasourborn in(see a page 4). small church camp in Northwest Texas, where Wesley Putnam was asked to make the stories in the Bible relevant to over 300 elementary children. The question that created many of his characters was,“I wonder what this person would be like if he lived today?�



All middle school & high school youth are invited to join us in the Family Life Center Gym every Sunday night from 5 - 8 pm. During that time we will have dinner ($2), games, worship and Bible study. Our youth worship service begins at 6 pm.


Rev. Mike Mayhugh, Senior Pastor Rev. Linda Summers Pierce, Executive Pastor Rev. Preston Morgan, Executive Associate Pastor Rev. Dan Conway, Exec. Associate Pastor - GROW Ministries Karen LaMotta, Executive Director - CONNECT Ministries Roland Huysman, Executive Director - Operations Lisa Mayhugh, Director - 412 Youth Ministries Ingred Lathrop, Director - Children’s Ministries Jan Randolph, Director - Older Adult Ministries Lahonda Sharp, Director - Music & Fine Arts Renee Teel, Director - Mission Ministries Beth Carter, Director - Christ Church School

There’s nothing like children to bring life to a church!

For a complete staff listing, please visit our website at

THE MASTER’S STORYTELLER The Master’s is available IS COMING TOStoryteller CHRIST CHURCH! to come to your community in several different event formats:


And The Master’s Storyteller can attract a lot o

them with his unique BibleQuest ministry. The kids rEBZSFOFXBMFWFOUGFBUVSJOHNVTJD TUPSZUFMMJOHBOE PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS . . . Lynda Hammagren, Rev. Roxann Schulte (Assoc. Pastor, The Harvest children’s ministry (Typically Sunday morning thru will love his blend of music, stories, and fun. With in Sienna), Ellie Whiddon’s daughter, Buddie Blair’s sister, Nancy & Pete Olson’s friend, Evan Hazel, Larry Wednesday night) Harrison, Vic & Elaine Arnold, Pat Rabon’s grand-daughter, Linda Havas’ friend, Barb Pleus’ cousin, Norma





rewards like colorful stickers and Olympic-style

Mendez’s mother, Vicki Bailey, JoAnn Bauman’s brother, Susan Alex, Kerry Adams, Cindy Peterson’s co-worker, r8FFLFOEPGTUPSZBOETPOH*ODMVEFTB4BUVSEBZNPSOJOH Lisa Short’s friend, Sydney Ivy, Barb Pleus’ father, Lynda Miller’s aunt, Stacee Hawkins, will Sherrymemorize Heitzenrater’s scripture medals, even first-graders time for the children friend, Linda Lockwood’s friend & family, Terri Crump, and all those serving in the military. learn to theLisatruth ofhusband; God´sJorge Word. It is JOYS . . . Pat Rabon’s granddaughter; Bill Stoltz;and Bill Strodtbeck; Lynnapply DeBlance; Warren’s r"EBZPGTUPSZBOETPOH4VOEBZNPSOJOHBOE Font; Michael Font; Stacee Hawkins’ boss’ son; Cindy Finley; Lee Duggan’s father; Linda Miller’s nephew; Frank evening worship not unusual to Daniel’s see the number of children in the Jordan’s mother; Glenn Morrison’s friend; Sandy White’s mother; David mother. CHRIST CHURCH EXTENDS ITS SYMPATHY TO . . . Ron & Debbie Floyd on the death of their relative; Steve r'FBUVSFETQFBLFSPSNVTJDJBOGPSSFUSFBUT CBORVFUT  program double in the span of three or four days. Schubarth and family on the death of his mother; Margie Thompson on the death of her cousin; Lynn Taylor on the camps and conferences death of her uncle; Scott & Barb Pleus on the death of their friend; the Santoro family on the death of Jan’s nephew.



Wesley Putnam is a gifted musician and recording

artist who has written over 150 songs. He is also a

Your pastoral staff and leaders of Christ Church’s Member Care Ministries want to share in your joys and concerns. You might not know this, but hospitals do not contact churches – even when you give them your church name, address, and contact information. Part of this is due to HIPPA laws. So whether you’re about to enter the hospital or you’re celebrating the birth of a baby, please call Sandy White in the church office at 281.980.6888. She will forward your message to the pastors and appropriate member care ministry Wesleyleaders. Putnam ser ved as a pastor for nearly nine years

highly sought-after worship leader. His blended style

of worship will bring fresh life to old favorites, and

PHONE: 281.980.6888 • WWW.CUMCSL.ORG • FACEBOOK.COM/CUMCSL also introduce new songs of praise to your church. before stepping into full-time evangelism in 1981. A graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary, people helping people find fullness in Christ worship • connect • grow • serve Wesley served as both president and executive director of the National Association of United Methodist

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