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Fane and I are delighted to be here with you for the interim between Morris and Mike. I know you will miss Morris and his outgoing appeal. His time here has certainly offered the church some areas for growth and excitement that will be lasting for you, and his family will continue to be here while he is ‘DS’ing’ in his District. I know Mike and his family will also bring a new kind of appeal and energy to you. Keep them all in your prayers as they move into their new relationships of ministry. You are also blessed with some very capable staff that have come together over these years. They are a most caring group of people who love their work and want to make a difference in the church and fulfill the calling in their lives as well. Keep them in your prayers as well. They are the closest to changes that have and will come about in the days ahead. In the meantime Fane and I are going to enjoy all we can and hope to be of help to you all during our time here.


“Trusting Love” – focus on the fact that God is in love with us (Chapters 2 & 3) OCTOBER 23 “Surrendering Love” – focus on returning to our first love, God (Chapter 6) OCTOBER 30 “Risk-taking Love” – focus on being obsessed, in a good way, with God and with Jesus (Chapter 8) NOVEMBER 6 “Committing Love” – focus on giving God our best and most heart-felt love (Chapters 4 & 5) NOVEMBER 9 Fellowship Event – Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on Highway 6 from 5 - 9 pm – be watching for more information NOVEMBER 13 Commitment Sunday – “Increasing Love” – focus on living as loving followers of God and Jesus (Chapter 9) NOVEMBER 20 Celebration Sunday – “Celebrating Love” – focus on celebrating the eternal nature of God’s love (Chapter 1) OCTOBER 16

Grace & peace, Wm. D. Peeples

A big Thank you goes out to Howard Brasor from the Children at Christ Church. This beautiful addition to the Nursery area is a 4 by 6 foot puzzle of Noah’s Ark and all the animals. Howard spent months putting this 6000 piece puzzle together then framed it and hung it for us. Thank you for thinking of us Howard. We Love it!


Christ United Methodist Church


John Wesley taught and preached about Christian perfection which he defined as loving God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. Such perfection, he said, implied that no wrong temper would take up residence in our souls and that all our thoughts, words, and actions would be governed by pure love. Wherever we are in life, and no matter how much or how little room we’ve left for others in our lives, Wesley would say God always loves us and wants to love others through us. It’s not us unleashing God’s love onto the world apart from God, but God unleashing God’s love through us! So by faith and with hope we Methodists declare that we are “being made perfect in love by the grace of God”, grace that was (and is) already at work ahead of us (prevenient), grace that continually reassures us (justifying grace), and grace that confirms Christ’s presence within us (sanctifying). From about 1759 to 1762, John Wesley found himself in trouble for preaching and teaching about Christian perfection. He had critics within the movement and critics outside the movement. There were also those who misunderstood his teachings (no surprise) and declared themselves “entirely sanctified” (i.e, “perfect”). This disturbed Wesley no end. He wrote treatises, published pamphlets, and did whatever he could to counter his critics. Finally, he appealed to the members of his societies by writing “Cautions and Directions Given to the Greatest Professors in The Methodist Societies”. His first piece of advice to them was to “watch and pray continually against pride”, every kind of it, and every degree of it! Have the “mind of Christ”, he said! His second piece was to “beware of that daughter of pride, enthusiasm”. He advised them to keep their distance from things that could not be grounded in God’s Word and told them it was foolish to expect to gain knowledge without ever searching the Scripture and consulting with other Christians. He admonished those who expected to grow in grace without ever examining themselves, and considered such behavior an outright disregard for God’s highest gift to us – the love we have in and through Jesus Christ! Wesley had other advice to share, all of it as relevant today as it was then. Just because we have faith and love doesn’t mean we don’t have to be holy (set apart, different from the culture). Just because we pray doesn’t mean we don’t need to adopt the “discipline” of regular prayer. Don’t let your love be confined to only Methodists, he said, and don’t be a bigot! Don’t talk too much or too long. Watch out for pious chit-chat! Desire only God. Never fail to act on an opportunity to do good, and whenever you do good, do it with all your might! Put yourself into it! Neither “extol” nor “run down” the preacher. Don’t expect everyone to see things the way you do. Rather expect contradiction and opposition, and expect to suffer. “Be particularly careful” when you speak of yourself since it’s so easy for humans to be righteous in their own eyes. Be humble and lowly of spirit. All that advice said, unleashing love, Wesley style, is ultimately an act of God, a grace-full, mercy-full, act of the Holy Other without whom we will most surely fail at following through on any of his advice.

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We will be publishing periodic articles on our United Methodist heritage and beliefs. If you have a topic you would like addressed, please send your requests to Karen LaMotta at



Dear Church Family, Mike and Lisa, what would you like to tell us about your original call to ministry? MIKE:

“As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a minister. I remember as a child always having that desire to tell people about the love of God. In fact, my mother reminds me of a time when I was about 4 or 5 that she found me in the play-room lining up all of my GI Joe’s and standing there “preaching” to them. I followed the call to Asbury University and received a degree in Christian Ministries and then to Southern Methodist University for my Master of Divinity. Now let me just say, if the church calling doesn’t work out, I could be in a lot of trouble; my degrees might only be good for pizza delivery. I am very glad this calling is working out!” Mike has been an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church since 1992. He is a native Texan from Arlington and served as a chaplain in the US Navy. Mike’s first appointment was at Swan Wood Springs UMC and he later was an Associate Pastor at Moody Memorial UMC in Galveston. Following that, Mike has been Senior Pastor at Emory UMC, Bullard UMC, St. John’s UMC in Richmond and finally at Livingston. LISA:

“I received my first call into ministry when I was a Sophomore in High School. I was very involved in my church and had a desire to be a part of something greater than myself. As a Christian, I sought out wisdom through prayer, friends, family and clergy that I respected and admired. This led me to a school with a unique opportunity. Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas offered an opportunity for someone like me to graduate with a double degree in Christian Education and Music so that I could work for smaller churches that could not afford three fulltime staff. So, when I graduated I began working in the local church as a Youth Director, Christian Ed. Director and Choir Director. Of course, I said I would “never marry a pastor” and guess where God led me? What did I know? I have loved every minute of it and I love having a life with someone that shares the same passion as I do in ministry. Over the years in ministry with my husband, I have learned to serve in several capacities. Wherever Christ leads me… I will go.”

I want you all to know how excited and honored we are to be appointed to this great “can do” church. You have such a rich history for carrying out the gospel with word and deed, and we are proud to become a part of that legacy. Everything seems to be falling into place because of your generosity. We are in the process of closing on our first home and are very excited about this adventure. Thank you so very much for giving us the opportunity to make this long-time dream a reality. (The great news is I am only going to be 8 minutes away from the church and can go down some back roads to avoid 59 and 6.) I also want to thank you for giving me an awesome staff. You have put together a great dream team, and we have already begun working on worship planning through Easter. I can’t wait to get started. On a side note, I believe the economy will turn around when we arrive because I have three women in my life who have been shopping deprived for 6 ½ years. (We lived one hour away from the closest mall.) I know the area merchants will be happy to see us coming. I believe with all my heart, mind and soul that everything I have been through and experienced so far has made me who I am and has prepared me for this next leg on my spiritual journey. God’s providence is behind this move, and I believe we were destined to work together at this point in the history of the church to make disciples for the transformation of this world. My family and I are excited to join you in this new grand adventure. I believe the best is yet to come because God’s hand is in it! I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday November 6th. I will be preaching “An Arranged Marriage, The First Kiss, and Living Together!” I will introduce myself to you, talk about my spiritual journey, share my core beliefs, and encourage us all to live lives worthy of the calling we have all received. May God bless you,

Over the next few weeks watch for more previews. They might be found in email blasts, Facebook, The Connection, screens; you just never know where you might find the next tidbit. Mike


FACEBOOK.COM/CUMCSL Christ United Methodist Church



Come join us as we study “Crazy Love.” Primarily for college and career aged, 18-29. UMW BOOKCLUB SECOND TUES. OF EACH MONTH • VOLUNTEER CENTER

Please join us on the second Tuesday of each month through December as we read and explore Just Choose Happiness: A Guide to Joyous Living by Nell W. Mohney. For more information, please contact Benita Sebesta at MIDDLE SCHOOL FLIPSIDE • SUNDAYS • 5 - 7:15 PM • GYM

All middle school youth (6th – 8th grade) are invited to join us in the Family Life Center Gym every Sunday night from 5:00 - 7:15 pm. We will begin with games, then move to a small group time and end with worship. HIGH SCHOOL THE LOFT • SUNDAYS • 6:15 - 8:30 PM • FLC

This is a great place for high school youth to hang out and relax together in Christian fellowship, Sundays from 6:15 - 8:30 pm in the Family Life Center. THE ENCOUNTER • WEDNESDAYS • 7 - 8:30 PM • CHAPEL

High school students are invited to this weekly Bible study, Wednesday evenings from 7 - 8:30 pm in the Chapel. FALL YOUTH RETREAT OCTOBER 28 - 29 • FOREST GLEN

All youth in grades 7 through 12 are invited to join us for our fall retreat in October. Come take a break from your crazy school schedule, and join your friends in fellowship in the piney woods of Texas. This one-night retreat will take place at Forest Glen Christian Camp in Huntsville. Hope to see you there! Cost $75 (Youth); $40 (adults). Registration Deadline is October 19. For details or to register on-line, go to ACQUIRE THE FIRE (ATF) JANUARY 20-21, 2012 • GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH

Start the New Year off right by joining the Christ Church Youth group in attending Acquire the Fire (ATF) over the weekend of January 2021, 2012. This is a high energy two-day event produced by a national touring group and attended by youth from throughout the Houston area and includes awesome worship, speakers and small group time. To view more about the upcoming tour, go to: All youth in grades 7-12 and adults are invited to attend. Cost is $49 and you can register online. Hope to see you there!

For a full listing of activities and ways you can get involved at Christ Church, please visit WWW.CUMCSL.ORG


This class is composed of singles and couples of all ages with a participatory format and Bible-based studies. Meets in the Bride’s Room. 9:45 AM SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES ADVENTURERS

This class consists of couples in their 30’s - 50’s, with children of all ages. This group is a discussion-oriented class studying a variety of Biblical topics. We use study guides, videos, guest speakers and music to enhance our studies. Meets in room 302/303 in the Family Life Center. BARNABAS

This class is a friendly community consisting of adults in their 40’s - 60’s united by a shared belief in Christ, seeking and providing encouragement to one another through prayer, Bible study, topical studies and lots of fellowship. Meets in the Chapel. CELEBRATE SINGLES SUNDAY SCHOOL

All singles are invited to join us for our new Sunday School class. Meets in room 309 in the Family Life Center. COUPLES FOR CHRIST

This class consists of married couples in their 20’s - 40’s with or without children. It is a relaxed, yet engaging class that provides Christ-centered fellowship, support, and opportunities for service. Meets in the Bride’s Room (across from Sanctuary). GRACE ABOUNDS

All ages and stages of life are welcome (married, single, single on Sunday). This class has a participatory rather than lecture format. We love a great discussion! Study facilitators rotate among interested class members. Meets in room 301 in the Family Life Center. GRACE NOTES

This class is composed of choir members who love to study God’s word and discuss relevant issues. Meets in the Choir Room. H.O.P.E. 24/7 (HEAR OUR PRAYERS EVERYDAY 24/7)

Our name reflects our focus on prayer. Discussion-oriented studies cover a range of topics to encourage spiritual growth. Socials and missions round out our activities for members, ages 40’s - 70’s. Meets in room 311 in the Family Life Center. JUBILEE

This class is made up of mature individuals, ages 50+ who enjoy the fellowship of others and share in the nourishment gained from Bible-based studies. Lively discussions abound under the leadership of Jan Randolph. Meets in rooms 11/12. SEEKERS

This is a class of mixed ages with couples, singles, and single on Sundays that concentrates on Bible study, missions and lively discussion. Meets in room 308 in the Family Life Center. STAGES

This class consists of single parents, remarried couples, and blended families, ages 30-50’s, exploring a mix of Biblical studies and contemporary issues. Meets in room 310 in the Family Life Center. TGIS (THANK GOD IT’S SUNDAY)

This class is made up of couples and singles of all ages who enjoy lively discussion and fellowship. Topics range from Bible study to contemporary issues and books. Meets in the Scout Shack. THE HUB LIFEGROUP

From 9:45 - 10:45 in the Family Life Center Gym each Sunday morning. Come explore God’s Word in a relaxed and comfortable setting. WEAVERS

This class is made up of marrieds and singles, ages 55+, dedicated to Bible study, fellowship and service. This class is very mission-oriented. Meets in the Library (upstairs across from the Sanctuary). WOMEN’S CLASS

This class is made up of women of all ages whether married, single, widowed or divorced. We primarily do Bible-based studies and various service projects. Meets in room 307 in the Family Life Center.

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Prayer partners connect people in need with the power and presence of God. Just reach out your hands at the altar rail during Communion or after worship, and a prayer partner will come pray with you. MEMORIAL PAVER CONSECRATION NOVEMBER 6 • 12:30 PM

Christ Church will celebrate a special service after morning worship at 12:30 pm on Sunday, November 6 in front of the Sanctuary. This service is in addition to our All Saints remembrance as part of our morning worship the same day.


Membership is about much more than having your name on a roster; it is a commitment to grow spiritually and to participate in our life together at Christ Church. If you are looking for a new church home, we invite you to participate in our New Member Class. It is a great opportunity to learn more about spiritual growth and how we can help one another in our journey to find fullness in Christ. You will get to know the pastors, meet staff, make new friends, learn the vision of our church, find your unique ways to serve, and discover how to connect to a greater involvement within the church. Reserve your spot at our Welcome Center or online. MEN’S LUNCH THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13 • 11:30 AM • LUPITAS

Men of all ages, join the Older Adult Men for lunch and fellowship at Lupitas. This is a wonderful cross-generational event as well as a great way to find out what is going on in our community and beyond. ONE ROOM BOOK CLUB WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19 • 9:30 AM • VOLUNTEER CENTER

The October 19 meeting will be a discussion of Desire of the Everlasting Hills by Thomas Cahill. If you enjoy reading and conversation about books, you are invited to join the Book Club. JOY! OCTOBER 20 • 2:00 PM • SUGAR LAND MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE

Join us for Christian fellowship, enrichment, and recreation. We will meet at the museum. The current traveling exhibition is Crime Lab Detectives, and the price is $8.00 per person. Pre-registration is required. Email Jan Randolph at if you desire to attend. FATHER/CHILD FALL FUN NIGHT! FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21 • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM • FAMILY LIFE CENTER GYM

Hey Dads, bring the kids out for hot dogs and burgers, pumpkin painting, inflatables, s’mores and more. Come in costume if you like. RSVP by October 18 to, and we will see you there. “FREE RING CIRCUS” HANDBELL CONCERT MONDAY, OCTOBER 17 • 7 PM • CHOIR ROOM

Interactive concert, refreshments, featuring Senior Ringers, Joy Bells, Jubilation Ringers! Please come.


Christ United Methodist Church

Curious about how God is creating REAL crime prevention? Join this 1 hour tour experience on Thursdays at either 2:00 or 7:30 pm. Sign up at least a week in advance. Bible studies and other groups are welcome! Contact Betty Waedemon at 281.980.5368 to sign up or to get more information. PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY MONDAYS & FRIDAYS • 9 AM • VOLUNTEER CENTER

Join members of all ages as they create tangible expressions of the prayers of our church for those needing comfort, healing, assurance, and presence. We meet every Friday and Monday. If you don’t know how to crochet or knit, we will teach you! Email Jan Randolph at for information. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - HOUSE BUILD GOING ON NOW

Christ Church began construction of its 11th Habitat for Humanity house in the Teal Run Subdivision on September 24. Each Saturday we will need approximately 20 volunteers to work alongside the recipient of the home to complete the construction. If hammers and nails are not your strength, we also need folks to paint, install insulation, work on landscaping, and prepare and serve food for the volunteers. Financial contributions, used to purchase the building materials, are also needed and can be made through the church office or during worship. Please write “Habitat” on the memo line. For more information on how you can get involved, please contact Stanton Brown ( or Mark Buhrke (mbuhrke@ Won’t you help us make someone’s dream of owning a home come true? FAMILY PROMISE RETURNS TO CHRIST CHURCH SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16 • FAMILY LIFE CENTER

Family Promise, a program that reaches out to families displaced from their homes, returns to Christ Church for the final 2011 rotation the week of Sunday, October 16. You can serve behind the scenes in this ministry by providing supplies, setting up and breaking down the rooms, doing laundry and providing meals. Or, if you’d rather have contact with the families in need of Christian love, there are other pportunities such as staying overnight, being a Dinner Host, and staying at the Family Center the second weekend. If you can extend your Christian hospitality, contact Kira Halcarz at or 832.654.9356. SENIOR RINGERS MONDAYS • 5 - 6 PM • CHOIR ROOM

This musical opportunity is available to all interested persons, especially Older Adults. It offers a place to learn, serve and fellowship through the art of ringing chimes or handbells under the direction of Molly Ness. No experience is necessary. To join this ensemble, contact Molly Ness at 281-344-8343. G.A.L.S. (GODLY ACTIVE LADIES SERVING) COLLECTING HEALTH ITEMS OCTOBER 9 - 24 • COLLECTION BINS

We are collecting the following items for nurses to handle school-day emergencies: (elementary) baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and shoelaces; (middle school) deodorant for females and males, sanitary napkins, and hairbrushes/combs; (high school) razors, deodorant for females and males, sanitary napkins, gentle face soap (ex. Nivia, Aveeno) and small bottles or packets of detergent. VOLUNTEER NEEDED FOR 8:15 ACOLYTES

The job would involve helping the acolytes on Sunday mornings and scheduling the acolytes to serve. If you have a heart to serve our youth, please contact Judy Hicks 281.980.8727 or Sharon Hazel 281.813.0525.


If you have picked up a “shoe card”, now’s the time to turn in the NEW shoes you have purchased. If you haven’t had time to shop for the NEW shoes yet, please consider writing a check to CUMC and putting Soles for Souls in the memo line. Contact: Sandra Vautrain 281.265.2404 OR BABY BAGS!

Do you like to share in the celebration of new life? The Baby Bag ministry is for you! We are in need of volunteers to help in this ministry. The bags are created and delivered to member families that have had a new baby as a way to welcome the baby and celebrate God’s new addition to their family. If you have a desire to help, please contact Leigh Anne Diekroeger at OUR HERO’S MISSION SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5 • 8 - 10 AM • FLC GYM

The Adventurer’s Sunday School class is sponsoring “Our Hero’s” mission, in which we send holiday gift boxes to our troops in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan. The response we got back from the troops was tremendous, and the things they enjoyed the most were the sweet cards and letters from our children at Christ Church. We want everyone to help by donating personal use items (see web for complete list) or helping financially or with letters/cards. Bring your donations to the church gym on Saturday, November 5 between 8 and 10 am and we’ll collect everything and take care of getting it packaged for shipping on that day. CANCARE SEEKS CANCER SURVIVORS TO HELP OTHERS REMAIN HOPEFUL OCTOBER 14 - 16

CanCare, Houston, will offer its next volunteer training October 14-16. Contact Nicole Dixon at 713.461.0028 or nicoled@cancare. org to enroll in this training.


Fort Bend Family Promise will be holding its seventh annual golf tournament. All proceeds from this tournament benefit Fort Bend Family Promise, a program that reaches out to families with children who are displaced from their homes in Fort Bend County. The cost for the scramble is $125 per person. Gather your favorite golfers to form a team or register as an individual to be placed on a team. Registration forms can be found in the literature racks at Christ Church. Come enjoy a great day of golf and support a great cause! Contact Kira Halcarz at or 832.654.9356 GENTLE YOGA TUESDAYS • 11 AM • FLC ROOMS 302/303

Put on some comfortable clothes and try out Gentle Yoga. It’s a free class, so invite a friend and work on flexibility, balance, range of motion, strength and breathing.


The New Interpreter’s Study Bible brings the best of biblical scholarship to the service of the Church. In this new study Bible, based on The New Revised Standard Version of the Bible with Apocrypha, sixty distinguished scholars have provided background and insight on the biblical text. Features of this valuable new study Bible include extensive historical and theological annotations on the biblical text; brief introductions and outlines for each biblical book; excursuses giving further background and insight regarding particular themes and passages; and nineteen newly commissioned maps detailing the biblical world at various historical periods.

“Here are superb introductory essays and excellent notes on the biblical texts. The New Interpreter’s Study Bible is a firstrate aid for all who desire a serious, scholarly encounter with scripture.” - Marion L Soards, Professor of New Testament Studies, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

“Of the current editions of Study Bibles, in my opinion the most helpful for pastors, teachers, and all students of the Scriptures has now been issued by Abingdon Press under the dedicated guidance of Dr. Walter Harrelson.” - Bruce M. Metzger, Professor of New Testament, Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary

HAVE YOU READ A GREAT BOOK LATELY? If you’ve read a Christian book recently that you’d like to share with others, please consider submitting a book review to Christ Corner Bookstore. Contact Tricia Baltazar for submissions or questions at



Methodist Hospital Sugar Land is hosting a Powerful Tools for Caregivers Class. Contact Jeanne Damon at 281.690.4756 or to register.

Normal bookstore hours are Sundays, 9:00 am - 12:30 pm & Thursdays, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm.

people helping people find fullness in Christ worship • connect • grow • serve


This seminar is provided with both older adults and care givers in mind. Attorney Janice Suchyta will present information on Health Care Law and information seniors need to make informed choices.




PLEASE WEAR YOUR NAME TAG EVERY SUNDAY We all want to know your name and so will the Mayhugh family when they arrive. If you have a name tag, please remember to wear it every Sunday. If you need a name tag, please request one at the Welcome Center or in Sunday School. Your name tag will be ready for you to pick up the following Sunday. THANK YOU! EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT WAS A SUCCESS! I would like to thank everyone that helped me with my Eagle Scout Project. With the help of the Church I was able to collect 5836 items for our Marine men and women overseas! Thank you all so much! Josh McKay





We are delighted you are part of Christ Church. If you have a question or if we can help you within the life of the church, please feel free to contact us. CHRIST CHURCH STAFF

Rev. Dr. William Peeples Interim Senior Pastor Rev. Linda Summers Pierce, Executive Associate Pastor Rev. Jason Nelson, Exec. Director of Discipleship Ministries Jeanne Damon, Discipleship Ministries Stacey Fleck, Business Manager Roland Huysman, Facilities Tripp Kerth, Youth Ministries Karen LaMotta, Exec. Dir. of Outreach Ministries Ingred Lathrop, Children’s Ministries Jan Randolph, Older Adult Ministries Lahonda Sharp, Music Ministries Renee Teel, Mission Ministries For a complete staff listing, please visit our website at

PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS... Paul Kelly, Kristen Sibrel’s friend, Pat Gilhaus, Tim Daly’s friend’s foster child, Vicky Wise’s stepfather, Gretchen Grabau’s friend, Frank Jordan’s mother, Bob Guffey, Mary McCaine’s friend, Cathy Simeone’s daughter, Cathy Simeone’s father, Cheryl Herrington-Foster’s family friend, Ann Lancaster’s friend, Jolene Lanier’s parents, Holly Griffith’s friend’s son, Sandra Lowe’s sister, Elizabeth Jefferson’s sister, Randall Jefferson, Pamela Brown’s father, and all those serving in the military. ANSWERED PRAYERS... Gail William’s brother-in-law; Melissa Gisler’s uncle; Lori Matthew’s grandmother; Gael Bittenbender’s mother; Mary Jo Jared’s friend; Laurie Markoe’s friend’s babies, David Well’s cousin, Jo Ann Eck’s cousin. CHRIST CHURCH EXTENDS ITS SYMPATHY TO... Bill Barger on the death of his mother; Debra Dowden on the death of her brother; Brent Kirkendall on the death of his father; Brenda Lowery on the death of her mother. SHARE YOUR JOYS AND CONCERNS WITH US

Your pastoral staff and leaders of Christ Church’s Member Care Ministries want to share in your joys and concerns. You might not know this, but hospitals do not contact churches – even when you give them your church name, address, and contact information. Part of this is due to HIPPA laws. So whether you’re about to enter the hospital or you’re celebrating the birth of a baby, please call Sandy White in the church office at 281.980.6888. She will forward your message to the pastors and appropriate member care ministry leaders. PHONE: 281.980.6888 • WWW.CUMCSL.ORG • FACEBOOK.COM/CUMCSL people helping people find fullness in Christ worship • connect • grow • serve


The Connection October 10, 2011  
The Connection October 10, 2011  

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