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What are orthotics? Orthotics are devices that are used to ease the discomfort of biochemical foot disorders. The foot is designed to work in a certain way. When it does not the weight of your body is not distributed evenly. When this occurs tenderness and pain can develop in the ankles, muscles and foot. Pain is relieved by supporting and realigning the bones and ligaments of the foot allowing the foot to work normally. More serious foot problems or those that are continuing to worsen should be attended to by a podiatrist or doctor of orthopedics and the proper procedures done and steps taken to assist in the pain relief and prevent further damage. There are a number of materials that can be used in orthopedics and the production of orthotics. They vary greatly by effectiveness, availability and price. Some, such as insoles, gel cups that are found in stores can possibly help with minor foot disorders and discomfort. These are widely available but will work only with mild issues. Custom tailored devices that are designed to meet the specific requirements of an individual are the next step up. These orthotics will require a doctors prescription.orthopedics, being a complex medical field will require a cast or mold to accurately identify the areas of mis-alignment and the custom device can be manufactured to relieve these abnormalities.

Do you need orthotics? Do your feet turn outward or inward when you walk? Do you have frequent pain in the lower back, ankle, heel, hip or knee? Does one side of your sole wear out more quickly than the other? Do your shins hurt frequently? Are your feet flat or do you possibly have a high arch? Do your feet hurt within a short time of standing? Do you frequently twist your ankle? Do you have crooked toes? Are sprains in your ankle commonplace? If you have any of these symptoms, you need to investigate via orthopedics and the potential of being a candidate for orthotics. By ignoring pain, more serious disorders can occur. Problems will intensify and treatment become more extreme. Finding the underlying cause of your discomfort is important. By contacting a podiatrist or doctor of orthopedics, a proper diagnosis can be made and treatment begun.

Weakness in the tendons, bone spurs and other foot ailments can be helped by the use of orthotics. Custom orthotics can only be supplied by a podiatrist, doctor of orthopedics and a lab that specializes in prosthetics. The ones you buy over the counter are a temporary fix and if allowed to continue you are jeopardizing your foot health and compromising your activities of daily living. Local podiatrists can be found by doing a web search for your local area. If you are new to the area, you may want to ask the state association of podiatry for a recommendation to insure you are going to someone who may potentially specialize in your malady. Relieving foot pain and getting the long needed relief is important for your general well-being.

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