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Welcome to the Cumbria Youth Alliance (CYA) news round-up

In this issue... Big thanks to the Big Lottery Fund CYA Third Sector Training Opportunity Dreamscheme comes to Carlisle and Eden Lakeland Festival of Light Special Duke of Edinburgh Expedition She’s In Floods Invitation to Tender National News Member News

Welcome to our November newsletter Big thanks to the Big Lottery Fund

Big thanks to the Big Lottery Fund for their continued support for our programme working with young people 14+ in schools in West Cumbria to prevent them from becoming disengaged in education. The new funding will enable us to continue working in schools across Allerdale and Copeland and hopefully bring some new schools on board. The programme provides access to accredited alternative education using programmes like Duke of Edinburgh, Asdan, Dreamscheme and Entrepreneurship to engage and motive pupils to stay engaged with schools, improve their self confidence and self worth and boost their academic attainment.

Here is the photo of our staff team with the Big Lottery on Halloween!! 2

CYA Third Sector Training Opportunity

Thanks to support from Cumbria County Council via the Youth Support Infrastructure Contract we are able to offer...

Accredited Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace (TQUK Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace (RQF)

On Thursday 24th January 2019 Oval Salterbeck Workington CA14 5HA 9am start; 4.30 finish January bargain price of ÂŁ30.00 per person Refreshments provided but please bring your own lunch Essential training for all volunteers and staff delivered for us by Skills for Care

Achievement of this accredited qualification will enable learners to work safely and to recognise and deal with hazards in the workplace. The aim of the qualification is to provide candidates with knowledge of the basic health and safety practices essential in the workplace. This includes the hazards and risks along with the relevant legislation and ensures awareness of cost-effective, practical control methods. This Ofqual approved qualification has been developed specifically for insertion into the Qualifications and Credit Framework with full support from Pro skills. It is therefore fully compliant with industry and regulatory standards as well as being recognized by the Health and Safety Executive, auditors and other enforcement officers. Places are limited to 15 per course. To be eligible for this reduced price you must be a volunteer or a staff member working with children, young people or families here in Cumbria To request a place please email or ring her on 01900 603131 3

Dreamscheme comes to Carlisle and Eden Find out how you can get your young people involved...

Following the successful pilot of Dreamscheme in Allerdale over the past two years, CYA has sought funding to transfer the project into other districts. Dreamscheme encourages groups of young people to get involved in volunteering in their local community and has proved very popular with groups of young people. Young people taking part can plan an activity and pitch their idea to a panel to ask for funding for materials and set up costs, up to £150, eg tools for a gardening project, etc. Upon successful completion of their task young people are rewarded with £100 towards a team building activity, eg bowling, karting etc. Also, they qualify for Asdan Volunteering Awards or Asdan Enterprize Awards.

With funding in place from Penrith Town Council, Cumbria County Council and Cumbria Community Foundation, development work started recently to engage schools and youth groups in Carlisle and Eden districts. In Brough CHOFHS is planning an event on December 15th combining coffee and cake with parcel wrapping; Rachel Milburn recently attended our AGM to receive their cheque for an event to be held in December. In Penrith AAA (All About Autism) Positive Pals group is making a film to help make Penrith Autism friendly; they purchased a laptop to use on the film project. The Police cadets heard about the AAA project and decided to plan an event to publicize various community groups by having banners made with their contact details to be hung on bridges in conjunction with Eden District Council. Their pitch is for £150 towards the cost of having the banners made. Blue Jam arts group has requested funding to renovate and paint a container being used as a youth facility by groups of young people in the grounds of Ullswater Community College. Blue Jam has presented to a panel including Penrith Town Council and been approved, had their funding and have done their mural. Eden Ventures has signed up to plan event in Alston. Other groups which have signed up and are planning events include Carlisle Mencap, Euphoric Circus, Eden Mencap, and youth and scout groups in Carlisle, Bewcastle and Penton. Anyone else wanting to put forward an idea and request funding please contact Juan Shimmin at CYA on 01900 603131 or 4

Lakeland Festival of Light Special

On October the 27th a spectacular Lake District event was held in aid of our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme – Lakeland Festival of Light Special – Fleetwith Pike for CYA. It raised £1200, and we’re very thankful to everyone who helped out on the day! Nick Landells, who is part of our DofE team, was one of the official event photographers and captured this image from Goat Crag, Robinson. CYA’s Elspeth Payne also volunteered on the event and her head torch can be seen in the image fourth from the top.

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

In October we saw more of the wonderful young people from South Workington Youth Partnership complete their Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award expedition, supported and assessed by CYA.

The photograph was taken near the end close to Allonby. Very well done to all involved! 5

She's In Floods


Invitation to Tender

Cumbria Youth Alliance is calling for expressions of interest to deliver services as part of the partnership funded Big Lottery Project addressing young people’s emotional resilience in partnership with Cumbria County Council. Cumbria Youth Alliance is seeking to engage organisations with experience of working with young people aged 14 to 25 to help build their emotional resilience through positive activities. If you would like to apply to deliver services in the Allerdale, Barrow and Copeland districts to support the mental health agenda of young people aged 14 to 25 then please use the attached expression of interest form to submit an application. You can apply for one geographical area or all three. The funding criteria, deadlines and how to submit the submission of interest form are all included within the guidance notes contained within the application form. Russell Maddams/Cumbria Youth Alliance/ Senior Project Lead /Tel 01900 603131

History/background The successful Big Lottery Collaboration bid was a joint submission between Cumbria Youth Alliance and Cumbria County Council and supported by a range of other agencies to find a suitable replacement for Headstart fund which had been an outstanding project in terms of multi agency working and empowerment of young people. Cumbria Youth Alliance are the lead partner, in this multi agency project which is looking at how working in partnership we improve the emotional resilience of young people working with other agencies in Cumbria coastal communities to join up agendas and collaborate on commissioning and planning service delivery. The overarching Strategic partnership includes the following organisations:  Active Cumbria  Childrens Services Cumbria County Council  Public Health Cumbria County Council  NHS Partnership 7

The project will be overseen by three locality steering groups of young people who will advise on the project and co- design and deliver a range of programmes to meet the needs of the young people in their localities. In addition to the young people’s steering groups we have three adult steering groups – one in each locality which will have strategic oversight of the project and the work to be commissioned at a locality level. There will also be a network of young people focus groups that will be brought together over the life of the project to help shape the delivery content and style of the services provided for young people to build emotional resilience. This is one of the first pilot projects funded under the new Collaboration Fund by Big Lottery to provide valuable insight as to how partners better work together to support local young people to improve their mental health by joining up agendas and resources.

About the contract We are seeking agencies who have experience of working with young people to build their emotional resilience and who have suitably qualified staff and volunteers to deliver the service. Successful organisations will be expected to embed the Outcomes Star to measure the impact of their work with young people so that Cumbria Youth Alliance can evaluate the impact of commissioned services upon the resilience of the young people. The Collaboration Fund will be support young people in the age range 14-25 living within the Cumbrian coastal communities of Allerdale, Copeland and Barrow in Furness. All submissions of interest will need to evidence that young people have been engaged in the co-designing of their offer.

Process Using the application form below and the guidance notes your organisation are formally invited to submit an expression of interest tender document to deliver services within the five month period (December 2018 to April 2019) with further work to be commissioned by Cumbria Youth Alliance on an annual basis to meet young people’s needs.

Criteria Cumbria Youth Alliance will accept expressions of interest to the maximum value of £6000. Your proposed offer must engage at least 100 young people aged between 14 and 25 with identifiable poor emotional resilience, poor self confidence and low self esteem. Your offer must be co-designed by the young people you intend to engage to ensure it meets their needs. Your offer must be delivered in local youth settings including schools, colleges, youth clubs or any location were young people congregate. Your offer to young people must tackle one of the nine issues listed below: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Bullying Challenging stereotypes Body Image workshops Specialist art packages Outdoor activities, Information to parents of young people who have poor emotional resilience Sport/physical activities Residential trips Bespoke motivational activities

Your offer must be delivered between December 2018 and 30th April 2019. Your expression of interest must detail how you will evaluate impact (Outcome Star to be used if your offer engages young people over a period greater than 5 weeks). A cost breakdown must be included in your submission of interest. Clarity on which geographical location your will cover in Allerdale, Copeland and Barrow in Furness must be clearly shown in the submission. 8

What we will commission To meet the young people needs following extensive consultation carried out by Cumbria Youth Alliance with over 20 young people focus groups we are looking to commission the following under the nine headings listed above.  Bullying workshops that include cyber bullying and seek to make young people aware of what bullying is, the impact it has on people lives, how to avoid being a victim, Where to go to for support and to raise awareness of young people so they don’t become perpetrators.  Challenging stereotypes we are seeking to commission workshops that look to challenge young people stereotypes in relation to LBGT with the aim being to raise awareness, inform young people, establish the impact of bullying and inappropriate attitudes on young people who are identify as being LBGT and identify where to go for support and advice.  Body image workshops we are seeking to commission body image workshops that work with young people with low self esteem and confidence to improve their body image learn how to accept themselves for who they are, provide coping strategies and inform young people where to go for help.  Specialist art workshops we are seeking to commission a provider who can deliver outreach work into youth setting providing a varied menu of art sessions which should include Graffiti art, painting, drawing and order theatre/dance style workshops, with the aim of supporting self expression, being creative and developing self esteem.  Outdoor activities we are seeking to commission a provider who can offer young people a varied menu of outdoor activities in both local and beautiful settings which seek to improve young people communication skills, self confidence, ability to work in a team and provide new challenges.  Provide information to parents we are seeking to commission a provider who can provide information to parents in the form of flyers, leaflets or an electronic app to inform parents about on line safety, emotional resilience, the LBGT agenda and cyber bullying with Cumbria Youth Alliance to provide the content.  Sport/physical activity we are seeking to commission a provider who can provide a multi sports/physical activity offer that meets young people needs with delivery taking place in settings where young people congregate including schools, colleges and youth settings with the provider being able to offer a local exit route.  Residentials we are seeking to commission a provider with extensive experience of working with young people to provide residential overnights stays. The residential offer will need to take place outside of County in a City setting, with the daily activities co-designed by the young people and have a maximum two nights over night stay.  Motivational activities we are seeking to commission a provider who can deliver a range of motivational activities based on career development skills to make young people more employable with a focus on using local role models to educate inspire young people for an element of the delivery.

What we will not fund

 Expressions of interest that exceed £6000.  Expressions of interest which do not tackle at least one of the nine focus areas highlighted on page 3.  Expressions of interest which do not involve young people in the co-design of their offer.  Expressions of interest for a service that is a statutory requirement  Expressions for areas outside of the coastal communities  Delivery of existing services designed to tackle emotional resilience unless they are to be delivered into a new youth setting.  Expression of interest that are already in receipt of Big Lottery funding.


Evaluation Each submission of interest will undergo a competitive assessment process being judged by the young people locality steering groups and the overarching partnership steering group panel members using a competitive scoring sheet. The scoring sheet will judge expressions of interest against the following criteria:    

Value for money. The overall quality of the offer. The offer meeting at least one of the nine issues identified on page 3. Impact on young people lives in terms of improving young people self confidence. emotional resilience and communication skills  Past experience of working with young people aged 14 to 25 to deliver high quality services.  Evidence of young people being involved in designing the offer.

Outcomes required The project’s success will be measured against the issues outlined in the Big Lottery funding bid as follows:  Systems change –and levels of collaboration. How do we operate as partners to jointly address issues - joining up of budgets, strategic plans and resources  Improved young people’s engagement models - the engagement of young people at a steering group level and as peer researchers and peer educators  Reduced numbers of young people (aged up to 24yrs from the specific communities covered) accessing NHS Provided Mental Heath Support services - measured from base line provision or monitoring impacts using Outcomes Star Charts  Recording unintended outcomes of the Project’s remit (employment, health issues, engagement with sport etc)  The number of young people engaged in services commissioned over three years 2018-2021 (target 4500)

You MUST use the expression of interest application forms only to submit your bid To request your forms for tendering contact or or ring them on 01900 603131

Cath Clarke, November 2018 Member of the Institute of Fundraising


National News Children and young people's mental health

The House of Commons Library has published a briefing on children and young people's mental health policy in England. The briefing covers: Government child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) policy since 2010; Select Committee enquiries into children and young people's mental health; and mental health in schools, including the impact of the Children and young people's mental health green paper on schools and forthcoming reforms to mental health education in the curriculum. Source: UK Parliament Date: 01 August 2018 Further information: Children and young people's mental health: policy, services, funding and education (PDF)

Online safety

Childnet International has produced guidance for parents and carers on looking after the digital wellbeing of children and young people. This includes having awareness of how being online can make children and young people feel, and how they can look after themselves and others online. The guidance includes: age specific information about how children and young people are interacting with the internet; top tips to support young people; and ideas to help start a conversation about digital wellbeing.Source: UK Safer Internet Centre Date: 25 October 2019 Further information: Digital wellbeing Read more on NSPCC Learning: Protecting children from online abuse

Safeguarding Module Updates

from Cumbria Local Safeguarding Board The top ten most utilised Safeguarding courses have been updated to reflect the changes to Working Together 2018 and Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018:  Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect - Core  Understanding Pathways to Extremism and the Prevent Programme  Safeguarding Children in Education  Safeguarding Everyone  Safeguarding Children from Abuse by Sexual Exploitation  Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect Refresher  Safeguarding Adults  An Introduction to FGM, Forced Marriage, Spirit Possession and Honour-based Violence  Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse  Talking to Your Children About Emotional Resilience and Self-harm The following modules are due to be updated shortly:  Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect - Foundation  Safer Recruitment  Hidden Harm  Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery  Basic Awareness of Child and Adult Sexual Exploitation  Safer Working Practices  Information Sharing  Safeguarding and Leadership  Introduction to Safeguarding 11

Tougher Safeguarding Requirements

Charities working with children and vulnerable people will be subject to tougher safeguarding requirements as part of government efforts to protect them from harm. Youth minister Tracey Crouch said safeguarding changes will ensure charity leaders tackle poor behaviour head-on". Picture: UK Parliament Government plans include developing digital solutions that will make it easier for all employees, volunteers and individuals being supported by any charity to report concerns, and give better access to clear and consistent guidance on reporting and whistleblowing.

Youth minister Tracey Crouch said up to £2m will also be invested in projects that raise awareness of safeguarding and improve incident handling, protecting more people from harm within the charity sector. This includes free training for charities to improve safeguarding standards. Meanwhile, a steering group, the Safeguarding Programme Group, which will be chaired by former Youth Justice Board chief executive John Drew and featuring NSPCC, Scouts and the National Council Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), has been established to oversee the implementation of the changes.  Government outlines new plans for local safeguarding arrangements  Safeguarding help for charities However, the group will not manage the way the funding is awarded or spent, which is still a matter being decided by the government and the Big Lottery Fund. The announcement comes after a safeguarding summit held by the Department for International Development and the Charity Commission last week - the latest stage of ongoing efforts to improve safeguarding in the aid sector after charity Oxfam was accused of covering up an investigation into its staff hiring sex workers in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake in February this year. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport aims for the measures in UK charities to complement steps announced at the conference for global charities, which include asking them to join an international Disclosure of Misconduct Scheme, piloting background checks on aid sector staff carried out by the international criminal police organisation Interpol, and testing new passports for aid workers to prove provide background information and vetting status. However, the government said measures for UK charities will not be as extensive as those announced for global organisations. Crouch said the changes would "help protect and empower people to speak up and ensure charity leaders tackle poor behaviour head-on". "These measures will help protect and empower people to speak up and ensure charity leaders tackle poor behaviour head-on." Today's announcement follows a consultation held by NCVO on a new code of ethics for the charity sector, which it is currently reviewing. 12

Member News Smoking and Vaping Awareness Training


Emergency First Aid at Work

Gen2 has places available on Emergency First Aid at Work, there are 2 courses available either 5th November or 12th November. The cost of this 1 day course is £65 + VAT per person. If you have any staff you wish to enrol onto either session, please complete and return the attached booking form as soon as possible as places are on a first come first served basis. Booking Form Kind regards Samantha Gen2 Head Office Blackwood Road, Lillyhall Workington, Cumbria, CA14 4JJ. t: 01900 701300 - dd: 01900 701330 - m: 07808 778343 e:

Support young people at risk of poor mental heath The new 3.7 programme in memory of Masterchef’s Matt Campbell has been launched by Brathay at Kirbie Kendal School. Below is some more information about it and an expression of interest form for any schools interested in the programme. Download flyer for more information

Jenni MacDuff | Head of Children and Young People’s Services m 07545926670 Brathay Trust e | w

Courses at CADAS

We have two courses relevant to the Children and Young People’s Sector that we are currently delivering across the county, our one-day Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training and our half-day Volatile Substance Abuse Training. More information about each of these courses, including dates/costs can be found here: Thank you - Megan Troughton West Cumbria Volunteer Coordinator, Cumbria Alcohol & Drugs Advisory Service Phone: 07493865636 - Website:




ACE's Screening

Just a polite reminder that the ACE’s full film is being screened on 13th November 10am to 12.30pm from West Cumbria House. You can book a ticket for free on Eventbrite if you want to go along to either of these screenings. Regards Russell Maddams Active Cumbria

Youth Music Funding We’re a national charity investing in music-making projects for children and young people (aged 0-25) experiencing challenging circumstances. Our vision is that one day, all children and young people can make music. In order to achieve this, we’re working collaboratively to transform music education in England.

We have five priority funding areas: Early Years, SEN/D, NEET, Youth Justice and Coldspots. Youth Music takes an outcomes approach. Projects we invest in support the musical, personal and social development of children and young people, and we also support positive outcomes for organisations and their workforce. Our Fund A awards smaller grants (between £2,000 and £30,000) for high-quality projects, with grant duration between 6 to 24 months. Next application deadline is 7 December 2018, 5pm. Please take a look at the following link to find out more If you would like to have an informal chat before you submit an application, please contact us at The more projects we can support in Cumbria the better! Thank you again for spreading the word about Youth Music! Jan Mares - Grants & Learning Officer Youth Music 020 7902 1079 Website Twitter Facebook


Disability Information Day

Shirley Murphy Cumbria Parent Carer Forum Chair Tel:

07702580347 e-mail:

Registered Charity Number – 1175734

Draft CLA Strategy - Consultation Dear Colleagues

At a recent Corporate Parenting Board the first draft of the CLA Strategy was agreed by Members for stakeholder engagement. Following a period of engagement a second draft will be developed in November with the final strategy going to Cabinet for sign off in November. The strategy has been developed with children looked after, whose work is in the appendices. They have also drafted the vision. If you have any comments on the strategy then please can these be fed back to by 9th November 2018. CLA Strategy Draft App-1-Blue-Jam-engagement-eventsApp1 App-2-CLA-Zine App-3-Poem App-4-Poem Kind regards Deborah Hope - Business Support Administrator - LSCB and ImprovementPeople | Cumbria House | 117 Botchergate | Carlisle | CA1 1RD t: 01228 226898 m: 07825 755284 e: 18

Kingswood Residential Trips for 2019


Kepplewray Centre Christmas Parties

Minimum group number 12.  Ages 8+  Local transport can be arranged at an extra cost.  T&C apply. For further information contact kepplewray on: (01229) 716936 or email:


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